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Feeling down and out? Getdn1

at honie. on your Job, ln the

Guard ~

Or are yo.a a:tandlnt •till on all fronta? Ptttu!OI. todar'abutl .. ud budehHIO"-C'DJ" down lfao.maybewcuobdpjutalill... wc.·re 00(

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all, .-.'r• JU1t pat1in1 on • rew pr•ct~ll Ideas tbat mla'hl better your lot.. Tho Ortt littl• acm olbetterment come. lrom

Air Force Bric. Ceo. 'RuPttl H. Burrh, a -.,.""

pl:Q& YC:teru ol the Air Force wbo W woo th! monic.kcr ' "Tb8 wbl) wean • .star " He.'s a


modem-clay Morado Al. .r In sky·blUe uniform.. At~ foot$,

Burrit wa1 a furn ladinArkan3.u

who wanted toOy in the wor1t way. Butevon wi1b

the bi& war on in J.94), Uncle Sam wau' r about to lei a •hoMY pikn poer out of the c;OCkpi1 of hit war pla.nes So Bwri& woud up in gunaery Khool, aod n.w JO combat m1-'om from l?qllnd Tiiie• oec d&J, Burril plolJ9cd down on his bunk whh the sunken feelin.g of a man 11 a dead st•ndJltUl. ""'d be a aunntr roccver, un,lc•• he m•de •move. socu.nnuy Sti:L Burri• tnaPJ)tld out a plan to t.e-t abcad in c:ommWlieiitiont. Soon the

det~ll'llfd atoekf guftDU WU &er•mblina u,p Che P")motloa LMdes-. TOO.)', UeM:raJ &uni.. i.a •• • top ~ oomM•nd•r ()( cM AF Comm~tioM Sc.nice, he•dquartcred at Rich.llrd1..Ce"-ur AP Bate,

M.lssourl, He a lso learned to fly on hh1 own. amaul n1t more 1han 1.000 hou..s 0Cpriv111e nylna: dme ··t tdl •ll mypeaplei, aad u.rone •lM I cu set to 1ls1t11 to that tbere ere onlf tbrn main thlnQS JOU hllve to be• tucceN," the genu•J wu



"Flrtt, ••a Unk bll NOH than •nfbod)' else. Ropd\llly, that little bit more wUl be vlalble to somebody Bue make it• practice to doa llt1le bit more tban chose pecipk •round you.

··s.coocs,Ill takifta atock of )'O'W"M'U to~­

cr 1he Improvement• you have- to m•ke 111ttitude, capabilitiet, 1o.J.a. whatever - you have co be bnnaU)' Mne1t with your1e1r. ''11.e:n, and lhi• i• the third thine, whitn you rmd out wMc )'OU mu•• do to ~lu thole Improve• m.ftltl. )'OU oot proeTUduC.. Voa hli~ to ~ CIUI •nd 8ft with it, l.mmedlatdy:•

About the cover: Mike Burns, a Seattle graphic artist wat a member of the Guard who spent hit summer cemps working in the public Information office. of the 81st .Brigade. Burns ca tured

Coupled with thlt tb.ree-way formula for

tUCC«t, here'• a bit of poetic advice from poc;t

Mu Etmllu.a to ht.Ip you survive today~s rat• nee. pace: "Go pl.acidly amid the ooiM aad baste aml nm.crt1ber wbac pcacie there may bl: In 1i1eoc;c. As far a1 pos.slbl6 whhout $u;rrendor, be oo 1ood terms with all peraon1. Speak yCM1r truth quietly and clearly: and ll•ten too<ben, evt n lheduJJ and ijptOraltt: they. 100, bave tbc:i:r•tory, ''A\"oid bad •nd ..,.ruaive Pfl'tODl-, lbcJ are -nxatloos to the 1of;rlt. U YoU corn,.,.. )"OWWlf with 01.ben. JOU ma)' become: ••lft and bitter; ro.alwaya there will be creater- and laHr- persoa& th11n yourrsdf. ~l\loy your oc.blev•m•nt.t1 as well

•• your plaoa:. "KMP ~... hi your~ career, h0We¥· C':r tlumblc; ii lt a real poQt'fSW. in lllccNftg:lq rort11a« or time. E.-crcls.e cautlofl. I n your buflnqs affalrt; for the w<arld ia fuJI of trickery. Hui let this Mt bllftd you 10 what virtue there ia: m1ny pc:rwna 1trlvo for hfgh lde•I•: and every· where life iS full cf her'Clitm.. " Be )'Ollrselt. &lpeci.9.Uy, do tlOf tc:ign al!ectiM. Neither be cyaka) about love: fot"l• the face nt all -.rid:1-ty and dl.Hocbutmeorit II b pertcuailll •• the 1ra:s~. ~ '' kindly co1.1AHI or the ye•r1, 1racefuUy turN1nderin1 t he 1hlo1t or youth. Nurture 11ren&:th of spiril co &bickl you In auddea mi1f o,.-1 u oc. But do not distrcat yo 1;1rulf with 1raaJinif!as.. Many rean are. born ol tatigoc •M lontUDas. Beyood a wbolaomc: clltc:ipliM. be scnt&e with you111elf. "You are a chllcl ottbe unlvette, no leas than tha trees and 1t•N: you have a rl1h1 tu be here. Aod whether or not It b elur ro you, no doubt tbe uti•cne la unfo&dlftl u '' should •"ll.lerd'ON b9 •t peace wiU. God, whatever you cooi;.eive bbn tO be', and wbatcvc.r yourlabon and 11pirat:ians, In the nols1confu1ionofbfekeep peace wl1h your 1oul. "Wltb all it• th.t.m, drudgery, •nd broken dtt.11m1., h is ariJJ a bff.utiful """1d. Be cattful Striv. io be: hippy." Coodhdl

many or the moods of Yaldma Firina Center durifta his stint with the Guard.

TIM! ••o.d. '' cover was painted by 8UTD3 about eight yea_rs ago. Another of hii illustrations is on a e 7.

Kiet Thuong Ly, Khol Mong Nguyen and Thanh Ngoc Nguyen (first. second and fourth above) passed FAA examinations

c Viet

pilots try new wings with Guardsmen coaching

Three former \1ictnnmet>C Air"

F occc pilots, with help rrc>m 1he Washington Army National Guard,

have pl!l?J$ed Federal Avin t lon Adminis tration examioalioos 10 become c ivUiaA pilots in the United St•tci;. '1be- men, Klet Tbuoo& l.y. Kbol Mona Nguyen and Thtinh ~· s oc Na:uyet1., li\'ed a t the Camp Murray rerusee center at the time of the tc:1ts.

They were amon& si.x ro rnler Vietname:Se pilots "'ho $\tidied a t tbc Guard's Army A\•ja.tionSupp<>rt Facility at f'ort Lewis in p rcp3ra· tion for the tests, wbi~ were slven C)l'I

July 2S.

C WO l.ylc l\nder11on said al! the men would be eivi:n itddlrlonaJ t raJnlng, with cla11se11 wllicb started the last week of Augus t. ' ' The one!! that passed are private pilo1s;• he exp1a1ned.. ''Yt'e will U'Y to Sive 1tie1:n llc'11tte Jnore linina to get them commercial ~tin1a..

"Tbe three tbat failed. we'U gi,•c

them a retake."

Anderson attributed the un· successful attempui to a lack of s kill with Engli&b. H e said the National Cuard is rtt0ro.mendjna a refresher course In the langu.a1,ic for them. The six men began studying tor the PAA te-st in ear ly JuJy. Tilelr rlrst week was spen.t at the Clc.>,•cr Park Vocatfonal·TcebnicaJ ln$tilute tor a concentrated course i n av1a11.0n EngUsb, according to ~faj . Hnb Watllng, commander of 1htt Nadonal Guard's Army A1ria· li()n Support flaclUty. The second wet: k waa spent at tbc support raciUty In the s t udy of tc.chnic:al subjects the Viemimesc wou1d nC:cd 10 koow to pass the F AA examina1M>n. All six are &ood a l rmea, said watllng. Some ti.ave perror:medou1· s taruiing feats ot pDoting.. Maj. Khoi liilon1 Nauyen, he noted. loaded 3SS V~tname$C 110I· dlers and civilian.s into his CIJO al OaNane last April • nd t11fely flew the crOwded plane co Saigon.

~'Th;:st .(lirptnn& ilf dcsig1htd to bold 120 ;it a m3ximu.m, ~' Wat11n9 said. The men were up ea.c.h mc>mlng at S a.m, Co 11tudy f1lr 11111'! .fuly 25 exam-i nation, \Vl;llling iJ111id . And c...-cn after c l a i;,se:i; ended at S, they \\'OUld ni'lurn {() c;amp Murray and s tudy until tt p. m. Cir, be said The Vietnamese 1otd a reporter thot they greatly :i.ppreelat&d the cha nce (() build .s_ new li te. and thanked t he State o!Wasltlngton tor siVing them th31 opportunity. Tbt ;'lvintor 1raln1Jss program wu.11 plunned 3S a one·tim&·only effort, Wat llng said, but he pledged th<ll Nattc>nal Guard nlcrs wW con· ~nu.e 10 work wJtb the men until

(hey $ UCCeed.

"We're <1do(lting this gro up," W;111llf18 !tald. " We're going to get t h ~m through that commercial exum." The 01her t bree pUots are Truna Van Nsuyen, Hong Van Trinh a nd U Oac ffo . They. too, lived at the Ca1np n.turray c~nter.

