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Wanting Sun Hochschule Magdeburg - Stendal

Industrial Design Bachelor

2014 - 2017



2017 to now

Ihternship "VR Training in Logistik" AUDI AG Ingolstadt, Germany

2014 to 2017

Studium Industrial design Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal Magdeburg, Germany

2013 to 2014

German course Hartnackschule Berlin Berlin, Germany

2008 to 2012 Spring. 2012 2008

Studium Industrial projekt Shenyang University of Science & Technology Shenyang, China Internship "Design assistant" Beijing Orienovo Technology Co.,LTD Beijing, China Graduation from high school Nr. 2 high school of Shijiazhuang Shijiazhuang, China


Computer Graphic 3D Modelle Interaction Programming

++ Window, Mac ++ Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign ++ Rhinoceros 3D, Keyshot + Blender, Cinema 4D ++ Adobe Flash + Adobe AfterEffects, Sketch, Adobe Premiere, Axure, + Processing, Arduino, Unity 3D








con ten





interaction design

Interaction Design


memory stamp


short projecteS





Product Design

2D works

„4804KM towards peace“

fly x

visual kommunication

Project „ Winckelmann Museum “

Subject „ Kreativitätsmethode “

Project „ Shared Mobility “

Project „ Cool Spot “

Hunter 008 Textile Transformation

Advertisement design Typography - posters experimental typography Sig​net and corporate de​sign​

Memory Stamp 2016 - 17 oct. - jan.

Project X in cooperation with Winckelmann Museum and Master Interaction Design


Prof. Dominik Schumacher Prof. Micheal Herzog

This Project is a cooperation with Winckelmann Museum. The goal is to find a new media mediation for the new exhibition of the Winckelmann Museum. The Winckelmann Museum is the only one, which is dedicated to the founder of classical archeology and modern art studies - Johann Joachim Winckelmann (1717–1768). It was opened on 31. January 1955 in his birthplace.

content research : Timeline of Winckelmann, spatial planning of Winckelmann Museum, interpretation of Sculpture, research of Gemmen, netzwork und merit of Winckelmann, Classicism, Baroque, Rococo...

After the discussion, we decided that, we would going in the direction of his timeline, collection, networking and his death. Then came the Mindmap about his timeline, collection und his death.

technical research : the techniques of media mediation in museums and exhibitions


Idea development After the research we started to develop concepts. All concepts are divided into 6 themes (guide, networking, children, gems, sculpture, map / media table). After the discussion, we found that collecting was one of his important characters. He not only collected gems, but also made more than 10,000 page excerpts.

He had to write dowm all the informations he maybe needed to make it available for his writings, because he wanted to research the values of antiquitys, but he could not get the Informations from his era as easy as today. Therefore, we decided to transport this character of collecting into the exhibition. core idea: Collecting and get further information, Interaction with book (interactable table)


Problem bad Experience in the Museum Attention easing after a long visit of Museum look the exhibits qiuckly and inaccurately, but rememer little about them Photograph the exhibits but never see them at home

Probleme with taking pictures the protective glas of the exhibits poor brightness in museum poor quality of photo do not have time and desire to arrange the photos and informations of exhibits at home how collect...? write down the infos of exhibits on a notebook

Warum sammeln...?

Photograph the exhibits with mobile phone or camera

sich an ein paar Exponate interessieren

Take the flyer oder postcards from the Museum sometimes tracing the Exponat

als Souvenir / Andenken sammeln und halten wollen zu Hause weiter recherchieren und mehr darĂźber wissen wollen



Get the collect book at the ticket office of museum Some empty cards and cards with examples are in the folder

Stamp at exihibits Collect the cards Stamping


Print out the collected informations and make it to a book as souvenir

Overview of the Use Proces of Memory Stam


Put the collection book in the table Scan the account and log in Take out the card from the folder and let the stamp recognized from camera Read the infos about the exhibits

log in to the webseite

Interact with the collection book by using the small elements on the table

Read the collected informations


Scan the stamps with smartphone and add the exhibits in the acount as favour

Working Out

Exhibition We suppose the semester exhibition is the exhibiton from Winckelmann Museum. The visitor collects the information of the other projects by stamping on the cards, and then takes the cards to our table. After the recognition of the stamp, more information about the corresponding projekt will be projected on the table. Other objects can be collected too, for example maps can also found at our table .

At ticket counter of Winckelmann Museum, visitors are given a book, that consist of a book and a folder.

The two parts can be separated. The part of book consist of a catalog of important exhibits.

