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Most of the people still now are not aware of the fact that every month along with the regular payments that they are making up against the insurances, loans, credits, EMIs, mortgages, and other credit payments. This money that is charged from them is taken at the point of view of payment protection insurance or PPI. The payment protection insurance or PPI is charged from the consumer to help him or her in times he or she is not capable of making the payment of that certain period or month. But when they are capable of paying the amounts, and they successfully complete their respective payments, they don't give the money that was taken from them as the protection payment insurance of PPI. In this way a lot of people tend to lose their money and fills the coffers of the respective money lending institutions. And in this article the people are suggested to follow the procedures that will help them retrieve this money.  The first suggestion is that one should simply go to the bank or money lending institutions, and file PPI claims.  If that does not help then go forward and seek the help of an attorney. The court is sure to rule out in the consumers favour.  Also one can go to the financial ombudsman services; they are known to pay the claim money without charging anything from the consumer.  Lastly if all the above do not help, then one has to seek the help claims company/ specialist. They should be kept as a last resort as they charge a percentage of the claim amount.

PPI claims- how to get back the PPI money  

PPI claims

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