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2014 - 2015


2014 - 2015


Dear Friends,


Ware Academy empowers each student to achieve academic excellence, emphasizing the development of mind, body and character.

HEAD OF SCHOOL Mr. Thomas L. Thomas, III

2014-2015 BOARD OF TRUSTEES Mrs. Margaret McVey Singleton,


Dr. Timothy Leigh,




Vice President

Mr. Carlton Revere, Treasurer

Mrs. Sandy Pait, Secretary

Dr. Standish Allen, Jr. Mr. John Elkin, Jr. Mrs. Denise Finney Ms. Vicky Gunn Dr. Barbaro Perez Mrs. Gloria Savage-Early

We are pleased to share the 2014-2015 Annual Report. For sixty-five years, Ware Academy has been an important member of the Gloucester, Mathews and Middlesex communities, providing an outstanding education to our students in a challenging and supportive learning environment. In this publication we acknowledge those whose generosity helps to advance the school’s mission and philosophy by supporting our Annual Fund and other programs which help to close the gap that tuition revenue alone does not. Your gifts have even more significance today, as in 2014 our enrollment decreased by fifteen students from the previous year. Enrollment attrition in small, independent schools is a serious trend. The Board of Trustees and administration are working earnestly and strategically to rebuild enrollment; however, this may take some time. We realize that a smaller student body results in greater pressures placed upon our families.

I would like to extend an open invitation to all of our friends and supporters to visit the school, observe classes and talk to our teachers and students. What one will witness is an environment of mutual respect, student-centered instruction and children loving their school because they can be children. Thank you so much for your support of Ware Academy. Sincerely,

Thomas L. Thomas, III Head of School

The school’s learning environment and educational and co-curricular programs continue to flourish due to the dedication and commitment of the faculty and our loyal volunteers whose priorities are to provide the best education and learning experiences to every student.

Quote Every effort has been made to ensure that the information contained on these pages is accurate and complete. If you were a contributor to Ware Academy in 2014-2015 but find your name has been omitted, misspelled or listed under an incorrect category, please contact Mr. Glen Taylor at: so that we may correct any errors.

“...the school’s mission is embraced by all of Ware’s constituents, reaching beyond the students to challenge all whom it touches.”


2014 - 2015


Golf Tournament



The 2015 Ware Academy Golf Tournament continued a recent trend of record-setting tournaments. Hosted again at the Indian Creek Yacht and Country Club in Kilmarnock, the 2015 tournament saw its highest number of Premier Sponsors in the event’s 13-year history and its highest number of participating golfers. Joining long-time Premier Sponsors Rappahannock Concrete were Revere Gas & Appliance and Gunn’s Body Shop. Altogether, the 2015 Tournament netted the school over $29,000.

Experiences inside and outside the classroom through hands-on project based, learning activities; students utilize critical thinking skills to solve real world problems deductively and creatively.

The Ware Academy Waves had another banner year athletically in 2014-2015. Highlights included an undefeated Girls’ Volleyball squad that won the ISAC Championship. The soccer team also completed a magical season by winning the ISAC Championship. The Waves fielded strong squads in other sports as well including: Cross Country, Golf, Boys’ and Girls’ Basketball, and Boys’ and Girls’ Lacrosse.



Ware Academy’s 2015 Annual Auction was the disco-themed “We.Are.Family”. Event-goers danced the night away to their favorite boogie tunes of the 70’s and 80’s.

Holiday Program & Grandparents Day

Under the direction of Mrs. Nikki Marshall, the Ware Academy students performed sold-out shows for both the Winter Holiday Program and the Grandparents Day Program. Both of these performances were the culmination of months of dedicated hard work and collaborations of dance, singing, choreography and musical instrumentation.

Fine Arts

The emphasis of Ware Academy’s Fine and Performing Arts Program is to develop the students’ skills and appreciation for the Arts through developmentally appropriate hands-on learning experiences, as well as observing live performances. The program focuses on exposing the students to new experiences and building individual creativity and self-confident artists and performers. Visual and performing arts classes are available for students in both pre-kindergartens through the eighth grade.

Community Service


Community Service is a vital part of the life of a Ware Academy student. Though a private school, Ware Academy strives to serve a very public purpose. Over the course of the 2014-2015 school year, Ware’s students were involved in numerous communityrelated and civic projects like: Bread For Life, the Gloucester Mathews Free Clinic, the Gloucester Mathews Humane Society, a Thanksgiving Food Drive, a winter Coat Drive, the Tiny Superheroes project, and, as pictured, bringing holiday cheer to senior citizens at Gloucester House.

