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A hard-working colony whose residents [have included] artists, photographers, the Queen’s tapestry restorer, a packaging firm, Spitting Image man Roger Law, and Elizabeth Fritsch, a top ceramicist. S U N DAY T I M E S 9 / 2 / 1 9 8 9

2. 1. “When we purchased our apartment in 2007, it had remained untouched since it was originally converted in the 1980s. The property had previously belonged to Roger Law, one of the creators of Spitting Image, the renowned British satirical puppet show; and when we moved in, we found a life-size Margaret Thatcher in a cupboard!” 2. “The Spratt’s Factory has a strong industrial heritage and a character that inspires creativity. Every warehouse home within the complex is as individual as its owner. I’m thoroughly enjoying learning about my neighbours’ varied professions and their crafts and I am really excited to create a body of work to celebrate this unique development and its residents.” DEBBIE BRAGG


POPLAR CULTURE Once the largest pet food factory in the world, the Spratt’s Complex in Poplar, East London, was transformed as live-work units between 1985 and 1989. Six substantial red-brick warehouses, set around a series of courtyards, stand imposingly beside the Limehouse Cut canal and still bear original signage. And long after the factory closed, the complex still hums with life and productivity.



pratt’s Works was one of the first residential warehouse conversions in London. Each unit was sold as a basic shell, to be completed by its owner. And the original factory features, including expansive windows and dramatic double-height spaces, as well as the potential for open-plan living, have always made the complex popular with artists. Today, the creative community at Spratt’s is thriving, with musicians, painters and designers all drawn to, and drawing inspiration from, the industrial environs. One long-term resident, documentary photographer Debbie Bragg, has embarked on a new project to catalogue her neighbours’ diverse professions and distinctive homes. Capturing residents in their apartments and studios throughout the Works, Debbie demonstrates that this enormous former factory continues to be a hive of activity. Here, we step inside four homes at Spratt’s, including Debbie’s own. To follow the project as it develops, and see more behind the scenes at this unique development, visit


3. Ceramicist and make-up artist Carol Morley has lived at Spratt’s for almost 10 years. She crafts her delicate ceramic vases and vessels entirely by hand in her light-filled apartment.

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