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Serving the Soldiers, Civilians and Families of 2nd BCT, 4th Inf. Div.

Dec. 16, 2010

3-16 medics teach refresher at Warhorse Blitz first responder has no other combat duties to perform. Additionally, the battlion’s Physician Soldiers form Headquarters and Assistant, Maj. Andrew Austin, who also Headquarters Battery, 3rd Battalion,16th serves as the brigade’s senior PA, gave nightly Field Artillery Regiment, medical platoon classes to the Thunder Battalion medics to maximized time during Warhorse Blitz hone their own skills in diagnosing and educating and training Soldiers on proper treating numerous injuries on the battlefield. procedures and techniques for performing Austin and other Soldiers from 3rd Bn., medical care on the battlefield. 16th FA Reg. medical platoon were also able Spc. Christopher Wells and Spc. Philip to combine training with medics from 2nd Myers, medics with Thunder Battalion, Spc. Philip Myers, a medic with 3rd Bn., FA Reg. demonstrates how to use a spine board during Warhorse STB, 1-10 CAV, and 2-8 IN while they were taught an 8-hour refresher Warhorse First out in the field for Warhorse Blitz. Responder class to 17 Soldiers in 3rd Bn., 16th Blitz training. As deployment nears for the medics in 3rd The first responder is a nonmedical FA Reg. Soldier who provides lifesaving measures as a Bn.,16th FA Reg. and the other Soldiers in the The Warhorse First Responder is a bridge secondary mission as their primary (combat) Warhorse Brigade, battle focused training between the self-aid/buddy-aid (first aid) such as Warhorse Blitz is providing Soldiers mission allows. The first responder may also training given to all Soldiers during basic training and the medical training given to the assist the combat medic in providing care and with the knowledge and experience to win preparing casualties for evacuation when the the fight and to bring everyone home safely. combat medic. Story and photo by 1st Lt. John-Michael Gallogly 3rd Battalion, 16th Field Artillery Regiment

Commander’s Column

Lt. Col. John Cook, commander 1st Squadron, 10th Cavalry Regiment

With winter setting in and the holidays around the corner, Colorado will offer its own unique challenges and opportunities with winter and mountain weather, especially to those who are experiencing their first Colorado winter. Soldiers and their families need to keep safety as a priority whether they are working, traveling or relaxing over the next few months. While the snow and cold that accompany this season can provide fun family activities inside or outdoors, there are several considerations you should take into account in order to ensure everything remains safe and enjoyable.

The most dangerous hazards come while driving in wintry conditions. This includes icy road surfaces, blown or drifting snow and extreme cold temperatures. Proper maintenance of your vehicle will mitigate much of this risk. Ensure that your vehicle is equipped with all weather or snow tires, especially on smaller vehicles and those without four wheel drive, and similarly rated wiper blades. Make sure you are prepared if your vehicle gets stuck. Never let your gas tank drop to below a quarter full so that you can heat your car in this kind of situation and keep a few extra blankets, a flashlight, tire chains and emergency flares in your car.

Schedule an extra 5-10 minutes into your morning so that you can drive slowly on icy and snowy roads. Remember that just because your vehicle may be equipped with four wheel drive, this is not a guarantee that you will maintain control in all conditions. Four wheel drive will not aid in braking and does very little when all four wheels are on ice. Do not miss all the opportunities this area provides to ski, snowboard or take the family sledding. However, do not neglect safety among all the winter activities. If you ski or snowboard, invest in a helmet and keep your continued on page 2

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Issue 39 Dec. 16, 2010

Warhorse Pride

Fire & Christmas tree safety freshness, remember that a fresh tree is green, fresh needles are hard to pull from branches, Keep trimmings with small removable parts when bent between your fingers, fresh needles out of the reach of children to avoid the child do not break, and the trunk of a fresh tree is swallowing or inhaling small pieces, avoid sticky with resin. trimmings that resemble candy or food When the trunk of a tree is bounced that may tempt a child to eat them. on the ground, a shower of falling needles Many artificial trees are fire resistant shows that tree is too dry so do not place so if you buy one, look for a statement the tree next to your fireplaces, radiaspecifying this protection. If you tors and other heat sources. A heated purchase a fresh tree they will stay room will dry the tree out rapidly, green longer and be less of a fire creating a fire hazard. Always cut hazard than a dry tree if you keep it off about two inches of the trunk in water. to expose fresh wood for better A suggestion is to quick tie a water absorption, trim away hose to the tree and put a funnel branches as necessary to set tree in one end and the other in trunk in the base of a sturdy, the water basin stand. This water-holding stand with wide way you can put fresh water spread feet, and keep the stand in the stand and help keep filled with water while the tree the tree watered. To check for is indoors. Message provided by Ed Keeser 2nd BCT, Safety Officer

Roller derby re-enlistment

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equipment well tuned. You may be able to maintain control on the slopes but protect yourself against others who may not and be aware of others around you. Wear layers while outdoors so that you can add or subtract based upon changing temperatures and physical exertion. Watch yourself and others for signs of cold weather injuries: uncontrollable shivering followed by no shivering, loss of coordination, confusion, and drowsiness can all be signs hypothermia. You can avoid frostbite if you take action upon first noticing tingling, burning, numbness and loss of dexterity. If you decide to consume alcohol, know that while it may make you feel warmer, it actually reduces your body’s ability to heat itself in cold weather. So stay indoors while drinking and remember to mitigate other alcohol risks by drinking responsibly, have a designated driver and have a plan before you start drinking. Take advantage of all that winter and the holiday season have to offer, especially time to relax with your family and friends. Just remember to keep yourself and them safe by being aware of and preparing for the risks presented by cold, ice, snow and wind that abound in this area. With the recent announcement of our deployment to Afghanistan in the spring/summer of 2011, we need everyone healthy and safe through the winter and holiday season as we build our teams and prepare to deploy. Happy Holidays and as always, “Buffalo Soldiers, Ready and Forward.” LTC John R. Cook

Maj. Darren LoRe and Sgt. Derek Lastovich pose with the Pikes Peak Derby Dames All-Stars after Lastovich’s re-enlistment ceremony Dec. 11 at the Colorado Springs City Auditorium. LoRe, the executive officer for 2nd Battalion, 8th Infantry Regiment re-enlisted Lastovich, a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear specialist with Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 2nd Bn., 8th Inf. Reg., before a roller derby match.

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