Congratulations to the Ware Academy Class of 2015, who received their diplomas during a ceremony Friday, June 5, at the Ware Episcopal Church in Gloucester, VA. The graduates attended various high schools across the region. Noah Smith (Mathews HS), Sam Haley (Gloucester HS), Quinn Glovier (Cape Henry Collegiate School), Jakob Harris (Gloucester HS), Angela Milligan (Gloucester HS), Christopher James (Hampton Roads Academy), Nicole Brown (Mathews HS), Henry Singleton (Woodberry Forest School), Blair Pausic (Christchurch School), Charlie Revere (Hampton Roads Academy), Alice Strawn (Chatham Hall School), Logan Marshall (Blue Ridge School), Mia Gillenwater (Mathews HS), Ian Cameron (Lake Brantley HS {FL}), Spencer Crittenden (Lancaster HS)



2014 - 2015


Fac ult y

2014 - 2015

Operating Budget Participation

Ware Academy Fund Expenses



(78%) $939,567



(15%) $182,000


(8%) $102,458


(6%) $76,210


(7%) $96,752


(1%) $12,304


(5%) $68,936


(4%) $59,260


(3%) $37,206

TOTAL $1,210,081


(73%) $985,037




Pare nt




Traditionally, most independent schools throughout our country have an Annual Fund that serves as a vital source of revenue. The Ware Academy Fund serves our school as its primary fundraiser each year. There have been increases in the amount of funds raised and the level of participation percentages in the last three years to the Ware Academy Fund. A donation to the Ware Academy Fund provides positive opportunities for our school. Donations have an impact on a daily basis. Donors can see their gifts in action through the following: 1) Academic Program Enhancements, Field Trips and other Out-of-Class Learning Opportunities 2) Supporting the Athletic Program and our Daily Physical Education Program







us Tr






ff Sta

3) Ware’s Fine and Performing Arts 4) STEM and IT Enhancements 5) Professional Development Opportunities for Faculty and Staff 6) Facility Improvements and Campus Maintenance

Fundraising/development EVENT

2011/2012 2012/2013 2013/2014 2014/2015




$62,157 $80,010 $42,526 $8,234


$49,730 $66,492 $84,959 $77,472


$2,201 $9,341 $6,077 $12,799


$15,955 $18,321 $23,437 $29,032


$186,239 $232,045 $201,561 $155,215

$26,880 $44,562 $27,678


2014 - 2015


2014 - 2015

GIVING LEVELS Donations to the Ware Academy Fund

Honor Roll Up to $249 91 donations Friends of the Children $250 – $499 14 donations The Blue and Green Team $500 – $999 6 donations The Ware Society $1,000 – $1,499 8 donations The Wave Club $1,500 – $4,999 7 donations The Headmaster’s Society $5,000 or more 6 donations


Dr. Standish Allen, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Andrews Dr. and Mrs. Robert Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. Oleg Bandurco Mr. Will Benton Mr. and Mrs. David Berry Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Berry Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Bonniville Ms. Linda Brent Ms. Jacinda Brodsky Drs. Chester and Mary Etta Brown Ms. Mary Elizabeth Brown Mr. and Mrs. Enan Buck Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cameron Mr. and Mrs. Michael Carey Ms. Meg Carmine Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Childress Mr. and Mrs. David Christensen Mrs. Sarah Clements Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Crittenden Mr. and Mrs. James Croxton Mr. and Mrs. Garrey Curry Mr. and Mrs. Steven D’Antonio Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Denison Mr. and Mrs. George Devries Mr. and Mrs. Allen Downs Mr. and Mrs. Paul Dubois Mr. and Mrs. James Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Norman Elery Mr. and Mrs. John Elkin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Rich Ferraro Mr. and Mrs. Scott Finney First Virginia Propane

Mrs. Lucie Fitzgerald Mr. and Mrs. Tazewell Fitzgerald Ms. Jerricha Flaxington Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fleet, III Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Folliard Mrs. Nichelle Foster Mr. and Mrs. John French Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Fuccella Mr. John Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Ed Gardiner Mr. and Mrs. Brady Gillenwater Gloucester Community Foundation Ms. Cami Glovier Dr. and Mrs. Walter Goo Ms. Vicky Gunn Mr. and Mrs. Scott Haley Mr. and Mrs. Brian Harris Mr. Charles Harris and Mrs. Jennifer Fry Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Havens Mrs. Virginia Havens Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Heinatz Ms. Martha Heric Mr. and Mrs. Chandler Hogg Ms. Erica Horseman Ms. Bronwyn Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Allen Hunter Mr. Walt Hurley Mr. and Mrs. Clayton James Mr. and Mrs. Robert James Mr. and Mrs. Woodrow James Mr. Thomas Kirby Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Kronenburg Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Lamb

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Lambert Mr. and Mrs. John Latoski Drs. Timothy and Catherine Leigh Dr. and Mrs. C. Ben Lennon Mr. and Mrs. Brian Marshall Ms. Kathleen Mattox Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Mattox Ms. Cornelia Mayes Mr. and Mrs. Van McComas Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McMurtrie Mr. and Mrs. Reese Milligan The Honorable and Mrs. Harvey Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Morrison Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Moss Mr. and Mrs. Robert Ottarson Mr. and Mrs. Henry Pait Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pausic Mr. and Mrs. Mike Pausic Mr. and Mrs. Chad Payne Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Penick Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Penick III Dr. and Mrs. Barbaro Perez Mr. Jose Perez Ms. Marsha Pohorence Mr. and Mrs. David Powell Mr. and Mrs. Jonathon Powell Prospera Financial Services Mr. and Mrs. Scott Rae Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Randolph Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Revere Mrs. Sally Gayle Revere Mr. and Mrs. Jason Rowe Ms. Gloria Savage-Early

