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ISSUE 2 2017-2018 DECEMBER 2017 In this edition FROM the headteacher


Senior maths challenges


Families Against Stress and Trauma (FAST)


Primary Swimming Gala


French exchange trip to bordeaux


Product Design trip to the V&A


Philosophy CONFerence


Young Carers / Co-op Local Cause


textiles trip to the V&A


Geography pages


Caterham Foodbank


Media and Film Studies trips


Where are they now?


FEATURE: Senior Maths Challenges FEATURE: French Exchange trip to Bordeaux FEATURE: Philosophy Conference

FEATURE: Textiles trip to the V&A

Wide Horizons High Aspirations

FEATURE: Geography Pages

From the Headteacher...

Dear Parents/Carers, I am sure you are all looking forward to the Christmas break and being able to spend time with friends and family. It has been a very long term and I am sure that students and staff will be glad for the break. Year 11 students will be particularly pleased to get to the end of term as they have just gone through eight days of mock exams. I would like to congratulate them all on the hard work and revision they did in preparation and the mature way they conducted themselves during the exams. They will be receiving their results on Friday 12 January – these will provide a good indication of where they are now Page 2

and what needs to be done over the coming weeks. I would also like to say a huge thank you to the Music Department (Mr Duff, Mrs Wigzell and Mrs Dempsey) and all the other staff involved (Mrs Billings, Miss Broadway and Mrs Fairchild) for putting on a fantastic Christmas concert on 7th December. The students were able to showcase a wide variety of skills and talent and all those attending thoroughly enjoyed the evening. At the end of this term we will be saying goodbye to Mr Jennings (Maths), Ms Pitroda (Society, Religion and Well-Being), Mr Askew (English), Ms Turbett (Learning and

Development) and Mr Tosen (Site Team). We thank them for their hard work and contributions to the School and wish them well in their future ventures. On the last day of the first half-term (20 October) we had our school sponsored walk. I am delighted to report that we have raised just under ÂŁ11,000. We have also received a considerable donation from the Warlingham School Educational Trust in addition and therefore we should be able to purchase a new minibus next term. Many thanks to everyone who contributed.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our students, parents/carers, staff and governors a very merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I look forward to seeing all the children in the new year, refreshed and ready for the challenges of 2018. The next term starts on Thursday 4 January 2018 at the normal start time.

Mr N Bradwell Headteacher

Once again I would like to congratulate all 575 students (47%) who have managed to have attendance records of 98-100% this term and remind those with records of less than 95% about the clear link shown in all recent research between high attendance and good academic achievement. With an ever increasing amount of content to be learnt in the new GCSE and A-Level courses every lesson missed creates more and more difficulties for those students. Many congratulations to Penny Crawley, 8L for winning this year’s Warlingham School Christmas card design competition. It was very difficult to choose just one design this year, from a staggering 484 entries!

Warlingham School Christmas Card Design by Penny Crawley, 8L

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Senior Maths Challenges On 22nd November a team of four sixth formers attended a senior maths team challenge at Ravenswood School, with Mrs Scott. I was chosen because I am applying to study maths at University and Mrs Scott felt that the challenge would be a good experience for me.

I really enjoyed working with other people with a passion for maths and being challenged in a way that’s different from a traditional maths lesson. It was also an opportunity to work as a team rather than independently. The questions were very open-ended and tested all our numerical, algebraic and geometric The school went to great lengths to make us feel welcome – decorating the skills as well as our resilience. The hall with balloons and providing treats cross-number round was really of brownies to help prepare us for the interesting. My pair had to answer the across clues, while the other pair challenge ahead! answered the down clues - the catch In the maths challenge, teams of four was, question 1 across needed the competed in various mathematical answer to 5 down and so on. Not challenges that included cross-number easy! puzzles, a group round and a shuttle We didn’t quite manage to get in the round. top 3 but all really enjoyed the experience and felt we all had worked well as a team and learnt many skills along the way. Thanks to Ben Trzcinski, Anastasia Matsenko and Thomas Frost for an enjoyable afternoon and to Mrs Scott for supporting us.