Each collection book has its own account, visitors can later read the informations, that they have collected, by logging in the account. They can also edit the information for yourself on the Internet.

stamping the cards

collect in the folder

other objekt for collecting, for example maps.

01 The account on the cover will be automatically recognized and logged in.

02 Take out collected objekts such as map and perform innteractions on the table.

03 The mark of the map will be recognized.

04 bright the different stages of Winckelmann's life.

05 Details

06 Details

07 the explanation of Winckelman's life in a city.

For the exihibits, which ist already in the catalog book, there is also special and further informations, that will be projekted on the table.

„4804km Towards Peace 2015 oct. - jan.

course „ creativity method “ in cooperation with „ Interantional Group “

Exposé objective

create understanding

give hope and take away fear

promote humanity

let children painting

contact point


Prof. Marion Meyer

interactive exihibition

Conzept idea 2015. Refugee crisis. Crowds fleeing. Before war, destruction und hunger. As an outsider, it is hard to imagine what these people have to go through. What they experience. How they feel. What kind of pain they get frightened. Psychologically und physiologically. This was subdivided into three periods: past, present and future. In the past show the fleeing from war. For this we have interviewed Mohamed, a twenty year old Syrian, and illustrated his journey through eight countries in stages. In the present, his arrival in Germany will be exihibited. In the future, we want to know, how much can the fleeing change the children. What do they have after all the happenings for wishes and dreams for their future?




Story of a refugee

the lives of reguees in Germany

Children's drawings

How was the life in his hometown ?


How are the drawings of German children ?

Why did he leave his hometown ?


How was the escape How ist the arrival in Germany ?

Imbalance Fear Loneliness

How are the drawings of reguee children ? What is the difference ?


worked 5 years in Lebanon to earn money for his family


flew in April 2015 from Lebanon to Turkey


6000€ paid at the tug from Türkei to Europa


walk 4h with 30 persons (Family, children...)


go to a kind of restaurant by car, where they had to stay 15 days without knowing how long it will be take


in the refrigerates container of a refrigerated truck, 35 adults + children, from the Bulgarian border to Romania from 3 am to 12 at noon were found by the Police(UN), photos from everyone were taken, all were puted into the prison from Bulgaria for 2 days


by car go to the border of Hungary


by car 3 hours from Hungary to Vienna by car 3 hours to Passau and then to Munich


Ticket (which you should pay yourself) to Hamburg had to transfer 14x times


20 days in Halberstadt and then to Magdeburg



Hamburg Magdeburg


München Deutschland



We have met with many reguees with the help of Spielwagen e.V. and Willkommensnetzwerk Olvenstedt Magdeburg and interviewed three of them. The most difficult ist the language, unterstanding, fear of reguees, the time and the own inhibitions. In the end, we have selected a suitable story from Mohamed, a 20 years old man from Syria (Kurd).


Ungarn Rumänien


8 Serbien


3 Türkei



1 2











1,25 Hรถhe = 2,50


1,90 0,95

3,55 1,85 0,80 0,55 0,80


1,25 0,95




0,90 2,70

0,80 0,95 0,85

Hรถhe = 2,50

Aufzug 2,45

1,25 1,25 1,40 0,80 0,95


1,25 0,95





4,50 Hรถhe = 2,50 2,20 0,95 0,50

0,70 1,60 0,65


Hรถhe = 2,50 2,70 0,95 1,05

Hรถhe = 2,70



measure exihibition corridor position utensils make objects take photos plan exihibition




Socket = Scale = 1 : 10 2,20

Unit = Meter

Videomapping with different faces of people from different culture, which are very aggressive and repellent Sound with aggressive voice


Ground of paper

Signs with neo text about what happened to reguees when they arrived

Sound neon footprint with neo color

Painting from children on the wall

Signs with neo text

Signs with dreams from reguees

neo footprint on paper

Sound from children's laugh

Sign with neo text

Easel with painting

Plastic bars on the wall or grid template (tape / wire) short description, what is it about. Bullet holes on the door

Weapons on the ceiling

Photos of people in container or truck

Text to describe situation

Germany - date

Bulgaria 9 hours to Rumania

Bulgaria prison

Hungary - Vienna childrens life jacket with light

corrider with neon tape as sign

Photos of fleeing and Syria

Silhouette of small bus and many people using illuminated chalk Signs with neon text

Large Picture mit map (with neon writing), showing fleeing route Points sheine through a string of lights behind the picture

Germany Signs with neon writing and statements to ponder from the ceiling with wire (those also hang on the wall)

Photos of fleeing and Syria


Illuminated from above or through a fairy lights

Sign with neon text

6000Euro Flucht

Syria 2015


Large bild from destoryed Syria

Flucht April 2015

Door partially darkened




Boat, which made of cardpoard with illuminated spray Silhouettes of many people Signs with neo text Sound of sea Facts about the fleeing over water

Childrenpainting Theme:

What is your dream in the future ? German children: 4. class from Olvenstedt School Reguee children: in Magdeburg and Niederland

groĂ&#x;es Bilder von Syrien

Threat to weapon, unfounded arrests. Over and over again. Showing fear means your death.


