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ISSUE 6 2017-2018 JULY 2018 In this edition FROM the headteacher


Surrey Healthy Schools Gold Award


Primary Multiskills Festivals 2018


Art Exhibition


Anti-Bullying Training


Dealing with Screen Addiction


Sports Awards Evening


3D Cake Model Competition


Surrey Youth Games


Rotary Club recognises Sporting Excellence




Young Ambassadors support Atwood’s Sports Day


Classwork Competition Winners!


Trip to POrtsmouth


Wimbledon 2018


In the Hot Seat


Wide Horizons High Aspirations

FEATURE: Primary Multiskills Festivals 2018 FEATURE: Sports Awards Evening

FEATURE: 3D Cake Model Competition

FEATURE: Wimbledon 2018

FEATURE: In the Hot Seat

From the Executive Head Teacher...

Dear Parents / Carers, This time last year I was writing to you about our newly formed MultiAcademy Trust with four local primary schools – Hamsey Green, Bletchingley Village, Tatsfield and Woodlea. A year on, the Trust has become more established and a number of structural changes have taken place to help improve the financial sustainability of the schools as well as teaching and learning initiatives to share best practice. However, it is clear that if significant benefits of working together are to be realised, then more proactive leadership of the Trust is needed. As a result, I will be taking on the CEO Page 2

role for the Tandridge Learning Trust fully from September 2018. I will remain as Executive Head Teacher of Warlingham School but Mr Day and Mr Kinder will be stepping up to the role of Joint Heads of School and they will be responsible for the day-to-day running of Warlingham School. Mr Kinder will have overall responsibility for Lower School (Years 7, 8 and 9) whilst Mr Day will be responsible for the Upper School (Years 10, 11, 12 and 13). Mr Toop and Mrs Haynes will also be taking on one-year membership of the Senior Leadership Team as Associate Assistant Heads, to increase the dayto-day capacity of the team.

In this edition of Warlingham News, Mr Day and Mr Kinder will be telling you about their experience to date and their key improvement priorities for the next academic year. As I write this article, the School is unusually quiet! The whole of Years 10 and 12 are out on Work Experience and half of Years 7, 8 and 9 are away on residential trips to the Lake District, Paris and the PGL centre in Shropshire. The students in school are all busy taking part in day trips and school-based activities. Full reports about all the activities this week will appear in the autumn newsletter. This term we held our first Sports Awards Evening on 12th June. I would like to congratulate Mr Ward (Head of PE) and the rest of the PE Department on a superb evening; I am sure this will become a regular feature of our school calendar. You can read a more detailed account of the evening in this edition of the newsletter. On Monday 18th June we also held our annual Art Exhibition to celebrate the outstanding work of students from all year groups in Art this year. Once again, the standard was incredibly high and the event was enjoyed by the many parents who attended.

Congratulations to Mrs Sula and the whole of the Art Department. Of course Year 11 and 13 students have now left and are enjoying a wellearned, extended summer holiday. No doubt there will be some nerves amongst those students as Results Days approach – Thursday 16th August for Year 13 and Thursday 23rd August for Year 11. The LRC will be open from 9.00-11.00am on both days for the collection of exam results. The Sixth Form Team will be in school on 23rd August 2018 to assist all students enrolling into the Sixth Form. Please see the letter sent by Mr Scott on 28th June 2018, also available in the ‘Letters and Presentations’ section on the School website. I would like to wish you all a relaxing and enjoyable summer holiday. We will welcome our new Year 7 students at 8.35am on Wednesday 5th September 2018 and all students in Years 8-11 at 11.20am on the same day. Students in Year 13 will return at 8.35am on Thursday 6th September 2018 and Year 12 will start on Monday 10th September 2018 at 8.35am.

