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big strange wall by Raymond Farr 2010

I wish to express my appreciation to the editors/publishers of the following poetry zines and blogs, in which some of the poems printed in this book were previously published sometimes in a different form: Otoliths, BlazeVox, One Less Mag, Cricket On Line Review, SUCCESS, Letterbox, Apocryphal Text, Shampoo, & foame

This book is dedicated to my mother & father.


Table of Contents Ultraviolet Schematic #01...........7 What Bird Was It?..........8 Holly Wood & James Dean: frgmnt of ghost tale……….9 Pg. 35……….10 Methuselah Syndrome……….11 In Between a Plum & Sound……….12 I Felt Subconsciously……….13 I Fly Art Out of Cells………16 Doxa: This Last Fuse Is Wit……….18 Screaming SAYONARA! Miles from Pinwheels………19 mr herod & ZENtrifugal Space……….20 Some Shadows of San Salvador……….23 Tree Branch ‗Dividualism……….24 O! Doomed Fenêtre!..........29 This Is Treacherous Meadow St……….31 My Name Is Rut……….33 Zeitgeist Flower Poem……….36 Etruscan Cup of Circumstance [IS BERYL]—……….38 [zero] as earth‘s blithe ( h )……….42 zero cutting steeples to steppes………..43 zero‘s injun little pilgrim………..44 each depot‘s a heart………..45 The View from which We Are Leaking……….46 Himn………47 Tree Branch ‗Dividualism: against it all again……….50 Emailing JPEGS of My Study‘s Half-open Door to Myself….54 Interrogative Statement?..........55 L has K as L has M……….56 No One Digs Reference, Sd Bart……….57 See Me in the Theater of BRKN Mouse Limbs……..58 At What Juncture Do I Speak to Write It Down (Here on Orange Lake)……….61 adders in chew lye………..62 Pudding Pops Y Bueno!.........63 Abalone TXan Suite………69 4 Iambs‘re Juicy Juice Juice Boxers……….72 Vs. Bust-of-Our-Lives……….74 I Amb Karl Meat & Mayb Hans Arp……….78



Dada wanted to destroy men‘s pretences at reason and rediscover the natural, unreasonable order of things. Dada wanted to replace the logical nonsense of men today by illogical meaninglessness. This is why we beat the great Dada drum and trumpeted long and loud the praises of unreason. —jean (hans) arp: Catalogue for the Arp retrospective exhibition Paris, Musee national d‘art modern February-April 1962

The glissade Of why and how…and eating-out of rust through Meaning question. —from: Forensic Asperities Docking by Miles Champion



Ultraviolet Schematic #01 Demented strange wall Of sanguine hands off Overlooks The surface ice of Savored glen Even wires connect loops Is (not) the humanity We fling from the brink of A man or savage song (G)listens more than a riddle In double rooms In that bin Is control specimen ―fox-trot‖ The Beast is done Remains a meddle In this bin Sonorous Juan Gris Stages a face-lift Starry to sound-making On a flummoxed violin His breath is a taste Off a 9th story window


What Bird Was It? Yes in a circle I can claim I live In some distance nearly avoided The trees grow a tall & ordered view Alone by certain views The wind comes up speaking Voiced like an eye Down the trellis fell by the house Up squinted into the sun but couldn‘t notice A tall plumed bird is mentioned in passing I ask: ―What bird was it?‖ The bird it was / is is not a relevant matter The question is the form intrusion takes


Holly Wood & James Dean: frgmnt of a ghost tale Reason is an aid to stories. It‘s the ghost out of the cell.—Lyn Hejinian Holly‘s monolith de l‘histoire [James Dean] what Holly wld kiss like death rocks below What occurs while no one is watching— hope bending us to serve us: ―In this scene does little road-kill-child die?‘ --a camera that pans [Locked tight on the shoe of] [The face of] Holly‘s Lacan-grid simulacra [Offal-fiordsimulacra-of-etc] hell-bent on Main St. & strangely & w/ palm trees south of— Our thens devour us Our snails are tropes— How do I explain this shot to you? If you don‘t already know what I‘m saying?


Pg. 35 Pigeon Cove to Manassas to Point Reyes. Lisa driving lines across lines on pg. 35. This however is the wrong proposition. The shoals being eastern is the crux of the matter. A King off on woods in Trojan is tycoon. There is hope equated with: the shoals being Eastern from whence our help comes. In the particular‘s glare it swept past me Whose face whose face face was a taxicab.


Methuselah Syndrome Six oboes disguise clever Gretel once. In western-most hinterlands. In cherry blossoms deep in Vienna. Her lover's a tale unravels to glasnost. Her chevrons of sea dunes approach havens‘ intercourse. Spitting fire. Cuddled by bloom-rockets. Her hash marks lick dust covers. Her guide is a missive. Cranks microsoft bomb shells. Clean as a pocket. Her poetry. (Abnormally). Squats like one or two maidens. The Rococo figures heavily. She's not afraid to (cream) speak your mind there. Her babble insouciance. Her baubles of snow-drumming pluck squads from her sequence. Her story denotes: potatoes are details. A loot & booty fantastic as Oz. & quite afraid of. Potato latch. Our story denotes: her efficient intolerant paradigm‘s a sign. Abhor‘d excesses blitzkrieg her quagmire. Her gibbons that manumit dildo her lasso. Nothing she scribbles. Nothing she swallows is real that she writes. Opposite nacht her boat motor guns it. Much of it posing that is glandular. 11

In Between a Plum & Sound I can‘t explain ―nature‖ intentionally. The whirlpool was music I raced to keep up. The past is dark I slowed to see. The whirlpool had a face. ―Forward‖ was music renovated by innovation. The plum was sweet. ―The plum was sweet‖ decided the music. Contrived sensation. Remain attentive while I write: The blue crossing Where the quarter horses stood. I waited while Time. As I see, I heard: ―walking down staircase.‖ The sound toward moved simultaneously.