A little new lf )'OU need a wnrd to describe aru:1ual training 191!1. lbat • •Md is


r-----.., I

Everyne, h 11eerned, w:is do.tog S(>methlng new or aolng ~epl3ce

new. or both. AJmo:st C\'errooe le3rned a new word thhs svmmer - AR1'€P. Yi'hat it stands for is Anny Ttalitlng and Evalua&ioo Progrrun. ll ls a oew way to dct('rmine th~ r~..::idu'leSS of a military unit, (See related story, ,Page 7t. 'lbe lt1t nu., 16lst Infantry was one of the $'1« u!lits lO be in\'o1\•Cd tn , teistiog ARTE.P at \'akim;a "'lrlog

Ctntes-. Tanke:r5 from 1st Bn.• 3Clllrd Armor tried out an Annor ARTEP i.t Yaki·


•• •

: · ..... JI'

for everyone this summer ma, and 2d Kn . l46UI ArtiUt'.ry, ran thrqh "'1 Artillery ARTElP OIL Fl. Lt•t1tiJ. I Anolh~ ~ thU. IOI lhe

Yllim• - - tbe

,,_IY. ancl a1


mits Oil 1be hiJ)$

8$ ~·~ woestrow. n .as «Pte

ftft ""'-"" . . . . . . "


.......... -

......., 1">I .,,,.

. . WU qu;llt f!llnlbar 10 f'\'«YOQe. )

Flltn trom tbe $-ltlb A•iatioa ComP~l'.IY ilfld the "vl.:rUOft Stttiotl of !hoe a1a Btl(Gdl some fancy nrw nylf'll( l@chniqt>efl cal100 Nap of the E11nh (NOEi "'·hlch b.-d them Ul<M'lCing '"°'"" n canyc.1n..11, jumpll'la over r1dge# find tr1pph1Q (Iver $11,gebrt.ial


!Ritlatod Mory, P{!Rfl 10), Thtr~ w.•u ii kit of nt.'W 9Celler)' for just abou't t'o'tf')IOIK' in Ullt l4tth

Bn... oul of ~nla. Part or IM bauahon a WSth Tn& poru<IOOI Co. pil..<d a 100-fool tug. Mli1 from T~ 10 Ancborage:. Alalb ........... •Ge loMk'd •llll ~ . ........... Qmd erppmen: wfllfh -~ ltamla'n!d to &ht Atasb


Goan!. Bad wt.aMJ and Dl«baOc:at ~ Im!$ fol lowtd U.(111 up ;uwd: bade.,

makln• tht trip • tndy' tndnlnl fl'li.s91on fSC017, Page Sf), Olhtt m\"l'nbtrt or tlw $0ilh joined the 1118th Tt.11n11>tlftatiofi C.1. P.fOO. 81>at) 11nd tht 14-ttb :it Wbidbey

l!iland NavAI Alr Stali&n Cor two weeks In July, fl 01



Ume the


couard1men hl)d e\le:r l rajncd al \\'hidbey 1Story. 1•age U). Atld. the OOIJ.UI' • f.relght &bip Q$ ill\'01vfld in ~ 11t1Mtlf.c missi.«1 a• Cob Stamou111 ott ti.e Wa!bi:ogt011


MM'lbtn .. lJI Sn.. ~ Atmllt', and :trd k . ltbl Inf-try, htadtd seiath 10 lhtir rapeetlTe branc"b lebrXlfl. Fl. Kno.1. Ky.. and FL Bmmni:. Ca., for .t0me up-lo-cbi.e ttai&ins in Infantry ~nd armor tactica and ~Jpmau. · All Qf the ddfe:rcot m:Uv1Ues and

trainlnt"C 1l1uo1lon1 cneoontered by W1111hlrtRtf11l Cuardsmcn {111d Guards· wun1e-1\ <1vtr the wmmcr month1 m11dift Summer Ci.:171> 75 s unique tll;DW\MOf.


: ''



A pa¡trol crosses a hill line

8t Yakima Firing Center

Femmes in the field "Sarne man mu6t have rolled thi$," 6aid SPS Emily

SgL Rod< Bronkh0<st

McDonald ( left), Sci1t1le, a

member o( the 81,r Brigade's

headquarters $ll'ff, wh~n she reac.h ed a t<angle in lhe wire. t.teaowhile, SP6 Carolyn ft. Pierce, algo a member of 8lst

Brigade's hei1 d qui1 rt~r!I , un¡ packed bet overnight haQ and headed for t he women's 1enL Both women $<'lid 1hey enj oy ed being jn the rield. Thl.5 Is the second )'ear Guardswomen b.ava biv(>uaet'd ln the-wilderness.

A new kind of training

ARTEP tested in state By L t. John Ellingson Three batlll!. l l one or the W asht11 g t o n J\rruy Nat i Dl' Cuerd':os IU st Infantry Briaade were hH·ohte.1 this rummer in a pr1,1iJl"am to t~e.E a aew Army c n1d nlne oom:cpL ARTliP (Arrit)' Tra•pinig aod Ev~l ua tion Program) lir:is boc11 [ield tested Oi'l regulnli Army unitis over r:hc pa r )'es.i, bot tbls was tile fin!lt sumnn:r that Nn• lonai Guard 11md Re&er!ic u lilrs bcc:anae Involved in iu. valid~• tC>Jl. ARTEP has bcco de.'llWJCd to f'1!'"

place Army TraU1jns Tests (ATT) and Arm)' Train iPB Progrnms t ATP) Partic.-Jpa.tina in the AKTEP tc!!Cf· inll w~ 1st Bn., 161 !tit Infantry 1 lnd Bn. , l,l03rd Armor. &.nd tin., I t6ch 1-'L&ld ArtiUery. Under the old Army a:rltiniag co1ti;cp1 ufll.ts WCI'~ required to 9;ve a set :nwnber m hl.llll'& of iastrui::tlon for c-ena i n mi U t a.ry S'lil b jects. a c~ordina 10 Maj. D11le R•ckaby. upererions m11.I traioin111 ~pe-cl&liet r••r die Bbt iBtilgade. For c:1mn1ple, ha sai'3 , a rifle . q1Jad woutd devote- n s~einc

perioo 1'.lf time for a parucuJEtr 1rttininK objective like weapons firias. Under ARTF.P, chat squad wnuld: be glve.n B. tull - 111eapow; riring and i!itanderd~ ~·hkh mua,t be 1n ocoom plisbjny •hat tuk - perhaps 80 per cent flits c>A t.ar1ct!I. Tf\e u:nir Cl>mmandcr tl'ten bu ehe responsibiUt)' to BC-e Inst his mt:n are able to perform tbe task. ill3' " ·ei1 a& the lltandards dema11d. The p11mber of Murs the-)· spend tramirtg fol' the uuk is dett=rmincd by him - not lb)' an inflexible ll'llimng KL-!1edule WbcP th.e unit btts bad cnuugh tralnina 1u eccomplisll the tuk ln 1ho wa)' [b_ey arc 1u. th.en they cun mova on to ocher t1ubjectSi. ''1\i-.fore a oornmanding officer WBJI bnilnd by tlJt: n.umbeT Ot IJlOUirS

on a 1ra.•run11 11rthedulc," said, •·but now tie- ls bound only by pl'ofldeocy in tbac. subjeEt.." The ARTEP pro~r-' m was develop.~d and tested cm re~r Arm}' 1roopa and unil$, h LU it a lso b_ad be tc:ii;lt!!d on res.el'Ve IU'ld. Guar<l.I soldicri!i to hclp detcnnJM


whi1' s tandci.rds of pe rforrnaoce could be eitpeeled from part-tnne troops.. Tb e perfo r-ma 11ic r: or the Waahitigum baua1ion"S wlU be 11CJ1L ba<:lC 10 cbc Peniagon ftlf" ituerpreta· lion, and yriU be used to revise 1hl!

Night nnng of tanks under ·t he flares

.ARTEP pac.kaec if any rcvbinns Ufe OOCCS$11t')'.

Tug got good trai

Wtth barge in tow. LT 2076 sets course for Araska out of The R.E.bFIRAM ( Readf:ana

FrGm Red~.ilrl bu • ~on or Army Material) progr-am sot a tu.e in the ri,bi d ire~Hfl.Q in June from e

Wa&hiimll?lon Arm:t• Natio11._1 Goord boat


ln additilon. lhe Al~b National Guard pie ke d UJI ~<Omc 111:uod' equipment, and the erew ri;turncd •o riffl-1: 'lllo'itb a sea chest t'uJ.I o! (J1"'il~­ tic;.i1.l training in movhtg cat'I@ ~ver ICing ~lio:;trui"'8

And. meboat s:kipper CWJi Stil.D Liiy came l':Jome. wlth a lew e;itlrB

aray hairs.

All of thoi!ie tbings.hap~i;;rl durin1 aa unuauai & camp for tbD TacDms based S061b Tn1n~

poirte.tlon Co .• \¥ hlch c ~ ir r iied u Pu.get So11nd rn A I~~ kit. REDf'RAM hes been gruns nn for abaut a year_ lu pu1rpm1c Ui to military equipme-.n• frgm r;mit'5 that have na need tor ff ~o '411il$ lhat 'i'Ye a ru!t!d. The Wa11-hiin11ton Gnard WH raor,g.enb_ed aooul a year a90, and 1>ne 11"11mpor1t11tiion unit. whleh WA>S r:llll'ill!' from


equlppcd wl1h Ml 16 pe-r.iH;1rinel

would h;iivc to use:. And.

carrii:r.s; wss dhll'Gnde<L

to do Im.