Mr N Bradwell Executive Head Teacher Page 3

Surrey Healthy Schools Gold Award Warlingham of assessments School has and surveys); achieved the effective and Surrey Healthy knowledgeable Schools Gold leadership has Award - in clearly played a recognition of its key role here. This efforts to improve approach has the health and enabled wellbeing wellbeing of the to become children and increasingly young people in the school community. embedded in the entire school culture, The school’s application was reviewed curriculum and wider – impacting positively upon safeguarding practices, by the Healthy Schools Quality Assurance Group which commented: support for mental health, inclusion and upon parent knowledge and “Thank you for the Healthy Schools understanding – further to many other Review – this is a thorough update areas you additionally cite in your case and the attention to detail and clear study. development points will help to ensure that wellbeing continues to be a priority Your case study is full, enthusiastic, considered, and inspiring – and the area. impact on pupils and staff speaks for Your project plan was thorough and itself. It is also most interesting to note challenging – it has led to some your highly reflective ‘next steps’ which outstanding work, research and will improve wellbeing and PSHE even developments in and around the further, in a most coherent and needsthemes of PSHE and wellbeing. based manner. Your developments have been Many congratulations upon achieving from all angles, top down (involving Surrey Healthy Schools Gold Award.” governance and an increased priority given to wellbeing within the SLT), and Melanie Filmer bottom up – (utilising pupils’ voice, B&E / Marketing Manager attitudes, using findings from a variety Page 4

Page 5

Primary Multiskills Festivals 2018

What a summer of weather and for that matter, what a summer of sport! It is very unusual when hosting a sporting competition in this country to be confident about the weather, so it was lovely to host the Year 3 & Year 4 Primary Multiskills Competition on Thursday 3rd May and the Year 1 & Year 2 Competition on Tuesday 15th May in glorious sunshine. The biggest problem: was it going to be too hot?! Page 6

Page 7

Primary Multiskills Festivals 2018 CONTINUED

Our first event of the Year 3 & Year 4 Competition was hosted soon after the Easter and Bank Holiday Monday break so unfortunately we were short on schools competing. Nevertheless, the five schools who came challenged each other in a competitive fashion and the children and Young Ambassadors worked really hard during the course of the afternoon. Page 8

We are lucky to be able to run these events which give young children the opportunity to compete in an inter-school competition. These competitions help to develop their basic motor skills in a range of sports for the primary children and at the same time, they provide super opportunities for our Young Ambassadors to develop their leadership skills.

Page 9

Primary Multiskills Festivals 2018 CONTINUED

We had a delightful group of Year 9 and Year 10 Young Ambassadors this year and we would like to thank the following students for doing such a super job: Year 9 Jess Taylor, Amy Johnstone, Mia Rouse, Amy Collins, Summer Patton, Grace Stewart, Mia Priest, Jack Nelson, Josh Hardy, Caid Anderburg, James Clarke, Luke Allen Sanders, Matt Greaves, and Joel Ekins Year 10 Katie Merrit, Becca Jordan, Olivia Tucker, Emily Wilson, Oliver Creed,

Page 10

Jack Garner and Harry Bee. In addition, we also had a couple of Community Sports Leadership Award students (Sixth Form Enrichment) who ran the results table. Many thanks to Lucy Kay and Chloe White. The results this year for the two competitions are: Year 3 & Year 4 Multiskills 1st – Audley – 2018 Champions! 2nd – Whyteleafe 3rd – St. Francis 4th – Woodlea 5th – Hamsey Green

Year 1 & Year 2 Multiskills 1st - Marden Lodge – 2018 Champions! 2nd - Hillcroft 3rd - Audley 4th - Woodlea 5th - St. Francis 6th - Hamsey Green 7th - Whyteleafe 8th - St. John’s 9th - Warlingham Village Congratulations to both Audley and to Marden Lodge who were very worthy winners this year.