I Felt Subconsciously Mein hyssop mimes confederate jazz lyrics. for the bistro. Maestro hip hop. parade route during. periodicity. happening. Veracity is not a. place I want to visit. except for knives. Or killing krill. A kiln. is over. mr head. I felt subconsciously. about. U klinger. Hi top in. Haifa flat iron. Cycle upon cycle. but no orifice. Trope clichĂŠ. moi / postMoi. little hang-up / morose nooses. & Bye saying bye. Hand on return. I cut my life into pi pieces & carried it out. ESC key to veer across median. Is not expected to sell a thousand units by Friday or Saturday: freedom. 13

SEX SHOW /peep etc. DE-com-press-ion. Uterus slop. The train has arrived silly as a. goose. Coming to A halt. On super infant‘s unimagined personhood. Not near still enough. Bocce Libre. el & one old Spect Vol—p acer. vite la bore. eh tory. In cisterns wild. Sisters will & selph. Articulate binges. & X-men. & scale Models concur. To begin a dream il faut que je dise: ―I alone am XMemory -X!‖ Tupelo honey grove-stand. X-Memory-X collapses! himsefl A nevrvous braek


donwn –m Xm m Xm m Xm internalized. A ton of old oboe.


I Fly Art Out of Cells Consisting of etched: erlkings scythe corn ears verbatim: a manual too populist: conveys cataracts to upon.

In response to: I fly art out of cells: one chance of it at all: since overboard is reigned.

Its charm is too blogging: at pain's weird visitation careens out of violence: penetrates to evidence.

Boat, meaning volume: grants inkling a deed: a face scurrilous on westerns.

Sameness over contours: seems trivial yet impossible.


Bounty marches: anti-canoe: conditional yet deft.

In real fog: up six straight hills: a tale suspends us.

My angst overlaps: part aperture, part skin: wheresoever I plod.

Pyramids in relation to yield: pose avenue C: a cone in what afflicts us: supposition in figuration: left dangling.


Doxa: This Last Fuse Is Wit For Marco Giovenale Nailed coffin men fire up the singing apes. To gobs of boob drake darker taller tan than false anatomy. Begetting Beefaroni® biscotti. Taunting iota buds in airport flex hold. Thin Edie I mean. This doxa rotisserie goofs the spelling bee. Is nutnbut a bit a hi jinx. Tease the scrotum aweful broad. Zany grey spot light with doom hands of luck. Coxswain burly (b)ikeman swoons reversing golf. What is it up? In fast food chutes of Spain? La Toya‘s tigerToyota purrs so mellow man back seat. Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Her groin dialectic-construct spins hussies free hurrumph I‘m home. Her jingle-juice isolated neon titty bits to block, please, Alex. The view is twisted Hussein neck tie of hemp. Olde Ruskie bible trick: String ‗em up at gunless tea estranged by ten.


Screaming SAYONARA! Miles from Pinwheels In freeze tag in black universe A pearl boutonniere unravels a cosmos [etc [etc & sequenced by onus onus deflects us Our song but a rampage miles from pinwheels We BONSAI Electra We grunge-bend particulars Adventures dye slowly The cod men are ray guns coming to freeze us In the cot in the cookie jar it is sd that I scream SAYONARA, Juanita! [cld the tckng b a bom?] I am sullen at birth / My data is henna I step cautiously onto clean American tarmac—Just out of frame—Assassins find queerly my table of contents What I Can of Teen Isolation Seems a phrase we are fond of


mr herod & ZENtrifugal Space Raw worth is my meat hook Little Gidding Tonka Toy twisted yellow ―look owt! Look owt!mr herod eats penne on Champs Elysée! ”! ~ To Dada he‘s beet root ~ A wonder of smudge pots‘ Pavilion per billion He throws down his head to vomit up cheese Ingots & Inga‘s rings On all his Incan fingers No ordinary femi-nine laxative But Lemon Pledge in his flask ~ * Whoopee cushions Of heaven aside, mr herod, yr business in Zurich Pays nothing but 10s / It gloats past Hans aARP It chats up Hans aARP / chatter bones jones‘s Frisson Bizet & a boy, mr herod, & a girl get off On a snowflake Arrive {weeded} mouthing a mouthing What winter is nearer Waldorf glass structure Than test margarine B Whizzes past corn fields Thru fair grounds they go! un-Driving a U-Haul ~ march 28th swimming thru Xmas, Something they space sunders like music the man in the iPod ~ Hence tristan tzara ~ a goat in the grooming * (OPEN ghostly SEASON inc. reminds us—today we have lard, mr herod —―I implore this committee!‖ But dead eggs mete the dead glace defenses thinking of sprawled taunting Sgt. _epper Ochre manic 20

taffy dude seethes conditionally Connives horizontally TOTTLE TOTTLE blunders thru arc light (somebody‘s perfidy, The perfidy of ―P‖ is fodder for singing) One mile wrongly & one mile away: ½ curds ½ whey mr herod /herod /hedonist Barters fiercely (Something)(something) Mr. Kite The Hendersons will all Be there Positing OCTOBER Snow-banking mournful sky unevenness & though the holes were rather small…They shoot the film In tragic garlic lines They stand affixed One bent pendulum Swinging & swinging I wanna hold yr hand, mr herod, Cause I‘m breakin‘ the glass where the pain gets thin & it‘s tic tic tic on a lentil day * Angels drop irony on the heads of a pin Stripe below sea level & (Sympathy for the Devil has no shoal No sodden shoulder to cry Wolf on) mr herod bleeds & bleeds tv: ENTER: Smoked angels‘ HOUSEBOAT DAYS On 20 in. flat panel tv: ―yr mission, mr herod, Should you decide to accept it, is kill mr herod dead!‖ MR HEROD [whose one bad trip / a drum]: ―I gotta get outta GHENT!‖ 3r d MAN (dressed as Amadeus Mozart dressed as mr herod): ―I wanna feel it…I do…I just don‘t.‖ ENTER: mule toes‘ blunt avant-garde, harassing oyster bar hustlers: mr herod asks: ―POPSICLE? By Talking Heads? Is Bacon Donne 21

reinventing the rewind?‖ A reel distinction is tape loop‘d & paused: ―Arriba, Amerigo!‖ [Commercial for St. Yves Tabac] as Up in flames mr herod speaks softly A name Of the past


Some Shadows of San Salvador As mental space Is a process of elimination Half solemn posterity leaks in clandestinely Inching bootleg reality exists off Kilter Someone speaks caught halibut At the edgeless drive To dad Someone else is wiser A river of millimeters Same as dad & his isinglass that peals His onions without Hands It‘s yummy here in my house of quiet day dreams The house sags as it reaches— Wobbly ampersand In glass tubing Crumbling Incipience As dad arrives dead A little boozy In a box that was one long beat More often than not His appearance skewed By implausible dragonfly drone & hover Much like his shirts On as he sleeps 23

