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以飛盤締造中東 Israeli-Palestinian conflict is no stranger to Hong Kong people. While conflicts big and small are still taking place, a group of volunteers from the USA and Israel, who formed the non-profit organization Ultimate Peace, have been organizing Ultimate Peace camp for the youths there since 2009. The camp use the sport Ultimate Frisbee as a means to bring Jews, Arabs and Palestinian youths together so that they can know each other, befriend each other, eliminate misunderstandings, thus make room for peace. Coaches of Ultimate Peace camp are mainly Amercians, but since last year Wanda (they put "author of this article" instead of my name throughout the whole article) from Hong Kong has been flying to Israel and helped with the coaching. It's glad to see coaches and campers from the last year. But most exciting above all, is to see Ultimate Peace starts reaping its harvest - creating a room for peace in the Middle East using frisbee, and see youths there growing and bringing home sweet memories.

Making peace in the Middle East - using Ultimate Frisbee

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美 國 和 當 地 的 自 願 者 成 立 慈 善 組 織 ' 丫 ^ Ultimate

Peace ,自2009年開始,在以色列舉辦



讓參與的猶太裔、「阿拉伯裔」及巴勒斯坦青少年人 透過飛盤這個隊制競賽運動,互相認識,結交朋友, 減少民族誤會,建立和平根基。



不過自去年起身為香港人的筆者亦遠赴以色列參 與教導的工作。作為Ultimate


很高興能夠再見去年的教練夥伴們和入營者。最 令筆者興奮的,是參加了兩年,已初見Ultimate Peace的成效,'看到飛盤運動如何帶紿中東一點和 imam空 , 也 讓 當 地 青 少 年 得 到 成 長 與 回 憶 。


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挑選成 為助教 的 青speak 少 年 ' 在 營to 中不 有 領 導 often 與 公 開 講in 話 the 的機會 ° 1.1 被CIT lead and all時 very camp 2營會一開始,義工會講解今年的主題,以不同的文字表達,讓各個種族都看得明白。 2. Before camp started, volunteers elaborating the theme in 3自選活動中 的 S l i p n S l i dso e頗受 歡迎。 different languages everyone could understand 4 參 加 者 的 作 品 中 都 有 表 達 和 合 的 訊 息 。 3. Slip n Slide is popular among all free choice activities 全營上下每朝都會做伸展運動'預備一天的活動。 4.5 Works by campers - conveying messages of unity 6除了飛盤'營內還有不同的集體活動'促進隊內團結。 5. The whole camp stretched in the morning everyday 才表現時間'每個成員都傾力演出。 6.7 天Besides Ultimate, there were other activities to build bonding. 7. Talent show - they all put in their 100%!

為 ? 連 何•!動 選£ 擇 , 飛 E

Why Ultimate Frisbee?


入 Background information of campers



北 冃

Ultimate Frisbee is a team sport with no referee. Despite the high competitiveness, Spirit of the Game (SOTG) is regarded as the utmost important. It demands players to observe the rules and self飛盤是沒有裁判的隊制競爭比賽。雖然具高度競爭性'但飛盤最著重的是比賽精神 discipline. In case there is a foul, the concerned players would talk ( S p i r i t of the G a m e , SOTG)'要求運動員自律遵守比賽規則。若比賽中出現犯 and settle down the call by themselves. Hence campers need to 規 ( f othe ul)情 況 , 有communicate 關 的 運 動 員 會 溝 通the 及 根 substance 據規則自行解決 紛 爭 」and 。 所 settle 以入營者 learn rules, of「calls, the 要 認 識 比 賽 規 則 ' 及 學 會 溝 通 犯 規 的 內 容 和 決 定 解 決 方 法 。 calls according to the rules.