Thanks as always must go to those who help behind the scenes. I would like to thank the PE Department for relinquishing their facilities, the Site team for setting up, Pam Mutter for the production of all paperwork and certificates and to Mr Scott, Head of Sixth Form and Mr Bradwell, Executive Head Teacher for presenting medals and certificates. Encouraging a passion for participation and achievement in sport matters, whether Year 1 and 2 at primary school or the England Football Team. Page 11

Primary Multiskills Festivals 2018 CONTINUED

Page 12

On that note, congratulations to the England Football Team and to Gareth Southgate! What a fabulous summer we have had as a result. Some of our Young Ambassadors commented on the leadership experience: “It was a fun experience. It gave me a chance to build my leadership skills and I would like to do it again.” - Amy Collins (9R) “I really enjoyed being a Young Ambassador. It has taught me a lot. I loved helping the children and giving back to my community, all whilst with my friends. I was honoured to be part of it. I would love to do it again.” - Mia Rouse (9L)

Mrs Salem PE Teacher

Page 13

Art Exhibition

Page 14

This year’s Art Exhibition was another amazing celebration of the work of our talented GCSE and A Level Art, Craft and Design students. We are also proud to have exhibited the outstanding Key Stage 3 homeworks at the same time, as these are our future GCSE and A Level students. The Exhibition was well attended and it was lovely to see all the students and parents so proud of the work produced. Page 15

Art Exhibition CONTINUED

Page 16

The quality and standard of work was exceptional this year and I would like to congratulate every student in all the key stages on the effort and hard work they have put into their studies.

Mrs Sula Head of Art

Page 17

Anti-Bullying Training

On Thursday 21st June, the Anti-Bullying team, new and old members, went through a three-hour training session to help them become better peer mentors at Warlingham School. A specialist trainer visited Warlingham to conduct the session, Page 18

which was thoroughly enjoyable and everyone had fun participating in the activities. While the activities were fun, they each developed skills that are needed to become helpful mentors, including communicating, listening, questioning and

understanding others. The training session aided us in recognising how people might be feeling and how to be respectful and reassuring when others in school need help.

Olivia Bird (8H)

I took part in the anti-bullying training

to become a new peer mentor at Warlingham. We participated in lots of group activities and I really enjoyed this experience. I would recommend being an anti-bullying mentor to anyone who wants to assist others.

Isabel Spackman (7G)

Page 19

Dealing with Screen Addiction with screen addiction for children and adults, showing the seriousness of device addiction. It can cause sleep deprivation Seven out of ten children said they had missed out on sleep because of their online habits and 60% said they had neglected school work as a result. It is important that children get the sleep they need in order to focus the next day. It can be challenging for parents and carers to know whether children are spending too much time on their devices. Furthermore, it’s even more of a challenge to know whether a child is addicted to the internet and social media. As technology is becoming more pervasive, children and young people are experiencing tech-related dependencies. Do we as parents and carers have the knowledge to identify and support children and young people who may be developing an addiction to their devices? Smartphone addiction is a recognised health condition Children as young as 13 are attending ‘smartphone rehab’ following growing concerns over screen time. There are now help centres in the UK which deal Page 20

CONFIDENCE, SUPPORT & ACCEPTANCE The Children’s Commissioner’s report ‘Life in Likes’, explored how children aged 8-11 are using social media today. It showed that children are


of parents said they thought their children spent too much time in front of screens. using their devices to speak to their online friends about their problems and seek acceptance and support, removing face-to-face interactions.

LOSS OF INTEREST IN OTHER THINGS Your child may become less interested in anything that does not include their device. You may notice that your child is missing school time and generally being less engaged with other activities in the home. It is important to discuss this with your child as soon as you notice a behaviour change. TOP TIPS FOR PARENTS 99 Limit screen time - In today’s digital age, technology is an important part of a child’s development so completely banning them from their device will mean they are missing out on a lot, including conversations and communication with their friends. Rather than banning them from using their devices, we suggest

Page 21

Dealing with Screen Addiction CONTINUED

grooming, sexting, viewing setting a screen time limit. Work inappropriate content etc. Less out what you think is a suitable and time spent on a screen means that healthy amount of time for your a child will be less exposed to these child to be on their device per week. risks. Remember that your child may need to use devices for their school 99 Mobile-free meal times - Have you homework so only set screen limits tried to settle your child by giving on recreational time on their device. them a tablet at the dinner table or Once you have established this, restaurant? This may seem like a have the conversation with them to quick fix to calm them down but in discuss why you are implementing reality, it is encouraging them to use a screen limit. There will be others their device as a distraction from in your child’s friendship group who conversation and dealing with their will not have screen limits set and emotions. We suggest removing will be sending messages when they all technology from the dinner table do not have access to their phones. and having conversations with your family about how their day has 99 Less time means less exposure been. There are many risks associated with devices, such as cyberbullying,