Ellen Umukoro (13N) Page 4

On Tuesday 7th November, some of our Year 12 and 13 A Level Maths students sat the UKMT Senior Maths Challenge – answering questions like:

originally? A 20 B 30 C 40 D 50 E 60

Congratulations to Daisy Millington (12A) who received a Silver certificate. Amy, Beth and Claire each has some Also well done to Jake Beauchamp, sweets. Amy gives one third of her Ben Trzcinski, Julien Mortreuil, Harry sweets to Beth. Beth gives one third of Alexander-Porter, Robert Gainlall and all the sweets she now has to Claire. Daniel Hall from Year 13 and Rhianna Then Claire gives one third of all the Patel, Anastasia Matsenko, David sweets she now has to Amy. All the Stevens and Thomas Frost from Year girls end up having the same number 12 who received Bronze certificates. of sweets. Claire begins with 40 sweets. How many sweets does Beth have

Mrs R Scott 2 i/c Maths

Page 5

Families Against Stress and Trauma (FAST) Year 12 students were fortunate enough to meet and listen to the founder of FAST (Families Against Stress & Trauma). The UK-based organisation provides support to vulnerable families and individuals. In addition to helping many families who have had to come to terms with the trauma of their children travelling to conflict zones, or plotting, or committing acts of terror in the UK. FAST works alongside the Home Office, the probation service and the police.

Page 6

The students were made aware of how own or others’ safety. to stay safe online, spotting the signs Mrs Howe of radicalisation and what to do if they were concerned or worried about their Head of Year 12 Page 7

Primary Swimming Gala

On Tuesday 14th November, we hosted our 11th Primary Swimming Gala. We were delighted to see seven of our local schools competing for medals, the overall winning shield and certificates. Page 8

Page 9

Primary Swimming Gala CONTINUED

The competing schools were: Audley, Hamsey Green, Hillcroft, St. Francis, St.John’s, Whyteleafe and Woodlea. The children competing in this event were from Years 4 – 6. The nature of this event has a true community feel. The event itself was organised and run by our Year

Page 10

12 CSLA students. Thanks to: Ben Bugden, Mollie Durling, Hollie Elvins, Connie Hill, Lydia Horn, Lucy Kay, Jemma Mayhew, Peppe Monteasi, Ciaran Norman, Anna O’Sullivan, Carla Stephens, Hannah Vinton, Chloe West, Charlie Wicking, Leah-Jade Wyllie for all their hard work and enthusiasm

when running this swimming gala. Each of our sixth formers had a range of roles and responsibilities including manning the car-park as swimmers arrived, to time-keeping the races, stroke judging the races and acting as a ‘whip’ to get the races started, running the results table and numerous other roles. Special mention should go to our Life Guard, Carla Stephens, without whom the event would not have been able to run. The races themselves started with the 50m freestyle and included 25m sprint races of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke. The competition closed with freestyle and medley relay races.

It was wonderful to see a packed pool of spectators with teachers, parents, grandparents and siblings cheering their teams. The swimmers responded positively to the hype of the crowd. Not only were the spectators able to create a lot of noise but also they provided a very positive atmosphere within which the swimmers could compete. Although our overall winners have won an incredible 11 times consecutively, the scores are closing which should be exciting for the years ahead.

Mrs Salem PE Teacher








St Francis









St John’s



Hamsey Green




92 Page 11

French Exchange Trip to Bordeaux Mrs Smales, Head of Modern Foreign Languages, asked the students to write about their exchange trip to Bordeaux in September of this year. On the way to the airport I was feeling very nervous about staying with the family. I was worried about what to say and what we would eat. When I arrived, I was feeling really scared but when they matched us with our ‘families’, I was terrified! When I arrived at the house, it was really good, as it was big and I had my own room. The next day we went to a massive sand dune and really had fun jumping down it. The day after we went to a wine cellar, which was nice because we had grape juice and macaroons, which were very nice! As we arrived at the airport, everyone’s nerves were high, including mine.

Olivia Hills (9H)

On Sunday I was really nervous and I didn’t want to go but once I had met the family and settled in, I didn’t want to leave. The family were so welcoming and kind to me, so I felt very at home. I also learnt a lot of French on this trip and feel a lot more confident!