There are 5 values in Ultimate Peace: Mutual Respect, Integrity, Friendship, Ultimate Peace有5個價值:互相尊重、正直、友誼、拒絕暴力及樂趣'以飛盤在 Non-violence, and Fun. In the war-plagued area, Ultimate provides the 中東推動和平'可讓當地青少年打破戰爭的仇恨,用另一個方式和不同種族的人相 youths a means to understand and get along with people of another 處'在沒有裁判與崇尚自律的環境下'能增加溝通和了解。 nation, while demanding them to exercise self-discipline in the absence of referee. Campers comprise Jews, Arabs living in Israel, and Palestinians from the West 入 營 者 from 有 猶 太11 人, 在 以They 色 列 的usually 阿 拉 伯 人learn , 及 西of 岸 Ultimate 的 巴 勒 斯 坦 Frisbee 人。年紀由 1 1 -the 1 6 camps Bank aged to住16. and through of區the own last 歲 不promotion/teaching 等°他們多是透過在自己社 舉 辦sport 的 飛 盤in推their 廣或教 授 活 communities. 動 接 觸 飛 盤 ' 並 知 Since 道 year, the CIT in營Training) component added Ultim a t e (Coach Peace訓練 及夏令營。 去 年 起 , U l t i mhas a t e been Peace營 加 入 了to C I TUltimate ( C o a c h Peace camp.InCIT Tare chosen from past campers. They become assistant coaches, r a i n i n g ) 元 素 ' 挑 選 部 份 曾 參 與 過 的 入 營 者 任 助 教 ' 協 助 籌 辦 營 內 活 動 , 讓 他 and help organize activities in the camp. These means aim to train them as coaches 們日後能在自己社區成為教練。 in the future in their own communities. 太人説的 是希伯來文 '阿拉伯 人 説 阿Arabic. 拉 伯 文 ,In 營 the 內主要 以英文 溝通 , 一 些 入 營 者 in Jews猶 speak Hebrew. Arabs speak camp we communicate English. Some campers can speak very fluent English. Nevertheless, many 可以説很流利的英語,但大部份入營者都需要翻譯。所以每一隊都需要一個希伯來 campers translation. must be Hebrew 文 和 一 need 個阿拉伯 文 翻 譯 , 起 初Hence 辦 營 的 時in 候each 是 成 年team 人 當 翻 there 譯員,現 在則找 C Ia T幫 助。 and an Arabic translator. When the camp was first run, adults helped translate. Now the CIT teenagers are the translators.

玩 出 Play the team spirit

隊 神

Ultimate Peace camp is held in Manof - a place in northern part of Israel - in July every year. Since last year, two camps have been running: Training camp in the first week and Summer camp in the second. Training camp allows only campers who for more then Summer camp U l t have i m a t e played P e a c eultimate 夏 令 營 每 年frisbee 7月在以色 列北 部一個 叫 M aa n oyear. f的地方 舉行,去年 開 始 is open to all,舉with or without experience. Each camp lasts for 5 days. Wanda with 辦兩個營:首個星期為訓練營(Training C a m p ) , 讓 有 1 年 或 以 上 飛 盤 經 驗helped 的 the青Summer 少 年 人 參 與 camp. ;第二個星期為夏令營(Summer Camp),初學者或有經驗的青少 年人皆 可以參與,每個 營為 期 為 5going 天 ' 而 筆on 者 主long 要擔任 是夏令營 的義 工。 Serious preparation has been before the campers arrived. When the first bus that shuttled campers arrived, the welcoming party began! Men tunnel, 一 班 參 加music 者 未 來 and 臨之前 ' 各 教 練 和 registration, 工 作 人 員 都 嚴 陣settling 以待,直到 一輛乘載 入 營 者campers 的 pump-up dancing, in第rooms. Many are come back campers. Very would joy or see 巴士 到達後 '嘉年華會式 的 歡often 迎 活 動 you 才正式 開 始 : hear 人 造 隱shouting 道 、 勁 歌 熱of 舞、 登 erupted 記、安 joyful The was 頓 房hugs 間 … …when 不 少 入 campers/coaches 營 者 以 前 都 參 與 過 U l t i saw m a t e each P e a other. ce營,所 以 不welcoming 時 會 聽 到 和 看 ritual 到 followed by呼briefing, then activities. 快樂的歡 和 擁 抱 , 然team 後 是 營bonding, 會 簡 介 、 分practices, 隊、及隊制練 習 , dinner 接 著 是 晚and 餐 ' 然evening 後是晚 There was no moment of rest for both volunteers and campers! 間活動'不論工作人員還是參加者,都沒有一刻能停下來。

