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Issue 42

Serving the Soldiers, Civilians and Families of 2nd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.

Jan 20, 2011

Warhorse Soldiers learn electricity basics received the training over the two days of classes said Jim Soldiers from 2nd Brigade Combat Team, Hughes, the director of the 4th Infantry Division were trained on basic training event. electrical wiring techniques December 14 and According to Hughes, 15 at Home Depot. Home Depot was approached The intent of the training was for technical by the brigade and asked if experts from Home Depot to teach Soldiers they would be interested in how to properly wire generator powered helping teach Soldiers about electrical grids and be able to identify and basic electrical functions. correct electrical wiring hazards. He believes the brigade “I want the Soldiers to fully understand reached out after hearing the and respect the deadly nature and potential store had conducted a similar of electrical current and how one simple training with Soldiers from mistake can be deadly,” said Curtis Hillested, 1st BCT, 4th Inf. Div. last Curtis Hillested, an electrical sales associate from Home Depot, points an electrical sales associate from Home Depot spring before they deployed out some electrical wiring hazards on an electrical grid to Soldiers from the Warhorse Brigade, December 14. Hillested has worked at the who was one of the instructors. to Afghanistan. Colorado Springs Home Depot for four years and this is his second time The Soldiers who had previous combat Hughes is currently working with Soldiers from Fort Carson. deployments helped focus the training on trying to organize additional more specific electrical situations that can training events for the spring time focusing “This is just us trying to do our part to happen while downrange, Hillested said. on areas such as framing, more in-depth support the troops and give back,” Hughes Approximately 120 Warhorse Soldiers electrical wiring and light plumbing. said. “This is the least we can do.” Story and photo by Sgt. Seth Barham 2nd Brigade Combat Team PAO

Command Sergeant Major’s Corner

Command Sgt. Major Scott Dugan, CSM 204th Brigade Support Battalion

Time is quickly approaching for us to depart for our Mission Rehearsal Exercise at the Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC). Although coordination and preparation for movement is in our direct line of sight, we must appreciate the training we are about to receive. JRTC is a world class national training center dedicated to preparing combat units for operational deployment. JRTC attempts to replicate conditions and scenarios that our Soldiers will experience in Afghanistan.

The staff at JRTC teaches and mentors leaders and Soldiers in the best practices and techniques that will help us down range. One of the training opportunities is Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Awareness, where our Soldiers will develop situational awareness of this common theater threat. Unmanned Aerial Surveillance (UAS) Validation training offers our Soldiers the opportunity to capture real-time images of what is happening in the unit’s Area of Operations (AO). SIPR/NIPR Access Point

(Snaps) will help units gain quick access to the internet in order to conduct nonclassified and secret operations. Hand-held Interagency Identity Detection Equipment (HIIDE) will teach leaders how to properly identify the enemy. Given our mission to train and mentor security forces of the host nation in the deployed theater of operations, our Soldiers will also receive training in detention and law enforcement. Our Chaplain will attend Unit Ministry Team Pre-rotational Traincontinued on page 2

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Warhorse Pride

1-10 conducts full spectrum ops Story by Capt. James Anderson 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment photo by Spc. April York, 2nd BCT PAO

Soldiers from Troop C, 1st Squadron, 10th Calvary Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team trained hard during November and December to prepare for future deployment. In November, they participated in Warhorse Blitz, platoon-level scenario training. The goal was to verify the planning, decision-making and actions on contact of the platoon. Upon completion of Warhorse Blitz, the platoon made final preparations for deployment to the Joint Readiness Training Center at Fort Polk, La. in February. Each platoon conducted a Cordon and Search, a Raid, Entry Control Point security, Convoy Security and Dismounted Patrol. Each mission tested the platoon’s ability to plan, prepare, organize, and rehearse on a condensed timeline. The Cordon and Search focused on the platoon moving discreetly into an urban area where they conducted a Key Leader Engage-

ment with the village elder. Based on information received at the KLE the platoon moved to capture High Value Targets. Soldiers from 1st Sqdn., 10th Cav. Reg. conducted all these operations in freezing conditions. The average temperature at night was 17 degrees and the daytime did not feel much warmer. Despite the freezing conditions, the troop conducted dismounted operations for the first time and helped develop troop internal Standard Operating Procedures. It was an excellent training opportunity for the platoons and individual Soldiers.

