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Ranville War Cemetery and Churchyard

Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville

Bazenville contains over 600 Commonwealth burials. The first burials here were made just two days after the Allied landings at Arromanches. Secqueville-en-Bessin War Cemetery Located between Bayeux and Caen off the D217, Secqueville-enBessin is the final resting place for nearly 100 Commonwealth war dead. This battlefield cemetery contains the graves of men killed in the advance on Caen, which took place in early July 1944. St. Charles de Percy War Cemetery Located off the D290A, St. Charles de Percy War Cemetery is the southernmost of the Normandy cemeteries. Many of the men buried here died in late July and early August 1944, during the major thrust from Caumont-l’EventÊ towards Vire. There are just over 800 Commonwealth war dead buried in this cemetery. St. Desir War Cemetery The most easterly of the Commonwealth war cemeteries in Normandy, St. Desir War Cemetery is located off the D159, west

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