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COWORKRS comprises communal work zones as well as enclosed offices, together with kitchen and dining areas, glass conference rooms, a lounge and a large rooftop terrace. The new venue offers over 500 desks for the next generation of startups.

COWORKRS BROOKLYN, NEW YORK A dramatic blue origami-inspired staircase is the defining feature of the COWORKRS headquarters in Brooklyn. Devised by LEESER Architecture, the metal stairway unfolds through the three levels of the former factory. Yves Klein Blue on the exterior and teal on the interior, its dynamic form cleverly connects communal spaces, creating a sense of visual continuity and cohesion, and on the ground floor it unfolds into a co-working table. The raw fabric of the industrial building has been retained, from concrete columns, timber beams and exposed brick to original graffiti. Contemporary interventions are clearly distinguished. Colourful pathways run throughout the industrial building, linking the stairways and suggesting circulation routes. Bands of lighting recessed into the floors and cabinetry define the common areas. /

Warehouse Home Issue Four  

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