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Weekly Affiliate Program Update: 1/13 Summary: Vanessa – Bounty/giveaway outreach, created blast list for survey newsletter, put survey newsletter together (sent out this morning), compiled list of 2013 sellers to email individually regarding newsletter, sent high traffic affiliates the weekend links, emailed pending affiliates, target outreach Sarah – Master Doc Clean Up (with Hunt), Vegas Potential Inventory research, compiled list of Affiliates who need Facebook App, Tumblr Updating, SXSW Housing research Ben – Set up calls with major affiliate partners to go over plans for 2014 (Earmilk, Dancing Astronaut, Electronic Midwest, Bands In Town etc..), Continue to follow up with major leads, prioritized our unqualified leads so we can reach out to them again with new features/revenue streams, got traffic details for WantReps (currently averaging 200 uniques a month), added a question to our survey on the ideal method of communication for the network (weekly e mails, text, or WantReps). Affiliate Stats Total Number of Affiliates: 887 (+2 from last week) Active Affiliates This Year: 51 (+19 from last week) Active Affiliates This Month: 51 (+19 from last week) Active Affiliates This Week: 44 Affiliate Report: January 2014 Week 2 Tickets Sold 2,605 Gross Sales $72,984.16 Commission $2,588.00 WT Revenue $10,238.21

Pending Affiliates as of 1/13 - 14 New Affiliates – 2 Site: Type: Personal Facebook page Alexa Rank: N/A Activation: Facebook app Lead Source: website Site: Type: EDM events Alexa Rank: No data Activation: none Lead Source: website

Top 5 Affiliates: 1. Songkick 2. Global Dance Electronic 3. Bands In Town 4. MASS EDMC 5. Afram & Selao

Weekly Affiliate Program Update: 1/13 New Bounties This Week

Bounty tickets sold 1/6 – 1/12: 247 ($928.00) Top 5 bounty sellers 1. Songkick – 105 tickets ($433.00) 2. Electronic Midwest – 36 ($131.00) 3. Bands In Town – 36 ($87.00) 4. Afram & Selao – 17 ($80.00) 5. Global Dance Electronic – 14 ($52.00) New Activations Flavor Media Nightlife -

Weekly Affiliate Program Update: 1/13

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Tumblr stats + Newsletter

Weekly Affiliate Program Update: 1/13

Plan of Action for This Week: Email all 2013 sellers individually regarding Affiliate Survey – Vanessa & Sarah Get Brian going on WantReps back end – Vanessa & Sarah Reach out to unqualified targets – Vanessa Continue to work on our major targets and follow up on major open leads – Ben Keep high traffic affiliates updated with weekend links – Vanessa Master doc cleanup – Sarah & Hunt Reach out to Affiliates without Facebook Apps – Sarah Working on getting better traffic details for our entire Affiliate network – Ben, Vanessa, Sarah

Affiliate update - 1/13