Page 22

99 Remove devices from their bedroom Setting a rule about removing devices from bedrooms will help your child to get the sleep they need and be more focussed the next day at school. 20% of teenagers said that they wake up to check their social network accounts on their devices. Even by having a device switched off in their bedroom, they may be tempted to check for notifications. 99 Encourage alternative activities - It may seem like an obvious solution, but encouraging children to play with their friends, read a book, or playing outdoors will help them realise they can have fun without

their device. Playing football, trampolining, camping, going for a walk or swimming are all healthy replacements for screen time. Try to join them in their outdoor activities to show your support. 99 Lead by example - Children model behaviour, so if their parents are constantly on a device, they will see this as acceptable. Try limiting your own screen time and follow the same rules you have set for them. If you have asked your child to not use their device at the table, make sure you don’t. Try setting house rules by which the whole family abides.

Page 23

Sports Awards Evening

Front Row, L-R: Mrs Salem, Mrs Alger, Jess Breach, Mrs Haynes and Mr Day Back Row, L-R: Mr Ward, Mr Gunn, Miss Hurst, Mr Scott and Mr Tipton

Page Page 24 24

Last month, the PE department hosted its first ever Sports Awards Evening in the main hall. There were a variety of prizes and awards handed out on the evening, ranging from ‘Most Improved Swimming’ certificates to the school’s ‘Sports Performer of the Year’ award. Sporting success was recognised for students’ achievements both inside and outside of school, with a total of 130 students being recognised on the evening. As well as recognising sporting success, the evening was also a great opportunity to reflect on what has been a fantastic year of sport at Warlingham. On the night, the audience was treated to a video reel of some of the many outstanding school sport performances, a presentation by three students on the football and netball tour, an overview of the Sports Leaders’ programme and a guest talk from England Rugby international, Jess Breach.

three sports; in total, 25 students were awarded this honour. In addition, I would also like to recognise Marnie Ekins for winning the Contribution to School Sport Award, the Year 10 Netball and Football teams for jointly winning the team of the year and Dan Simpson and Ylenia Priest for winning the Sports Performer of the Year awards.

In summary, the evening was a great success that showcased sport and physical education at its best. It was fantastic to recognise the dedication and commitment of our students with their families and members of staff. Next year, the PE department is hoping Special mention should go to all the to build on the success this year and students who were awarded sporting looks forward to another fantastic year colours on the evening. This year, they of sport in 2018/19! received bespoke “sporting colours” Mr Ward PE tops for outstanding sporting Head of PE performance across a minimum of

Page 25

3D Cake Model Competition Food Technology students participated in a competition to design and build a 3D Cake Model that was run by the Cover Supervisors.

3rd Place Design by Aaron Sugg, Owen Cook and Harvey Smith

The brief they were given was that a local patisserie wanted to offer a range of individual portion birthday cakes and was looking for design ideas to consider.

They were also given a set of specifications: • The cake must not measure more than 10 cm by 10cm. 2nd Place Design by Chelcie-Leigh Rigelhuth, Mia Frith and Amy Tofield

Page Page 26 26

• It must be decorated for a birthday. • A model of the design must be presented to the patisserie.

1st Place Design by Kitty Wiggs

• The cake should be aimed at a particular group e.g. boy’s birthday.

Cook (9W) and Harvey Smith (9L) were awarded third place.

First prize went to Kitty Wiggs (8M). The runners up were Chelcie-Leigh Rigelhuth (9M), Mia Frith (9A) and Amy Tofield (9A). Aaron Sugg (9L) , Owen

Well done to all of you!

Melanie Filmer B&E / Marketing Manager Page 27

Surrey Youth Games

Four of our students from years 7 and 8 were selected to be part of the Surrey Youth Games U14 badminton team representing Tandridge District. The Specsavers Surrey Youth Games is the largest multi-sport Page 28

youth competition in the Country and brings together 7-16 year-olds from Surrey’s 11 districts and boroughs. The four boys joined coaching sessions run by James Fletcher of Fletchers Feathers on Sundays and

were picked to play in one of the two teams representing Tandridge in this age group. Each team was made up of four boys and four girls of mixed ability, including club players and beginners.

