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Newsletter 35

Wanda Surf Club Inc.



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Wanda SLSC Inc.

Shire Credit Union

Address: Marine Esplanade Cronulla NSW 2230

State Titles


9523 4343


9523 4491

Keith Garthon— Scattering of Ashes

PO Box 39 Cronulla NSW 2230 Club Wanda Tel: 0414 077 701

Keith Garthon, Founding Member of Wanda, Life Member and past Club President, will have his ashes scattered on Sunday 30th March at 1.00pm at Wanda. All welcome.

Inside this issue:

Good Luck—Aussies!


Sunday 18th May 2014. Mark your diaries.

Solly’s Joke of the Newsletter


Details to follow...

State Titles


Black Hawk Helicopter


Wanda’s Senior Presentation Day will be

Sponsorship Policy and Proce- 9 & 10 dures

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

AUSSIES Good luck to our members attending the Australian Surf Lifesaving Titles (‘Aussies’) in Perth next week. We wish you all the best and hope you have a great and memorable

Solly’s Joke of the Newsletter A blond man shouts frantically into the phone “My wife is pregnant and her contractions are only two minutes apart!” “Is this her first child?” asks the Doctor. “No!” he shouts, “this is her husband!”.

Solly had some Japanese students visiting from Cronulla High School and he and his visitors taught them about the surf and the great things about Wanda. Can you spot Solly?

Looking for world class coaching???? Dick Caine’s Olympic Pool and Gym, Carwar Avenue Carss Park NSW 2221 Dick Caine has coached Olympic, World and National Champions!!! See tributes, galleries etc. on Check it out! Learn to swim, stroke correction, fitness, weights and boxing Contact: Ph. 9546 4203 or Fax. 9546 2674, after hours 0408 072 425.

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35


Recently some of our members were fortunate enough to go for a ride in a Black Hawk helicopter. This was organised by the Army. The members below were chosen for their commitment to their patrols as well as the ‘extra time’ they have given over this season to assist other patrols. We understand it was a great experience and an enjoyable ride. (Chris Taylor, Lachlan Pryke, Jared Adams-Lau and Mitch Palmer)

One of our sponsors, Kim from Supa Lloyds IGA Cronulla with Mitchell Allum. Supa Lloyds IGA Cronulla have been nominated for a National Award for their Community Chest Program. They were our major sponsor for our World Team who were successful in November 2012 and took home the title of ‘World Youth Team 2012’. We wish Kim and everyone at Supa Lloyds IGA Cronulla the best for this award.

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

STATE TITLES MARCH 2014 Wanda was very successful at the recent State Surf Titles placing 3rd overall after Newport and Manly. Congratulations to all who competed on behalf of Wanda. You did us proud, all of you! See top three results below: Gold Open 2K Run

- Ali Najem

U/19 2 K Run

- Ali Najem

U/19 Rescue Tube Rescue

- Danielle McMahon, Taylar Puskaric, Georgie Woods, Izel Tuncer

U/19 Surf Race

- Jay Furniss

U/17 Belt Race

- Izaak Smith

U/15 2K Race

- Joshua Fernandes

Silver Open Female Double Ski

- Danielle McMahon, Abbey Schott

Open 5 Person R&R

- Blake McCrindle, Kurt Melville, Stuart Smith, Grant Sandstrom, Brock Douglas

U/19 Ironman

- Jay Furniss

U/19 Board

- Taylar Puskaric

U/19 2K Run

- Emily Rohr

U/19 Taplin

- Taylar Puskaric, Izel Tuncer, Danielle McMahon

U/15 Beach Relay Team

- Hudson Berry, Dane Cooper, Joshua Fernandes, Jamee Smith

U/15 Tube Race

- Britney Pierce

U/15 Surf Race

- Britney Pierce

Bronze Open 6 Person R&R

- Kurt Melville, Blake McCrindle, Stuart Smith, Brock Douglas, Grace Sheridan, Grant Sandstrom

