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PAPER S u b t i l e Wa l l pa p e r i n g , £ 3 2 8 p e r s q m , d e a r h u m an . c a Canadian design studio Dear Human launched SubTile during New York Design Week in May. The recycled paper subway shaped tiles are as hard as board yet light like cork. They can be printed like paper and arranged on walls in endless varieties of patterns.


PULP FACTS Filled with beautiful photography of the paper-making process, and combining multiple papers and print techniques, Pulp-Paper is a must read for any design lover. The book goes behind the scenes at the James Cropper Paper Mill in the Lake District (which produces four tonnes of paper per month) and every page captures the uniquely emotive qualities of paper as a material. £20,

RECYCLED REAMS photography by oliver perrott styling by hannah franklin

Pia Wüstenberg | Paula Szwedkowicz Processed paper ‘beads’ adorn the legs of this beautiful oval-shaped oak coffee table (above, left) by German designer Pia Wüstenberg. Turned on a lathe, a solid block of paper sheets takes on a marbled appearance. The Pulp stool (right) by Polish furniture designer Paula Szwedkowicz combines wooden legs with a sturdy concrete-like paper pulp seat. The untreated pulp contains pine seeds. At the end of the stool’s use, it can be planted to continue the life cycle of the design.

(Above) Processed Paper table by Pia Wüstenberg, £275; Pulp stool by Paula Szwedkowicz, £295. Both (Main image, from left) Shredded vase by Magie Hollingworth, £120; Shade 120 by Laura Nelson, £250; Quartz lamp by Maria Fiter, £100; Pulp bowl in wire nest by Magie Hollingworth, £85; Papier-mâché utensils by Magie Hollingworth, from £30 each; Angular vase and accessories tray by Dan Hoolahan, £60 each; Decorative form by James Shaw, £110. All; (Background) Dapple wallpaper, 10m x 60cm, £195 per roll,; Vintage industrial glove mould, £58,; Waffle 100% grey linen throw by Ines Cole, £115,

Magie Hollingworth Contemporary paper artist Magie Hollingworth was so inspired by Warehouse Home that she applied several techniques to her copies. Magie crafted a set of beautiful pulped paper vessels, charming papier-mâché utensils and a shredded vase (above).

James Shaw Pulp-Paper by We are Why Bringing the end-to-end process to life, the book’s front cover is an original pulp board, while the back is premium paper.

James’ London studio specialises in materials research. He designed a special ‘gun’ to extrude paper pulp in interesting and unusual forms. Once hard, they’re painted in natural lacquer.

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