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2014 - 2015


2014 - 2015

Donations to the Ware Academy Fund (continued)

In Memoriam

Mr. and Mrs. Paul Simpson Mr. and Mrs. John Singleton Mr. and Mrs. William Smith Ms. Regina South Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Soyars Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Spivey Dr. Samantha Stinson Mr. and Mrs. James Strawn Mr. and Mrs. Mark Strawn Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Terry Sullivan Tara Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Glen Taylor Mr. Clay Tharrington Mr. Thomas L. Thomas, III Mr. and Mrs. Robert Todd

Mrs. Ruth Ellen Hurley

Mr. and Mrs. Francisco Valls Mr. and Mrs. William Van Hoy Mr. and Mrs. Eric VanFossen Mr. and Mrs. Evan VanLeeuwen Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Vannoy Walmart Mr. and Mrs. John Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William Ward Mr. and Mrs. Wade Webb Mr. and Mrs. Christopher White Mr. and Mrs. David Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Wes Winfree The Reverend and Mrs. Daniel Worthington, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Garrett Yard


Auction Sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Nick Bonniville Bethpage Camp Resort C&B Plumbing, LLC C2 Construction Corporation Mr. and Mrs. George DeVries Greg Garrett Realty Gunn’s Body Shop Lee Hy Paving Dr. Timothy Leigh, D.D.S. Dr. C. Ben Lennon, D.D.S.

Merrill Lynch Mrs. Betty Pittman Rappahannock Concrete Corporation Revere Gas & Appliance Mrs. Lisa Revere – in honor of Mr. Thomas L. Thomas, III Southern Trade Realty Sun Trust Bank

Golf Tournament Sponsors Matching Gifts from Corporations

Restricted Gifts

Anheuser-Busch Foundation Bank of America Charitable Foundation Oracle Wells Fargo

Dr. Standish Allen, Jr. The Reverend and Mrs. James Davis Mr. and Mrs. John Elkin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Finney First Virginia Propane Grand Rental Station

Ms. Vicky Gunn Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Havens Drs. Timothy and Catherine Leigh Dr. and Mrs. Barbaro Perez Revere Gas & Appliance Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Revere

Treakle Foundation Mr. and Mrs. William Van Hoy

Gifts In Kind


Mrs. Mary Lou Ambrose Body Fit Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Childress Coastal Concrete Design Comfort Inn of Gloucester Commonwealth Water Treatment Mr. and Mrs. Steven Daniels

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Finney Hampton Inn of Gloucester Mr. and Mrs. Kirk Havens Mrs. Wanda Holberg Lee Hy Paving Corporation Mrs. Martha Pickett River City Sign Company

Mr. and Mrs. John Singleton Southern Trade Realty Mr. Clay Tharrington The Closing Shop Mr. Thomas L. Thomas, III Mr. and Mrs. William Ward

Premier Sponsors: Gunn’s Body Shop Rappahannock Concrete Corporation Revere Gas & Appliance Platinum Sponsors: Dr. Tim Leigh, D.D.S. Gold Star Sponsors: Bank of Lancaster Bethpage Campground Chesapeake Bank Chick Fil A EVB Investments Merrill Lynch Morgan Stanley Wealth Management

Wave Sponsor: Anonymous Beverage Cart Sponsors: EVB Investments Mr. John Singleton and Mrs. Margaret McVey Singleton, Lawyers Themed Hole Sponsors: Blackwater Pier & Dock In honor of Chase and Colton Bonniville Randolph Construction Reagan & James Wealth Advisors Driving Range Sponsors: Riverside Hospital Southern Trade Realty Hospitality Cart Sponsor: Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

Hole Sponsors: Aubergine Boutique Bankers Insurance Bartzen & Ball Breeden & Breeden Dr. Barbara Allison-Bryan and Dr. Hugh Bryan Bunting & Co. Realty C&B Plumbing C2 Construction Coastal Concrete Design Cooks Carwash Dehnert, Clarke & Co. ECS Mid-Atlantic, LLC Mr. Lawrence Fuccella Grass Roots Lawn Care Harris Garage Horn Harbor Marina Mainsail Wealth Advisors

Masonomics, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Van McComas Middlesex Properties Mr. William Miller Miller Investments Dr. David Morris, D.D.S. Dr. David Muron My Dog Art Nate’s Trick Dog Café Organic Green Lawn Care, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pausic Dr. and Mrs. Barbaro Perez Mr. and Mrs. Donald Slaght The Closing Shop Mr. Thomas L. Thomas, III Turner Marine Service Willaby’s Café and Catering Welch’s Fruit Snacks


OUR MISSION: Ware Academy empowers each student to achieve academic excellence, emphasizing the development of mind, body and character. Office: (804) 693-3825 E-mail: 7936 John Clayton Memorial Highway Gloucester, VA 23061

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Ware Academy 2014-2015 Annual Report  

Ware Academy 2014-2015 Annual Report