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WANG YING HSUAN Portfolio 2012

Design is a powerful tool it improves people’s lives upon their demand. However, its complexity and sophistication can be misleading and misinterpreted at times. I wish, through my works, design can be made a little more understandable, a little more accessible. Crossing the language barrier, may it be appreciated by all.

Wang Ying Hsuan ワン・インシュエン 王映璇 +65 9835 5472

EDUCATION 2009-2013 National University of Singapore Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design

EXPERIENCE May-July 2011 Cilicon Faytory Pte Ltd Design Internship Furniture design and development

SKILL Adobe Illustrator Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Rhinoceros 3D Keyshot rendering


DOME Collection

Hidie hut

Quazar Lamp

B watched

Barely There

Series of Subtleties

DOME Collection Inspired by the form of a cloche, this project aims to transform what is usually perceived as a cover of protection into a dominant decoration on the tabletop. The collection consists of 3 solid pieces of hardwood formed entirely by woodturning on a lathe. Their soft, light forms contrast with the actual weight that makes lifting a unique experience to have. The result is a collection of undefined objects that allow free imagination and interpretation to what they should be.

Hidie hut

Designed by Wang Ying Hsuan & Kiera Lin

Hidie hut is a play tent for kids aged 3-9 to experience walking into a life-sized story spread, it also provides opportunity for them to hide into a scenographic pop out space for personal dwelling. This concept expands children’s imagination and encourages interaction, with heavy graphical approach allowing playful process of relating and identifying animals. The minimal assembly of components also seeks to encourage independent learning and self-discovery, which can be easily set up on any desired wall space.

Quazar Lamp A lamp made out of entirely sheet aluminum of thickness 1.2mm. Quazar consists of 10 metal pieces joined together to form an enclosed geometrical sphere. Rectangular and triangular shapes are cut out from the main body and pushed either inwards or outwards to create gaps for light to slip through. Light, being diffused and reflected by the extruded pieces in different direction, creates intricate shade patterns on the surrounding. Here, at night, starts the game between light and shadow.

B watched

Designed by Wang Ying Hsuan, Alfred Lim & Chen Zhuo

The feeling of being watched and followed can be creepy and fun at the same time. Using xbox kinet and Arduino kit, we were able to track individual’s movement, translate that into data and replicate the same motion on simple servo motors. The outcome are two pieces of interactive sculptures, moving along with the person standing in front of them. Together with their form and color they creates a bird-like image, prompting people to play with them. When placed at reception areas, they provide a good way to kill your waiting time

Wall-mounted flower pot

Barely There -Series of SubtletiesDesigned By Wang Ying Hsuan & Silvia Lim

When things are barely there, we see, hear and feel less of them. If objects were designed to barely exist yet still being functionally coherent, it could, in contrast, provide a refreshing change from the many artifacts that constantly vies for attention. With subtle indications and commodities that do not seem to be in the way, we could all take a step back and enjoy peace from a clutter-free environment.


Waste bin

Portfolio 2012  

Portfolio of school works up to year 4 semester 1

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