A lot of frisbee was going on in the camp. Besides basic catching and throwing, offense 是飛盤夏令營,當然以學習和練習飛盤為主。除了基本傳盤、接盤外,整體進 and defense既 然 were also re-visited. The aims were to improve campers' skill level and to 攻和防守的戰術亦會教授或重温,提升入營者技術和培養團體合作精祌。到了夏令 build teamwork among them. The last two days of the camp was a tournament, in which 營最後兩天 就是錦 標 賽 , 也learnt. 是各隊發揮所長的機會。 campers practiced what they've

Besides Ultimate Frisbee, there were also all kinds of activities: team games 除了飛盤外,夏令營亦安排了各式活動如爭奪海盜旗、Scavenger等,還有游泳 (capture the pirates flag, scavenger etc),、swimming, free time activities (painting, 自選活動時間(繪畫、飛盤、Slip-n-Slide 排球、乒乓球、羽毛球、織手繩等) frisbee golf/throwing, slip-n-slide, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, bracelet 壓軸的天才表演更是入營者大展天賦的機會。 making etc). Talent show at the last night was one highlight of the camp.


Background information on Israel-Palestine conflict

The word“Palestine”in the past referred to nowadays Israel, West Bank (of River Jordan), Gaza Strip and the neighboring 巴勒斯坦於20世紀初以前其實泛指現今以色列西岸(約旦河西岸)、加沙地帶等地。20世紀後期才改為泛指西岸和加沙地 areas. Only until after late 20th century is the word changed to associate more with West Bank and Gaza Strip. Jews and 帶。猶太人和阿拉伯人均聚居此地。以色列於1948年於故地重新立國'為現今惟一一個以猶太人為主的國家。立國翌日毗 Arabs have long been living here. Israel the state was re-established there in 1948 and became the only Jewish state in 鄰的阿拉伯國家黎巴嫩、敍利亞、約旦、伊拉克、埃及和沙地阿拉伯即聯手攻擊以色列,戰後以色列倖存'約旦吞佔西岸, the world. The very加沙地帶交由埃及管治。此後,阿拉伯國家經常與以色列交戰。以色列於1967年的6日戰爭中奪得東耶路撒冷,及佔領西岸 next day, the joint force of the neighboring countries - Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Egypt and Saudi Arabia invaded Israel. In the 1993年達成和平協議(Oslo war, Israel survived, Jordan West of帶Gaza Since then, 和加沙地帶0 A c c o r dannexed s)'成立巴勒斯 坦 自 治Bank, 政 府 ' 以Egypt 色 列 逐 步took 撤 出 西control 岸和加沙地 , 但 和Strip. 平 wars between Israel and the neighboring Arabic often broke out. In the Six-Day War in 1967, Israel gained East 路進程一直崎嶇,恐怖襲擊和交火至今依然不斷。 Jerusalem, West Bank and Gaza Strip. In 1993 the Oslo Accords was reached, the Palestinian self-government was established, Israel戰爭及衝突造成難民問題,並加深兩個民族的敵對關係。現時以色列有700多萬人,其中猶太人佔7成多'阿拉伯人佔兩成 gradually pulled out of West Bank and Gaza Strip, but the peace progress is never smooth. 多。猶太人跟阿拉伯人的社區甚少有接觸交流。很多入營者都是在營內首次認識另一個民族的人。 Terrorist attacks and exchange of fires never cease.

