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2BCT Redeployment Town Hall April 17, 2012

Agenda 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

 Arrival  Welcome/Introductions  OPSEC  TBI/PTSD – Robin Wininger  Redeployment Operations o Flight Notification Process o Arrival & A/DACG o Welcome Ceremony o Reintegration Timeline


Rear Detachment Chain of Command 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

2d Special Troops Battalion

1-10 Cavalry

2-8 Infantry

CPT Morgan SFC Reinhold FRSA: Francy Arvizu

CPT Meloy SFC Hall FRSA: Ursula Pittman

1-67 Armor

3-16 Field Artillery

204th Brigade Support Battalion

CPT Freeborg 1SG Walker FRSA: Val Mansapit

CPT Salazar 1SG Murphy FRSA: Dyanne Beckman

CPT Shemanski MSG Smith FRSA: Barbara Young

CPT Anderson 1SG Birchfield FRSA: Pam Smith


OPSEC – CW2 Codd

OPSEC Tips 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment According to Terrance Wimberly, Installation Operations Security Program Manager, here are Internet/blog OPSEC tips that can be used to help protect you and your Family during a redeployment:  Do not post information about upcoming redeployments or temporary duty assignments.  Do not give details about what kind of work your Department of Defense Family member performs for the military or government (this is also valid for DoD civilians who might redeploy).  If your Family member is deployed in support of a military operation, don’t give details about the location or the activities your Family member is involved in. Predators could be viewing your blogs or personal Web page, they’re not foolproof.  Refrain from posting specific identifying information such as your phone number and address.  Do not provide information that would allow someone to find you or your Family. Writing about the school your child attends, along with pictures of your children, are potential clues to help predators locate you or your Family.

 Do not post your email address on your page. Small town Internet service providers and personal information contained in your email address should be protected.  Just because your spouse told you the information over the phone does not necessarily mean that information is okay to post or disseminate to others. UNCLASSIFIED


TBI/PTSD – Robin Wininger

The Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center the primary operational TBI component of the Defense Centers of Excellence for Psychological Health and Traumatic Brain Injury Robin Wininger, MS, CBIS

Tamara (Tami) Clark, BA

Regional Education Coordinator DVBIC/DCoE

Education Coordinator DVBIC/DCoE

DID I HAVE A TBI? ** I was involved in an injury event **I had an alteration in consciousness (Range seeing stars to Loss of Consciousness)

Symptoms of Mild TBI Headaches

Balance Problems


Ringing in the Ears

Sleep Problems


Concentration Problems

Excessive Fatigue

Vision Changes

Forgetting Things

Clinicians Must Consider Both Dx TBI

PTSD Flashbacks Avoidance Hypervigilance Nightmares Re-experiencing phenomenon

Cognitive Deficits

Irritability Insomnia Depression

Headache Sensitivity to light or noise

Nausea vomiting


Vision Problems

Anxiety Dizziness


Contact DVBIC/DCoE

Robin Wininger 719-526-8636 Regional Education Coordinator

Don Schwandt 719-526-4465 Program Manager

Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center The primary operational TBI component of the Defense Centers of Excellence

DVBIC/DCoE 1-800-870-9244

Redeployment Operations

Guidelines 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

 No plan is perfect and dates/timelines are assumptions until the plane lands at the A/DACG  Flights may be broken up and/or combined  We will provide you with the ceremony time and do our best to keep you informed of timeline changes


Family Flight Notification 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

Hotline/Staff Duty

BCT / BN Facebook Pages  Will be updated with Main Body #, time and location of welcome home ceremony  No PII will be added to the site

 Use a dedicated phone line with up to date flight information  Some BNs already have the system in place  Staff duties at BN & BDE can also be contacted for ceremony times


eArmy Messaging

 Each Battalion manages their own site  Secure website with the ability to post manifests

AS OF: 18 NOV 10

 A structure that allows mass emails, texts and phone calls to be made simultaneously with the ability to track each.  Done at BN level




Facebook Websites 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

2BCT:!/2bct4id 2STB:!/pages/2nd-Special-Troops-BattalionLonestars/151772588200064 1-10 CAV:!/pages/1-10-CAV-2BCT-4ID/109786072432372 2-8 IN:!/28talons 1-67 AR: 3-16 FAR:!/pages/3-16-Field-Artillery-Regiment/192925627398006

204th BSB:!/pages/204th-Brigade-Support-Battalion/362284220164 UNCLASSIFIED


Hotline Phone Number 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

719-503-2633 ď ś This line will not be answered. It is strictly for Rear Detachment to leave a recording regarding the Welcome Home Ceremony times and locations. Please do not leave a message on this number. If the line is busy, please try again. If you need to talk to someone about a specific need, please contact staff duty, your Rear Detachment, FRG Leader or FRSA.