Tree Branch ‗Dividualism A quick jaunt Out on a limb w/poor boy bp knickerbocker ‘s nicotine Dada fingertip exhausted lucid ball Of Futurism & syntactical mirrors archive DELUXE orb Starker than— darker than Who the bullet? Who the man? Old Paint riding crazed valentine across glen & dale folderol ‗neath stars so fickle & prickly We marvel at little Ruskie titty bits Wrangled at angled quit claims: Toledo ‘88 In crawdaddy‘s Tootsie Roll More credible is stout Uncle Vanya‘s Vertical sock hop at noon of nonexistence Whose vista‘s a shadow— Outraged 24

/hushed tv abysses‘ Little shop of horrors unguent turbulent strident desire coins in the shop a merry merry for tugboats Oblong I ask you Asking cauldron itself A cauldron— Am I a wannabe washday picnic pandemonium Abstract Expressionist? My boots on a stoop Cut chaw out of cheese cloth Just to make rent Dear john of the crosswalk (canting in vacuum) Everyone I seek speaks onerous gab Of the laboring Mundane Do you know them? They walk into Snow banks Of sundials Of seawalls Of mentalism Whereas a 25

green is a vegetable A main is a line / the subway the tube All that I am appears counterfeit— Bogus as Avg. Joe Rachmaninoff —a horror by Bacon Whose edge — a siege— Is owned by an owl —All that I breathe turns facts Into lambs Men into fire— My song is a gait is a fool Is a pang on a limb —Eros‘s impaling insatiable Radical chic of a horseman— Saddles up Duchamp‘s twin magic goats ie ‗re Poised to do road kill ( I harvest up & A murder per mockingbird 26

jones is not a solution— Nor crawdaddys LIVEwrenching ULTIMATUMs Scads of scurrilous jaunt, pic, Robespierre for halibut not scrod to b come SUPERCILLIO US pond scum LOATHERS as/KING LOVERS small in coped rooms shafts of being rotated aloof, yes fiats DU COCOA et dolce LAS ONOs!Las Onos /Macao Words spinal AS NOTED The ice Vegas Circa Swelter! Arroyo! The Fix Is d fixture A rhumba Abundant flakes AUF ARRHYTHMI X EGGO Or fault line Abused as SANE TRUE MURDER CONFIDENTI 27

AL—Ice Mt. Patrol— UNFOLDS microscopically Oblong I ask you Asking dungeon itself A dungeon—A kiwi of DOOMdiscount ingNothingness ??—Its vibe is on NITELITE— That pauses & fidgets exponentially Eyes out Wheeling up Thunder Calvinist bitch biker supposing Cabaret punk crosswalk-er suspends Reversed to do Dot edu Salvaged by tank glands


O! Doomed Fenêtre! My passage lay quadrant Survives implausible compass points pointing at Mein Improbable)pears Upend A stroke of ―MAPPED‖ Is contraindicated twice in disbelief I stumble—plastic city walls looking up duck flights to black meat of dawn monkeys enacts roughly Whose enclave exists— 1 kilometer Distinctly 1—at a barbaric distance I dream of The oyster thing recklessly‖ & dissemblance begins— EMPIRE/turmoil—O! Doomed fenêtre! Elite, whereas The poor are more‖—Otto Claven. grungebent. –istic. Fanatic. not.Spoofed chowderhead egasm fingertip campanile But format Paul Klee & wan ton I‘m laughs I‘m vigorous sheathedOPEN/foggy//jardin/ETNOIR miceZAPPATA on wave lengths I‘m coconut doll face Bearded white 29

I traipse out of ZULU Scoffing at scoff songs‘ bricolage bricolage Off loosely in Braille Unheard of egoist My heart is a rib is a joke, overcooked apple core —―still living in the Imperial Age of the 19th C.‖ ravines of a mutton ―SOMEthing SIGNificant HAS CHANGED In the way Capitalism‖ Strut-walks BLUNT w/aplomb A BOMB: Poke along little moon calf Liquid little Druid child chokes On curved space tonight Is a black sheet of ego


This Is Treacherous Meadow St. But I am/WHOSE?— d vegetable abandoned QUILLS‘ FUZZZY FUCKING Viking rite broken Down to: Black Friday Mourning Solving hunger For unknowns— Digital photo disBelief,,,, Cubist/FUTURIST roast potatoes etc But Rimbaud… Him nomad Lost in frozen foods of Mexico Do glaziers not briskly? Do paroxysms boldly gone not go? In very very capsized attenuation of scold automaton stings b / I STING ―b‖ & ―B‖ etc Hardy heron the verbal identical /WHOSE pithy dosage I moon doggie etc petunia clark scyllia & nonce (the Ponce) tune in motorcycle counterculture flip flops screaming: ―WE EDIT iPOD WITH iPOD!‖— /WHOSE style Of writing /


rEfReShEd bY a CaNtO WHOSE invalid Style/ a HOUSE A gazebo I love in a LOVE poem


My Name Is Rut I. We were discussing. My cronies‘. Crenellated opus of. A series of. Crab legs. Walking. cake Nebulae of. The impossible. extolled by cuticles‘ tedious inverse. I appeared. Halibut. In verse. I sampled. Dusted off mania-crepes. To some. Raccoon stills. Among the. Established. Ivors‘ Box Paradox came running up. Like an egg. In this box. (by way of Bohemia, invisible—1899). There are no synonyms for swagger. (except swagger itself). Or antonyms. For LIFE BOATs‘ of vicious Non sequitars /12 string guitars‘ electric Duplicity of & nothingnesses. & thus everythingnesses. 33

Are familiar (e. g. an envelope). & unfamiliar (i. e. a noun). Simultaneously.

II. I was the glee of a swan. One delicious summer afternoon. As though cheering a face on. In the after thought. Of dusk. I seemed wrinkled & terminally spiraled. Itself a statue of: (blonde vertigo— & our one exit to our. Olive grove kisses. Seems a task. To recall‌ & worn as though dead. A face, a look (, as promising its opposite. Who am I you ask? Well, my name is Rut. [pause] I am the blue ice rhino-flamingo having babies out of wedlock. I inherit emotions. The art of my deal. Is the tear of the dead pelican. Of pilgrim exactitude.