Ala~b N-.tional Guard lhc carrier~. Sinl:t!! l hc: Wasbl 11BU.m Guard b:a:9 ch.a only $ei1H'Oiag Narim1al Ouerd unit in the ~try. it Wilti decided, wi th r he ar g lni;: uf Wasbh1,glt1ln'6 Untretl Sl<i tcs .Pro11ert:1o' and Fii;t;al Office direi;te>r. Cot. Thomas R. Stcwarll.. 1ham transp urtini tb.e c q n ipn1 1t:n l from li' ~ .;:o ma t o Ancooragc aboard a GUiJrd barge rowed by"' Guard mg wo.i rd lrive I.he c:;.rcw an e;JWCricnee. Tl'lcy wou_Mi

LT-207C). the ru~et, •s abou• 100 feel Io ns ; big cnoogh lo be




get the


1rs311ijn11: [i:om

po s b J a i= and ,pull ing dl.'.lmm~ t:AU"jl:OOR ali'Uund inland WB~ Cl"WEIYS. Some oo.neern11. were eJqJf"C;!l&elJ about the abl!U:y of the tlll'I: and ti:i.r11:e to irtrmd up to h'l'llf ttl,p, fnul weartn:::f' Md open &~11 thar would be mcounten:d. bm s1·e wart pointed illH ; •'If WJc we r~ iedcra Lhcd tomorrow a ad told to t;ii'k11 a carvo to Alaska. 1 h~f5 ~utpmen• wet



clas;gllJe-(1 11$ a 1ar,u1 rus:. bur abatt't

30 feet &barter than t he irun-ol-tliemill oc-ea.o·gniins tu11 boat on dtt= Alaska run,


The barge:, "3 llat bottom~ ves.!l~i with a 0011pl't!! ur :&:ki:aa to kee,p lt tnCIJ..og "'4elL, ht(:.kcd the -ste.bOlry and 1&•ind :fdis~tlm;c of a deep · · v·· keeled ocean·K(JiIIK b-a:riee. IJllring rhe fir!lt week q[ JWJe lhe cargo w~ hmdcd and la~l1cd d'awn for the j ucniey. Ats p.m ,gn June6, mei:ue pulfed away h-om the dock Bild headed. north rhr-olll\Hh Puipt Sound. 'l'1M: depa vtvre time: was ehoacn H> ,aUow the lui: to 11rriv·11 et Sey rni;i~ .M.reldt ui

N~l"TQ\IT~, a w~t"N ;ihng't

treacherous lullf way n:p

rhe h:ngth of Vanoouver lillandl, ~t ]OM' l~de .

Bui, wJlc:n the boat ·pa~.sed rrom Ebe rn•c1:tion of mhe otyrnpjc


Seattle 75 washington's bicentennial . â&#x20AC;˘




GOV. EVANS Members of the National Guard , On behalf of the citizens of the State of Washington, it is a pleasure to welcome you to the Evergreen State. , During your 97th Annual Conference, while you are again dedicating yourself . to the defense and support of our country, take time out to enjoy this great state. ,,From the Canadian to the Oregon border and from the desert to the ocean, Washington welcomes you. The National Guard has earned the respect and admiration of the civilian community. In this state the close alliance between the Guj\rdsmen and citizenry is a model, due to the untiring efforts of the Guard to support citizens during disasters, military activations, civil unrest or community support programs. We hope your conference is successful and plt!.Gtse cuu1e :see us again.

Sincerely, Daniel J. Evans Governor

GEN. McGEE Fellow Guardsmen, The Washington National Guard is privileged to be your host for the 97th NG AUS General Conference. Many hours and considerable effort bas been expended to make your conference a success. If we in the Washington Guard can assist you in either business or social areas, during your stay, please contact us . :Again welcome to the Evergreen State. Sincerely, HOWARD S.,McGEE Major General, WashARNG General Chairman


OUR ASSOCIATION. -'Officer and enlisted ranks close in association merger TM "'•tional Guard


ot W••lllo.g:too, U:lcof'90r•ted In 1191, m erged witb tbe Eoli.Sted

Aaaoc:l•tioo N•tion•I Cuard of

Washinaton on July l ot this year. auJUna 11 uomod ANocla·


liOa In tk COWltl')'.

1be A.aaoci•tJon oo• It M.lldcd b)' a pr••ldent, vlce~prdldent. lit:<:• retarY and U'CUW'cr, •' weU •• two auIJd c.helrm.•a - ooe f« olfittt

affairs and one tor c:nli11ed affain .

They •re elected to one-ye1r


la *9dkloo.1.btft a.rc C'!fht member-a, rour or them enlisted personnel and four officers. The)'

are e~ted to two.year rerm-.. Tho

pruidc:nicy rotlllH from olficer 10 Wisted member annually. The n•ana.1in11 00.rd then con1ists of 14 people,ff'lenotfieersand le'ftD cnllsted. Tbelr 1pedtic function la 10 manage the attain of the At.tociation and serve as it• voice. Tbey meec q\Nlrtcrty to di&cu.M •a&&arioont a.M rli!'W P"'Snlm• tu enbanc. the Gu•rd. 'l'be A.tt0cla1ion office 11 '4>cated at C..rnp Murray, and I• man.pd by a fWJ-time ••ecutivc dlrKtor, Dave H1nber1, and sec retary , Linda Robi.nson,

in and dedicated to 1he goal• or ttle Ataocltt.loo.. Wbich aro: - To promote al:ld 1u:ppon ..,__ quatc: national fC!CUrl ty - To fO#ter and improve th• Na· lioul Guard ol wa.shin.a1on and or tht Ua.ited SCatuu a compor-.atol the U.S. Armed Forces. - To prUervc olld perpetuate the hl1tory 111nd traditions ot the: Na· dont.I Guard of wubtna1on. Ooa obj•ctl¥• ia to i.oi1ia t1: a Wa1hlt:1g1on Natlon11J Cua rd Mut tum a nd to be able to aeeu m Illa.tie u.IMIU one rot4 a U the hittory of the N:atic>nal Cunt, •ucb aa trophies and plaque• tbat ha ve been awa rded to varlou1 unit1. 'rhe murum 1"0Uld de'pic1 botb Army and Air Cuard ae:tl•itic:s i n lhe atat• . Other projec-t• tbe A11()CtatiOn'• workl ne on arc to reduce t he retltemeat qe 10 .SS with JOit per cont tnnvity; ttan retirement pa)' with reduced annuiry af1er20f1ar1 ~lice : arant free tuldoo to • ny

coUcce r- c -..._...:

Accompllsbmcnts 1hat the As.ocilstlon ha• already had in· cl..cle: Two day•' i-r ror ooe d.a)' drill; PX priYilegff lnadrill status: 1100 SEQ (>A)' for enlift~ pcrwnneJ wbUe on active duty. •"'iaanclne to achieve the tm-1scl the Auoclation 11 a"°mpl.ltcbff throu1h memberthJp due• 111nd through tbe inJ1.urancc proaram1 bt the Na1ionaJ Curd ~Mitioft ol W..Wactoo.

r- "'-

tuition to orpb.a.ll.s ot Guardlmea klllccl In the line of duty, CLnd enact lc1l1larion 10 provide clisabUlty bt.nefilt to Guard.srnen injured •"U• performioa M•t• emef'l'llftC-1 duty,

E:Kh 1prina. a ltate oonfcreoct i1 beld to elect aew otriclal• Dt:k1•t•• al.o dt.cuu teiislation and othc:t m.attc:r1 affcet the

Guant. Confc:reoe-" •r<t bc:ld at differea1 klcadocu ueb 1Ur. The •t• te conf•ttOC-e r04' l9'J'wtll be held M;ty 21·23 •1 the Q"41)' Motel I.a Vancouver, Wub. Tbe NttiOUJ GUlltd Auoclatioo ot Wuh.logton It oot a military oraanl1a1lon, but rather an orgarU.utloo of mWtary rMIL It i•A

) I

ooo-profit cq:ututiOll. at.Id oom· pletely Mpanttd from military

c:haMtl1, althoop It doe1 bave the 1Uppor1 of the Adjutant Oenera1"1


Tbe NGAW rccopiua tbc: Na· ''iotial Guard or Wathlngtoa Women·• Auxiliary A••Oc.iation, whSeb •••formed t.b.ree year• qo, Tbe au.•ltiuy la providla1 much ''manpowu.. (or the Seattle 7S con• ventlOa The: Nadoul Curd AtliOciat:ion of WUhioatoO ls made op ofCW'T'dt

and rormer Wa•hlnrton Natioaal Ouard1men, and others h\let"etted




' A proud tradia coliorful contributions to the .stJue·ll develo11mcnt, military men know

cht!ln 'tlcat as li!JlwJuins ci.1ti.1IY5H~ fOO' me e11t11bliehmecD1 of tbe PJU&ent

Al1hoYBh the names of Cllie~ Lea.chi. Chl~f .lmscph and Cble! Mo!te-.# i1£C known to stude:rus of Wasbingiton Sto11i1e hiS:ton· fe>r their

Wuhingto11 NaHomll Guard. The Tenitoria] Militia waa cn11ted in 18~$ b~cause or tbe Ugi11l'1!tive Assembly'& concern ·o var the •ncrea:sc of Indian aruc;'.lui ln the territory, and U bil!I continued because &tar~ and federal .1u· thorhiu know Lbe ~ctJve ~rmcd foroes or the United S1areis must be S'1pportcd by a Yia blc. pertlimc rorce ol men ~nd women wil·

Ung t~ wmc1 to tbe s Id of their colh• mnnhy and c:ountry, In time of war

ot in time of peace. Although ~n weu •ub~ted tc> n.ul'ilerou& attaetts from vaflitnls Northwest lndian tribu rrc;im the time l)f the first settlement. there 'll'A& never 11u(fic;it:nt mone)' 10 a_dc-

quatety ~P a •mJJ •ti" until the 185-4..SS Leg i~h1.ti~e AssernbJy appro,PJ'li;lited furuh fur it. And 5t

