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March 2011 Edition

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Goriilaz enlist a new member, Zain. Read on for an exclusive interview with him


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Got a new guitar, and need help? Well we have some Top Tips for you!


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Jimi Hendrix, Van Halen? We list the Top 100 electrifying Guitar Solos.

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Questions with a lead singer

With his new band growing by the minute, we ask Ruhul, a couple of questions about his upcoming album

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I wanted it the most, i’ve got what it takes . I’m going to blow people away. I am the

“New Recruit”. 2 The British Electronic band Gorillaz, has a new member to their list. Originated from Essex, Gorillaz are well known for their unique style of electronic/hip hop music, which judging from their sales, people enjoy, extremely. The new recruit, Zain, seemed to impress both band leaders Damon Albarn and British cartoonist Jamie Hewlett at the Gorillaz Auditions held in London, last week. Good news for him, he’ll be signing a 5 year contract with the electronic giants.

Zain (Seen above) seems chuffed with his achievement, and rightly so. He aced passed his other 25 contestants in a sing off. Albarn and Hewlett clearly saw ‘his talent’, and wasted no time in hiring him. Zain’s family and friends back home in Birmingham are anxiously waiting his arrival. He returns this Saturday to his home town. What does he get? Well, a contract with Gorillaz and he’s now working on his first track, due to release soon.


val additio By Jack Smith


Rou: We feel it emphasises what we feel inside, any other genre would’nt be right for us. So, at what age did you kick off your music career?

By Michael Daves

“The Greatest Moment of My Short life” Rou: It was at the tender age of 16, me and the rest of the ES crew got to gether, and well, things just kicked off.

Are you planning a new album? Rou: Yes, we are. Of course we cannot give the exact details, however, we are releasing a new album...soon.


By Martin Jackson

We at Electrock Magazine, had the chance to Exclusively interview Zain. and ask him a couple-o questions. Electrock: To start , You must be booming with euphoria Zain : Yes, the feeling is, quite frankly, indescribable. Arguably, the greatest moment of my short life.

Electrock : What are you plans with Gorillaz?


So there you have it folks, Zain : Well, hopefully recording my first Zain, formerly a Sixth Form new song, due to release sometime Student, is now the newest this year name ‘New Recruit’. member, of Gorillaz. We wish him the very best. with his new Electrock : Lastly, what will you do career. when you return home? Zain: Enjoy my success with family and friends, of course!

By Jack Smith



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