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Serving the Soldiers, Civilians and Families of 2nd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.

First Lt. Martha Nigrelle and 1st Lt. Erin Propst, both officers with 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, run together during the Camp Nathan Smith five kilometer (3.1 miles) fun run Dec. 24. The route of the run took participants all over the camp.

Roylin Wolf, a lead foreman for the Morale, Welfare and Recreation, instructs participants on the route for the Camp Nathan Smith five kilometer (3.1 miles) fun run Dec. 24. There were also MWR employees along the route to direct and motivate the runners.

Issue 83 Dec. 24, 2011

Soldiers cheer on Spc. Xavier Perez, a Soldier with 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, as he runs around a corner and a Morale, Welfare and Recreation employee points in the direction he should take Dec. 24.

58th MPs give assistance to Afghan children Story by Sgt. April York 2nd Brigade Combat Team, PAO


inter months can be long and harsh when the cold sets in and there is only your own garments to keep away the chill. Many children in Afghanistan do not have the luxury of blankets, pillows and jackets to aid in their physical comfort. With daylight hours shrinking and the cold creeping in, Soldiers from the 58th Military Police Company attached to 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, decided to have a humanitarian aid drop in Police Sub Station 4, Nov. 22. The drop was held in the home of an Afghan Uniformed Police officer where female Soldiers and AUP handed Afghan children

Sgt. Jamie Sleik, a military police officer with 58th Military Police Company attached to 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, hands a homemade blanket to an Afghan woman and her young child during a humanitarian aid mission held near Police Sub Station 4, Nov. 22.

blankets, pillows, jackets and shoes, which were donated to the unit from people back in

the United States. They also passed out notebooks and radios to Afghan women. The radios were given out as a way to connect Afghan women to the broadcasts provided by the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, which shares information about what is happening in the community and services offered. More than 80 women and children were present and they were very thankful for the warm blankets and clothes, which they needed. “I like being able to show the community that we’re here to help them,” said Sgt Brittany Deters, a unit supply specialist with 58th MP Company, “This is a positive side to the after effects of war.”

Father and daughter reunite in Afghanistan Story and photo by Sgt. April York 2nd Brigade Combat Team, PAO


eployments can be long and the work load can be overwhelming. The separation from friends and family makes it all the more difficult to adjust, but there are happy

stories to be told. One such story is about a father and daughter reunion in Afghanistan. Pfc. Amanda Hagy is an imagery analyst for 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division out of Fort Carson, Colo. and her father Bobby Hagy is the command sergeant

major for the 528th Sustainment Brigade out of Fort Bragg, N.C. Amanda deployed to Afghanistan in May and works in the tactical operations center for her brigade. She had been deployed for about Continued on page 2

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Command Sgt. Maj. Bobby Hagy, brigade command sergeant major of 528th Sustainment Brigade, and his daughter Pfc. Amanda Hagy, an imagery analyst with Company A, 2nd Special Troops Battalion, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, stand together near the entrance of her area of work on Camp Nathan Smith, Dec. 6.

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six months when her father was sent on a 30 day deployment to do battlefield circulation among many of the special operations groups under his leadership. Some of which were in Afghanistan. “I knew that I was going to be near Amanda so when I got to Kandahar Airfield I put my feelers out to get over her way,” Bobby said. “My group on the ground got in contact with (2nd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.), and their executive officer said I could absolutely come down for a visit. They had a place for me to stay, so I decided to stop in for a couple of days.” “It’s freaking awesome that my Dad could come out here to see me,” Amanda said. “I

Issue 83 Dec. 24, 2011

feel blessed.” Amanda and Bobby got to spend a couple of days together and “it’s been great,” they both said. Amanda showed him around the post and more importantly they were able to share hugs and have face-to-face time with one another. “Not many people get this opportunity to see their family members while they are deployed,” Amanda said. “It’s a nice morale boost having him here.” “As a command sergeant major I can be pretty sensitive when it comes to my family,” Bobby said. “It’s been good to see her and if I could stay around here for the next six months to be deployed with her, I would.”

CSM Hill visits ‘Thunder’ Soldiers at Camp Stone Story and photo by Sgt. April York 2nd Brigade Combat Team, PAO


enior enlisted leader of International Security Assistance Forces and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill, visited Soldiers from 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, at Camp Stone Dec. 14 to thank them for their service and dedication. “Thank you for volunteering to come over and deploy with us,” Hill said. “Thank you for leaving the comforts of home, your family and a nice safe environment.” Although time was limited during his visit, every moment was filled with an opportunity to engage Soldiers. Hill had lunch with Soldiers and the battalion leadership in the Camp Stone dining facility. He addressed the group about the part they play in the surge recovery of troops in Afghanistan. The battalion leadership had to make some tough decisions and send home half of its forces midway through deployment. Hill explained how ISAF and USFOR-A made cuts throughout their forces as well. “We’ve had to make some tough cuts; we’ve cut as much fat as we can and now we are cutting lean meat,” Hill said. “And now we are looking at you.” “Don’t look at it as downsizing, look

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at it as right sizing,” Hill said. “President Obama gave (ISAF) and (USFOR-A) 30,000 more Troops then he planned on with the understanding that we would give them back when he asked for them and now he wants them back before Dec. 31.” During lunch Hill also took the opportunity to get to know the group and ask them about their successes and challenges during the deployment. Some of their successes were a multinational and coalition forces convoy with more than 300 vehicles that traveled to Balamurghab to drop-off working equipment such as generators and vehicles and take back non-working equipment as part of the right sizing. There were other successes mentioned by Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Conway, battalion supply noncommissioned officer in charge. “Supply distribution has been an overall success given all the challenges we have here,” he said. “It has been an adventure.” One of the biggest challenges Soldiers faced was determining if they were going home or staying. “A lot of Soldiers were taking a hit because we want to go home to our families but at the same time we know we have to get the mission done over here,” said Sgt. Andre McCurtis, a water purification specialist. “It’s kind of tough on everyone.”

When the discussions were complete Hill presented a coin to each Soldier, including the battalion leadership, for their excellence and commitment to the mission. Before Hill departed the camp, he gave the group advice in regards to what he has learned over the years. “People are your legacy,” he said. “Long after you are gone those seeds that you planted grow up to be strong trees-- invest in them.”

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Sgt. 1st Class Joseph Conway, supply noncommissioned officer in charge for 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment, 2nd Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, informs Command Sgt. Maj. Marvin Hill (facing away), senior enlisted leader of International Security Assistance Force and U.S. Forces Afghanistan, about successes his shop has had during deployment.

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