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Jerusalem War Cemetery, Chouain

Jerusalem War Cemetery, Chouain Situated nine kilometres south-east of Bayeux on the D6, Jerusalem War Cemetery, Chouain is one of the smallest Commonwealth war cemeteries in the world. Many of the 47 graves within this cemetery date from 10 June 1944, when the area was the scene of bitter fighting shortly after the liberation of Bayeux. Ranville War Cemetery and Churchyard Ranville will always be linked with the 6th Airborne Division, which captured the bridge over the Caen Canal in the early hours of D-Day. Nearly 2,300 Commonwealth war dead are buried in Ranville War Cemetery and its adjoining churchyard. The cemetery and adjacent churchyard are best reached by taking the D513 out of Caen, taking a left at Herouvillette. The cemetery is one kilometre outside Ranville, on the Rue des Airbornes. The famous Pegasus Bridge, with its museum, lies just west of the village. Ryes War Cemetery, Bazenville Situated just off the D87 east of Bayeux, Ryes War Cemetery,

D-Day - Normandy  

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