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Warmboard, Simply Smarter Radiant Heat Services

Warmboard has expanded our design services to better assist our customers and offer complete Heat Loss and Mechanical designs. Our engineered drawings will professionally specify and size all mechanical and electrical components needed for a complete Warmboard radiant heat system – all for a very reasonable fee. Warmboard designs include a room-byroom heat loss analysis. All data modeled is provided from your architectural plans and weather history from your geographical location. Heating requirements for individual rooms are included. This information is necessary to size the boiler and confirm that each room will have adequate heat on the coldest night of the year.Our Design Project Summary documents the required flow rates for each loop and the pressure drop from each loop. It also includes the total BTU’s required and necessary water temperatures to heat each room, essential when determining the size of the circulation pumps.

Product& Services Warmboard, Inc. offers two radiant heating products, Warmboard–S and Warmboard–R, as well as Heat Loss and Mechanical Designs. In addition to this, Warmboard can supply all the necessary hardware for a complete system install. Follow the links below to learn more. Warmboard–S Warmboard–R Heat Loss & Mechanical Design

Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R are compatible with virtually all floor coverings. Our high conductivity allows for more even floor temperatures distributed across the surface of the floor. This low, even heat means there is no risk of damaging or aging finish flooring unlike some other radiant solutions. As a general rule, whatever method is used to install a given finished floor over regular subfloor is mimicked over Warmboard-S and Warmboard–R radiant panels.

Benefits of Warmboard Heat Loss and Mechanical Designs All Warmboard designs are specific for each home and account for heating needs, occupant comfort, operating efficiency, system reliability and overall serviceability. They are uncomplicated and will reduce overall cost by preventing unnecessary labor and/or material expense. These plans incorporate all heating components, including Warmboard, tubing in slab and supplemental heat sources, as needed. In the field, general contractors can have knowledgeable plumbers install the radiant system with the level of detail provided, as can a competent DIY homeowner.

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Warmboard, Simply Smarter Radiant Heat Services