Whilst they didn’t win overall, the team spirit and sportsmanship was fantastic and they all had a really great day.

Mrs Standen H R Manager

Page 29

Rotary Club recognises Sporting Excellence

L to R Andre Once again, Caterham Rotary has celebrated the sporting excellence of local students by awarding three prizes in their annual Sporting Excellence Page 30

competition. This is the 8th year of this annual Sporting Excellence competition. All three prize winners, who come from

Hill who was a teacher at de Stafford School Caterham all of his career and is now currently Road Race Secretary to the British Masters Athletics Federation. The first prize went to Hannah Dawson who is an extremely promising basketball player who has already captained the national team at under 15. She has ambitions to eventually go to America to pursue her basketball career. Second place went to Andrew Jones who competes nationally for England in trampolining. His ambition is to compete for GB in the Olympics.

R: Walter Hill, Andy Parr, Luca Barretta, ew Jones and Hannah Dawson. Warlingham School, recently attended a lunch and award ceremony with Rotarians where their certificates and prize money were presented by Walter

Third place was awarded to Luca Barretta who has competed in the English 50m Freestyle event. His sports teacher Miss Hurst commented, “Luca has the dedication to get to the very top and hopefully compete for Team GB in the years ahead.” Andy Parr President of Caterham Rotary Club commented “All three students are excelling in their individual sports and their prize money will go towards helping them pursue their sporting ambitions for the future.” Page 31


SoapBiz is an Enterprise Day that is loosely based on an episode of Series 5 of BBC1’s The Apprentice, where candidates had to make and sell natural body products. The purpose of the day is to give Year 6 students that will be joining Warlingham in September a taster of three departments at Warlingham School (Business Studies, Design & Technology and Science, to equip them with a number of skills that will help them in those three lead subjects and throughout their lives and to expose them to teamworking, which should help them get to know the other students. They work in teams of five and produce, brand and create a soap product (bath bombs). They choose ingredients for their bath bombs, based on their cost and they learn how the cost of your ingredients will affect the price that they can charge for them. They make a bath bomb that they can test and another one that they can bring home to show their parents / carers. The ingredients they use affect how many units they will be able to sell and the quality of the marketing and the package design they create for the Page 32

bath bombs will also affect how many units they will be able to sell. Throughout the SoapBiz day, they work in teams with other students from the form they will join in September. This gives them the opportunity to make some friends prior to joining.

Melanie Filmer. B&E / Marketing Manager

Page 33

Young Ambassadors support Atwood’s Sports Day

On Thursday 21st June, our Young Ambassadors were in action supporting Atwood Primary School’s Sports Day.

Our team of Young Ambassadors were mainly from Year 9 this time with two new Year 10 students. Our thanks goes to Year 9: Jess Taylor, Amy Johnstone, Mia Rouse, Amy Collins, Thankfully, the good weather had continued since the Multiskill Festivals Summer Patton, Grace Stewart, the month before. The students were Jack Nelson, Caid Anderburg, James Clarke, Matt Greaves, Joel Eakins busy throughout the day under the care of David Smith, a Croydon School and Year 10: Ashyln Jones and Nieve McKenzie. Sport Co-ordinator. Our students were officiating, organising and leading It was a very well-organised sports students in a wide range of activities day and it was clear that not only the in the morning and supervised the primary children at Atwood had a good more traditional athletics events in the time but the Young Ambassadors got afternoon. a lot out of it. Page 34

The circle of life became evident when I popped in during the afternoon to take some photographs and to see our Young Ambassadors in action. A lady walked across the track and introduced herself to me. Those of you who have had links with the school for a long time, will be familiar with the name Cathy Crouch. She was Head of PE at Warlingham until 2011, when she retired. She had come to watch her grandson in the sports day at Atwood. She was delighted to see our Young Ambassadors in action, as was Mr Ward who is the current Head of PE, who had popped out to see them earlier in the day!