War and conflicts created refugees and deepened the hostility between the two people. There are 7 million people in Israel, among which >70% are Jews and >20% are Arabs. Jewish and Arabic communities shun from communicating to each other. In Ultimate Peace camp, many campers meet the other ethnic group for the first time. SEPTEMBER 2013

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Friendship first Competition second

朋比 友賽 第第

Friendship to overcome national conflicts

到了 夏 令 營 最 後 兩time! 天'是錦 標 賽 的were 時候了 6隊女 子 組 and 和 7 隊7男boys 子 組 ' team. 經過一輪 初 the round-robin Finally, it's tournament There 6!girls team After matches,賽Blue Maroon final, Navy played in the 後 ' 女 and 子組最 後 是 紅 色played 隊 和 藍 色in 隊the 進 入girls' 決賽'男 子 組 while 則是深藍 色 隊 Blue 和 棕 色and 隊 競Brown 逐 boys' one. When was we比 followed Ultimate Frisbee 錦標 。 比 賽the 過 後 final '根據飛 盤 比done, 賽傳統, 賽 兩 隊 會 列 the 隊互相 H i g h Five ' 及 圍 圈ritual 分 享 - line up, high five all players from the other team, circle up and share feelings on the game. 比賽 感想。

There is no referee in Ultimate. Players settle down all calls by themselves - one learning 飛盤 動 不 設conflict 裁判'犯規 與 否build 全 靠 隊peace. 員自律及 當時 人 共 識 ' 由in 始可 以帶 出共融 與 和 one opponent opportunity to運solve and For instance, one girls' game, 平 的 訊 息 ' 以 這 次 的 女 子 決 賽 為 例 ' 對 方 隊 伍 對 我 隊 的 隊 員 犯 規 , 我 方 隊 員 即 時 指 and talked to her played foul on her defender, the offended girl pointed that out immediately, 其犯規 ' 並conversation 跟對方討論'由於 她 們done 用 阿 拉in 伯Arabic, 文交談'教 練 們 都 不from 明白對 話 內 sides 容' opponent. 出 Since the was coaches both had no idea on 方 教talk. 練 做But 了 正 the 確 的coaches 事情:讓她 們 自 done 己 交 談 one 和裁決 ' 最 後 right: 她 們 決 let 定 比only 賽 繼 the 續 ' girls talk and the details 但 of雙the have thing decide. At the they a起 decision. Only end 直 到 end 比賽完 畢 後made '兩隊一 圍 圈 交 流The ' 教 練game 們 始 問 carried 事 件 經 過on. '及補 充 解until 釋規例 。 of the game at the circle-up time the the and more on the 兩 個 did 女 孩 the 最 後 coaches 都 跟 對 方 打asked 招 呼 和 about 互相道歉 。 其content 實 在 不 同 of 比賽 中 ' call, 筆者都 見 到elaborated 在碰撞 rules. Both 或 girls showed good will and apologized to each other. 犯規的情況下'入營者都懂得主動交談'並在賽後表示友好'這正正是Ulimate In other games, Wanda saw Peace推 動的理念 。 whenever there were calls or fouls, campers spontaneously knew to talk to the other, and high-five each other afterward -this is exactly what Ultimate Peace is working towards to.

以 There were more exciting things: in these years, many campers said they've never met people 令人鼓舞的事還不只此'這幾年'不少入營者均表示'以前從未接觸過另外一個民 from another nation before coming to the camp. Ultimate Peace camp gave them a chance to 族,因為Ultimate eace營的關係,才有機會互相認識'消除誤解'甚至成為好 友 meet, to know, to wipe off Pmisunderstanding, and even to become good friends. One Jewish 朋 友 。been 有 猶 太afraid 女 孩 曾 that 經害怕 阿拉伯女 孩 會would 偷她的東 西 ' 但her 後 來things. 發 現 阿 拉After 伯 女 孩the 很 友camp she found girls said she's Arabic girls steal 誼 them very善friendly 和 不 會 偷and 竊 。wouldn't 男孩子中'亦 常 見 雖 然 兩 族 語 言 不 通 ' 但 因 為 在 隊 內 認 識 到 對 方 see that despite steal. Among the boys, very often you would

