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Why I choose these pictures I choose this different pictures because they have some same characteristics, the hue is warm, and it use the dot, blur and so on. All of these points give me a same impression that is a story inside of it, except the last one have the clear line, the other 4 pictures use a same style to connect with the song. I don’t want to choose the pictures which are very directly to emphasis the main idea from the song, so this series of pictures use the different color and light to compose an effect that like impressionism painting style. So to edit or design these pictures is depend on the feeling and imagine about life, even just a kind of emotion to create it. However the last picture use the different way to design which the more strong color and line and more reality, but via the sky and the building , it’s have a dramatic compare to let me choose, because it’s give me a kind of sad and depression emotion


Midterm T206 final paper

Red is my favorite color Red like your mother's eyes after a while Of crying about how you don't love her She says, "I know I don't deserve But each day becomes a blur without my daughter"

Fall is my favorite season

Like falling to reasoning why you crashed from on high She says, "Why is my life so uneven And what have I done right But given you your life If after I led you on into that bar room?"

A red dress girl was dancing, just the superficial feeling about this picture. The light dots catch my eyes directly, and then is the red dress. The tone of this picture it’s very warm, free but the visual effect like from a cried people who look at that girl. Feels like a girl very enjoy her own world but she forgot so many important person who around her, especially her mom. Therefore the next picture just use the different colors and dots to composed a colorful scene but in dark background, I understand like I want to know you, give you a better life but I don’t know how to go inside of your heart even you saw the first layer is colorful. For me I just focus on the blur and the overlapping, is like it really want to be more confident but they can’t to become a single color unit, especially the yellow. The yellow give me a simple, fresh but less of strengthen; the red is not so much and kind of not obviously, red is represent love and brave; the light blue, the only cool color can let the mother calm down. So from this two pictures, the same style but different color and way to use, can give me different imagine space. The third picture have a very obviously focus point that is the big bubble which full of the small bubble inside. The fuzzy background color closed golden just like the fall, which a beautiful but also turn to cold season. The bubble becomes a main character, we still can saw a thin layer with the rainbow color but keep sheer, and it can’t hide anything. The feature of bubble except sheer, it also will go down quickly and beautiful but just have short life. When I saw so many small bubbles inside, I knew it’s hard to become this looks and otherwise it will be disappear in a moment. Next picture like the different condition of a pinwheel, they can’t stop to change, unstable and can’t clearly to know what their original looks is like. Just like life. You can’t predict anything in the future and always change, no any formula to follow; don’t have any module can define which is right which is wrong. But how the pinwheel to move, it’s because of the wind; also insinuated what’s the process of a people’s grow up. Turn to the last picture and the last part of lyrics, just like a feel after a dream. The mother felt sad and depressed even confused about herself and her children. Is a city scene, it’s also have a wheel, the red color and the dark sky and black light have a compare effect. How did she do can satisfied her daughter’s need? Nothing can hide the rain, dark and gloomy sky, even the charming and shinning things which attract her daughter’s heart.

my mdterm  

5 pics and the paper

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