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Product Design Portfolio Ward Mertens | Product Development | 2018

Hey! I’m Ward.

In this portfolio you’ll find a quick summary of the projects that I have completed during my bachelor degrees in Product Development at the University of Antwerp.


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Visualize: sketching By sketching, you can quickly divert about a certain idea/ concept. Sketching is therefore very important for a designer to offer his customer a quick representation of the concepts he has in mind. Throughout the learning path we have seen that dimension suggestions are a key-point in sketches. For example the integration of hands in sketches gives an idea of the proportions and how the product itself can be used.

“Make a sketch, construct a model, or assemble

a prototype. Then another. And another. With each attempt, you’ll reveal new possibilities for innovation. Your mind will talk to your hands, and your hands will talk to your mind. This dialogue is called generative thinking, and it happens only when you’re making something. It’s the active ingredient of design.”

- (Marty Neumeier)

Visualize: rendering In the third year of the bachelor’s program we had to deliver a styling assignment for which we had to design 3 configurations of a bluetooth speaker. One basic model, one based on a cartoon and a high-end model. The one I made was based on a cartoon version of a raccoon. This resulted in the brand name “Coon” and I also gave each individual model a name. The cartoon version naturally got the name “Raccoon”, the basic model got the name “Tycoon” and the high-end model was named “Cocoon”.

Visualize: testmodels To give an idea of the dimensions or to control how ergonomical the product really is we make testmodels out of cardboard maquette or polystyrene foam. Only if when we can truly touch and grasp a product, we’re able to verify the product on ergonomical levels. In addition, a test model is also useful to present the product to the user in a video or poster. On a photograph of a user with the test model, a realistic render can be photoshopped onto the model so that a realistic portrait is given.

School projects


User centered design


Ergonomical garlic press


ecological bicycle rack

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package delivery

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Arduino: Guitar Hero

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User centered design The aim of this course was to put the user back in the first place. Taking a picture doesn’t mean much anymore today, in order to make the user more aware of taking pictures, we had to design an innovative camera and projector in groups of two. For this we had to abandon all kinds of simple control buttons/screens and let the users perform the actions themselves. The product needed to be a whole experience on itself. The concept Wannes Leemans and myself developded is a tube out which you literally “take” the pictures. These pictures are represented by slices that occur in 3 different shapes and 3 different types of wood. The shape defines the eventual shape of the picture and the woodtype influences the color of the picture. Because the user is limited to taking a maximum of 5 photos, he is more conscious about taking them. The photo appears on the back of the slice through e-ink after it has been pulled out of the tube. Afterwards you can show and scale your pictures by putting the slices one-byone in the projector.

User centered design Before we start designing, we first usually assemble moodboards of the intended objectives. Moodboards are a source of inspiration and give the customer an idea of the (to be realized) product based on existing products, shapes, people, ... For this concept we have compiled three different modboards. One represents the intended target group, another represents the intended look and feel and the last one is a source of ideas on which similar products with a rich interaction are depicted.

The intended target group.

Your target group is your niche, the people you are going to focus on with your product or service. Of course you want to reach as many people and groups as possible. However, by targeting everyone, many potential customers will drop out. After all, you speak to such a varied group that many people may not feel addressed. Our target group for this project were people between 20 and 35 years old with a warm character. These people are also environmentally aware and have a close relationship with their close friends. Their lifestyle is healthy, sporty and adventurous.

Similar user-centered products with a rich interaction.

“Good kitchens are not about size; they are about ergonomics and light.� (Nigel Slater)

Ergonomical garlic press Many products today keep taking less account of the user and more with the price tag. However, ergonomics is an exceptionally important aspect of many user products such as kitchen tools.

I designed a gralic press which consists of 3 parts. The handle of the press hinges in the handle of the grill. In this way, the press and the grill are both easy to clean.

The purpose of this assignment was therefore to offer an ergonomic solution for a garlic press. First of all, I searched for the common problems that occur when using contemporary variants of this product. This showed that cleaning the garlic press was a big complication.

The tray catches the pressed garlic and then scrapes the remaining garlic of the grill. To develop the right ergonomic dimensions of the handle, test models and the P95 dimensions were used.

Ecological bicycle rack For this project we had to base ourselves on an already developed project and further improve this. The idea for this concept was to design a bicycle rack for a company where the staff could charge their electric bicycles using solar energy. The concept on which we had to build further stored the bikes using a hinged locker. But here there were all kinds of ergonomic problems within this concept. The locker hung for example low so that the user could not cycle underneath it. In addition, there was a great deal of material use and the production techniques were not well developed and calculated. So basically we changed a lot of this bicycle rack and the result is shown here.

Special about this bicycle rack is that it’s adjusted to aswell small as big tires. The small bicycle tires can be placed in the smal opening and the bigger tires can be pushed over the kicker and they will be clamped between the opening of the structure.

Package delivery In the second bachelor we were challenged by OVAM (public flemish waste company) to offer a solution to the pollution that e-commerce entails. In the transport of e-commerce, a lot of air pollution occurs and the last-mile runs regularly over a long period of time because the customer is often not at home at the time of delivery. This results in larger-scale effects in large cities and a frequently occurring problem is summer smog around this cities. Moreover, these transport loads are often only half filled with parcels. By banning transport companies from entering the city and providing a few warehouses at the busy city entrances, there is less air pollution in the city center. In these warehouses there is an In and Out part. Deliveries intended for the city in question are located in the IN part. In the Out part there are packages that need to be delivered to other cities. This Out part is supplemented with packages from companies in the region around the city, so they also make fewer kilometers. The route of the transport loads stays on the big tracks, so that they lose less time and the chance of smog in and around large cities is eliminated. Using a social platform, a location profile can be created based on the mobility behavior of the citizens who live in the city and work outside the city. This way they can earn a penny by stopping at the warehouse and delivering parcels that have to be delivered on their way. It is registered which parcel is delivered by whom so that theft is excluded. In addition, parcels are only delivered at times chosen by the customer and on which one is certainly at home. In addition, students can deliver packages when jogging or cycling by using an app on their smartphone that determines an interesting route on which packages can be delivered. They are given a shock-resistant backpack with a maximum load of 4.5 kg. For bigger packages you can collaborate with companies like Bubblepost and Ubs.

Arduino: Guitar Hero Those who had a playstation 2 in their younger years certainly remember the musical classic ‘Guitar Hero’. With a new kind of controller in the form of a rock guitar and catchy guitar songs, the game became extremely popular and continues to release and sell new editions. The Guitar Hero controller has different colored buttons and a string with which the game can be controlled. Using a Arduino Tinker kit, several LED strips and a couple of pushbuttons we made a simplified version of the game. The intention is to keep the right button pressed at the right time and play the string at the same time. In random order a LED strip (4, 5 or 6) is chosen on which a LED will light up. Each LED strip shows a different color. This burning LED will move down to the next LED every second on the LED strip. When the last LED on the strip comes on, the player must press the appropriate button (1, 2 or 3), the color of the button corresponds to the color of the LED strip, and move the string (8) up or down . If these actions are carried out correctly, the feedback slot (7) will light up green. When the operation is performed incorrectly or the wrong button is pressed at the wrong time, the feedback LED lights up red. The score of the player (the number of times the action is performed correctly, the number of green lights) is displayed on the PC screen.

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