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==== ==== Simple steps to weight loss ==== ==== To say a "Diet!" is the Brick, then "Exercise!" is the Mortar of total health. To have a healthy body it really starts with Diet and Exercise. The biggest secret to weight loss is "Math"... I know you prbably are thinking - oh I hate "Math". but thats ok because you really don't need to know math. All you nneed to know is that Diet + Exercise = weight loss. Can you lose weight with just one portion of the formula? The answer is yes, it happens all the time. However, the key to doing both is you will generally lose weight faster, but the most important part of this is you will be healthly. Have you seen those picture of people who were once heavy and then the after pictures are so much thinner. but what you don't see is the over stretch skin. This is where exercising regularly while choosing the right diet makes a huge difference. This is called toning and refilling the fatty areas with muscle. Not every exercise program you will see are created equally. However, every one of these programs will produce an outcome by consistent, long-term efforts, but some programs deliver weight loss in two months. Include this by a good healthy diet plus you will see weight loss in one month. Strength, anaerobic, and aerobic are three most common areas of exercise. All of them focus on specific health areas and where to start depends on the aspects of your athletic ability. Before starting any physical exercise program it is always recommended to talk to your doctor. For beginners, the best program would be a combination of Aerobic and strength, then you can work towards anaerobic once you have built up a good regular program. Also, the important thing to remember is to make exercising fun. If you push yourself too much in the beginning you will be hurting too much to want to continue and tou will not be having fun, so you're not likely to keep up the exercise. The other tip would be to find someone who is as committed as you are to be your work out partner. Why? I will give you two reason, even know there are many. The first one is safety, it is always important to work out with others in the case of an emergency, and two is team work - looking back at the many years the one thing that kept me going back to my regular exercise was knowing I already committed to my friend that I would be there, plus it makes it fun. I our discussions we both agreed that each of had days where we just did not want to go. However, we did and felt better afterwards. Other movements you can include are pull-ups, which use the back, arms plus the abs for stability; lunges, which work on the legs for your balance plus stability which builds strength too; change your thinking on how you do things, like take the stairs instaed of the elevator, and park further away when shopping. Don't always take the easy way especially if it means less activity. Do pushups, which work the similar muscles as the bench press, but also include the core for stability. If energy is still not a problem, then you can go for a short jog of maybe 10-15 minutes to supplement your workout, but DON'T OVER DO IT though, as the goal is to lose weight, and get healthier and stronger.

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