「 盤barrier, 」 技 不 凡they 而 彼 此saw 建 立a 了good 尊 重 。 player 去 年 有 一in 個 each 來 自 西other 岸 難 民 in 營的 男孩 分 享 ' 以 and 往 他 built respect to the language the games 觸 到 的 then. 以 色 列 Last 人 只 有year 邊境的 人'對 他們反 感 非 常 。 他camp 亦 把 這in 種感 覺延 伸至所 有 以 shared that in the each other接since a軍 boy from a refugee the West Bank 色 列 Israelis 人 ' 自 從 玩he 飛盤 後 ' 他 接 觸 到 其were 他 的 以soldiers 色 列 人 ' 始at 對以 色列 人 大 為 改and 觀。從 用 past the only encountered the borders, all前these experiences were negative. the sentiment to友all However, 作 仇 恨 He's 的 力 量extended ,現在則用在 飛盤 上傳揚和平和 誼 Israelis. 。在今年夏 令 營 的 最 後since 一 天 ' 很he 多 started playing 民 ultimate, he has other his是 attitude them 入營 者 都met 表示認 識 了 很Israelis 多 新 朋 友and ,特別 來 自 另 一 個to 民族 和 另 一has 個 社been 區 的 。changed totally. Now he is using energy that would have otherwise been spent on hostility in Ultimate Frisbee instead to 族 preach peace and friendship. this 除了一 班學 員 ' 教 練 間 的On 友 誼the 亦 教last 人 感day 動 ' 筆of 者the 置 身summer 其 中 ' 感 覺 camp 就像一家 人 ' year, 大 家 都many campers showed they've made many new friends, especially from other ethnic groups and other 有締造世界和平的熱誠和使命感'我們雖來自各地'但也有同袍並肩的感覺。夏令營 矛 communities. 中 , 大 家 一 起 探 討 如 何 教 授 、 一 起 分 擔 工 作 、 一 起 喝 咖 啡 ( 總 指 揮 D a v i d Barkan每 天早 上都替我 們 預 備 咖is 啡 also )、洗 衣 服 touching." 。 為 了 減 省 開said 支 ' 在Wanda,"We 營會前我們還從 各自 己地 "Friendship among coaches very are like a family. First we all 運 送 所passion 需 物 資 到 and 以色列 。 come here方with mission to work on the same good cause. This gives us sense of comradeship even though we are from different places of the world. The shared experience 常夏 令營結束 後 ' 我to 們 teach, 一 班 教 練we 會分 成小隊 探 訪 入we 營者 原居的 各 個 社 (Director 區 ' 甚 至 探 David Barkan also helps:通we discuss how share work, drink coffee made coffee us庭every do年laundry To的save 訪 個for 別家 ' 了 解 他morning) 們 的 民 生 。and 不過今 夏 令 營 之 together. 後適逢是回教 聖 月 ' cost, 不 便 接we 待 divide stuff needed for客the camp among ourselves and schlep them from our places to Israel." 人'故此今年沒有安排社區探訪。其實社區探訪是一個很好的體驗°

"Usually after the camps, we coaches would divide into groups and visit communities the campers are from. Sometimes their homes are also visited. However this year the time coincides with the Islam Ramadan and it's not convenient to receive visitors for many of them so there is no community visit this year. Indeed community visit is a very good experience."

Personal sharing:

Why all the way from Hong Kong to Israel to volunteer?

個人感受: 至I.


Hong Kong barely has anything to do with Israel. So why travel the 香 港 跟all 以色 列 好way 像 互 to 不 相there? 干,幹嘛老遠跑到以色列當義工? "Being a world citizen, you want to do something for the world besides serving 作為一個世界公民'除了自己的社區外'筆者也會想為世界做點事'能夠用我最喜 your own community." "Serving a good world cause with the sport I have a 愛的運動服務世界'最理想不過了 而作為基督徒,我喜愛這個地方和這裏的人' passion in is just perfect. Also as a 。Christian I love this land and the people 愛是要用行動來表達的,所以飛到這裏來做義工。 here, and love demands actions."