Open Mixed 5 Person R&R

- Luisa Backhouse, Glen Bell, Blake McCrindle, Grace Sheridan, Stuart Smith

Open 2K Run

- Mitchell Palmer

Open Beach Relay

- Stephen Holbeach, James Karagiannis, Matthew Lewis, Tate Wilkins

U/19 Belt

- Jay Furniss

U/19 Board

- Jay Furniss

U/19 Ski

- Jay Furniss

U/19 Surf Race

- Taylar Puskaric

U/19 Surf Team

- Taylar Puskaric, Abbey Schott, Izel Tuncer, Danielle McMahon

U/17 Rescue Tube

- Izaak Smith

U/17 Beach Sprint

- Peter Axiotis

U/15 2K Run

- Elly Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Donoghue

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

STATE TITLES MARCH 2014— MASTERS Congratulations to our Masters competitors. We are proud of you!

130 yrs min. Male Board Relay 5th place—Bolewski, Joel, Iredale, Christopher, Meyer, Peter

150 yrs min. Male Surf Team 2nd place—Brannock, Tait, Brannock, Michael, de Vries, Andrew

30-34 Female Single Ski 6th place—Fox, Susan

35-39 Male Iron Man 3rd place—Buttel, Paul

35-39 Male Single Ski 4th place—Buttel, Paul

35-39 Male Double Ski 4th place—Buttel, Paul and Georgaris, Michael Jnr

40-44 Male 2KM Beach Run 5th place— McMaster, Scott

45-49 Male 2KM Beach Run 2nd place—Campbell, Jock

50-54 Male Board Rescue 4th place—Iredale, Christopher, Meyer, Peter

65-69 Male Single Ski 6th place—Georgaris, Michael (Apologies if I have missed anyone)

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

Do you want to join the Jet Ski Team? Surf Life Saving Sydney Inc. ISSUE DATE: 26th March 2014 CIRCULAR NO: 34/13-14 TO: Clubs, Presidents, Secretaries, Captains FROM: RWC Advisor, Kym Pennell CC: SLSS Management, BoL Management SOG Manager, George Shales SUBJECT: Expressions of Interest SLSS SOG RWC (Support Ski) Team – new trainees 2014 Expressions of Interest are now being sought from experienced members who are interested in joining the SOG RWC (Support Ski) team. Prerequisites include: SLSA Bronze Medallion/Cert II – proficient Senior First Aid Certificate – current SLSA Advanced Resuscitation Techniques Certificate – proficient SLSA Silver Medallion Patrol Captain/Beach Management SLSA Silver Medallion IRB Driver Motor vehicle license and the ability to tow the RWC trailer Three (3) years active SLSA experience All pre requisites will be required to be met to be considered for acceptance. RWC operators provide patrols along the coast including areas within Botany Bay as well as supporting club patrols. Because of the nature of the service, applicants will need to demonstrate a high level of lifesaving skills, surf awareness, experience and dedication. Applicants need to be aware that acceptance into the training school requires a commitment to complete the training program and that the applicant is prepared to undertake patrols on the RWC. It is anticipated that you will be required to complete at least 20 hours of patrols per season. Patrols consist of self roster with half day patrols, or the option of full day.

How to Apply : Applications are to be in writing and are to include a submission that outlines your suitability for selection and a letter of support from your Club Captain or President or other senior member of your club. This letter should include a reference to the applicant’s suitability to RWC duties. The Selection process includes a selection panel comprising of the Director of Lifesaving, Support Operations Manager and RWC Advisor. Successful applicants will be required to attend evening and weekend training sessions and pass a theory and practical exam. It is intended that this next intake of trainees will commence training Sunday 4th May 2014 at Cronulla.