, unable To compare itself to


Zeitgeist Flower Poem Of world is glue. This north. Of mumbled. Firewall of. Wht?/evil. Baudelaire he is. A Pablo. On Meth. Unshoe‘d between. Cyber-. -junkie. /Pop Realist / Subtext phenomenologist. Dealing digital Lost Paradise. To things vanishing His HMS BIG BANG. Wastrel Post Language Beat verse. Bashed in by. alt. crusoe. admonishes: Something whiter than white noise. Googles yr name. Something greyer than grey matter. Stalks you all night. Now it‘s out onto Ronk St. :heather shapely argent spheres. This is amerika! Sweet misery of tvs. & little dollar hula hoops. Real time. Endless starry dynamos. Up the asshole. Of faking it. Deep in. ‗re cannibals‘ meringue songs. Winched Olympiads. (Hoosiering. Leftly. Aping madness schizoid loose change. Conditional(random zeitgeist secret flowers brooding. :the answer is. 36

Oz.: the ???s are. Oz.


Etruscan Cup of Circumstance [IS BERYL]— Watering the mortal spelunker balloon aesthetic I grind up [BLUE CHERRY] fountain drink haphazardly—a [MAGNETO]. I desire all I crave in steel-white aardvark pawned accidentally. At dual work force of water I imagine all Language has battled my grief dangled against [SELTZER H2 –O2]. & thus paste & gravel rock & soft simultaneously an aphid [PAINTS BACKWARDS A STOP LIGHT]. Science blintzes / Has coupled. I glockenspiel existence. In the name of the nemesis of death I [POWDER] my n & my [N] capitulates. I‘d rather not in the face of dour Smithereens. If clues are the overalls I mistake for an enterprise I let fly all my [ENTROPY]. I let fly my blue trousers in Canterbury sentences. My [AMPERSANDS] abhor each penultimate wrack of gull-flecked Ohio mirrored in typos. The # of swift linens whomps awl at 6 klicks. Derivatives [OF] derivatives masturbate the hour. [SO protoHUMAN] I whirl like an eye chart infracting my death scene at the throat of a rat. I hold in my hand a dapper syringe-hand [AT]— bengal [TIGER INN]. If the product of any aftermath is created cryogenically I tickle Dr. Eyeball seeming a hula hoop redacted by the strange & oblivious fairy tales [CONTINUED]. Continued in Mikonos I stand stiff in my shadowglass-train [HOWLING] / HOLY [IN EERIE NIGHT] of distance [IS BERYL]—part [LION FISH] part W. What is the range of a woman that reaches? In a field I am the troubadour of fields. My city‘s an hour. My lamb is 38

a pall bearer I cull from the populace. My shallots are shop keepers pungent as sweat socks known only as Clark. They know all my VICES & sit as I focus. In a DIGital exCHANGE I forfeit my chances. I wall in my COURAGE VALIANT as toast. I‘m walloped by inklings inSTALLED on my SEE-saw. My email won‘t bite IF I SING LIKE A VOID. What I paint I paint on the night of all stones. Sans gills. Sans the xylophone-Slim Rickey they served in Brown‘s Drug Store right at my foot. The advantage I took is a monitor shaken not stirred. The greater [THE CLAPTRAP] the more potent the mania means never have you crossed my mind not even in Norway. I pause to connect but matter has hands & I am the sparrow hunched in the freezer. [TIME‘S FRESH] Irish metaphor contains [VITAMIN RICH HOTEL CALIFORNIA]. Elastic whooping cough / Blonde plastic whooping crane dye at the scene. What Eliot said [WENT: ACOLYPSE NOW] his terrible terrible compass for syntax provided a realm & what a realm it was. We read him and [POETS] alike. Cunning [DRY TORTUGAS] spin their way out: do you have your tax forms ready? Revisionism is camp. I have a second & third lost soul to renovate with hammers. The Last Judgment doom button descends unrequitedly. I am savored in love‘s slightest of bantering Kinkajous crossing the bar. I recall Giorgio De Chirico‘s infamously [BLANK] / Noir chauvinist pearl diving masochist [FUCKING SARTRE with] Flat Iron / Flat Affect. I am not pussyfooting around in the arc of a 39

valley missing its head. I packed up his meat. That was all. And sleeves at first slack in the screen door gave rise to [A VILLAGE SACRED TO MONSTERS]. Nothing else mattered. Passage to [IRREALITY]. Notches on a gun barrel to this day are survived by The Flat Earth Society. Nacre of M&Ms down on the rooftops of Breslin, Wyoming. Static horn rims for laughs are New York with nothing for evidence but screwing the lantern. Who are these people? I am all out of factoids. I mean who has [THE SYRUP] or must I usurp —[THE MEIN KAMPF] patrol? I dictate [OLDE LAW]s / Nirvana in pajamas fresh from the wash: am I corduroy the bug zapper? The train is a pan-fried starkly disphoric Ptolemy lunching on my onesided lawn? [NOTHING BUZZes] quite like a Neanderthal buzz. I understand you have one scene already written but can‘t rip your eyes off the next. [IS THIS YOUR CONDITION?]? I am long enough to land half stoned in your Napoleon Bonaparte Boeing 747. A laugh track resounds at the mini-mall oasis. What have we but an intellectual bent? A [BLUNT] avant-garde pushes all other products [TO THE BACK OF THE SHELF]— and marble steps on the side. & yes I inhabit a Buchenwald Express Lane looking up Zoot Suits in daffodils of Yellow Pages phone books. [VOL. ONE: I riddled the dust-laden quantum particle physics professor. I sat in my soup looking—FOR THE WHOLE WORLD—as sad as Don Juan. I‘m in a rush for anorexia. Alternate figures of speech refuse to make [NnOoNnSsEeNnSsEe] a parlor trick. In lieu of a place or sensation that seems 40

meaningless but gilded I tasered the beef. I tested thru the roof but suffered a tooth ache. I SHAMEFULLY ―fisted‖] the homosexual ice queen homosexually. I totally rammed her tardive dyskinesia making sentences instead. I am a meaningless sentence [AND I THINK THAT I AM] therefore I scurry against the poisonous frail weight of a particular mountain. The Gotti‘s just got it. My [BIG] finish began in the middle while waxing the kitchen floor. —Watch out for the ANDIRON! I sit with my bird & the noise of my fridge is driving me home to watch all my mirrors slide & overflow. [QUOTE]: If I say to you love / Once I said to blue glove: ETRUSCAN CUP of circumstance lies to ménage [AT TWELVE O‘EIGHT].