Clime noue too "ll()I) as there was a major outbreak aga i ns~ •bite s~nlcn in the Ydime Valley in

18.SS. .!\ lniJOtilD outnumbered

white settler& (accordh~s to the territorial cen&us {here wore 14,56.'5 to 3.965 In 18.'\J), the majority of In~il:S

djd not join In the will' sptnsr lhc settler.. ; in fact , man)' Kt"Ved whhi the rtteuls.r and vollllltee-r niilitia In endin11: t he shor, · li 't"Cd


In 18S9 •rerntorial Voluotccrs were again called i:llta ~rvice, but ihi,11 lime lt was ta deal wlt.h unc al the mosa uou11usl mddcntll in intern 11.tional d•.P lu m BC}' , tb e SIJ• caUed il'iQ w... r. In the summc:r oJ J8S9 a 8rJ~hlh· owned pl,s wu ~bot. 011 San Juan lsl&rtd by 11 n Americ;ao settler, almos.t pl'«tpitati~ a war betw-ccn Greu 8 'r i1Bin and the ll n iitc d Sta,re51, BrlU&h afficlah m:temptl!J to a~!Jt the Ameri~• n whn objected, ela.ImJns that the Bri tishdid not have Ju:risdirtlo.1.1 on the :lsl.:alld, and ho was itupportcd by Che other Americaa settlers. Britain ba.,:k:ed rap iti oljfnull larwl force with war s:blp.1, •rtd the United Starn backed up it.II se10cni with lbe U.S. WU sbip!I. The P resJ dent c&lled •o n the Washi"llgton Territory Ooverno.- trJr..... . . . . l!lupport Cbe N!llfU_lar O'Oop~ with volunteel"il. Aftgr lb.Jin. display of force . Britain b!lclled d'own from the c:onfrontaition. thLR avcrlloH •nother 'llfar betwCCJJ the former cglony and Its mother country. Durina Ibo Civll War. the Fil'ilt Washinaton Rqimien.t wu called into duty Ito prated WaahJn;gt:cm citikDS rrom possible lnl.liao upri5in&a while rqular tr1'CJt)• wer"C removed by che fed~ral a:overrunmit to fight the Confedcrate11.

I STORY ~ion of service The ualoj n K the vol un t<c o u during I.his. perind .served e.Jm \lrell wht!n they bad to put wn Imiia1.1 out~ks. OllC lied by 1id JoKJlh in 1877 and aaothr.r led t:hicf MOR& in J87£1. As In the previous oc:mflk1s be~ dle settlers and the- Jndlani, ;tortarui have judged that 1hcl"t! u e-noug.h blame for <i:ll the rt.ics to $hare ln the responsibility tbe wars.. ~ a. rc;mlt uf tbese tj,Qr uprtsing&, Ole Territof)' or 1ulain1ttnn "'a&. sbte to obtain a ~amount of s"rolus ~uipment >.D3 the United Stat~ Army for the lllllteers io tb.e Militia. A911, bees:uic of dle inc:l'eued in· ~ in tb.eo Milhia. end bcc.a1;1se ! Legislawrt reaUicd the need a well-orpn:i2ed millfiit, a Ut:_X "Y for :support of 1hc t.Ulitaey ~enl ..,aa pa~rscd in the Cir!lt •&Jon ur the J...eaislaturc. A~ statehood was se¢urcd ln 89.. j()vem1'11c=:ntdemo:nstratcd c:o11mitment to the: dcveh1.pmenm a ttate mihtia by aelectin@: Cn mp linty as hcadquutcrs for the ~ivnd

expanding M.HJ~ry Deoartment. R eo11ula r t .-aiaing, iaeludiq allltl, mu c:amp$1 bl!ca rm: an Jn CoKral p;:sr1 of ahe .state'!! "'°mmirment ru ahc GlillBNI, and 5ubsequeont civH

actjoos Ju.'ltificd thb comrnilmena. ln 1"6 mobs of whfte ~itiunl ancmp~ed to eitpel all o r 1tbe ChJDt:.Se re.!ddents dul'inl a wave of aat i-Cb incse fcel1 hK i 11 the Nori b west. In order 1 tave .o ff a pi>"5.ible massacre th.t! Governor called out !lt'a te trOOps 10 support ~ uodermaDlled looaJ .autholitica. Jn the same yeu a devasta.tkl11: nrepr through Se.ante. destroyinie: mbl:b of 1110 cl1y, and lea'dng many homciosis. The Gover nor tt11m11 ordered lltate lr'OC)p!I - both rcgUJar and ~olw:itccr - •o Seattle lo res rore order, to ahl the hom,elc.&s. arnd to is;top t l'lc wide·

spread Juoting. Tbe militia saw Ji rnila1" duties o,n the east •ideol·t hc mountains, wb11n Spob DC wait $CVel'l)' damaged by .. fire. Ttie troop.s also were called out 10 de:ail whh major labur diBputea,

the: minlna troublu in King Count y in JB9l whe11 mJners r@ok over a nu m ~., r or min ea . Nearly onc-hoi If of the Wuhingtuo Naitional Guard had to· be called in to reiUol'e order and R tum the mines to tbir:ir ow11crs. In the CO:Ul°'X of Jia. dury, the Natio""I Ouafd bas bee11 called out ~ deal w.Hh e'!lcrylhin1 from tile typhoid epidemic thu scryck Ce.ntn.llll mil.913 to tlae dev.sista1ins furtit fires of 1918 and 1921Wrule the NaliOfttlJ Guud hil• Rn'ed the and natfon in dealing with numeruQ.$ civil actlil"3, it.ii primary re.!lpcln5ibUity has been 01s a compQncnt ul the .active armed forces ,<Jf the United S1alH~..Bideat WUson m1J11billled the Waahln.Kto!I National Guard in 1916 ror M:exi~n Border ser\'in: lm 1Sll7 Washington stue be11aa an ex leDB<ive- recr" it iq program in ~dvani!C' of the rest nf the countrv. wlab the majority or WHhington lroops seems ocllloo in Jilrance as intt:KI"al parts of (ederai unit&. In l.9tO '1'00ps wcr11 mub.illied ror immediate inductioh into redera1 wilh 1roops figJuJnt: ovel°"" KU ln the :!Surv,pean and l>ocl& tbe111ter1, as well u .atar!nncdm tb~ Rate to p:roteet the community iln the e11ae of enemy ~uact: and in the golic.e aic:tioru of Kor,e a <1 ad V.letnam there w3s an e:xtensi\le r-c<:ruitlna pro,g.-am e;s llTied on, as well aia 11Jl lotenamcallion of the military trainingj jll5t in cue= the bosdlitie.a mtabt expand and foTce a national mobilization. Whether tr bas been a time= of war-. OJ', 1hc Washington State Na~ tio.DBJ Guard has been prepared UI •~ ~. c&Tu!d U(pOll. from the emrl'y day,& when musket& were lhe primary we11ponrs, unrH 't oday . wben trn:· defeti$C ol 011r .naillf>JI is clontinated by sophisticated ml~­ s41a a.rid com.m.utc:n. from pm~e:c:t· 1ing oppressed Chinese an the 18111t.s 10 ai d !ni11 flood vktim.a the m~t n~bl)'



O~n ~ th11197Q"s, from aidln8 _:...~-=i1n t~ bomct.u vid:i:ma of the Seattle

Fire, 4)f 19B9 ro pmvJ4inr a r-dugee center for Vietnamc10 rd°QJEee!li in

·m s.

c.hc: Washineton Natlnoal

GWllrd bu

bMn \Pf'C"Jlan!d to aerwe

i'11 atate and ltt oation.

THE ARMY A unique

collection of units A force of 5, 7'(10 n1en n nd wont.ea who <;•Ury out t1H1ir v1:1rstttUc £1SSign 111eJJt.o; OD JonJ, iJ1 the BiT 8 (JG 111' the. ~ea make u1; lhe Washington

Army NatfortaJ Guard.

Unique to the Na~im13J Guard iis Wa,;h1ne tnn s 1Hlh Tran$porto· 11on Ha1trillon, ot wnt erbo.-ne u nit tlLal crul&CJ' thr: waterl'I of Puget ~ounri ln •~ n.din~ era rt. tugbo-815 uod a fr'ci&h1 snip. The- state G u.;u•d nl~a bou~ts. ll proud lteel of hclicopt1fimi amt tour ing cnnc.crt marcblne band il- \n:ll us it,; tanK~. a11iLLery plt?ccs a nd uiortt.•NI

The WJt"hine~on Ann)• N'>11Jonal Guard is oroken down inw lhn1c rn.ajor conunand5. At tht' Mp is •he Gua11d ·~ head quar1e l'"S cumm~ n d !1.latio ne d .. , C.:.nrnp Murrey , s tree-<;o~·ered camp abclot 50 mJJc:s ~uuth uf · 111:'. 'l'his 1 • wh.en~ the sUitf or Maj Ge!O. Howlllr-d &. McGee, adj utant 11c1;eral, "\.'Cr!o;~e& the s.ta tew tde operaliotl~.

