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I was born on April 6, 1987 in El Pe単ol Antioquia, was the third child of four children, my parents are Leonel Garcia and Margarita Velasquez, my brothers Oliver, Wilfer, Fernando.

I was baptized on July 15, 1987; my godparents were Juan Bautista and Doralba.

In 1993 I started my school life entering preschool, there started to be my friends later accompany me to the completion of my degree, since I started school I was always recognized for my excellent academic standing in the area of mathematics my school days was very quiet with no worries.

At the age of 8 years I made my first communion, was a very important and meaningful to my life as I am a very Catholic, enjoy much of this day since I saw my family together sharing with me on that special day.

When I was 12 entering the sixth grade to continue learning in my school life was a degree difficult for me because I went to school it was quiet at school where I had to pawn more to move forward, it was also very difficult because in that grade they put me in a different group where my classmates, despite the efforts of my group spend mother could not be performed, and to that extent much my average down, the following year and went back to rediscover with my classmates, in later years had difficult days the family atmosphere that existed in my house, by the harsh economic situation and economic neglect of my father, to my mother with great effort and dedication to fight my brothers and I we finished

high school.

By getting my diploma from high school and was very thoughtful about my future, I decided to take the exam to enter the university of Antioquia, but unfortunately the economic hardship in my household is not easy to do is the time a university study, so I started working on my people in a cafe with my family, there started to provide cooperation to my brother to achieve his dream

of becoming a police officer, working with my family until 2009.

In that year jobless and my son Andrew born David, was a very important year since I became a dad yet was hard to not have a job, so I was offered a job in Bello where for the plight will accept , after working two years there, I returned to my village to find work there and be closer to my family, I started working in a shop where I still work, I had difficult moments as the separation of the mother of my son and also the loss of my younger brother earlier this year because of a traffic accident.

But I've had happy moments as having a mindset to follow in pursuit of my dreams and goals which in this case is to end my career as an excellent counter to give the best of me in the place where you are working, even though I'm happy with my studio is hard for me to feel the absence of someone who was so important and fundamental in my life and in the pursuit of my goals, so every day my brother filled me strength to carry out my dreams.

I was born on april 6