Rachel Sharp (9R) Page 12

Our families met us straight from the airport and took us back to our ‘homes’ for the next week. Since I have been with them I have tried out different activities such as rock climbing, salsa dancing and surfing. Throughout the week, I have tried typical French dishes. With the French school, we visited a wine cellar in St Emillion, visited Bordeaux, Dune

du Pilat and joined in every day with French lessons.

was really fun.

Amelia Clark (10H)

Olivia Scott (10H)

With the school we did a range of Compared to the start of the trip, I now activities – surfing, saw a sand dune, feel much more confidence and it has visited Bordeaux and a wine cellar. The benefitted me with my French. sand dune was my favourite! On Sunday, I felt very nervous, arriving in a place I’ve never visited before. Throughout the week I became more and more confident with my ‘family’. I got to try different foods and we did exciting things, like a boat trip, which

On Sunday, I was very nervous to meet my ‘family’ but when we went off to the car, the father of the family was very understanding and tried to help me speak French by translating for me and working on my pronunciation. Page 13

French Exchange trip to Bordeaux CONTINUED My favourite part was when I went out with Sara-Jane, Heloise and Odilon on Wednesday afternoon.

Victoria Head (9G)

On Sunday, I was really nervous and scared but when we arrived and I had settled in, I was fine. So far, my favourite day has been when we climbed the sand dune.

Yesterday, we went to the shopping centre and had a McDonalds and walked around the town. It was very nice and sunny. There were loads of street performers and a graffiti artist as well. In the afternoon, my French exchange student showed me some magic, which was very good. I also tried some oysters, which were not very nice but the snails were very good!

Ben Goodhand (10N)

When we went to the sand dune, we were allowed to run down it and I tripped and nearly lost my phone! However, I did lose my glasses. Yesterday, I went to Alistair’s rugby training and it was very tiring.

I feel much more confident in French and I am very excited for when the French students come to England.

Sara-Jane Banwell (9A) Page 14

I tried several new foods and know a lot more French than what I knew before.

on the Sunday but now it’s fine. I don’t exactly speak fluently but I do understand a bit more.

The family I stayed with were very nice. My favourite part was definitely the wine cellar visit. It was really interesting Andrew Dearden (10M) I was worried when I came to France

Tracy Owonta (9M)

Page 15

Product Design Trip to the V&A

The workshop challenged students to answer a contemporary design brief, delivered by practising product designer, Tom Gayler. Tom’s wealth of

Page 16

experience includes working both in the UK and Europe. The students used the V&A’s Japanese

collection as inspiration, then they produced quick sketches which they turned into 3D models, modelling with a range of everyday materials to create their design prototypes.

creative, innovative designs which surpassed their first expectations.

In a short period of time our young designers were producing

Mrs Howe Head of Textiles / Head of Year 12

As their design teacher it has been incredible to see how a four-hour workshop could develop their approach to design.

Page 17

Philosophical Conference On the 17th November, we went to St Paul’s Church, Hammersmith, to attend a conference and participate in a philosophical debate regarding the place of religion in the 22nd Century. The conference was led by renowned philosopher, Peter Vardy. The day started when we met at East Croydon station at around 8am (it was very cold… freezing!). However, the McDonald’s breakfast was effective in keeping us relatively warm. After a brief chat about life, we headed off to the conference. Our banter made the journey go quickly. When we arrived, we were shocked at how huge the philosophy conference and the church was as the pictures we’d seen had been deceiving. We had to sit at the back of the church because the other 600 people arrived earlier than we did. The conference gave us lots of insight into questions regarding God and His existence and we learnt about other religions’ perspectives on God, which was interesting. However, there were a few technical difficulties whilst watching an excerpt from the Prince of Egypt. There was then a break, After a lengthy but fascinating lecture, we had a break during which we could leave Page 18

and grab lunch. (We recommend the chicken nuggets at the American Burger.) We returned to the conference to end the discussion and begin a debate with other students at other schools who had strong opinions. (Some of which

were wrong!) We were also given advice on how to approach essay questions for the new specification via YouTube - by Peter Vardy’s wife, Charlotte! It was very useful and we will be taking the points on board for our A Levels, so we can reach for the (A)stars!