Applications including letter of support from members Club, close at SLSS Branch office by COB Thursday 24th April 2014 Applications can be mailed to SLSS PO Box 6006 Malabar 2036 or Fax : 9019 0720 or emailed to Kym Pennell George Shales RWC Advisor Support Operations Manager

Wanda Surf Club Inc.

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Newsletter 35

As a thank you for your continued support of The Shire..Local Banking we are running another Facebook competition and all current followers are automatically in the running to win an iPad mini. Please LIKE and SHARE our page so others can join the competition as well, all they need to do is visit our page and hit the 'like' button. Best of luck to all. (Authorised under permit number LTPS/14/01154. Competition ends May 15, 2014 full terms and conditions visit Click here to visit the facebook page Karen Harper The Shire ...Local Banking Marketing Manager Website: Phone: Fax: 8536 8004 9521 4754


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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 34

SHIRE CREDIT UNION Check out Shire Credit Unionâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s new logo and name. Also, make an appointment to see one of their staff for a Financial Health Check. All Wanda members who take up the Financial Health check will receive a memento Kombie Van Money Box!!!! Please make sure say you are from Wanda as this helps raise money for the surf club.

These Kombi Van money boxes are also available to purchase through the office for $20.00. Limited stock is available.

Wanda Surf Club Inc.

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Newsletter 35


Come and enjoy the view, have a drink or twoâ&#x20AC;Ś and remember the members draw takes place at 5.00pm every Sunday. You must be there to win it! The members draw is sponsored by BOOST


Cossies... Just to let you know that we have cossies (men's and ladies) available for sale in the office. Please contact Carol or Lizzy on 9523 4343 is you need to purchase a new cossie.

Great ideas for Age Managers/Coaches etc. CLOTHINGâ&#x20AC;Ś Hopefully you have all now seen the clothing range. We have some items for perusal in the office. Orders can be taken and once we received 10 or more items we can place the order. Payment must be made at the time of ordering. Please contact the office on 9523 4343 if you have any questions. Nipper parents who are bronze holders and IRB drivers are MOST welcome to attend rostered patrols at any time. We are always looking to boost our numbers on patrol and, as we have many nipper parents who are bronze holders, it would be great to see you on patrol! Maybe your child is on a patrol? This could be something you could do together. If anyone is interested please contact the office on 9523 4343 and we can help you out.

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

SPONSORSHIP POLICY AND PROCEDURES Dear Wanda Members RE: Wanda SLSC Sponsorship Policy and Procedures Update Wanda SLSC has had a Sponsorship Policy document for a number of years. Each year it is circulated to Wanda members to ensure everyone is aware of the sponsorship policy and procedures. It is important that Wanda SLSC continues to develop and maintain a professional and equitable approach to managing the Wanda SLSC sponsorship program. This letter is a summary of the Sponsorship Policy and Procedures document: 1.

The Wanda SLSC Sponsorship Policy and Procedures:


Acts as a guide to assist the Club, when negotiating with sponsors, the types of benefits available to them.


Endeavours to ensure that Wanda SLSC is consistent in its approach in dealing with all sponsors.


Highlights that certain Wanda SLSC approvals must be sought before a sponsorship is pursued.


Stresses the importance of no conflict of interest with sponsors within the same industry.


Endeavours to ensure that Wanda SLSC does not enter into a sponsorship agreement where an organisations’ objectives do not match Wanda SLSC.


Finance and Sponsorship Committee


The Finance and Sponsorship Committee is the responsible entity for managing the sponsorship program for the Wanda SLSC. The Assistant Finance Director is the Chair of this Committee.


The Wanda SLSC Sponsorship Manager is also a member of the Finance and Sponsorship Committee. The Sponsorship Manager’s role and responsibilities involves seeking, securing and maintaining sponsorship for the clubs’ activities as agreed by Wanda SLSC.

