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Architecture Work Sample of Mengxing Wang 2013-2017 415.606.9735

01/Kalini’s City Heart Kaliningrad Post-Castle International Competition 02/Barcelona Enllaç Collective Urbanism

08/Jiangyin Chengxing Plaza Commercial Complex 09/The Hidden Valley East Harlem Housing

03/Jackson Jive New Condo Development

10/Ocean Park Advanced Curtain Wall

04/Under the BQE Sports Facility

11/Space Dreamer Build Your Own Factory

05/Vortex Light Well Symbiosis 06/West Village Landmark Expansion

12/Other Work A Collection of Skills 13/Professional Practice Collection of Office Experience

07/Williamsburg New Condo Development

night View

final model

Study models

ground plan

events space

KALINI’S HEART Castle Restoration Firm _Buro Koray Duman In order for the proposal to be a connecting tissue or a central hub for the city of Kaliningrad, ground surface becomes the basis of the design. Through cutting, folding and pulling of the ground surface, the design unites main access points from different corners and on different levels of the site with a continuous surface. These operations

also provide spaces for remaining brief; administration offices, library, ceremonial hall, cafĂŠ, retail spaces and restaurants. By folding to create different levels the ground surface becomes the Viewing terrace on the 2nd floor and grand stairs to connect with the city.

Soviet. The ground surface cuts through these structures to create connections between different levels as well as provide semi closed public areas. A similar cut through the House of Soviet provides public access to the existing auditorium inside the building.

Design proposes the ground surface to wrap around to House of Soviet to incorporate this maga structure into the scheme. In order to provide a unified silhouette, Museum building and Performance Hall pokes through the surface in similar manner as House of

s The surface lifts up to suspend over the ruins to protect them ad provide interesting and playful display of them throughout the rest of the site. Ruins are incorporated into the proposal as part of public plaza, as display walls for Museum of Castle History and also as an enclosure for wine cellar.

isometric view of activity

New York City Block New York Block EnclosedCity Courtyard New York City Block Enclosed Courtyard Enclosed Courtyard

Barcelona Manzana Barcelona Manzana Enclosed Courtyard BarcelonaCourtyard Manzana Enclosed Enclosed Courtyard

Residential Zones on Plinth Residential Zones on Plinth Semi-enclosed Forecourt Semi-enclosed Fourecourt and Enclosed Residential ZonesCourtyard on Plinth and Enclosed Courtyard Semi-enclosed Fourecourt and Enclosed Courtyard

physical model

ground floor program

street view

figure ground


Incubator For Creativity Instructor _ Laurie Hawkinson Vishaan Chakrabarti Joint Studio In Architecture & Real Estate Partner _ Chao Wei

“Enllac Barcelona” is a collective urban development project composed by three major components: Living, Market, and Incubator. Collaboration between development team and architecture team facilitates negotiation regarding space, program, and finance. The collective urbanism model was first studied under the circumstance of Brooklyn, New York, a waterfront site, then transpositioned into Barcelona, Spain. The speculation of

urban conditions instructed the reduction of fabrication programs and Airbnb guestrooms. Instead, the Collective Urban Lab, or “Enllac Barcelona” activate the neighborhood by introducing co-working spaces, kickstart-markets, recreation zones, and service zones. Eventful forecourts penetrate through a variation of spaces and connect to the widened sidewalk. Hotels, extended-stay, marketrate apartments, and affordable housings are optimized with most enjoyable sunlight.

drone view


New Condo Development Firm _SRA Architecture + Engineering The project is located at a very unique site with a lot of disturbing factors: the awkward shape of ground, a corner that has three edges, a magnificent view of Manhattan to the west with a passing train to the east of the site. The design has become quiet channellings since the purpose was not to make one side significantly better than the other. zoning plan

zoning analysis

massing process


GFA: 9,830 SF LOST FACTOR: 11.1%


GFA: 8,650 SF LOST FACTOR: 11.0%


GFA: 7,375 SF LOST FACTOR: 12.4%


GFA: 6,940 SF LOST FACTOR: 12.9%



3 BEDROOM 1,210 SF




3 BEDROOM 1,270 SF

BEDROOM 3D 31,215 SF

BEDROOM 10B 31,330 SF


Firm _Buro Koray Duman site as solid volume

location of courts and studios

This speculative design is provided underneath the elevated BQE at Sunset Park adjacent to newly developed Industry City. This proposal calls for a sports arena under the highway that can caters both Industry City tenants and a gym for the Public School also adjacent to the site.