Guidelines 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

 Soldiers are NOT accessible at the A/DACG and Families will NOT

see their Soldier until ceremony time at the Special Event Center (SEC)  The SEC opens 2 hours prior to each ceremony start time

o Recorded Video feed of activities at A/DACG o Bounce house for the children o Snacks and drinks provided

o Banners can be provided to SEC up to 24 hours in advance o Banners can be hung by Gate 1, 24 hours prior and 24 hours after flight arrives.  At conclusion of Ceremony o Soldiers must secure their baggage

o Board bus to barracks OR depart with Family UNCLASSIFIED

Redeployment Timeline 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment 2 BCT Redeployment / RIT Window



31 1


31 1


DAY 10-11 T6-T7 CDR’s Time / C2 / COF SetUp

Reintegration Training 2


DAY 9 T5

31 1



30 1


DAY 12 T8


Block Leave Begins

DAY 8 T4

31 1

Safety Briefs & Admin

DAY 7 T3

30 1

Reintegration Training 1


DAY 6 T2


Reverse SRP 1

Flight Arrives

DAY 5 T1


Reverse SRP 1

DAY 1-4

Admin Day


28 1


Guidelines 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment  ARRIVAL o 4 DAY PASS- Begins day after arrival  Exception: Soldiers can not take a pass over 4 days, to include weekends  May receive a 2 or 3 day pass, return to work for brief accountability formation , and released through the weekend  (Monday & Tuesday Arrivals)  REINTEGRATION – Approximately 8 Working Days OR until complete

o Intent is for the release of Soldiers by 1300 daily (exception for RSRP day) o SOLDIER READINESS PROCESSING o REINTEGRATION TRAINING: Family Invited, 2 Half Days of Classes DAY1: McMahon Theater / DAY2 1-4 BCT HQs

 Childcare available when registered through CYSS. Please RSVP to your BN FRSA.  Equipment Care and Inventories  Classes / Screenings / Leave – Pay Processing 


T4-5 Reintegration Training (ACS) 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

 0900-1300 ACS Briefings  Uniform: Civilian clothes  Location: DAY1: McMahon Theater / DAY2: 1-4 BCT HQs  Training is conducted for every Soldier on the following topics o Positive Outlets (Education Center, DFMWR, ACAP)

o Education o Financial Readiness o Army Substance Abuse o Suicide Awareness o Domestic Violence o Sexual assault o Communication classes (spouse, single Soldiers, divorce, children)  Spouses are encouraged to attend (need childcare requirements NLT 7 days prior) UNCLASSIFIED


FRSA Contact Information 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

 2BCT FRSA: Valarie Adams, 524-4797,  2STB: Pam Smith, 503-2602,  1-10 CAV: Francy Arvizu, 526-2051,  2-8 IN: Ursula Pittman, 526-0727,

 1-67 AR: Val Mansapit, 526-1946,  3-16 FAR: Dyanne Beckman, 526-1635,  204th BSB: Barbara Young, 526-4172, UNCLASSIFIED


TOWN HALL Q & A 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment Q: When can we start hanging banners? A: Now! Banners can be given to the Special Events Center any time starting now and up until 24 hours prior to the ceremony date. Just keep in mind that if you hang banners along the fence by Gate 1, then it can only be 24 hours prior to the Welcome Home, and it must be taken down 24 hours after the ceremony. Q: When will our Soldier know their leave dates? A: It is pretty safe to plan on leave once the 4 day pass and 10 Reintegration are complete. Q: I hear that block leave starts on 9 June, is that true? A: There are several Battalions that are conducting a consolidated leave plan; others are by company. Q: Our guys are in SFAT 5 with 1-10 CAV. Who will notify us if they are going back to 1-67 AR? A: Your Soldier’s parent unit will be the ones to notify you. Q: My Soldier said we only got a 2 day pass. Will it be 2 or 4 days? A: It is a 4 day pass across the board. Q: Do the Soldiers get an automatic 4-day for Memorial Day- even if reintegration falls during it? A: There are 2 main body flights that are affected by Memorial Day weekend and ACS Training (completed by 1300) and another conducting RSRP. This is all based on estimated arrival flights. UNCLASSIFIED


TOWN HALL Q & A 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

Q: Do the flights stop in Maine? A: The flight path may change from flight to flight but generally will pass through Maine. Q: Where is the SEC? A: The Special Events Center is building 1829, on Specker Street on Fort Carson Q: Will the flight dates be posted on the vFRG if it will not be on Facebook? A: Not all Battalions use vFRG. It will be up to each Battalion if they use vFRG, eArmy messaging, the phone tree, or a hotline. The Brigade will post ceremony times and locations for each Main Body Flight on Facebook. We also will utilize the hotline, 719-503-2633. Q: Will STRAT Air military flights be on the vFRG website? A: Yes, those Battalions that use vFRG will ensure all flights to include STRAT Air are on vFRG. Q: If my Soldier is in C Co 2STB but deployed with 2-8, 1-67, or 1-10, who is notifying us? A: The original Battalion will be making the calls, but don’t be surprised if you get a call from both units.



TOWN HALL Q & A 2d Brigade, 4th Infantry Division Rear Detachment

Q: Is there Child Care for the ACS Reintegration Training? A: In order to assist the Families of the Warhorse Brigade get their children registered for childcare for RIT, CYSS has generously offered us our own time block at Parent Central. Our day for 2BCT will be 3 May, 0900-1200. We will have 2 dedicated clerks standing by to assist our Families. Parents will need to bring in their children's shot records and have 2 emergency contacts available for the forms. If you know that you have Families interested in doing this, please send their names to me as soon as you get them. Each child will take approximately 20-30 minutes each. We are working on an evening to do this again so we can capture those that work; that date will be provided soon. DAY1 McMahon Theater: Child care will be provided at IVY Child Care (Address) DAY2 1-4 HQs: Child care will be provided on site at the HQs (Address)



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