Overall, this experience was insightful and generally was a great day out. We recommend the Year 12s participate in this next year.

Grace Redington and Selin Altuntop (13N) Page 19

Young Carers / Co-op Local Cause Young Carers On the 30th and 31st October we were lucky enough to have Nicky Marshall from Surrey Young Carers come in to school and talk about the support Surrey Young Carers can offer young carers. The assembly showed us the impact that being a young carer can have on a person’s life, both negative and positive. We can all think of the negatives but can easily forget the positives of being a young carer. Many young carers can become great at multi-tasking, budgeting and helping others. They also can become very resilient in their adult life! Life can be tough at times, but with the support of Surrey Young Carers and staff within the school some of these troubles can be eased. I have been told on numerous occasions “It’s nice to know I’m not on my own and that there is support available.”

or extended deadlines for homework all of which I can help with. If you think your child is a Young Carer please let me know and I will support you and your child as best I can. If we do not know we cannot help! If you would like to let me know that your child is a Young Carer please contact me at: L.sheppard@

Mrs L Sheppard Teaching Assistant Co-op Local Cause Thank you to all of you who have already committed to support us via the Co-op Local Cause selection process. For those who haven’t yet chosen their charity, it’s not too late to support us.

As you may recall, we’ve been selected as a Co-op local cause. I support our Young Carers at Under this scheme, we get an Warlingham School in a number of automatic equal share, with the other ways. I can be a sounding board for two charities, of all money spent on them just to talk about how things are plastic bags at the Co-Op Hamsey going and can offer advice. I can put Green. In addition, the Co-op gives them in touch with other agencies that 1% of all takings on their own products may be able to help and support them into the Local Community Fund. If a and/ or their families. Young carers member doesn’t choose a specific sometimes need help with homework charity, then their ‘share’ is allocated to Page 20

a store, based on where the member lives and is split equally between the local charities. However, members can choose to support a particular charity, in which case, all the contributions from their spend in any Co-op and no matter where they live, will go to that particular charity. For any members who would like to support us and haven’t yet done so, the direct link is: https:// membership. causes/16544/

Choose us as your Co-op local cause Warlingham School The Warlingham School Educational Trust has been selected as a Co-op local cause this year. We are raising money to develop a sensory garden to go alongside our new outdoor seating area for students. We would be grateful if all visitors to the school who are members of the Co-op would choose us as their local cause by signing into their account and selecting our project. If you’re not currently a member, signing up is very easy at Please also ask your friends and family to support us. If you don’t live near to the school, we won’t come up as a suggested project for you but there is a search facility and you can choose causes further afield. We recognise the power of social media so if you select us as your local cause, we hope that you will share that on Facebook and/or Twitter. There is a button for you to share once you’ve selected your cause.

When Members buy Co-op branded products and services, the Co-op will give 1% to a local cause. Your support can help raise more for causes in your community. Go online

and make us your cause.

1%of the purchase price or cost of Co-op own branded goods and services purchased by Co-op Members will be donated to local good causes as chosen from time to time by Co-op Members. Please visit for further details on how this is calculated.

We’ve produced a leaflet, which is available in reception and explains to

all visitors to the school, how they can support us.

Melanie Filmer B&E / Marketing Manager Page 21

Textiles Trip to the V&A

Page 22

A group of Year 11 and Year 12 Textiles students spent the day working with Fashion Designer Juliana Sissons at the V&A museum. As a freelance fashion designer and

pattern cutter, Juliana’s clients have included Alexander McQueen, Louis Vuitton, Shelley Fox, Joe Caseley Hayford, Koji Tatsuno, Anthony and Alison, Hewitts of Savile Row, and the BBC. Page 23

Textiles Trip to the V&A CONTINUED

The students were taken through the design process, starting their research in the Medieval Gallery. They were

Page 24

then shown how to manipulate paper and create texture using the inspiration from medieval armour.

Working in pairs they were given a dressmaking stand, the students used their manipulated paper skills and other materials to create a garment. The students were amazing and thoroughly enjoyed working alongslide a real designer. In the 4 hour workshop it was incredible what they produced.

Examples of the students’ work is currently on display in the school reception area.