temporary inflatable enclosures

sports proposal exploded diagram

The design includes the creation of fields for basketball, volleyball and other sports


Light Well Symbiosis d3 Natural System Competition 2016 Special Mention Partner _Chenyu Pu

The Young New Yorkers swim in big dreams, yet in the apartments they struggle for the mere supply of light. The blinds are always shut, the air stuffy. The room is always dim like in the dawn. In the depressed spaces, fiberglass tubes grow from the basement and HVAC plenums, weaving into a light transmitting net connecting the buildings. The light wells naturally become the nodes in the net, where the net expands into an organic structure, reaching into the sky for light and air. Light is brought down through the walls of the tube, and hot exhaust is extracted through its cavity. The building is cooled down, the ground is illuminated and connected. The boundary of in and out blurred. The community shall gather and celebrate the multifunctional structure - The Vorte(x).

Rays bounds at the interface of different index of refraction, and escape from the fiber glass, illuminating the surroundings.

The base net connects to the existing HVAC plenum system at the ground level, through which hot air being pulled up.

The windmill at the top of the tube captures the wind at a higher speed and transfer the turbulence down.

exterior view

WEST VILLAGE Landmark Expansion

Firm _SRA Architecture + Engineering The new facade design features more texture and articulation by bringing more relief to the masonry on the 11th Street faรงade, yet at the same time enhanced the masonry on to the Seventh Avenue, and it was approved by the Landmark Preservation Committee. typical floor plans

existing condition

However, the client changed the broker

proposed massing

brick detail

after the LPC approval and new layout has to be developed based on brokers; request. The original two one-bedroom floor layout is replaced by a whole floor one/two bedroom condominium. Master bedroom was relocated to the more quiet northwestern corner, facing 11th street. The guest bedroom is no longer defined by a solid wall but instead a pivoting door, allowing it to connect with the living room and dinning area. This continuous space is approved by the broker because of its spacious and luxury characters.

exterior view


New Condo Development Firm _SRA Architecture + Engineering Design Development/Construction 16,000 GSF 6 STORY

building section

entrance design

6 Story new development, with one level of ground commercial and 5 full-floor two to three apartments located in an old industrial district. I was involved in the project from design development to construction administration. Tasks include but not limited to lobby design, facade detailing, coordinate MEP drawing and structure drawings , review code compliance and mark up shop drawing.



Commercial Complex Firm _Aedas Beijing Software_Revit I was involved in the project from the SD phase when I was a trainee at Aedas Beijing office. The project was drafted entirely in Revit. This complex is scheduled to finish construction in the year of 2018. It is located in the center of the city of Jiangyin and will be occupied by different groups of tenants such as offices, shops, clubs, restaurants, movie theaters and the Marriott Hotel, The project is about 100 acres and 650 ft high. north tower

south podiuem

hotel fright elevator x 3 hotel fright elevator x 3

hotel elevator x6 32-50 F

bar 50 F hotel 37-49 F hotel amenity 32-35 F

soho elevator x 4 21-31 F office elevator x 4 5-20 F soho 21-31 F

office elevator freight elevator x 2 4-31 F office 4-19 F

hotel lobby 1F

soho lobby 1F

office lobby 1F

tower circulation diagram

hotel typical floor The two volumes are connected in the underground levels yet the two masses on the ground are treated with different faรงade language and spacial arrangement. south podium

north podium

frit pattern parallel operate window frame swing window frame fire safing anchor



parallel operate window hardware

typical stack joint

street perspective

Interior perspective

vision closed

spandrel open


Advanced Curtain Wall Instructor _Robert Heintges Architecture Technology Selective

vision pop open

spandrel open/closed

vision swing open

spandrel closed

The south elevation adapts a double skin curtain wall unit system that incorporates with a means of ventilating the cavity. The intended aesthetic appearance of the curtain wall unit should be elegant and quiet. From both the outside and the inside, the surfaces will be flush with smooth glass with a minimal amount of other material exposed.