Tile IP rg~91 LlUJl in the st at e 1s. t ht! 81~1 lnf;:t n t r )' .t:l ris:a.dc ( M~chn11 l:ted) wath 1,200 Qrticcrs and men !OCaitcred in units throuabou• Llw s••di! ,

144th's tugboat tows a floa.ting1crane Crnumanded by Bns. Gen. Lyle S. Buchanan and hcadquarteRd In]~ and S110kaac, 'Ihe briiiad~ Ls me m~ l.n force Gf the i;,L3t e National Guard. It rank. artillery and infontry unit~, t raas1m:rtat ion uults to move IJ<'T!ic11tae.I .a n4 equivment and Lhe supl)Orm i:.crvii:e.s. such as medical,

m afnl el'lance and a dm ln•st rath·e. .Al~o pare Lhe brigade i~ I.he 286th t::n~ineer Co nr B@lling ham witli u force of 225 1t1ea woo tJuild e vcryttaln g from pontoon bridgi:11, to &Uin~ham cil)o' parb.



ye,ar, m ost of t he

brig~ de

units j,uln together in Chi:! dn• dt;!leJ't l ht! Vak i111a Firr"g Ccnh::r In Eastern WnshJncton fo J' its an nual


summer earnp crainin8.

Aoo1her mzjvr eomm;;ind apart

rrom the- Slst Brigade u. the U6th Snppnr1 Cent er, based tn Olympia. mo Its main ni i.s6'[0D ti! ro au&ot~nt the K13t e hct'ldquartcn. durina 1lrnes of war, civil e mer,gcncy or d L'l&:Stcr Allltuugh t~ suppcut oeotcr has only M perrSi!Jnnt!I, it has a m1m ~r of spocfoH7.ed unil9 under Its w in g. One of thu~~ is the "'' atcrborne H~ib . w h i ch bas iiso men a a d weml!!rli.

The I H th h equifDp e d will1 a - ,;ister ship co and '!Iman tugs and 17 landing craft. Barces or :ii.ll .sizes an d Iii ffoating Cl'a nc .,11m belo~ 10 the unit. The lJJl'd Natlone I Guard bud b as 29 m u:6idans w h o t ri!oV t!l rhrou1ibout the state- eoireh year d url~rge fr e•cht ,;h.l p mhe Pu~blo, large


:s,u mmcr


ah·•ng fr~e con-

certs. Thi: 1Bl st S•l!l!'a.1 PlalOOll is ib3&ed c M u l"ray HI help iJi lbc est;.eblish nant er t eletype operatloa:s, radio ;re •a ys. iilJltl oorm;;d :radio tra1u.m i.tlskln. l\111> ynlt under r.he oornmand of lhe ll6th Is t he SfOth Aviation C.otnpany li>ca tad at G..-ey Fi~d. Ft. Lewis. h hos. R rt t!e t of H uey helicopte r,; fo r bot tl ursaulr and troop 1rami.purtat ion. Many or its piLuts rly prof1e1J"S'lona lf)r w ith oirilines Bolstered with a ariety of m ..... sinus, th~ unit s. of 1be WastiJogton Airli11}' Nnr;Mal Guard the Qlpab iJity 10 assi!(t in almost any kind of at

Meet1ani zed infantry is the backbone of Wamlngton•s Guard


THE AIR SO years of aviation


No one wiJI underestimate the value of a parachute packor..•

T bc: Washing ton Air Nation al Guard rccen t J~· ma r ked its sor ti ;anruver$ary of s:c.rvto= to tbC' state From clllll' obkrvatlc:m squadron In Spokant in 192'4. the A ir Gll3rd bas ex:pandt;d to 2,200 men aoi!l wumen In both Oying u nd com!il lntits . The .h.. ad·q u arrer~ is. at Cilmp Murray, neat T~com.a , with uni ts in S po);sne , Sean le , EVeYMf , <Jnd Bellinghoim Actu a II)', f'itderal recognition came in L9241, but the tl6tb Aero Sqgadron was organized, trahted, s.nLI sent In f'or World \Vil.I' J i.n 1917. T bem' s lot 11 ofM-'ltillgia and. Air Guard history in Wa:0;bing1 a a Stare T1lC Fastest and the S3festlll tl!c West - tbl's tbt! Wl'apomr. loadine team of the Hht F 4g h tie-r tn ~ rceptor Group, winaJDi the J!il>"l Wespnns Lti;;idioi; Comp~ti­ tl.oh rRegu lnr and Reserve ). Add ta 1f\al tl1t! etner~ SPAATZ

...least of all, the men w"1o fly these F102s, who aJso ...

trophy won twice, the SHiERBOYll'E trophy, the historic Atlantic. Ck~ crt1~niog 19'!i1 Onjcts.q~dron}a a d IRUlllCTOlli

ll)(MI' ntttLO!l.u l awards

emf you 'JJ tsel'.! why p rtdl!! rwia. .high In. 'his State'& IJ yi ll,l!l uoit and the i9Up pon Ul~its

But equlllly i mporrnnt to rhc: Wa.i;hinglon Air NntionaJ Guanl is lt!{ mobile comm u n I r;at Lons squadro n... ond th~ (!]~ron~ e mstallation.ot unit e ngaged 111 tbe ;p. .sc.iilla t ion , operation a n d maintonaore of mobifc r adio cummunicauon11 raciJ 11 ic:s Besides doing work tor rhcl regular Aar Pora::e, unJt 11CrBot11i!el ba \•c accompH.!ltu~d

., .depend on the skills of ltieir 91ound crew mechaoics

(R$IB Ua1ions i11

Franca. ~rmany, Svain. Turk11y r lra o , Okl n3wa. J•epan, and the Phlltppioe:s. •'o>m Jennios tu jets n 50 yea n a ad now 1411 j at fueling KC-IJS'~ r b a t '.a th i= n e"" vital fly1n111 11s1J1in men• jus:1 uhea d for t he WB.!lhrne;ton Air Na1ional Guard.

. . . a guide to help delegates identify people who can answer all their question .




OlCKOWENS .AWnini~r81ion

Generi\l Cl'lelrm..-in






lrl'fom~11on • Cootinuil)'

.AIFJIOrt OprJllllon~ Weloomi!!






Special Pro;ecta

Tran !lpOl'1ali(Nt

O.Stlngui!ltled Gue!l;I$


Ch~ir rnan Di1ectcw NGAW

ining, bad 'brakes '


· CarrietS loaded aboard l.Jarge in Jurte •h e Lons di:staace ~jdc band r.i.dio wc.nt mu uf comm L11~i 11n T har m1tur ally happent!'d o n the moralng of Friday, June 13. Fortun.a tel y, tbe rn ao on "'e h~1d c-.o¢ed t h(' numbc= r cnrn:ctl)' the fir st time, N nd the p~ r1 arifr,.cd i o Ancllors.g_e eshortly aft erlhe tu~bo~•. In spite t>f 1he .sctb~ck:s, the 1us s Yeraaed abo11E n i~ t..nots pel" boor, s.bilu t one tnc,r fasltl' tli~n Lay bad

u1her cod

Pmninsula, a 40 mili; pie.- honr ~ale and IO-fool sea& reduced Lt!C p rn wr~:.1:s

to il '5ta11d still " We had a couple of BUYS ~ct a little ill." Lay reported . i\ll but cwo ol Uu: r;;r cw WC?l'"e ...,eoke nd Gua rdsmen doinli: t hclr aimual t.-aining. 11..lly aml 1tne (Yl htt m an a.-c !1"11Ll-1 lme Guanr led micians. That storm wu Ju:n lhe ~i:in­ niq of ;Kray. cold, wl:ather 1..... c followed me Guardsmen 'nr all bqt one day of lht11lr llii\iit:'L The '°nstanc co~sjng tile tuE r«~1v-edl in t he heaYy ~:oi li:d to mo~ lhan just sea sJckfien Sloshing fuel in o ne of t tle UJnb C:humcd up red~ment at Che botlum ot tbc tanl; and c.. u.acd fue J l Lin: r-ob1eoms tbroughoi.:it most o./ 1he Jp. The sludge su m med op 14. eri . rc.aving only four in stock by ti

tbe boat ret urned home.

Ti.di:' while '.Lay iwas r.e pen till.I be federal stock numbel' of a pmrt

nHdcd co mah fuel line up.iii~.

am ic;ipared, a nd the lllg ;J rriv-c-d mrJ A m;horage on time on June H On Manda) morni ng Lbe rae bmught tlte barge elong5ide t he doc;k, snd ~ivlJfan long-Sl1oremen rook o\•er.

A D ~ d \! a n c e IP a t" I y r f' 0 u~ WsshhtM:lon had made an in ilia I COBlal!I 'IVltb Ult! Alasikao. in May and toJd l hl'm 1A•h..1t wu cecdcd , then the •JUrth~met:s toot o~rLay pr.rb;cd &he CQ€1pcm:1 duri and upporr ,provided by the Ar.iska Anny and Ail" Nallon<1l Guartll. Afln tilt!' M1l661 Wer e un10.11ded 1 t he baq-:t! plc~cd a p a Rtnm ctJreo of 1hree tanks, .six carao Cf:trrief"& 300 two ran k reCOVt!ry vehklc.s . ahto part ot The REFR~M . T ti(' tanll:!l went to 1be Or egon l\fa• lion a I G ua r'1. rhc carwo c,arrlen; wer-cshipped ""to tht! Stmlh Dakotil Ns1u>na[ Guanl, ilnd Sou1ti Dakota and Washiogrtlfl cacb plekcd up ~• reco'\re.-y veh.idc. T h ~ cargo Qu1ia~ nc.rt h h ad weig he d about So Inns . rhe

50at hboand i;.argo tipped l ilt! st:ai I1·o; Olli• a bout lJS l<J11S, Lay 6'8lJ Thi" INmic capa cJty i. ~-3'1 to~. LT ·2076 sec ult rur homo oo Tut: d1:1y, .June 17, at 1 p. rri . Hi11h winds. bea\ly nasand L.:Otd , w~l tii.•eal lter- l!>!JilJ m11eod lo du~ the ~l aS it pas~ed tbr uugh lhc Gull of

Abt1ska1, aad the !uel LJnublc b(!~an agtdn. T hC' system flnnllv flu6bt-d ltse>if ou1 a couple or d;i .1 • ,ut of An1:lmr 111:c. and theeagirie nm ~·e ll tor I he {"C$t of the n-lp.

ou.-ln11 lihc tnp hon•~. tbr men cook a lictlo time 001 10 do som4:' red~ratina..