[zero] as earth's blithe ( h ) in a moment gone bone infidels rhyme sovereigns plummeting to ( h )earth a zero's dry axe handle soars across ( h ) has yards of it store-bought sibyls minding store fronts look down upon volumes hyped with black wings either it is gorgeous: 1558 impramatur: [zero] 1855 or it is joke like a pencil-hand note: ( h ) has its moments a pause in the writing _____ is but a comb on the floor


zero cutting steeples to steppes in modality's industry of hymens through woods precincts of zeros cut steeples to steppes evinced by terrains too manque to impose plausible zeros progenitor erlkings kits of ice are the steppes to watch


zero's injun little pilgrim three pigs is a long time for zero to blush the grim in pilgrim ourselves the being of trembles like velocipede supposition our anodyne injun little pilgrim legitimizes peripeteia the art in hearts' olde stalk zero on the horizon towers bodies till corrupt now to be a chickadee no matter what chickadee resembles / corrupts no matter what velocipede imitates / expresses


each depot's a heart innovated in cages rigged since the west hymens mete dracula a possible amount who is it stands & stone piers here howling at limits' hymns across eyes? in aspects tooled by tariffs' wet mind each steeple obliges each laggard's a tale a depot's a heart vrooms into populace pontiffs indulge crambo bent at the knee


The View from which We Are Leaking "One day I woke, craving this stark hallucination" is never a sentence strolling in Kyrie's blue suit. Snow banks of sundials (sn wb nks f s nd ls) waver like flocks upon the asphalt of having written, deriving meaning simultaneous to-- INK till it blurs. "Come in," she sd. "Come in. This shop is for the living." (This shop is for the living?!) Lacunae sift & sort, institutionalized by bets in dark, Soweto neighborhoods. Natives shotgun (sh tg n) the maestro (m str ) shotgun the colonials ( o o ia ) ding'd (d ng'd) by satellites of tire-flung stones. Otherwise the seizures are real (r l). If we hang with the Goths, we must die in the middle, in public & on camera. UFOs are how earthlings must deal, contagious as language ( a ua e) in cinders of sleep. [Type the coded sequence in-- the small iguana flits thru terrible space (sp c ) improvising words of fluent Richter (R cht r) Scale (Sc l ).] In hymns, I can't disperse this dastardly crowd (cr wd). Night considers the sitar: I am the sun (_o_) & the heir (ai_) pleated with sound. One leaking blood from a volume or page mistakes the view ( ie ) from which he, she, or it, is leaking.


Himn (scaldead & mood(y, scallop‘d as Vejlhoort(‗s comet kakemono the performer is Himn promulgating tuna on Wonder Bread Himn pauses in strait(‗s nth degree western known onl(y as DOUGH BOY— ahoy, Lichtenstein, ahoy! & writing so wrong(edly & dreaming of dreaming Himn pauses nihilistic as m falters causing kazoos— up flying saucers! chercher la cheddar! the biscuits are fanged!


more cynical m than Symbolist bicycle(‗s gulag of death camp(s‘s nightmare on Elm Street The Fates have their bubble gum their jujubes & Himn full of plague years what has Himn but a quorum of Beats‘ beets numbered evenly thru 900 poems? a choice of absurd little hassles whispered thru walls?— if you are Bertolt Brecht(‘s zebra at dawn press one now to continue (does Himn dare to press one?) if you are not Bertolt Brecht(‘s zebra at dawn… the end lines vanish


—cogs into cog(‗s pages of April— sayonara, flamingos! au revoir, Cathay! aloha to Zuzu(‗s dark painted petals


Tree Branch ‗Dividualism: against it all again X marks the xsanguinated spot. In sky-mirrored syntaxes archived by dark spectacles of pathospostmodern I groom in depths of epic periodicity. A loon is a doll‘s face of Expression (ism‘s) a doll‘s face. More often a trick of syntactical Mr Magoos is a mitten or knife


a moll that‘s an ink jet/ casaba bean/quick jaunt 50

whose Bulls‘ eyes‘re test patterns. The idea is that of an alternate route a nature gluttonous with abysses & Burger King fries a bp horizontal sine wave of darkness posing at nadir. But don‘t paint— articulate: the bird‘s eye is solvent a shellac that is groomed by turbulent Nietzsche. In the digital likeness of Idaho dadada I put up my foot to my mouth. 51

Someone marvels at my little Dada Tootsie Roll in a voice I can‘t quite recall. Or even dilute in a Volkswagon bug. A contradiction is a catcher‘s mit with spine tingling. In reference to a dong is for shadows that SPACEs.


O nickel-plated fiery dogheaded Phoebes (…) O nation of beefeaters bludgeoned by Eros‘s cloth (…) Yr grid irons multiply.


Yr nude orange tabernacles vacillate in yarns of Dear Johns of the Cross. To plough up the scene in roller rink mambos the outskirts are gloomy. A six gun of andirons & avg. Joe Rachmaninoff pits words against titans— a series of particulars tasered like goats into porn.


But what of

against […fields

LlaAnNgGuUa AgeE…] tin cans are?


Emailing JPEGS of My Study‘s Half-open Door to Myself Dxylesxically tamed Thames is brown today on bad typing (rewind: Urban Nexus Crippling Sheep Is in the news Figured tothother: little upUP word Little downDOWN word I skill saw ‗em Dueling tercet Trembling as one ever has O paradox in blue sentences, my sunny how much! To pause before Arland Ussher aka: pauper of strange fellatio scumbling phallic St. Pete To (UP)saltSALT (DOWN)pepper On a stair & flying out Is to download a photo of MALLARDS X-ing in faux-Reykjavík Stutter faux typo / fail…to continue DELETE FILE: RESTORE FILE: No affect but shutter speed: I PRINT & SAVE: pedestals of cruel world pajamas 80 remarkable photographs…maps…chants & poems Allowing rant(icle! I hit SEND: Cognac delirium dot jpeg & sit back Studied by my study‘s half open door Causeway lunatic distraction bent LIGHT of Polaroid Saunters / vibrates slaphappy up OPEONGO WAGON RD Where I live I think I‘d been there since I sd What I sd when convinced : has not been here —brkn dishes Zooms past doing 90 w/ cajones


