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Alderman Danny Solis Introduces Community Public Art Projects Ald. Danny Solis introduces a two-pronged ward-wide public art initiative designed to transform neglected, inactive spaces or sites plagued with vandalism and, to develop a restorative and preservation plan for older community murals. In response to establishing a community friendly and supported public arts program, Alderman Solis introduces Art in Public Places: A 25th Ward Community Initiative. The addition of a diverse selection of creative community experiences in the 25th Ward such as murals, art installations, and sculptures build the communities overall creation of a pedestrian-friendly, aesthetically pleasing environment for residents, business owners and visitors. Alderman Solis has authorized and personally seeded the production of 12 new community murals. The goal of the public art initiative is an antith vandalism approach to un-sanctioned graffiti in the 25 Ward. The Art in Public Places initiative hopes to not only crack down on defacement but expects a refocus of city abatement efforts in other areas on the community. “In addition to the economic benefits that are realized through the implementation of public art initiatives, this effort will also create and enhance the cultural, educational and artistic value for the community. Public art, especially modern, cutting-edge and innovative mural creation, can symbolize a broader shift in thinking among the city's political and art establishments,” said Ald. Solis in a statement. “Leveraging local and out-ofth state creative talents will offer a spotlight on Chicago’s contemporary, public art assets. Putting the 25 Ward at the forefront of this is a big priority for me.” / 773-523-4100 /

Art in Public Places  

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