A& guest& or tbl'! Ailt!'lilrn 11s, the cl'>ew bJJd nc:eived pl~41.1~ ,. and ccrU CLcatt::i , 1.1 ad d1cy ti ail been given smaJI vn1Jrus pln.s. On 1 be way home they d~11.fel'f l(f acrop1 t~ Wi'tlnJS BB tb1dr JtHt SCOt, and painted one of the rcn thy swimmer$ oa the: boat' s funnel SurMunding the walru!! 01 re Ihe words · ·1·1.1.rr Tu:d ; WcJJ Ool!l~- •• "Thie J.Jrr i cu lti c.s cb.e •" ..: n r:ncounte.N!d, a ndi rhc wa)' ~D which theoy overcamc.- them m ad~ 1hi,; ;in

extremel y valut1hle training i.lrun· tion," Cot Stewart s;aid. With a U or Cbc prob l~m :\ i;nc;ount-ered, tbe' twd w<!athi!r :s.ntl "'u on, La}• :sHU .rated rhe t rJp a.11 01 good one.••

"I r


a live mi$&ion. Ir "'·:.P1 '1

real t hin.a."' he s s lel. ••Ir YOQ have to move thal b11rgc for a reason, you e.-eat4:!' a h11 uI incentive.

Fliers learn gully-jumpin' By Maj. htrid. A.. WlltJckr Like ·iri"-Dl cltagop ni£$ ~bou1 ro alhdH •o n the hot desert :Mlind, the H~~· h.clicoplers f)(wettd wilh lo ln1!~ or 'b.e tr:l'f'ain . The Rveys darted f'orw•rd, lilen lifled above ~lumps ot 1iltgebruih. ~)' &kirted alona a dry rlverbed and spun in10 a 90-dcgree laU'n i!rGUnd a jqged TOCk-OUICl'Opping. Then rrom n Cast walking sl>Ced, lbe "'blrlilig m•ctrinclC lifted op over 1 ddac bitting speed.! of near 90 tnilc:1

.3n hour. down. inra lh£i ".alley Chey dov~. aeain with o iJKhes or the ground. Th.e 'tips of 1he ru1 ors .slipped through oar-row ra ¥•MS oflen wi'lh leu tbzsn a Foot d~raoce-

The prcc &ion rtyh!M ia called nap of rlle curb (.NOE) training fo mmutey par1lan1ti!!.. Membcrt of lht!


.540t'1 Aviation Cn. and Ill st Bria a v~ ;i 1or1 spcnr twu wcc:lcs u \" akl ma FlrioM C"enti:r, learn.•n B this ~ew Army~w,de ~echnique for .!lllvjng ti"~ and equipment. J 01$h'hl th.e <Ch0ppCJ"1 I bead$ or

5weat rolled off dit' fcU't!hcad.s 11f lhe And with thi6 CJt.SCtinB fiyinx. the sw~r WIM!n' t Ill ~used by th!:! hot YoJma sun. NC!Jl.t ICO e<ach pilot. a 11avi11<111or $'1udicd Ibo <:m:ntoor Llne1·or a m•p. ' ' Umtt.lnu m R id'1;c 100 yards ck.ttd abc:;id. •• the nAvi,11:ptur bark~ fiiel'!I.

Sneakin. and peakin' through Yakima ravines ..Ease sway f rom the c:tnyon w;,iJI

1u Len.··

The ptl.Ot liir.tened tu eve1'y '!il"Ord a!l it bi life depend~ on It, ;ind be: knew ir dld ·

Tl111: p i l ots, mo t of Ha~m veterans or 1he V ietnam War , 1e.lkc:.d about lh~ Lo ne s of lleUcopt c r~ i n Vic~ nam ii ad t'h e lsra-clt-Ar.ib, Yom Klppur War 011 the Siilai Peurt . Rader-guided, llcat·s eeking m l&&ile& wowld L'lomc· In OP the fw>t exhaust pipe." of b.JEhRying bclieoptcn, .and with!n second!!. bl a&t t bi! era rt .. ut: ofl be ski-cl'••in tbiii; NOE fly•DJt we leach tht: i;:iilor to iet rl~l du\\•n<m ~ground.


when: radar can'l p~ck tum up; • said L'WO .late Hulen, a Vlctrwmte&tcil pfb~, from Cl~ Rarbo.r, \\'lm direct& tlle NOF. operations ;ind mni nrenrun.:e. Thevc were surpr!ses : Coyo1es 5(1rane (Jiit frt1m behind ro1;la, toped to a safe dis.tance, then i::uriousl:i,• lonlr.4!d ba~t {111 tbc wl·urlhtg m1ru.dcr. Antelope ;ind dce:r boundod over rid,gc tops. .. Ofilr h;ggest suri1rlse5 u.ra: m o. mAdc fiat: che wire struns across the ravine·," 9&id llulen. "Thi-s i:s. our .fine:11 cam r - but i1·5. !'caUy keepina m:il' nosct; tu che ground."


Truckers made many moves SPS Jeff)' PlipfU:


Campers s~cpt tb~s Blunrocr

becaWic the- N;n;llonal Guard was L'Walc. delive:ring ' 'll!J8s" ft>1' that campfire. Some 98 toM of the oompresaed


~t. wen banlcd in June. by a 17-tnldc Ou;m'I. conwoy frorn GT111111 t s Pass, Orcaon. to WD~hioaton. State tordi~tribatiot1 to c:mopln1 and paiic aR,H through:

Wc.siem Wash•DJtton. campers were able r& p11rchase the l0f;t1..a1ca.mpslteafnr7.Sccnl.t lor ,11 packet of aix:. The !llUpply was. expected to k~p campllru bumina 611 summer The JGe4ns.ultna 1r•p was one ol va.ri~ miulon• canducled b y truc•:e.:r-6utrd1m1C11 ftlom the 248111 Tnuuportation :e attaHo n. O\lt

Aberdeen, fbe 10411 s.t and 116Js1 Tra.nsp()rtal •on Companiei. Ephl'at1 .

Duri11g their 11J111Ual two--wee lt duty, l be Guardsmcn hauled dtain I desks ind loc;kers rrom Ea&.rl•e rn :Su•te RoaptUil. IMedlcaJ Lake, to Fort Flager Stat~ Park, neH Port Town~cl Camp Moves wen~

deU ve red rr-om l..ake

SammamLllh State Puk 10 dln:e pu~ at ()L""ean C't)', R.aiulxrN Fall!t and PcnroH. And 60 tons ot woud ~·Mp11 we:r11 H uck~dl rrom Sno.q uaJmie to 1be Depar•ment of Nntur•I R11&0Urces office am Fork!. The compre11Kd io.1 will belp preacrve tbc eeolosY of parks to lhe ••~te,

1cconllne to Darrell Skaw,

d•ttrict s11peir,..hor of 1 he

W1ub:ington :S'.ate Park& 11nd Recreation Cummi'5slon. at Mil le:rsylv~nia State P•rk, wbere the loas were d.eU'1"i=rnd tur n:dl&tributian to XI parks. .. We want to leave the ur al rhlnp ot11 the 1nrtmd," S.kqas saJd. "And lberc jua.t lsn't t~ svpply of dead wood for camprirH. l'$ • real de'trlnrent to fo.rca1 areas 1( people eta r t goina in. and, tearina rhino out.•• The 11-trudc coo1o·o.y W.P$ iln eood hands: Slit- Kent Hot~. C,lr N. ?407 Fo:ii: Point Drive, Spoupe, c:Onvoy r:on\mSJJdrr. is. a Wiubihiton ft -e truoper. The S&-mile -an-houl' convoy !Pr()Ceeded wilhout Uckct or inC'ld11nt tor lil11: t.000-mi,e roond trip.



Tara :a hung on '. to graduate· • CAMP MURRAY - A couple or'

year• ago Tara La Londc. who dc~ba

btttcJt u • ~y pc:noa,. woaJd OC-Ytt i..v-e lbotJghtolbentlf as a rtral·WOft'lan·'tblnt lf[!e of penon. Tha t wat berore .the ml•· under'$tood a joke, and «ided up a1

the fir st wom•n ever to gradHte from the Wa1hl natoo M lll1arf ~ademy , tba officer candidate -MI01 vf tlM Wutlinc«m Arm• Na· non.a.I Guard. lt au s·raned by acciden1, wheci t he returned from he r ba1k: • nd

advanced tl'•lnln1 as an e.ollstcd WAC a U1t&e over a year ago. "Mr se~nc major was*" ol jokfng aro11nd," La LoDdc aaid, ''and asked me why I dldft"t I010the A~emy.

..He knew there we~ no aJrlt In t he Academy ; I didn' t, so l 1aid •Sure.'


preny lf'ffl'·" She wa. "' grecu, Ln f.ct, that

Al•o, at l l yeartOld, • be waa tl.e youn&c11 cadet In the Academy. "I hild a quiet childhood and•

when the ''rne c•me to report for her fi.rat tummer

camp ••• Junior

cadet, Tara packi•d her tennis ntckcl and bicycle illto Mr car and beaded fOf'Camp Murray,thcbomc ot 1be AclMlfmy.

ttcfate adol~.c:•oc• , " •he Nill. "thta I joiaed the <itnrd ooe 4-y.