Interrogative Statement? I see you have questions. So did I. Dressed in cowhide chaps, up to the marigold chair of chairs. Covet your sister‘s gauze & taupe philosophy. It swerves around nude corners. But don‘t look at her; don‘t see her as theater. A price is exactly levied. On the surface a lad kisses a lass kisses a lad. The chair of chairs discovers post-postmodernity. Voices squirm in it, performing delicate, incensed, though complicated ur-ballets. Millennial <mestizos> fume in metal canisters. Devices of literary gnosticism oppose windfalls, fixed at melodious points. Destitute on Main Street, art deco lives dim to film noire. I stoppered completely. A spoof in retrograde senses progression, intuits facts by ample czarinas. The factual is quaff‘d, irregular, outmoded, awesome / decanted in lopped off Big Sur crooning shoop-shoop-shoop-continuous as beats in Egypt, OH. In the chair of chairs a cow-poke‘s unupholstered rope-hand reaches down continually. Melodrama, having knifed ―our gal,‖ enlivens our trauma. Its structure depletes. First, a second. There is no end to corners.


L has K as L has M L-has-K-as-L-has-M distorts a threnody's obligatory process as rummagers in mags' old images frequent absurd paparazzi-alpha bits gone distantly mad. & M, in delis, dreams he is salt; his oceans' fucking choiring ampersand sings "time is an ear in each rose" to prose in each gear. & K, all his life in one room, missing a piece--"I need love not a salute!" paints M poking fun unrelentingly. But L never twitches, never moves--his schism so heartfelt & crafted from still life; his motes out of union strewn upon glare. & K out of sequence expresses bereavement--a riddle of soup cans labeled as Pop. But K isn't M. & L is absurd, paces in lofts ready for demolition.


No One Digs Reference, Sd Bart In jest or just The frost is wolds pseudo-sci-fi of utterance en robut manneute. What is lost is quins... ute. What is lost is drive up stropt the freeway on-ramp. Snowmelt clamors, sd Donna. I am faking the action. No one digs reference, sd Bart.


See Me in the Theater of BRKN Mouse Limbs Incendiary wolves ‗re Running the show Tonight we have video feed GingerFreudGirl SnapsOver WAR! Insist on cyst realism Which stood so long In the theater of BRKN mouse limbs Breaking breaking-wind record I am total mini hammer / mitered up Nietzsche Too deep in the bee hive to fornicate astern I saxophón sa‘tollo impolitely FUCK dratted weather vanes etc sheepless religious SUCK If mirror sequences assume atomic states a firework…who uploads the Realism? Whose knock-off young bro is intransitive insensitive knock-off Xistentialist? Hasbro young bro Forwarding coin age/the BUNKER by the balls? He presupposes all doubt His grave is a toothless Chanel #5 Too trop/Too much a piece a self He alternates /oscillates/ precognates: crowfleshpies &&& camelback hair dopesong! Yummie yummiedinner shit with dopesong! (a greed?) I 58

boot & I cook Soft targets as blue or mixed seven oceans away The spiders‘re his business Too market Y to nipple sufficiently His latest LATEX SAXON misery sings silly rounds daily A railroad A tube: row row row das boot In cannister 6 He too is tictocsic DISTURBED MUSIC Pabst-Bucharest ghetto bing!o man or super sleuth Unshaved vendor — ism IMPROVing a CANTO He is go(o)d bPoEmObPiLnEg A Nazi diamond itches all Kant His Donkey Kong part data stream Is Donkey Kong to school yard That Dada Kunt‘s a Slav_ A season of ‘46 ‘46 ‘46 eternally accidentally A deep pockets Of ruin & the belching of nerve gas as vomit gas pontificates a trend on barbaric Fifth Avenue We manage a dry goods They altar Behavior He is a PIN equals a PIN is a person: hombre 2677 skylark 8998 When a fart Equals history The factoids remain An altered state &/or an all nude parenthesis Typed out & red 400º I 59

commit German iota in the midst of my speech I commit das kommitas in bad German cinema I blow out a seal I animate a wall My mother calls mr head stone a ding a ling & a candle is musical theatre We play on & on Till fragrance is a pyre like that of a buoy vomiting change His mother calls mr head stone a ding a ling Again An impossible posse A little brass monkey is toted up mountains Its eye is good luck in the eye of a storm Inevitable Sri Lanka douses the flame The omelet is western A girl in a capsule is a dream we inherit A whirly girl of a wind machine manufactures a heart Machined like a sentence Of old city life She prods & produces / reproduces the glands of Expressionism— Sept/ Oct/Nov She is the lamp more camp than the ―____‖ of Pop Art You may view cart now Or proceed to check out (nothing personal! )


At What Juncture Do I Speak to Write It Down (Here on Orange Lake) Idioms (young "thangs") go topless, darting for the boathouse. Their foot prints are everywhere—a code exactly as imagined. Resistance m o v e s (here on Orange Lake) towards metaphors concisely. The text regrets, however banal the item: ―I am a sick man. I am a spiteful man.‖ A closed volume r e s t s on many tables dying, as demeanor's shallow western wake is vVV –ing out across the lake, m o c k e d by purple pretty clouds of acid too vast. & gowned in their nightfall of gleaming unreality, words pace like fathers up the dock & down.


adders in chew lye Ho Chi Minh nite lite props itself improperly Lagging shadows against egg white man & son & sink Walking peril –slanted LOCKOUT —up trail of tears Reentry gumball Kentuckian ( , ) capsule inhibitor Devolves mr neck bones‘ collateral tale to blob-monstrosity Forever connected / disconnected To cost-hawking PROCESSOR 66 vixen-sonneteers Tapered to reference ( , ) as/KING TOILET wallops goat index Turning turntables adjust their spins counterclockwise as Mingus annealed in the mourning morning Shatters patellae / ankles for day dreams count up his box tops Gaping mango salad fictional Fifth Columns Forfeit 5 foot trolley bridge— ablaze in blue marrow Hold spiral jetty (—the span of a wok—& Waldorf the Bambi accountable Ranting: irpo , irpo ( , )unstably south vs. foot itching The menu of lovers‘ angst is put off delirium &over a barrel & sinking for shadows Their flux is a beak is a tulip is a phial of Strontium 90 Their phone w/SANG REAL exchange Rings up errata This main liner Mingus / if ruin he dominos (not minus but silent (not ipecac but someone who asks: Hello?