His incredible fleeing route have we illustrated on a map with light

„The more you own, the more you lose.“, so has Mohamed described. Therefore he has decided to flee with just a small backpack, what only a T-Shirt and some small things in it.

„We were on the way to Romania in a refrigerated container for 9 hours. 35 people. Stand close to close. In the darkness. With oder people. Parents, tried to calm down their children. Oxygen, became less with every breath.“ To cring this feel closer to visitors we have darkened a hallway and put neo footprints on the floor, filed with maschine noise and human whispers.

Life vest

Prison „We are caught by United Nations and puted into jail cells, not bigger than 2x3m, for 15 people, 2 days. Without food. Brutal treated.“ We used lift to simulate the jail and tested how tight that was.

small boat

Minibus with 30 people

We have projected for visitors a Videocollage, that man received once friendly smile and welcome, and once aggresively curse with foreign language. How do you feel than? What would you rather have?

How do reguees imagine their future? What are their wishes? Are they different from the Germans, who are allowed to live under comparatively much better conditions? What ist more suitable for these questions than asking the childrens. We have asked both German and Syrian children between 6-10 years, and let them paint.

Balance Maker 2015 oct. - jan.

Interaction project „ Shared Mobility “ in cooperation with Volkswagen Interieur & Interface Design in integrative design project Industrial & Interaction Design

Exposé Prof. Steffi Hußlein Vertr. Prof. Thies Krüger Prof. Dominik Schumacher

Generation Z has a fundamentally different attitude to ownship than its predecessor generation. The sharing economy is taking places of ownship. The use of different vehicles in mobility has new demands on the the possibility for personalization and emotionalisation.


drived km



activity for the car


your cost

stranger nearby

Research Car sharing can sometimes be exhausting and unnecessarily complicated. In this case, you join to a fixed group. Each group has a acoount that works much like a credit card. Depending on whether and how often you take care of the car,

you will gain credits. The more you do, the more credits (money) you will get. Thus, you expect less costs of the car at the end of the month.



same like A

same like A

1500 km

300 km




drived km 1 Pt.

10 min

2,5 €

During the month, each member has the opportunity to use the Balance Maker to pay the costs, that associated with the car. At the beginning of the new month, everyone has to pay their part of costs.

shared account Feb

the formula: total charge (a) drived km of one person (x) total km of the group (y) credits of one person (m) credits ot the group (l) cost of one person = ax / y - 2.5m + 2.5(l - m) / (n - 1)

8 Pt.


6 Pt.

2000 km

12 Pt.

activities for the car





-540 €

by formula

-294,21 € final cost A

-200,66 € final cost B

-45,13 € final cost C

Use process funktions

key of the car




4m from the car

give Gesture overview of cost




payment booking reservation balance

pay for wash, tank and repair

when repair cancellation


grenn: free red: occupied yellow: my reservation

when wash

choose date

when tank

after one minute automatically to stand-by-time

GUI positive









current time

next 12 hours

20-10% by dark Display 0-9% extral less ball



Interface battery


14.04.2016 Brauschweig Germany


Ele ktr o

Mo de ll

Ta ble t

Fly X 2016 apr. - jun.

Produkt Project „ Cool Sport “ in cooperation with Helya Atoufian

Exposé Unbearable hot summer are known to everyone and we should allowed to thanks to the climate change often. Our body responds accordingly to these temperatures with lethargy, tiredness, inactivity and listlessness. Especially when you are on the way, you do want nothing more than a nice cooling off thing with water hose. This is of course not possible. But something similar may come in the near future. Prof. Bernhard Schmied-Wohlleber


Fly-X is called a 118x104x47mm little flying artists and let mini water drops on your skin, non matter if you are on the way or set yourself under a shadow to rest. The water gets Fly-X from its energy pump, which pumps water out of the water channel.

