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My wife and I built Paper Mill Studios together in order to realise a long-term dream of having our home, work and the people we love all together under one roof. This has transformed all our passion and enthusiasm into the most incredible place to be.

Paper mates S a m R o b i n s on , P h o t o g r a p h e r & O w n e r , P a p e r M i l l S t u d i o s

The vast open-plan spaces of former factories, mills and warehouses are ideal for redevelopment for office use. With the rising popularity of collaborative working, facilities are springing up in cities around the world. And freelancers, entrepreneurs and startups are flocking to them. Two new, very different conversions, on either side of the Atlantic, prove that the imaginative reuse of industrial buildings can foster creativity, collaboration and a sense of community.


PAPER MILL STUDIOS ISLINGTON, LONDON Paper Mill Studios are the realisation of a long-term ambition for photographer Sam and stylist Sarah. They worked closely with Gresford Architects and Stack London to bring new life to a former industrial building, just a stone’s throw from ‘Silicon Roundabout’. For Sam and Sarah Robinson this is a live-work arrangement. But the creative workspace evokes the essence of a stylish warehouse home throughout. Original timber floors and beams, together with exposed London brick, are a striking backdrop for the thoughtfully conceived interiors, combining vintage and reclaimed elements. It’s an intimate and inspirational setting where like-minded creatives come to share space and ideas.

Paper Mill Studios is home to photographic and film studios, as well as kitchen sets and event spaces. Desk rentals are available on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

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