Tara at10 foui:id out th.It 1he w at; the fint woman to bek)ng 10 l h c

Academ y

"They didn't u a elly know what to do whh me:• sM uid Or. ockr problem to cw• ....

btt th)'MSS. " I w . . 10 dc•lh ot men," T11ra wid. "lfa ha nd.&Omc man said M iio to mo. J•d go a ll 10 pieces.

"And all ottheeadet• were hand· some."


and Wik .... , ha~ "One of the th1n1;• I lik e b-e-tt about lhe Ac:ad cm)' 111 that Ibey put you In auch great phy11Jcal $h~ pe. '"1 r • c:ha.llen11int· •• Ot!wr c:halkntt• tl.c ahead. abt


••• would like to be • run-time olflc•r," me sakl. T hen aM nd dcd tOM!!th in& 1h u1 cfkjn't need aayin.,: .. I'm pure RUnt·ho ri1ht oo.."

Academy commissions 29 grads Twe-.nty•n ino (adets 11raduatcd from the Army National Guard'*

wa.lhirtgtoo M 11itary Aeadc na )' a 1 C.amp Murnr thia IUtllme:r, Nld were ~mmla1 ioned ** tccond I lieutenant• in the Guard and Anny ~ escrvea.

2 Lt. £ dn'1und L. Cunnin1ham or

Spokane received botb the Dia· tin.tu.ltJied Graduate Awa.rd •nd tt. .-.OCllitiOC'I

ot 1t1e Uaitcd Stalet

_ .ny Trophy TM h'Ophy hono,...

the 1radua 1e wi1h t he hl9hc11t ' "der&hip e••h1ation, and tM Di•·

tincuJahed Oradu.are Award Cot$ to«"t with lbe blghe11 academic .oct kedcrllhip marlJ cotnbined.. TIM Nalioeal Cu.a.rd AAOC:la.tba of Wuhln1-ton ~>' for tht top .ac..demle •t•Ming went to 2 Lt.

Jamc1 M. Cbut uNt ot Everett. 2 t.t. Pranklin D. i-'ltc:h, J r .• Gr Port Orchard won the 0 . Rockrlc:k HJt<:bcock IMpiratklo Award.. The Outataadll'lg T.crkal Offiett Award this f<!&r • ••• 10 Capt. Ronald It Batet of RcdmoRd, and the Ou111,uwling lnstruc:tor Award went to Capt. Cttgory P . 81rlow ot fklltv1.1e.

Other ar.iduatct were: Scott D Battle, M i chael A. Beemer , Thom•• H. Bonorden. oa.,.id l.. Bryant, Cory A. Dail. Dwi1-ht H Oln&ft'lOfl, Rohen &, PrutL, G:ary J , Coodburn. Oarre11 L , Hanbcr1 .

David G. Hancoc:k, John A. lfc>ll, Jamea I... JluJI, Tara l.Jil.onde. Sctphtn S. Loomlt, Michael R Madlaon, Karl V, Marzocchi. Kc1:1GJ Mdfic.t. kraanl P . ltWtt, Jeffery D., Michael P . SCartc. Crqory M. Scoc.k. Cre9ory Taylor. John A. Ttlom a1, D. Trout, Stephe n J . Turner and JOhn W. Wa ld


HttMI~ ... a community service collec1ion

\'/hodbey'S poer Wllhoul peer

Guardsmen drop hook atWhidbey Mt<1nber& of t he Cu11r-.1'!1 l t4th

Tr•n11ptortoticm 8n . lhe I I 18th Tn.ft..oortat.,,. Co. •nd pan ol

the Tnt:Rsport•1l:oa. Co.,

dropl)fll enchor in • new harbor for su1nmcr camp thlt ytoar.

A p 1>r4.> x1nla tl! IY JSO C.uard1mt:" and wo1uen set up c;arrip at \\'l,adbc-y l a.l•nd N•wl

Au- SUtt0a us late J•I)' -~idM1 I.stand proved tob.t ;111 hJcat location for the type ol 1rtun1n.i l'equi red hy lhe 144th," i1ald b1111alton cu1ntt1ander LTC Gene- rnrmelce.

l •rrrft"lalc the cooperauon

GuardSmen '°8d 39,000 marijuana plants on Guard trucks -

of tJw N.11 ~- )' pe:r.l(Mlntl CDnCC'rtlt'Ci •flod ,.1no.;•rcly look forward toou:r

return to V.'hKlbe)' fur AT 76." \Yhll.i cnmp~d ftt t he atr sta tion th• Cuar-d wa.s lnYOl\•ed in a


nrl•d)' ;Jdtvlti<-1 Amotla utM.t t.hi .... the-y-

bu,11 acces1 road$ for rin:btcllk.ll at the air f1tld ; ICll 11nebors fo r I 102 b(J<lm

breakw111cr and for a )':tcht moora1e Gt the $'.lllltion• speda l

se-n·l('n marina; - pJtc:cd concrete blocb tor a r~b. h•b11:.tat Poent Wilson; and

clc"red a rifle range tor .l effcr-•o n c<1 u nty law enffircement pcOpl • .

Guard trucks aid in big pot haul '-fon? t han

Jt l(llllll o f


pla.nts tilled l he btick of Nfllit>noil Cuard truck " 1n ear-Jy Auu:u•t :1.i1 1he I l61b Suppor-1 center. Olympia. belptod '1111Urt1on Cowu.y ra1d a lar~·ilCllle poc OOC"flllkln.. Stttet Vlllue of the- 39,000 man· Juana pl11nt• w11!1estimaled111 more than The: plan111 "''ere fo1,1flod byo11 farm-


er erowiet


a well concealed

~•lure about 1bc miles $0Ulhw••t or ~ochestcr in T hunoun Counly. C0unty sheriff' I deputies mO\'Cd

1n 10 dl.8 up the ril•nu and i:c pt'O\'ed to be a n all·day }Ob. F'ourone·21nH•hall tontruc•~ot the I 161h were uted to huu'I lh,. plan1s 11.> ll huQe bonOrc. """ ()ne a.rttst ht• been m.ade so fir •• C.'Ult.n«t.ion whh the farl'l'L

Two boys cntoy the serenity o f 1heirtempcrary Camp Murray home

Phasing out this winter,

Viet Center plots future I

The Vif!lJiami!se .i\ssh1taoce ~r .et Camp MW"t'RY I h bal tin! Si.ate's rt>D . in l1elpiog reJURt:C:S fNm \11.'inam tn rttettle 111 Washin.:· tlJll will ci1¥1tinue - prci>abry ::n the SL. bf.ertin 'g;

CoJkge c-amp!Jf; in Lat?ey, Theo WllShingtol'l Army Ns:ti.ol'131 Guard

w:i~ bJ'OUflhl tlito tlie ~"lbtaoce l>f'Ogram l a_11t May When Utt: stat~ llcdded that Camp Murr..y wou:Jd ~ an idl!'ifll ~t for rdugeea Loo ioilifY UJJJjl papcnrork C!1'11l~ be Cill•11plf.1 ted ;and ~ fo11ad for diem. k. of Altgllst 1. 01boot &II [UtQrc ci~ bild pas.11ed thr(iu11h Uici Camp Murra)' Ciltrnpo1.m d sOO an u~tl· 1 al l:fi 111•ere livirig a the baus:lt'!J( area &ne.:ik-d m :i secluda:I 1.JMll! in die woods .awa1• from the bear:iquat- (llmplt'X,

AU tolaled, abc.tul 3,000



har;e seUledl in Virtaa:mese A~i.sthelp Qf other "~

or the-

W~ingtoo thmURll the aid 811Ge c.totar, "11' the 8jl!en¢i~. Lo Pete Ot!laney, .lnlonnatlon offi.cer


th ~ IDiSiilitanee ecnter h;~ been slart~ with J~plo fi-tlm . •vt....-al st.i.te as~- Th~ &gil!Dei~, whl~h lnC"lurle miployment ~l)' • ~LBJ and hl'-idlb servkie~ and so on, will !ftlU be iiMil'iOOl im help~ former 'Vldm11:ne!K.: d~racm r~Ule. People ""'OO have .~ mvulv~ al Camp Mlll'ray wllf take iu.e1r L"KJleMel\i!t"' and Ia:inUt:iril)' with ~cda.l resettlement p«1blcms b.'11.'i: h1 ttieir O'W11 ag~Jk~l'c.~ iilDd

Ille .llss.iztaDCe c,'t'11tef",

wil I bct'ome :a nucfeus for Vietnsmcsl!' JtrDgrams iller~ Dclan~j .!laid. 'fi~ WashingWa µr-OSJBm for <.liSSi~ting \lfGtoame.!!e is Mw beia.g .atOO!w by odler .sl.t.,tl!S whtcfl will .set Ill' i;m,1£r.tmis. of ilte!r o';'""• Delaney !1;3l,d,

When the C:tmp MWTII)' (tfi:.IJ(nun pblllSl!B OQl. p~ bly Oil abooi me Ot-t. l)J' • (>\'. 1, Delaney . will be Li'•lV•'liflg sn11md lh1• country ~ pass al~ 1nfonnsth1 from this ~·:s program. ••we can pr-CitAde other- :!llattTS with Ji-..."8006 lfn!'vebecn ab1e lo !~arc hi!n1," he .aald.

f.'l'lclillG d1vwa aod €lilt?