Mrs Howe Head of Textiles / Head of Year 12

Page 25

Geography Pages It’s hard to believe the term has nearly gone! I type this, surrounded by focused Year 11 students (about to sit their second Mock Exam paper)… and a rising pile of completed papers to wade through over the next week or so (happy Christmas to me!). The preliminary results coming in are very positive – making 2018 an important year for all exam groups to build on current successes to aim even higher as they return in January. More from me (and Mr Day) to follow regarding revision classes. It has also been a busy term in the other lower school classrooms along B-Block: Year 7 – have been investigating their local area…along with the help of newly-learned Map Skills; Year 8 – spent their term investigating the features of rivers and, more importantly, why they flood; Sixth form has been no less jampacked full of knowledge! Just after the exam week “enjoyed” by both Years 12 and 13, the upper sixth form Geographers ventured down Year 10 – are now neck-deep in their south to Somerset to start the NEA GCSE content: natural hazards has been ticked off (minus a topic exam in (Non-Examined Assessment…or January) and we are starting to explore “Coursework” to me and you!) aspect the Development Gap which is shown of their A Level course. Before I leave you to your festive by many countries of the world. Page 26 Year 9 – became Volcanologists and Seismologists for a term, as they investigated the terrifying and utterly compelling world of Plate Tectonics!

gluttony, Tasmin and Caitlin have been kind enough to take the time to write their report of this all-important Year 13 trip.

Somerset (28/11/17 - 1/12/17)

Have a lovely break, stuff your faces, and come back safely in 2018!

We played card games and ate lots of food on the journey to keep us occupied. After the long drive we arrived at Nettlecombe House and were greeted by our tutor, Verity.

Mr Gardner Head of Geography

Early Tuesday morning the A Level Geography class arrived to school for the long drive to Somerset.

Page 27

Geography Pages CONTINUED

After settling in we headed to the classroom to discuss what research we might do. After lunch we visited Watchet, the small seaside town, and practiced data collecting such as environmental quality surveys.

We were all grumpy the next morning and not ready to face the freezing cold coast- Porlock Bay. After a nice cooked breakfast we had a morning session and headed out to face the cold! Again, we practiced data collecting before our actual We came back for dinner and got ready for our evening lessons. During assessment the next day. Once we got back we had another lesson and the lesson we practised putting our data into different presentation formats we started to plan our coursework. This was our last opportunity to decide (e.g. bar charts). We then retired to whether we base our coursework on our rooms and relaxed for the night coasts or regeneration. as we had an early start the next morning, but not all went to plan‌ to On the assessment day the majority our surprise the fire alarm went off at 2 of students went to Porlock Bay and o’clock in the morning! a small group of us decided to go to

Page 28

Watchet. (As we could retreat to the warm cafes if it got too cold!) Those of us that decided to go to Watchet had the smart idea to spend the majority of our breaks in a cosy cafe next to an open fire! The day was full of interacting with locals, assessing the area and collecting leaflets. On the other hand, those that were not as fortunate were stuck on the freezing cold coast with no shelter or hot food (just cold packed lunch). Finally we all returned before dinner where we relaxed and waited for our evening session. Our last evening lesson was mainly for typing up our data and putting it into suitable presentable formats.

The last day! We finished off writing up our data and got packed and ready to go. It was a long journey home, but don’t worry we stopped off at MacDonalds as it was highly requested. Overall, it was a very event full week with lots of laughs, card games and freezing cold temperatures! We would like to thank Mr Gardner and Mrs Dearden for putting up with us (and taking us up the hill every night in attempts of getting phone service)!

Tasmin Wall (13N) and Caitlin Stone (13M) Page 29

Caterham Food Bank

The assembly given by an ambassador for the Caterham Food Bank was deeply thought-provoking. We learnt not just that one in five people in the UK live below the poverty line but also how that figure accounts for many young people our age, who have little support from the world around them. After listening to the assembly, the sixth form students came together and donated more than 250 items. As a sixth form we are delighted to know that all our donations will make a difference to those less fortunate. We will think of them this Christmas, being thankful for everything we have and we hope they’ll have a great holiday too.