Sponsorship Approval Process 3.1

While most of the sponsorships are negotiated and developed by the Wanda SLSC Sponsorship Manager, there are times when Wanda SLSC members may be in a position to pursue various contacts and networks for sponsorship opportunities. When Wanda SLSC members pursue sponsorships it must be undertaken in a professional manner and approved first by the Finance and Sponsorship Committee.


Any Wanda SLSC member wishing to seek and approach a potential sponsor must submit a request for approval via the Finance and Sponsorship Committee. This is important so that the Committee can assess and scrutinize the potential sponsor to ensure there is no conflict of interest with current sponsors and/or Wanda SLSC objectives. IMPORTANT: The current sponsors are attached FYI. Members or sub-committees must NOT approach current sponsors on this list unless you have approval from the Finance & Committee.


To ensure that sponsorship opportunities are not missed in between Finance & Sponsorship Committee meeting schedules, Wanda SLSC members can contact the Assistant Finance Director. The matter can be dealt with via email with the Committee (provided the proposal is not too complex that it requires detailed face-to face discussion - a special meeting may be deemed necessary in this instance).


Any Wanda SLSC member who discusses a sponsorship and associated benefits with a potential sponsor must not make any commitments until they have talked through their ideas with the Wanda Sponsorship Manager who will keep the Sponsorship and Finance Committee informed. Wanda SLSC has developed Sponsorship Benefit Levels so it is important that we provide benefits in a consistent and equitable manner.

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

Managing Sponsorships

All sponsorships will be clarified in writing through a letter of agreement or the standard Wanda SLSC Sponsorship Memorandum of Understanding. In some cases the sponsor’s sponsorship agreement contract will be used and the sponsor may insist on it for legal reasons especially for sponsorships worth $5500 or more. Wanda SLSC members who are responsible for a sponsorship eg surf life saving equipment for their section or an activity such as a carnival, must get sponsor approval in writing every time you use the sponsor’s logo. It’s a legal requirement. Ongoing communication with Wanda SLSC sponsors is very important. It makes or breaks the success of the sponsorship and whether it will continue. Just because Wanda SLSC has received sponsorship funds it does not end there. Wanda SLSC believes in maintaining long term relationships and loyalty with supporters. That is why the Sponsorship Manager’s role is valuable when they manage the sponsorship for Wanda SLSC they ensure this communication happens. The types of communication important to the success of a sponsorship include: Thank you letter personally signed by the Wanda SLSC President Christmas card Letter/acknowledgement in times of achievement/ congratulations Flowers/card of condolence in times of need Telephone calls to touch base and get feedback (including a debrief after the sponsorship is complete) Invitations to key Wanda events/informal drinks at the club Photos provided (informal/fun) of the equipment/carnival sponsored Supporting the sponsors products and services – let them know that you do! VERY IMPORTANT. Over the years Wanda SLSC has established and maintained a number of long term relationships with sponsors eg Caltex, Brooks, Tradies, Fitness First. Sutherland United Services Club, Purnell Motors, Cronulla RSL, Rockdale RSL and Southside Runners, just to name a few. Many of these sponsors have financially supported the Club for well over ten years and our partnerships are still going strong. We rely of these funds and it is very important that we protect these relationships. Wanda has built a reputation for being professional, reliable, consistent and considerate of our sponsors. As we have legal sponsorship agreements with our sponsors I cannot stress enough how important it is that all members follow the policy and guidelines, especially the Sponsorship Approval process at point 3. Thank you for you support on this matter. If you have any queries please refer these to the Finance & Sponsorship Committee. If you have any potential sponsor leads or Wanda project ideas for sponsorship please refer these to our Sponsorship Manager, Gay Curtis at Anita Pryce President Wanda SLSC On behalf of the Finance & Sponsorship Committee and Management Committee 14/11/13

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35


Sat 29th March

Patrol 7


James Caterson


Sat 29th March

Patrol 1


Graham Hill


Sun 30th March

Patrol 2


Kathleen Fox


Sun 30th March

Patrol 4


Emma Cullen


If you find yourself alone on patrol please call the numbers of the door of the patrol room IMMEDIATELY. PATROL REQUIREMENTS 

Wearing your full uniform

Sign on and off the patrol log when you arrive and leave

And stay vigilant at all times.