To do this, Fly-X sits in his tank point, charging and filling water, then leaving his place after charging and activation. Fly-X can be activated by an application where you can determine the number of flying objects and even their arrangement. When the user arrivals, Fly-X starts to direct its water to the propeller frame, where the water is directes to the propeller through samll holes. Due to the movement of propeller and air pressure, the water will come to the user. But attention! If the user try to touch the Fly-X, the light will turn from blue to ted and fly away from them. Even by tank, it light up red too, and it will turn off, in the case when users try to catch it.



short Projects 2014 OCT. - 2017 jun.

Basic Hunter_009 Textile Transformation


Prof. Dominik Schumacher Dipl. Art. Martina Stark

„(Interested) to be or not to be. This is our question.“ You work hard on your project, bring it to exihibition, but don't know if the visitors are aware of it. This is very annoying, but it would not happen to us with „Hunter 009“ , because it perceives the visitors and documents their presence.

Input: At a certain distance, the person is perceived by the robot „Hunter 009“, parallel to this, the pen move down to the constantly rotating circular plate, and draw to record the player. Once the person leaves, the pen moves up again. Output: The dokumentation is visible on the Paper, which you can find it on the „Schallplatte“. The circle is similar to a clock, each circle is 12 minutes. It is possible to interpret each moment exactly.

Textile transformation To crochet a hyperbolic structures, man needs to experiment some neu ways and try them out. The mathematical formula can we creativ convert to textile forms and structures. To get a hyperbolic structure, man begin usually with a row of single crochet , which will doubled later for a certain principle. The more you double the crochet, the faster the model curls, look like a coral.

1. row 15 single crochet 2. row every crochet war doubled 3. row every third Masche was doubled 4. row every seventh Masche was doubled 5. row normal (no double) 6. row single crochet

Visuelle Kommunikation 2014 OCT. - 2017 jun.

Course „ Visual Communication “ advertisement design Typography - Poster experimental Typography Sig​net und Corporate De​sign​

Advertisement Design Task: Design a newspaper-advertisement for art newpaper: you can choose a format between 6,9 cm * 13,9 cm and 14 cm * 6,9 cm. Limit to black, white(including grayscale) and blue. Choose a theme related to art, such as an artist, exihibiton, event, gallery or museum, already existing or invented and design a advertisement for it. Dipl. Des. Katja Zahradnik Dipl. Ing. Matthias Schützelt

Typography-Poster Task: Find a creative approach to your poster from the historical and formal characteristics of the script. Limit yourselfs to typographic elements.


Experimental Typograpie Task: Design your own alphabet for the city. The focus is on the sensitization of alphabetic characters, their shapes and proportions. Find forms in everyday urban life that you can combine with typographic elements. The goal is to "put into scene" a letter with sketched or photographic images by a collage. Make sure that the way you design for each letter is reflected in all three letters and makes them appear as a family.

Signet & Corporate Design Task: Design a signet for an institution or a person, and based on this, design all relevant aspects. In addition to your preferred cariant, place the signet in a small size (max. 15 mm extension), in a black and white version and in a enlarged version. The field of activity of your institution of the person is up to you.


Theater Maske

戏 chinese word meaning: Theater



Chinese: 汉仪海纹体繁

Black: C100 M100 Y100 K100

German: Avenir LT Std 85 Heavy

Wihte: C0 M0 Y0

Sonntag Theater: In November 2014 the was founded in Berlin. Because we usually rehearse every Sunday, we give the group a name called "Sonntag Theater". In June 2015, the chinese drama "Thunderstorm" was performed as our first play in Magdeburg. In July 2016 the group in Magdeburg was refounded. Alle jetzigen Mitglieder studieren entweder oder arbeiten in Magdeburg. From October we started to rehearse the whole piece "Die Glass Menagerie".


Summary: A family is abandoned by the father, and they struggles to survive the Geat Depression of the 1930s. But the three family members are all obsessed with their own fantasies and can not adapt to the real world. The mother Amanda immerses the memories of her glorious girlhood. Daughter Laura is so shy that she isolates herself in a world of glass menargerie. The son Tom hates his boring job and is looking forward a adventures. Finally, they united their goals: find a man for Laura. Then Tom invited his colleague Jim to his home for dinner, unaware that Laura had known him already in middle school and fallen in love with him secretly. Jim spent a nice night with Laura. Until he kissed her, he remembered that he was already dating with another girl. The short happiness has thrown Laura back to her own world in glass menargerie.


Flyer ticket

Flyer (folded)



interaction design protfolio 2017  
interaction design protfolio 2017