The spandrel exterior light is controlled by motorized parallel operator allowing air into the cavity. The inner façade would be equipped with operable door allowing pop open and swing open. It is intended to make the operable hardware as small as possible so it doesn’t break the tranquil language of the surface.

perspective rendering

bed bath bed

living 0.5 bath meat shaft cooking dining balcony

two-bedrooms bath living meat cooking

bath 0.5 bath bed cooking


living dining


one-bedroom bath dinning meat shaft living


bed balcony

bath meat shaft work station bed sofa balcony

top floor plan | housing unit | slaughterhouse | steak house


perspective section

housing units + underground feet lot


East Harlem Housing Instructor _ Lo-Tek Core Studio III _ Housing Studio Team _ Jonathan Yang Athina Zafeiropoulou

community center + grass factory

cow-path with grass

From Public Farm One in MOMA PS1 to Brooklyn Grange, Urban farm is no longer a radical idea for the New Yorkers. The more green and organic food the farm can provide to the community, the trendier and more popular the space is thought for. However, when it comes to the concept of traditional protein industry, the field is till black to be filled. We are proposing to bring back the old pasture life to the bank of Harlem River and let the citizen to re-engage in the forgotten, mysterious, criticized industry of beef production. US is still the number one country in the world in terms of annual consumption


of beef. The critical issue brought up by scholars and documentaries pushed the beef industry more human than before. Not only does the Hidden Valley will be a farm for cattle, but also a hydroponic system that allowing each cow to have sufficient amount of grass to eat. The hidden valley is designed as a combination of a man-made mountain, housing unit facing the pastoral theater, and the underground feedlot. Aiming to bridge the gap between modern food production and everyday urban life. The project not only shows the industrial side of the meat industry, but also the “happy valley� side of the advertising reality.

radiation tube thermal barrier hanging panel


ventilation register


section with details

waffel slab detail

hanger steel angle adjustable connection adjustable connection

bolt connection arm 4

aluminum pan plate rigid Insulation 1/2” glazing

1. Once decided on layout, add temporary rod and aluminum panel

shading rail &mullion core 1” X 9” steel mullion plate bolt connection arm 3 adjustable connection

bolt connection Arm 1

connection bolt

adjustable connection

spandrel insulated panel system

mullion connection bolt mullion connection plate

1-1/2” precast concrete panel adjustable connection

2. corner steel piece allowing steel rod hanger

radiant floor pipe

3/4” rot proof wood rod @1-1/2” spacing painted steel frame

air cavity rubber sealant 1/2” low-e glazing

shading system

1-1/4” low-e double glazing panel system

adjustable connection cast-in steel plate concrete waffle slab sast-in steel angle steel angle cast-in steel angle

3. shear connection at top and bottom

shading rail & mullion core

glidewheel connect to rail

curtain wall exploded axon pivot

4. add steel rod and stair


steel rod trench for pipe sprinkler

exterior facade

interior rendering secondary floor

interior rendering primary floor


Our attitude towards the industrial loft building attempts to address short-term flexibility and long term use. This is achieved via an optimization of floor structure. By designing a robust floor structure that happens every other floor, the intermittent floors were able to be lighten.

In the space itself, the load is pick up by hanger cables which attach to the waffle above.

Build Your Own Factory

Instructor _ Jay Hibbs, Pat Hopple Elias Dagher Team _ Chenyu Pu, Lingyuan Jiang, Jeffrey Monts, Daene Vokokos

The secondary floor is a 64� square welded Aluminum frame that couples with others to create a lightweight, rigid and demountable structure. At its perimeter it is clipped to the beams separating tenants and the beams bordering the corridor.

The goal for the waffle slab was to make it an integrated system. Basically, as much as we could put into the waffle and not into the secondary structure, the more it supported our goal to differentiate the two types of floors. The waffle slab system is selected not only because of its ability to span and integrate systems but because it can speak the same utilized language of the secondary floor has.

form #1 form #1 slice


form #2



form #3

form #2

colliding volumes

form #4

fanning facade

offset and slice


Downtown Brooklyn Tower Expansion


Installation with Kinect and Processing


Digital Modeling

OTHER WORK A Collection of Skills through 2012-2015


Python / Algorithmic Design

1. Zoning/Massing Presentation, SRA A+E 2. Advanced Algorithm, Instructor: Mark Collins, Toru Hasegawa. Team: Chenyu Pu 3. Architecture Drawing and Representation, Instructor: Josh Uhl, David Fano 4. Encoded Matter, Instructor: Ezio Blasetti, Team: Chenyu Pu

1 Kunlun City Concept Masterplan Design Competition


Industrial City, RP New Office


The Pertamina Energy Tower


A Collection of Office Experience


Varna Library Competition Massing Model

1. Aedas, Beijing, China, 2013 2. Buro Koray Duman, New York, NY, 2015 3. SOM, Washington, DC. 2015 4. Buro Koray Duman, New York, NY, 2015

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