If you cannot make your patrol, you MUST find a substitute. Please also contact the office to advise if you cannot find a substitute. See the FACEBOOK page for patrolling members. This is a good way to find a substitute.

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Wanda Surf Club Inc.

Newsletter 35

LIFESAVING REQUIREMENTS All Under 15 to Open members shall be rostered to a patrol at the start of the season All members are required to attend their rostered patrols or arrange a substitute for that patrol All members not attending their patrol should advise their patrol Captain before the patrol so that we can ensure that we have correct numbers on all patrols All members must be in attendance before the start time of their patrol to assist with the set up in the morning and must be in attendance during the patrol and not leave unless approved by Patrol Captain All members must ensure that they have their full uniform on for the start and finish of the patrol and this also includes the skull cap as well as the red wide brim hat or cap that was supplied to all members before the end of the season NO MEMBER WILL BE ALLOWED TO SIGN ON IF NOT IN UNIFORM Members must ensure that they advise their patrol Captain when leaving the beach for any reason Members who miss a rostered patrol will have to make up that patrol plus a penalty patrol if no sub is found Members who miss 2 patrols will be asked to attend a Lifesaving Meeting to explain why they have missed Members failing to attend will be suspended from the club until such time they appear All members must ensure that they have done their annual proficiency before 31st December. If you are not proficient after this date. Members must be VIGILANT when on patrols and ensure that we are carrying out our duty of ensure that people are kept in flag area during patrols (patrols are not for catching up on your sleep) All members of the patrol must assist with the set up and pack down of patrols Request for leave for end of year exams must be applied for in writing to the Club Captain before the dates of the exams All members must ensure that they sign on for patrols in the patrol log and off at the end of the patrol so that your correct hours can be recorded in surf guard All members are reminded that every Sunday at 11.00am we conduct a surf race of which all members must complete at least 1 every month

WANDA S.L.S.C. – MAJOR SPONSORS Peter Kerr of Kemp Strang Lawyers



Lifesaving & IRB

Carnivals Kerry Logistics (Australia Pty Ltd) Greenhills Beach Spring Beach Classic Greenhills Beach Crust Gourmet Pizza Bar, Cronulla Brooks

Sutherland to Surf Brooks Caltex Refineries (NSW) Nova 969 LGB Supplements NSW State Emergency Services NSW Police Sutherland Shire Council ST George and Sutherland Shire Leader Tradies Fitness First Coates Hire Veolia Water Australia Southside Runners ANSTO Sydney Water McDonald’s Sutherland Shire Restaurants Highland Property Agents Roads and Maritime Services Transport and Urban Planning Future Risk Pty Ltd (David Crossley) Knock-Out Pest Control

Wanda Ladies Auxiliary DHL The Holt Group Rockdale RSL Coca-Cola Amatil Cronulla RSL Cronulla Sutherland Leagues Club Cronulla Lions Club

Surf Sports Boat Section Sutherland United Services Club Sutherland Credit Union World Team Lloyds SUPA IGA Cronulla Brooks ANSTO Beach and Swimming Section Hales Redden Chartered Accountants Board and Ski Section CJ Doyle Contracting Services

Junior Activities Group Telstra CJ Doyle Contracting Services Hurstville Learn to Swim Pizza Hut Caringbah Tempus Wealth Cronulla Cinemas Boost Mobile Stephen Chu Photographer Finz Swimwear Purnell Motors Jarvis Constructions AJ Grant Bailey Personnel Telstra Business Centre Miranda Snap Printing Caringbah

Signage provided with Compliments of… Caltex Refineries, Kurnell and Newimage Signs

Newsletter 35  
Newsletter 35