School.” - Nieve McKenzie

This is what some of our Young Ambassadors said about the experience:

Congratulations to Atwood on a super and memorable Sports Day 2018!

“It was fun helping today and I would love to do it again. It was a pleasure. Thank you for the invite, I appreciate it a lot.” - Ashlyn Jones “It was a good experience, I would do it again.” - Matt Greaves “It was an amazing experience; I thoroughly enjoyed it and would love to do it again. Thank you for the invite.” Josh Hardy “It was a really good experience and I have learnt lots of skills like leadership. The kids at Atwood were amazing and kind. I would love to go back and do it again.” - Summer Patton

Mrs Salem “It was really fun helping out at Atwood PE Teacher

Page 35

Classwork Competition winners!

Congratulations to 8L, winners of Year 8 Classwork Competition. They showed an excellent diversity of subjects, a high quality of work and contributions from all members of the tutor group and they were represented by informative, confident and articulate presenters.

Page 36

Page 37

Trip to Portsmouth

Page 38

When the opportunity to visit Portsmouth University arose, I was initially sceptical. It seemed too far away from home, the idea of a university integrated throughout the city seemed daunting and I feared that I would get lost. However, after visiting the University’s website, I knew I had to go on the trip; the courses offered were broad and the images of the campus and facilities were amazing! After a long - almost two hour - coach journey we arrived at Museum Road next to Ravelin Park. We attended an introduction talk and found out more information about the university and the success of their students. After this talk, I visited the Eldon Building which housed art and creative courses. I attended the Computer Animation and Visual Effects talk and immediately wanted to join the course! The facilities were excellent; equipment included a 3D printer, giant drawing tablets, and the best animation technology I had ever seen. The lecturers were enthusiastic and passionate and importantly they work in the industry which meant they could provide the best information on future careers and whether the course would be the right fit for me. Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the day and I am grateful that the Sixth Form offered such a trip.

Lucy Redman (12H)

Page 39

Wimbledon 2018

Page 40

On Monday 9th July, eight Warlingham students had the opportunity to go on the school trip to Wimbledon. We were really lucky, as it was the Men’s and Ladies’ 4th round and we were allocated two Centre Court tickets and eight tickets for Court One. The day was spent

rotating around the seats on both courts. We had a relaxed start, meeting at East Croydon at 9.30am. Access to Wimbledon was super as we were able to take the tram. After a short walk up the hill, we were in the grounds soon after 10am. Page 41

Wimbledon 2018 CONTINUED

I have been on the school trip on a number of occasions as well as attending as a private visitor. I am always amazed by the fantastic infrastructure of this iconic event - the grounds with all the hanging baskets were stunning and the courts were in pristine condition, despite the dry spell. Once the students were shown the layout of the courts and grounds and the system of swapping tickets at the end of each set, the students and staff were allowed to go and explore Page 42

the grounds and some of the earlier matches on the outside courts. At 1.30pm we were back in our seats to watch the opening matches. On Court One, we had the opportunity to watch Angelique Kerber who became the eventual winner of Wimbledon which was wonderful to see. Also on the programme for both Centre Court and Court One were the likes of Roger Federer, who was still very much in contention at this stage. It was a sumptuous day of tennis as we

The students we took were a real credit to the school. Mrs Salem who accompanied me, was very excited she posted a letter in Andy Murray’s golden postbox and she spotted Luke Hackett, a former trainee teacher at the school who was a steward in the grounds! A particular highlight for me was having my photograph taken with a chap who was dressed as the golden trophy! He must have been boiling hot! Happy days and many happy memories.