Soldiers from Troop C, 1st Sqdn, 10th Cav. Reg. administer aide to an enemy combative after they supressed fire on the cordon and search lane Dec 10.

Chaplain’s Corner: Radical Acceptance “Give them not hell but hope and courage… preach the kindness and everlasting love of God.” – John Murray Whatever God “is” ultimately is defined by love. Love in its original form, is unconditional acceptance of who and what we are. Complete, radical acceptance, even of those most different than us, is what the Holy asks of our lives. This isn’t easy. It is easier to dismiss those with whom you disagree, or don’t like, or think don’t belong. It is easier to damn someone to hell than to welcome someone into your life. We forget this in the busy lives we lead. We sort, judge, and divide humanity into those who have it and those who don’t - those who will make it to “heaven” and those doomed to “hell.” When we make these distinctions we have forgotten the true character of the Divine. God does not divide. Neither should we. The Holy has no place for hell. Neither should we.

Warhorse Pride Col. John S. Kolasheski..................2nd BCT Commander Command Sgt. Maj. Ralph Delosa............2nd BCT CSM Maj. Kevin Toner...............................................2nd BCT PAO Spc. April York........................................Layout and Design Sgt. Seth Barham............................................................Editor Sgt. Ruth Pagan...............................................................Editor

If hell exists, it exists only as unkindness and division in this world, not damnation in the next. Some say that without the threat of hell as a real place hell would break loose on earth. But what people need most is not fear of hell, but hope and courage. We need hope that despite our flaws, we remain sacred beings of worth and dignity. We can become kinder, more loving, more whole people. We need courage to accept ourselves and others just as we are, without conditions : radical acceptance. Without this courage is it hard to find hope at all. So in my life I have replaced Hell with hope and courage and in all I do try to preach the kindness and everlasting love of God. My hope is that you will strive to do the same.

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ing where they will learn how to better assist our Soldiers in their time of need. Electronic Warfare Officer (EWO) training will allow leaders to make decisions based on the current threats we are facing. Foreign Disclosure Representative (FDR) Training will ensure we are able to share the best information to agencies and personnel that need to know. Our Soldiers will also participate in Situational Training Exercises (STX), from convoy live fire to key leader engagements, all of which are focused on enabling every Soldier and leader to function at their very best during future operations. As our Soldiers are preparing for deployment so will our Families. We have selected the finest leaders in the unit to lead our Rear Detachment, ensuring that our Families will be well cared for in the absence of their Soldiers. Rear Detachments will participate in a STX here at Fort Carson, exercising and testing their abilities to care for Families and operate as a unit while the BCT is deployed. Thank you for what you do every day. The pace of training seems daunting at times, but I ask that you remember that all of this training has but a single purpose: to provide our Soldiers with every tool that they will need to successfully answer the Nation’s call to arms, and then return home to you, their loved ones, once our mission is complete. Thank you for your service, your sacrifice, and the support that you provide every day to us, your grateful Soldiers.

Blessings Chaplain (Capt.) George Tyger 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment The Warhorse Pride is produced in the interest of the fairs Office. Soldiers of the 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry The Warhorse Pride welcomes articles, commenDivision. The Warhorse Pride is an Army-funded news- tary, and photos from readers. The Warhorse Pride letter authorized under provision of AR 360-1. reserves the right to edit submissions selected for the Contents of The Warhorse Pride are publication. not necessarily the views of, nor endorsed by the, U.S. All issues of the Warhorse Pride can be viewed government, Department of Defense, Department of the online from your home computer at www.facebook. Army or the 4th Infantry Division. All editorial content com/2bct4id of The Warhorse Pride is prepared, edited, provided and Submissions should be emailed to the approved by the 2nd Brigade Combat Team Public Afeditor:

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