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how to make windows 7 Windows 7 is the fastest Windows operating system yet, but you may not have your computer set up to ensure that it runs at its full potential. There are quite a few factors that can slow down your computer from allowing unnecessary programs to run to having a virus or other malware. When you make a few quick and simple changes, like the ones we will be talking about in this article you'll be able to greatly improve the speed of your Windows operating system. Several software programs automatically start when you turn your computer on. Many people don't realize that QuickTime and iTunes autostart. Software programs that run like this use of our memory very easily which is why we should not have them auto start at all. If you see a list of programs that you want to stop, go to "msconfig" to stop them from running. Any programs that you uncheck will not start the next time you reboot. You can manually start these programs - this is not disabled. The boot time on Windows 7 will increase dramatically. Browsing speeds is another complaint by Internet users - they simply cannot go from one website to the other very quickly. No matter what web browser you use, your internet cache needs to be cleaned out regularly to ensure that your computer can operate at maximum speed when you're online. The cache stores internet files and cookies, and will fill up quickly if you don't clean it out. If you had saved usernames and passwords to get into websites on your browser, these may be erased, so keep that in mind. Basically, once you have done this, Windows 7 will run much faster when using browsers. It's possible to speed up Windows 7 by turning off a few of the features that you don't usually use. Turning off a lot of the computer slowing visual effects through your Systems Properties is a good way to do this. Your desktop might not be as pretty or flashy but you won't be losing any essential functions. Another feature that many users don't need is Remote Assistance, which can also be disabled under Systems Properties. There are a lot of other features that you can switch off, depending on what you use on a regular basis. Help and Support, to use one example, can be turned from automatic to manual so that it doesn't automatically load when you start your computer. By making choices on what you really need on your computer, and doing some streamlining, you can speed up Windows 7 quite a bit. Naturally, it doesn't make sense to make changes that will make your computer less useful to you. Shutting down one program or feature might not make that much of a difference, but if you do everything you can to speed up Windows 7, the effect will be significant. apple computer support

Simple Measures to Speed up Windows 7  

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