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photocopy room. So that was one not have access to that info, based the show went on,with viewers act of sabotage – manipulating on his position in the auditing oblivious to what was going on the results for her own gain. But department. That would have behind the scenes. Yes, I ask since the Globes had already been been a huge embarrassment for you – but for how long? ....*I just given out, we couldn't change the the company, and the integrity of broke the agreement. My name results. We will have to keep the counting process as a whole is Jason Winner, and I am the With Jim White mum on this, and correct things – and not just for the Golden new Manager of Award Tallies for next year. Also let's hope Globes. It would cast a doubt Department of this auditing firm. no one outside the department on the accuracy of any awards   I am also a member of the finds out through a unintentional show's winners, be it movies, terrorist group, Guardians of of the near disaster that could blurb, voice mail message, e-mail, the Emmys, the Grammies, etc. Morals. We are opposed to the pang of conscience, etc. It will be The President of our company decline of wholesome movies have occurred... pretty hard, so time will tell ....... buckled, and approved a one- these days. We also attempted Scott Patterson.   That wasn't the only sabotage   Another employee, who I'll time payment to this person, who to grab the ballots as they were that was attempted over this cer- only identify as J.W., was rep- shall have to remain nameless, as being delivered to the theatre that emony. This time it was more rimanded for sloppy work on part of the agreement.* He also Sunday afternoon from the office, successful. It involved the ballot- his audit of one of our most was promoted to Manager of the but they were too well guarded. ing process, which determined important clients, created a Award Tallies Department. That Although we did not disrupt the the winners of the Globes. I am real problem when he threat- will now give him all the access show this year, we have plantwith the accounting firm that is ened to release the results on he needs for future manipula- ed the seeds for future damage, responsible for the collection the Saturday, the day before the tion, or whatever else he might thanks to our knowledge of what and tabulation of all the bal- official announcements on TV. have in mind. But I suspect that has gone on inside here. Thanks lots to determine the winners. Somehow he got the results, this whole mess will all come to SS for her assistance, now a Surprisingly they are still using obviously from one of the team out eventually thanks to this valuable member of our group. paper ballots. They are mailed in the Globes awards compila- world of communications, be it Isn't blackmail wonderful! Just into our Los Angeles office, where tion department. I 'bet' it was our Facebook, Twitter, and so on. But watch for what we plan to do at they are thrown into a card- gambler lady. JW certainly would at least it didn't come out before the Oscars! board box. They are then sorted into the various categories, and counted. Finally the winner's name is printed on the specially Huron-Superior Catholic District School Board designed envelope that the presenter opens Sunday night. The one concession to technology is when our liaison representative e-mails the winners' names to the president of the Golden Globes organization, so they can prepare their news release to the press. They also use that to prepare the director for camera shots, and TV notices of the winners and category that night.   Well, this year turned out to be a sign of the times. Hackers, addicts, terrorists, disgruntled “We want “We want to employees, - all came together. to own a buy and sell Scott Patterson just outlined the goods business” hackers sabotage attempts to disresponsibly” rupt things.   Let's start with our gambler. One of our employees, whose initials are S.S., helps with the collection of the ballots as they come in has a gambling problem. One of her passions is betting on who will win in the big categories, ie. Best Picture, Best Actress, and Best Actor. She has bet on these awards, as well as the Oscars. Unfortunately for us, when we hired her last fall, we didn't know of her gambling addiction. We inadvertently gave her a golden opportunity to effect her chances of winning big. She was responsible for sorting and counting the ballots into those categories. So she had the opportunity to manipulate the results to her advantage. She had placed her bets a few days prior to the Sunday announcements. Now she had the chance to assure that she won big. We gather that her picks were not the ones that garnered the most numbers. As we later found out after the show had been aired, she had given our statistician an incorrect number for those categories. She had removed the ballots from the true t: a winners sometime shortly after s u the count took place. We used isit V our video surveillance tapes to see how she had shuffled the extra ballots into a brown manilla envelope that she had brought into the counting room with her. John Stadnyk Lindsay Liske She took that envelope out with her, and shredded them in the Director Chairperson

The Movie Awards Sabotage   It is movie awards season. One of the recent ones was the Golden Globes, which were televised on Sunday, January 12th. Yes, they gave out awards for TV as well as the movies, but the movies were the main attraction. The ceremonies went well for the most part. The presenters did their best with what they were given. Thank goodness for prompters, I suppose. It sure makes it look staged, though. No spontaneity any more.   That brings up the attempted sabotage that could have been catastrophic for the whole production team, and the overall program. I was part of the team, so I know what happened, and what could of happened, if things hadn't been discovered in time. I was one of the writers who prepared the presenters' script. I then switched it over to the tech who in turn entered it into the programming computer. We worked all weekend getting that part done. On Sunday morning we were set to run through the program, just to make sure all the entries were there, if there needed to be any script changes, and all in the proper order. The presenters were to come in at noon for a dress rehearsal. Emilio keyed up the file, and was just about to push 'enter' when the producer came rushing into the room, yelling for him to stop. Just at the last second Emilio pulled his hand away. He looked back at him, puzzled at the outburst. He explained, “There is a virus that has been installed in your program. John just found out when he turned his computer on, and got an e-mail warning from a group claiming to be enemies of the Hollywood Foreign Press organization, and threatened to disrupt the telecast. They ended by claiming to have imported this virus malware into our system. Harry, our chief security chief, has just found it, and is in the midst of eradicating it. He also just got off the phone from the hacker. He was surprisingly candid about what the effect would be. What it would have done was re-written the scripts, changing our mundane banter with some vile language, using swearing, and anti-American, Jewish, and Islamic slurs, in order to outrage everyone. It would have been total chaos. I am not sure why he warned us. Maybe he was just being cocky, thinking it had already gone through. I don't know. I am just glad to have caught you in time.”   Emilio and I both agreed wholeheartedly with him. We held off until we got the green light before starting our program. Thankfully it worked fine. So what people watching in the theatre and at home was actually what was planned, none the wiser

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