Pudding Pops Y Bueno! I Duchamp typed ‗DUCHAMP‘ in 20 fonts & ran it thru the system )FRANKRUEHL( wept & went out )GUL Inche( smiled wryly with porcupine teeth on his ant face, Kept ranting: Machinegunmachine Machinegunmachine There was this sense someone had SPAM On the back burner FOR SALE They‘ve got the BEANS! Duchamp railed. It‘s all over but the sentencing. & so all was done wrongly & tale ended But Duchamp refused to relent / Waited bleached magnificent 7s for scalpel mIEKAL aND thin & darkness stick people people to archive arachnids to innovate a walrus (with accent over oeia) a polyp & cheap polyesterdays whose foot a dream his dream sped up his animated verse to UFO Whose last name was Halibut His isobars crammed into Io's vibrant light II 63

Duchampâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s peeping PEEPING perception of stick figure figures dotes on messianic messy messes appears torpedoed My questions are pop ups Seem tardy as a rule some like a cop who visits the coop only in shoes in boots in flip flops he dreams he has rockets the piles he downloads His row boat Duchamp police dogging & south of writing: little little, these lines are too much fast! Invent a slow. & mEIKAL aND III I am curtained in BLACK onomatopoeia I prohibit a stalemate I am over & over a hillock My dynamism DUCHAMP pungent as BANG! I am taunting the bungler My RUBBER ducky Duchamp Machined like a sentence Redacted to bubbles Of he & I & we 64

& was & is My bubble bath as blue as A Singapore sling I wander in lathered & mapped & lathered again & so days follow weeks follow hand puppets. a fridge observing the outposts of social disorder where I am Duchamp the brain of GUL Inche I utter I swim I am a seal in the tall corn Of Iowa witch hazel I am Duchamp In a valise Of Kansas Jaycees I burn down the cows At maison de Gaulle I sit at the zinc end of mad raison dâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;etre in Cabaret Voltaire My head into solstice Arrives posing as winter The voice I allude to Is the house that I eat at I eat off the shelf looking up books I turn looking to my left


& stand up erect Twiddling my thumbs My play is grotesque As an hour Of tooting I am 1 cm swinging & swinging Duchamp overhead I am basic as cable bag o‘cats Duchamp & singing bohemia Balls on the mannequins Balls on the tedium Duchamp during hours At the Crocodile Mall IV Article of FaithSAUNAKNEECAP In spanglish drama class: ALE, duckling DUCHAMP,went _ailing: (s) (missingApril May June July &… tyPoe &…What the HELL was going on here?! Both alfalfa aND omega?! What did: TROUT BONE as/king FIDDLE TROUT mean? ?a duckling FUCKING artifact / matter of practice DUCHAMP/ over sensibility? What DUCHAMP went _ailing; went S-S-S-ing blind as an alphabet Scold as an ocean? Was it aND / or a shell game? Was it ‘09 ‘08 ‘07 Anno Domini? Or 10:52 in the piss of the moUrning? Duchamp typed ‗DUCHAMP‘ in risky flesh & ran it thru the santa clause Duchamp ate Nebraska for breakfast Got heartburn for lunch Got carry out for supper In this manner a reverse code 66

Or MIRROR SEQUENCES OF CODE DIFFERENTIALS were established: Line 1: HAGGIS Line 2: HAGGIS HAGGIS HAGGIS HAGGIS Line 3: HAGGIS HAGGIS HAGGIS HAGGIS HAGGIS. This code breaking lasted all evening, All August, All 5th inning, & Fall quarter at Brown V EXIT: DUCHAMP ENTER: mIEKEL aND EXIT: DUCHAMP ENTER: DUCHAMP EXIT: mIEKEL aND ENTER: DUCHAMP EXIT: Haggis a pole cat equals (=) ENTERDUCHAMP ENTER: bodily bodily Joseph Beuys EXIT: stump the orchestral equals (=) purple purple purple time ENTER: color the beet people Equals (=) equals (=) equals (=) equals (=) a pause ANDALUS DUCHAMP; kept ranting/repeated: Equals (=) equals (=) equals a paws ―I‘m getting BATANG! BATANG,‖ shouted Duchamp. ―I‘m selling my rotten potatYOES, tomatYOES What-have-you & GETTING THE HELL OUT OF THE BUSINESS!‖ VI to bloviate the charm school he skites like a ball peen his rhetoric will spiel duchamp‘s own Duchamp with accent over 67

child proof an hourâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;s the price he is hopping to safety In a hiccup of love & so soup in a cup I bury ducHamp, His remarkable boot into his last favorite foot what bath in a contest Was Duchamp in a closet?


Abalone TXan Suite I Non-purple-ous-ex-FUTURISM Metes grand Fusionary love-handle-bars under(arch-Finnegan glace Inquires of trope endive: what flatten‘d doom-field‘d escrow at juncture Is too luster & blonde a dalliance? [Must vent/ok/ok/] enhanced juncture [Must speed/ok/ok/] derivative displacement If insensate mr cud arms PRIORrecesses comma Cocks powder difficulty sixtysix trigger till jinksy kenster, jon marrdenta, & ace ―canister‖ munroe‘re 12s in wales… ( Empire-Italia‘s IVth turbine blurt tanguy? Then arrives lynch pin pianola & [elle] Hester Prynne, con trail squeeling/paunched/adrift


II Dear Penultimate, blistered TIME is oracular existence / lawn tractor humming bird tunes John Deere getting freedom ringing peninsulas over beetlesâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC; banging hearts, going & going, AM thru midnight train Until seizures Canada & lite salt doodle Coptic Xmen sport socks sheep & fitted swimwear Dead monorails due east of spur line Punctuate state pen names Abalone TXan ciphered in folios upRoofless sad little glue sadly Yrs truly, Blarney Dear Barney,(sic) : Dude, yr brakes are dis-fielded Char luggage metallic bat Athabascan ezraLbite arrives toot sweet, Arrives gloomy/fluffy hen rookery Patching wobbling/weebling Out takes Signed: CHINOOKchinee Bleeding till fury P. S. Scene with patella Scene with follicle P. P. S. A ton Of what implies: Fix this quickset/mindset