Mrs J. Alger 2 i/c PE

were also treated to play from Serena Williams, Rafael Nadal, Kevin Anderson and Novak Djokovic - the eventual winner. How lucky was that - to see both the 2018 Champions?! After a long, hot but incredibly enjoyable day we left the Wimbledon grounds at around 7.30pm having marveled at the skills and talents of these wonderful players. At this point we were still in the World Cup and I wondered how numbers would be for the final?! Page 43

Wimbledon 2018 CONTINUED

This was my first ever visit to forward to the day ahead of us. Wimbledon, so I was really excited! We On arrival, we explored the grounds had a nice journey down on the tram, and checked out the outside courts, with all of us in high spirits and looking Page 44

were each handed a ticket which gave us access to No 1. Court, and were presented with two tickets for Centre Court, which we would rotate throughout the day, to give every one a chance to experience Centre Court. During the day, I watched three matches, including the Women’s Quarter Final on Centre Court, with Serena Williams playing Camila Giorgi. This was the highlight of my Wimbledon trip, as it was just amazing to be able to watch one of the top female tennis players, in the world, playing with such power, strength and determination, and to then go on and win the match. This was made even more incredible to witness as she had only given birth nine months prior to this, which is inspiring and a true testament to what we can achieve if we really want something. I took full advantage of the many food stalls dotted around the grounds, and of course, I had to treat myself to some strawberries and cream; they were incredible and definitely worth the 30 minute-long queue.

where matches were already taking place. We were then allowed to go off on our own or in our pairs/groups, to continue our day. Before this we

Overall, it was an amazing trip with great company and an unforgettable experience that I really will cherish forever.

Emily King (13A) Page 45

Joint Heads of School

As an ex-student of Warlingham School and someone who lives in the local community, I feel extremely honoured to have been given the opportunity to take on the role of Joint Head of School, alongside Mr Day, in such a forward-thinking and dynamic organisation such as ours. It is an extremely exciting time for the school and it is a fantastic privilege to be afforded the chance to lead such a committed and professional team of staff from September. One of the central views that I hold as a senior leader is that I believe Page 46

that there needs to be relentless shared commitment from all of us whether students or staff - to drive the development of all to be successful and to achieve to the best of their ability. Ultimately the development of our students should be at the heart of all we do. This needs to be a deliberately planned-for process over the long term to provide opportunities for everyone. This can only be achieved if you have a focussed commitment to developing both yourself and those around you. I am incredibly committed to the fulfilment of this objective.

My main area of responsibility next year will be as Head of Lower School, overseeing Years 7-9, with key accountability for the teaching and learning at Warlingham. My key whole school focus will be to support staff to develop themselves even further and to drive improvement in teaching practice across the school. I believe that Warlingham has demonstrated significant improvement over the last few years and I am excited about taking part in the next step of the journey to Outstanding. It is an honour to take up this position for the coming year.

Mr Kinder Head of Lower School

I think it is fair to say that Mr Kinder and I are very much looking forward to next year. We both have strong personal ties to the school; Mr Kinder is a local and former student and I began my teaching career here in 1993, left in 1999 and returned again in 2007 as Assistant Headteacher, before becoming Deputy Headteacher in 2013. Both of my children attend Warlingham School and have flourished under the care and guidance of the excellent staff here. I am now teaching children of former students - so yes I feel old, but it is lovely to see them and catch up on

their family news and careers. I have been fortunate to have had excellent professional guidance and support from Mr Bradwell and before that from Miss Woodhouse and feel a huge responsibility to make sure the school builds on the excellent foundations laid down in the past. I have so much personally to be grateful for and I try to give my best each day and ensure that we keep children at the centre of all of the decisions we make, whilst retaining the ethos and values of Warlingham School. My main area of responsibility will be as Head of Upper School overseeing Years 10-13 and the day-to-day running of the school. My main school improvement focus will be to develop and maintain positive relationships and behaviour across the school and to look closely at the new Gatsby Career Benchmarks which become statutory in 2020. I love working at Warlingham School and believe we have fantastic students and staff. There are always improvements to be made but I feel with the support of staff, governors and parents we will continue to push the school forward for the benefit of each and every student. I wish you all an enjoyable summer.

Mr Day. Head of Upper School.

Page 47

Wide Horizons High Aspirations

Warlingham School Warlingham School is part of the Tandridge Learning Trust Address: Tithepit Shaw Lane, Warlingham, Surrey, CR6 9YB Tel: 01883 624067 Fax: 01883 624026 Email: Website:

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