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STEP 2 diagnosis

Just like the skin, hair too suffers a degenerative process that leaves it thinner and more fragile. As time passes, outside causes and physiological factors leave the hair impoverished and in need of different, specific attention, such as protective and restorative beauty treatment that can mitigate the signs of aging. The efficacy of the anti-ageing MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM line is based on an active ingredient (the structural polyphenols of green walnuts) that ensures excellent results from the very first application, giving the hair renewed vitality, luminosity and youth.

observe • the hair looks thinner • the shaft is less supple and splits easily • the lack of melanin becomes a problem • the color, whether natural or cosmetic, is dull

STEP 3 action

touch • the hair has little body • the fiber tends to dry out • the shaft is no longer uniform all the way down

ask • if styling lasts less? • if hair volume tends to go limp? • if the scalp tends to be tense?

Brush the hair gently and dampen with warm water. Emulsify the right amount of ANTI-AGEING SHAMPOO between your hands and distribute over hair and scalp, massaging well. Prolong the massage for a few minutes: make small circular movements on the skin to stimulate blood circulation and the absorption of the active ingredients; gently rub the hair between your fingers, from roots to ends. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Towel-dry the hair to eliminate excess water and apply the ANTI-AGEING MASK evenly, rubbing it gently in, especially on the most damaged parts. Leave on for a few minutes and then rinse thoroughly.

The Morphosis lines perform best when combined with the Morphosis HAIR SPA philosophy, specifically studied and defined in partnership with a professional trichologist. From making a diagnosis with a tricocamera to identifying the most appropriate cycle of treatments and massage, the Morphosis HAIR SPA sublimates the concept of wellness in the salon by using specific instruments, accessories and gestures that optimize the performance of the products of the Morphosis Hair Treatment line.

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MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM Nature and science rise to the challenge of time

Time makes hair more demanding. Year after year biological and environmental factors as well as repetitive stress favor the proliferation of free radicals with consequent loss of tone and vitality.

MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM The basic gestures that stop the wheels of time

With MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM youthful-looking hair is ensured by correct washing and nourishing: indispensable treatments that guarantee renewed energy and enhanced luminosity.

A condition that affects all hair types, whether natural or treated, and that today finds a specific solution in the antioxidant properties of green walnuts.

ANTI-AGEING SHAMPOO - 1000 ml, 250 ml Moisturizing, invigorating and restructuring, it combats the signs of aging with the active ingredients of green walnuts, Argan oil and vitamins B5, C, E and H. Its softening effect helps improve a dry, flaky scalp.

From the experience of Framesi’s Research Laboratories comes MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM a regenerating and protective anti-ageing line resulting from state-of-the-art biotechnology which offers mature hair the pleasure of looking younger again.

GREEN WALNUTS SHIELD AGAINST AGEING The walnut is an exceptional fruit, packed with omega-3, omega-6, vitamins, trace elements and proteins. The latest studies on the properties of the walnut have led to a revolutionary discovery: at a particular stage of its ripening process, the green walnut is a concentrate of STRUCTURAL POLYPHENOLS, powerful anti-radicals that bond with the hair fibre, forming a sort of shield that not only defends against the signs of aging, but makes the hair itself anti-radical for several days.



Age affects the density, body and strength of the hair fiber. As time passes melanin loss sets in, calcium and proteins are in shorter supply and both hair and skin risk greater dehydration. Hair becomes thinner and is more exposed to aggressive atmospheric agents and light. What it needs is specific, restorative and protective, revitalizing and fortifying treatment.




RESULT • better structured hair • fleshier fiber • more flexible skin • immediate anti-age protection

the answer

MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM harnesses the extraordinary natural active ingredients of the green walnut made highly effective by molecular bioliquefaction. Thanks to this special technology, the restructuring and protective polyphenols extracted from the green walnut are made 100% bio available and form a mesh that binds with the hair structure, protecting it for several days from attacks by free radicals. And precisely thanks to this mesh, the hair becomes anti-radical from the very first treatment.

customized protection

The anti-radical action of MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM has a special feature: its protective effect is in direct proportion to the demands of the hair. The results of the comparison of the antioxidant power developed on natural and colored hair have shown that the more stressed the hair is, the more effective the link between the hair fiber and the mix of structural polyphenols. In addition, MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM acts immediately and prolongs its protection for several days, shielding the hair from environmental aggression.


what hair needs


The MORPHOSIS CHRONOPROGRAM treatment line pursues the anti-ageing result by striving for the wellbeing of both hair and skin. This is why its formula is rich not only in youth vitamins, such as vitamins A and E, but also in numerous vitamins in the B group, as well as trace elements and proteins. It is their job to keep both the hair and the scalp well nourished and moisturized, supplementing the natural loss of vital substances.

ANTI-AGEING MASK - 500 ml A restorative mask that prevents the impoverishment of the hair shaft. Thanks to the polyphenols provided by green walnuts, Argan oil and to a mix of vitamins (B5, C, E, H), it fortifies and replenishes keratin, sheathing the hair in an anti-radical mesh. RESULT • regenerated hair • glossier and suppler fiber • stronger hair shaft • prolonged anti-age protection

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