"Peace can be識found and This 和平 的 根only 基是認 和 互 信 ' on U l t iunderstanding mate Peace正是促 進 認mutual 識 和 互 信trust. '雖然果 效 可is 能what 要 Ultimate is 但doing mutual trust. It may take 多 年 後Peace 才顯著, 根 基 的-工enhancing 作 總 要 有 人 做understanding 。 今 年 參 與 U l t i m a and te Peace的最 大滿足 years感before we營 can reap still someone to領do the job." '是看到入 者的變 化 ' 今the 年 當harvest, 第 二 年 C Ibut T的年 青人 , 他 們 比 去needs 年更顯出 袖的 風 範 。 我satisfaction 隊 裏 面 有 個 女 I孩have 子 ' 起 this 初看起 來 完is 全I沒 信心 ' 連 繪 畫 也in 不 the 願 嘗 campers. 試 ' 説 一 點 The second "The biggest year see changes 頭 緒 也 沒 有 ' 但 幾 經 鼓 勵 下 ' 她 進 步 了 很 多 , 在 後 來 的 比 賽 中 越 放 膽 去 爭 接盤。 year CITs have become more and more capable as leaders. There取was one girl in my 看到 另 一so 隊女 教 練 的 日 誌about ,原來大 家 都 有 that 同樣的 經 歷had ' 在 不no 斷鼓 勵 下on ' 隊 what 員 都 建 to paint at the team. 我 She was uncertain herself she idea painting Nevertheless, when we kept encouraging her, she has improved a lot 立 了table. 自信心。 throughout the camp. She cut more confidently in the later games. I read from a blog of a female from another the same experience 這 些 女 coach 孩子其實 都是我 以 前 的 影team, 子 ' 缺 乏and 信 心find ' 甚 麼we 都 怕share '不知道 自己 可以創 造更 encouragement builds campers' confidence. 多可能。一個地方安泰與否'很大程度在乎女性的教育程度和福祉。美國第一夫人


ichelle Obama説得好:「當你通過了機會的門檻時,你不是把門關上,而是讓 1.MHugging - you see it all the times 門繼續打開'伸手幫助其他人都通過這個機會的門檻。」現在是我去幫助她們突破 2. Flash mob in the camp 己的時候。很高興Ultimate Peace營增加了領袖訓練的元素'希望將來能看到 3.自Boys tournament - they are serious 些入營者成為好的領袖,同時活出Ultimate ace的精神。 4.這Arabic and Jewish CIT in camp P-e no division among people


2 ^r*^'"" 1擁抱 是 整 個 in 營會 中常見 的事。 I saw myself these girls: lack of confidence, scared of 2 場 內 還 有 拉never 隊 跳 舞 know 的快閃活 動 。 achieve more than I think of. These everything, I can 3 男 are 子 聯vital 賽中運 員 都 十places: 分投入。 girls to動their whether a place can enjoy prosperity and阿 peace and 拉 伯 裔 與or 猶not 太 裔 depends 的 助 教 在 營 very 會 中 已much 打 破 種 on 族 的the 界 限well-being 。 education of its girls/women. I agree very much on what the first lady Michelle Obama said, 'When you've...walked through the doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you. No, you reach back and you give other folks the same chances that helped you succeed.' I've already walked through that doorway. Now it's time to help other girls see breakthroughs in themselves. It's glad to see Ultimate Peace has incorporated leadership training in the camps. Hope to see campers becoming leaders in the future, and live out the spirit of Ultimate Peace." 4

Ultin Itimate Peace組織

Ultimate Peace is an American non-profit Ultimate Peace是美國一個非牟利組織。這個組 organization. It uses the sport Ultimate 織的工作是向身處紛爭地方的青少年推廣飛盤運 Frisbee a 動means to, promote 動 ' 藉as 此運 建立了解 互信和和平。 understanding, trust and peace among youths in conflict-plagued communities. SEPTEMBER 2013


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