Bethan Davis (13W)

Page 30

Page 31

Media and Film Studies Trips

The Year 13 Film Studies group and the Year 12 Media Studies group attended very different screenings as part of their studies this year. The Year 13 Film Studies group travelled to Kennington in South London to attend a screening of the classic Hitchcock film Rear Window. The museum, which is sadly under threat of closure, is housed in a Page 32

spectacular historic building which is walking distance from the buzz of Elephant and Castle station and houses a range of items from cinema’s history, documenting its development through diverse items such as signs, posters projection equipment and memorabilia. The building has cultural significance as it was the workhouse where Charlie Chaplin was sent as

studies. The award winning film highlights the Conservative Party’s fit-for-work tests and Loach uses the film to criticise what he sees as the cruelty of the DWP’s policy with the lead character being forced to look for work after suffering a heart attack. The screening was followed by a Q & A with the comedian-turned-actor Dave Johns, who plays Daniel Blake who took questions from students in attendance. Both trips were part of the Into Film Student Festival which offers schools a range of free screenings around the country, offering them opportunities to interact with the film industry.

Mr Powell Head of Media Studies

a child. Rear Window was screened upstairs and tells the tale of a man who thinks he witnesses a murder while being confined to a wheelchair after breaking his leg. The Year 12 Media Studies students who are studying the new syllabus travelled to central London to see a very special screening of Ken Loach’s I Daniel Blake which is part of their Page 33

I thoroughly enjoyed my time studying at Warlingham School from 2007 to 2012 achieving 13 A-Cs in GCSE and then carrying on into Sixth Form until 2014 studying A Levels in Design Technology: Product Design, French, History and Geography.

and by the end of the course achieved a 2:1 and even received a course award for the programme that I studied. The course that I studied taught me about retail, finance, marketing, history of sport, law, entrepreneurship and leadership and management. These topics are crucial to gain a foothold into the Sport industry and can teach you skills to bring to your future job.

When it was nearing to the end of my time at Warlingham and writing up my application for UCAS, I chose a different path from the majority of students at Warlingham Sixth Form, who went straight to work or to already established universities e.g. Cambridge, Exeter and Hertfordshire. A new university called UCFB was formed inside the New Wembley Stadium and was beginning its first year starting September 2014 for students to study the sports business and try to enter the sports industry. This course intrigued me as I enjoyed sports especially football and found the idea of doing lectures inside Wembley Stadium to be very exciting, so I applied and on results day I received the grades that I needed to get in.

However, you probably want to know about the fun stuff that I did during my time at a new university that most people may not of heard of especially four years ago when they started advertising the courses to study inside the Wembley Stadium. To be able to tell you that I’ve met some sporting and non-sporting icons during my time at UCFB is a true privilege. I’ve met Martin Tyler (commentator), you’ve mostly heard his voice if you have played FIFA when you get back home from school. I’ve also met and worked alongside many others, such as Danny Murphy (MOTD pundit), Gabby Logan, Brian Cranston, Roy Hodgson, Niall Quinn, Steve McManaman, Ossie Ardiles and many more.

At UCFB Wembley, I studied Sports Business, Retail and Merchandising,

With the university, I also got to go to most of the football stadiums from

We caught up with ex-student Tom Henderson and asked if he could share what he’s got up to since leaving Warlingham Sixth Form.

Page 34

the Premiership to League 2. I visited the Nou Camp (Barcelona), Stadio Olympico (Roma/Lazio) and Signal Induna Park (Dortmund). Furthermore, I attended EURO 2016 in Lille and watched Germany vs Ukraine, played football on the Wembley pitch before KSI (as I’m his idol) and have been to the past three finals of the FA Cup.

an international competition called the International Management Games and worked up in Scotland for the SPFL on their digital marketing channels.

To be honest, you probably don’t know what you are going to do after Warlingham and I didn’t either alongside my friends. If I could be any help, if you have a passion, interest If I had not gone to Warlingham School or skill that you have or possess go and been taught by the staff for seven for that because you’ll definitely be happier and more satisfied with your years, I probably would not be where I am today or achieved what I’ve choice for a potential career but work already achieved - especially as I was hard for it. chosen to represent the university in Tom Henderson Page 35 Page

Wide Horizons High Aspirations

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