III HAVENLY HAVENlybubble gum Chaws stickermad PILTDOWN via Scrwalâ&#x20AC;&#x2DC;d juncture Tas-Tee-Freeze idio(lect A spur line dripping choco-dip icing Spins &whizzes sss I dote on harlequins I quantify I nerve ending sprecht as juncture spans guile less nththan s p a n s


/oke/oke Chopin


4 Iambs‘re Juicy Juice Juice Boxers At six naughty blondes‘ naughty blonde wig abode DADA watches satellite Motorola sunders lunar fox trot dada rooster [Not pernod face tactics] bantam weight /EYEballing The last mobster out Please exit before Lobsters :boil lobsters/ a likeness of ―In this corner…‖ Ptomaine pantomime deliciously bananas fightin‘ weight mIEKAL aND 200 kilos spirals wildly down to boiled down blitzkrieg Battle Creek state U In swimming bananas In swimming bananas He swims banana split steak & chops Butchered by skeleton Ezra Lb His every punch is berry raw for sense it conveys to senses non_DADA a red instance of: four iambs‘re mIEKAL aND mIEKAL aNDiron bobbing & weaving LUST/ing into thistledawn: IAMIAMIAMIAM! Apes in tubes (jab, jab, upper cut) Looking forward However/ twisted: RALLY Spinoza the world (of boxing): He is more/soPULL TAB out & out/of one mind a manDADA loves: (jab, right cross, upper cut, bob & weave) good & plenty shoe boxer flails Gut/FLASHING/next to cleanliness, cunnilingus Forces FLOWER POWER nudist fellatio to flyDADAfly!


Round 10 till 10 peanut & plain s&m candy disgorged busted egg flat in baton rouge too DADA .BOLTS .horse shoe gloved The Crying of Lot 49DADA rounds 10 & 12 fight w/ the lights gonging out The Crying of Minus the ToesDADA @ smashing glass jaw DELETED/ ham fisted FUCKING a ewe Is later now that he‘s fisted Joe Frazier Vis-à-vis VISA c /Cassius Clay (Muhammad Ali) This ilk / SMOKEDDADA .sd: .pox .sd: ―all the daze We spend our time Canvassed Rope a dopes ‖ & left the remainder BLANK


Vs. Bust-of-Our-Lives In one pen of a stroke SHE PATCHED INTO SYSTEMS going reverse. I was MOVED TO VIOLENCE [let us say] BY Cette n’est pas une pipe. I chiseled a rockSIGNED MULTIPLE CIGARS. Not HER bruised voltage waylaid at Wal-Mart but MY narrative pink & sterno— de Tocqueville's [paws] brandished by BOGS of goddam big cigars. She GLINTed Santa Rosa across sunlight's wild arc. I STOOD & PLOTTED. My asterisks arched thru TERRIBLE NIGHT. I was not a palooka. THE SAME WORDS were THE SAME WORDS twice to her. Neither was I heretical. Nor she ironic. Her LITTLE SQUAWS' UPRIVER guidon-hardon cut & pasted life-like as 30 Missions of California. Her edifice / my potash SOPHISTICAL as bonefish 74

pirated texts UNGOVERNED by fistulas. Her GOLDEN BANANAS downsized my trekkie. My HEAP of ennui HURTLED shots at her ―MANHOLE.‖ Her BOO-HOO of Zswound UNLATCHED ALL MY CROOKED. I summoned her poem TO THE CROAK in my pond. My mock up of NADA / her carnie ID; my BLONDE WINNEBAGO / her hoax in Crimea SPEAK ONLY absurd. I BLOG every mile (Cyrillic in Russian. ALL DARK summer night she orders the sword fish, EATS SHRIMP LIKE BALLONS. My sentence is meaningless IN VIEW OF HER lawlessness. In OLDE Quaker graveyards She SUNDERS my spy glass.. My ARTICHOKE of Delphi approaches on foot & KISSES her hem. Her TIME becomes ART is THE ART of my deal.


In glued Pacific Basins SHE WAFFLES in angst. MY DISTANCE is not near. Her f-stop‘s AN EYEBALL, a $10 camera I drop on the Charles. MY SKYLINE‘S an outrage SHE RAIDS while I sleep. HER FACE IS FRENETIC. I am dull with despair. Her SOFT doughy BOLUS. MY sweet CHEWY nougat. She pouts like a puppy TAKING HOLD OF MY JOYSTICK. Her language COMPARES. MY SENTENCE implies— GOD IS LOVE's COCKTAIL. DULLER THAN UTRECHT. SO INKLING ON PAPER. In one scene: JANGLED NERVES HERE IN ATTICA. I taper precisely. She winnows astutely. PLINTH AFTER PLINTH I shadow-box her utterance. She BUSHWHACKS my France. I rest on indices in the act of __________ 76

in relation to _________ THE BONELESS MANY WE ARRIVE.


I Amb Karl Meat & Mayb Hans Harp In the event I amb Karl Meat (& I amb very VERY Karl Meat) I am Karl Meat & mayb Hans Arp draped in 40 archetypal Seal skin 30 Madness of screams As Hans Arp mirror To Hans Arp English is still major development brkn cups Spoken robust duality Of Karl Meat glass & steel marijuana cigarettes/catatonic minarets (One of us a urinal The other gargles Nescafe) I write: 6th of a rumor falls out of knees & Karl Meat, signed r. mutt I write: jingles in pain till old western dead & mum sits up Sipping her broth I shout oZ miracles in laughter trousers at Dada (Not counting the dead at Spoon Diner) & surfing was a fad soon Will mum distinguish Karl from Hans Arp? Will Dada germinate deep in Karl Meat his dollar Zagnut a screw? (distortion Clavichords reel in Hans Arp high freakwentcy waves: ―found loved by no pulpit‖)( emanate What then is left me But to P—erize forward mak anic o—el ~ to wander low & brow ~ ~ thrown from lorrie ~ Singing plaid veneer No ear No ear 78

72 glib98?


big strange wall  

This is a full length collection of post dada poetry and experiments with language. Some of these poems have appeared on line in various jou...

big strange wall  

This is a full length collection of post dada poetry and experiments with language. Some of these poems have appeared on line in various jou...