Guard rates hig with Gen. Weyand N•11oftal Cu.rd rc.-4.lons is


one ot t illru priont&u die Uni1ed Slates Army. Army Chier or Sl aff Oen f'n:cl C. 'A'eyand told li groupofWa.&11ln"tonArmr N•t lOn•I Oucard office rs in $eatt1e J1;1Jy 14 Th. other two·~ dt¥Clopina

• • arou.Dd the cLO.CIF: f11 h1ing c•~blUty

throu1h n•w ni1ht fi1htln9 tcc:bnique:i and traioin1, al\d dtv• l opin& precisio n

w eapo nr y fc.>r u t c on



was la S.etlle lo ~isit the bc-4QArten ol tho llM In· 'A1ey1od

Gen. Fred C. Weyand

fanrry Brigade, Wa•hin1ton Army N1ti°"'l Guard, as one stop on 11 whirl wind lour(>( Army tacllll1ct .and trai ni na In t he



He amtted th.lit ahtt'CtlOOft 11 Pl Lcwts. and obwrved 9'b

Olvieion lo rreinln1, aod visited tht Re•-:-rve otticor Trainina Corp, gufnrner camp bcin.1 con•

ducted thCT~. u.oer an afflJl.ttlon procram ""Illich bepn laJt )'tar. lbe t.h Olvleioa and 1he Nat i onal Guard' s 3151 Brl11d. heve been

Jinked tocet~r rot 1reinio1. "We arc pJealed wltb artili•· 1l on . •• Weyand 1old the Cu.&nls:mc:n. · ·F.~n doubten

ha\· e c:omidenblr llClllf:Ot'd.. ••

W• yand Mid that ODC reason for hla vbit to Wat hlngton wa•to " find wh•t we un do to ma.kc a t>reakt brou1h h• Nfllllonal Guard readines1, if ii can ti. done.

·IN THE f~UAllDllOUSE ... what's gains on in the Guard

SPS Perry named Guardsman of year Sp. s Norm P~rry , 6 r f-lli C, 3rd 9n., J61sl lnf•ntryor Kcnl ht • bf.ten rnarned Cuard1man of 1he Ytar ror wa~hington State.. PttTY. a t'Uident R en 1on, tcnt~red the Cuard thn'.llllgh 1he ••1ry .>M year prO~ r1m, " and now Pl• nt to atay wilh lho Guard un1il he



Oriain11lly rrom Hana Qn lht lJ. t.od of Maui, hrry Jot,ncd tk Army iD l.H;las a part of lbrt alt. 9th OffJIW, and 1pen1 mo11t or hi• enli1tm1ot in

Ge..-m4n)', After hh1 harge tn

1967. he vi1itcd 11 bn>ther at Ft. Lowi1, and round work In the Pacir.c Nortb•"'C~ .at Ootlog as: a atr'Wtu ral mecha11ic. He eatered tbc Guard after r1:;11di n1 of the " try oo~ year•• enU1tm•nt prosram, •l'ld ~uuoyed bis work, a nd hi1 fellow work~ra nominated h im to be Na1ional CuardJmln ot the Year. A• G~rdsman of 'he Vear, Sp. $ Perry wu ewvcfed SIC. cub. • trophy and had tUIK-h • ltt. Major Genc-r•I IJoward S. McCtt

J ohnson's service cited BC Mcrr' t A. Johmoft ( Rd. ), comma.ockr of the ll•t lnr•nt ry 8ri@ade ( Mtthaniud) from 197e to 197-t, rcQciv.d tM Lc1jon <ti Merit m~aJ in ctrtmoniesatthe Yakima Flrin1 Centtr,

The award iJ rac:rvecl for those comman.d officer$, whO, l a the ivdam•ot of tlMt [>qlairtm•nt of tbe Army, dltp.l•y "the hl1iht.1t leader·

s hip qualltl .... or1ani:ia1lon1I a bili· ty and t0und judam tnt."



COl John F. Campbell la aho" n being awarded the Army'a Legion of ~ -

by Major tlen- Howen! s.

McGee. Campbell, who formerly commanded Iha 118th lnllontry In Spokw, ..U...i thio _ , from Iha Natlonal Guard • 33 yeare of Kttve and reHrwe



In addltlon to Iha Leglon of ~ COi. Campbell Senior Army AYlator . • Army Compona nt,a A chle•ement Medal, AnMd _) F~ Aeaerv• Medal, end the W••hl~t:' state com~ rnendetlon el

Project didn' t s tum~­ the Guard =. Membftr1 or the Wa.sbl na1on Army Hatioaal Guard tr.ll'..'sponed a ttee 111ump mearonag 16 feet

a round, t o Fort Steilaoiqm Com· munhy Col)ese " "here it will be par1 ol t h• tr•inina equipment .,r t bc Ft. $ tcflacoom Earty i;biJdbood Educ•· tion l>c:rmrcmcnt. _ "J 1porred 1hls stump fro m 1he ro11t1 # bout 1wo w eeks awu," Aid Mr• . (;race Koopmao!I, FSCCearl)' childhood -:duco rion ditte1o r. ''O!lnd it•~h time 1 drive b)', r looked 1n Me lt ll<lmcoot h;id appn)priated ti for

Watch out, McDonald's Everel1 Guardsmen became hamburger heroes this summer

tno: Guard tolled one of its tanks up to Iha Herly's paoong lot. Tho

whonHCC.1 s1Bn., 800<dAnnor

radio station that carried the commerc ial messages also pto\lided on the $Clene coverage lo< the event. Arry !right the tank ""'Y have put Into Herly's com·

te•med up wl1h the Herfy's hamburger chain in a recruiting

---purelyAssociation elects "rive. Herfy's bought radio alr me to bolster the Guard's

rooruldng drive in C vcrett. and

Westphal president Col. Rot~n w. Wes.tpba.1, corn· m111nde r or1he l 161h Support Center.

Olympla 1 has been elected pt e•·

l dent o r the National Gu a r d .Utoel.atlon ot Waa.hington. Wc11pha l, a de~rtment a.tore



a civilia n, beg.a.a h~

term Jul y I . He ha • bee.a vicecMlrnuin ol the ..St-ante 75•· Como mince bottiQC the Nal.iolal Gu.a.rd ANOC'..tkla' s utioPal coave ation ln Sunte in ~pumbitt. WHtpbal bu been a Coards.l'M:O

fhl\'.e 19-48. During that 1ime he h;1J

l!tttn1nandcd aevcral Guard u rillll and tlcld key 1taff positions In the W"fhl n1ton Army Nado.naJ GuartJ

lie h111s been commaoder ot the 11•1h 111~ October 1m. Ottltr oN~rs ;are Doak Wins.low. vk:e-pre1iden1: Jaoice JOhrt$0n, ••cre11r y ; Lyl e D And e rson~ lttatUtt1'; .Clio Trout, cbalrma.a of tb• Enll•1ed Board ; •od Cra l 1 Wall• Ind Ron Craves, tM)ard


MSG Janson gets medal




R. Janson, Of HHB 2d 1•61h F A, Vancouver. Wa31)ifn1ton, ha• been awarded the atOn ot Merit ror hi& ..inspiration· • I 1cader shlp 10 lhe junior NCO'• and • olblcd ~mben thtOOQh hb

t.nowlcdc:e. conducr, willina ne11 to M lp ond ex11mplc,"


Jan son•s eommt1nd e r c.rtdlted him for hi& extra hours t•f

wortr 10 S.ttery A, lht1t it w11 mtlr11a lned lilt a bi&h level ot


wood " The •tump will be pan of a • • w ly -dc•elo ped l a bor•tory chUdrel!l'• pl•yerouod ceoter on •he Fl. Sf~llacoom Community Collqe c.mpu1 •"'here i i • 'ill be f:'m beddecl in COl'C~te and med as ~ climbnia appara1u1 for chUdrco and a.s a n •••mpl«o 10 preschool teacher"$ of a eubt1hu1e f or rnt,1te CQt1;Uy playfteld oqull)rilent,

State's plans for emer gency gets revision fl_. • .-UP of ~ f'4'_..__l,

camp muar S«.lus ion i1t • __.. railed room. Oodcr d.lsf:'t.ts.-".on .-aa ddease ta tbe hent ol • 16-4 a1tac1t. -1tate emcracncJe1. feder• I d i &a1rer reli ef, clv1l deteoat. civil disturbances and pot.t•I 1uvice support. T he Sta t e Arca Com m and (ST Al< C ) A d H oc c 11mrnittcc headed by RO \Vaync MeDanlel1, t1 •1 i11an1 adJu 1an1 Qenern1, m • ntluned El.ICh titles as ST ARC, ORAf' HIC HAND, LSSF, ).fSCA and 01hon• A plennlng mill!slone $dlcdule wat e.iablisho:I so that plan.1 i n volriac GWlrchme• who might be involved in postal strikes, flood•, 4iMJtcn, war could be gpd.atC'd. 1t ii pro)«:led t bat Command P0tl Bxcrc:ises (CPX) wi ll tc•t tltote plans • • • part or 197 6 1u.m~r


Adams honored Col , Wllll~rn Adams, \\1hotelired on July I, 1975 from t he Washington

N•tloruil Ciuiard, ha1 ~o awarded " 1.he Ater horious Servic:e 1'fc<fal for bJ1 .. IMI and faithful" service ,._, tho su•rd over tlle Las-t 4J revs

u.d . is pubhilAed quELt1erl)' bytM l nrortn&rlon 0ffice-, Wubin11tc.n A.rm)' Noa• io,na.l Cua.rd, Camp Mu r ..ay . Ta.cum.a . Wa:shms1on 98430 (206 } 5$2-3896. 'Jhh: publiu1.1un Is. u ur1urtJde.l publication as authO't"irud under the provisions of AH. 360 -81. an d the vu=i.u and

opi n i ua !I exp r essed arc ntH necess.~r .. v tho.ite or lhl'i Dcv;;i rrmcnt of rheAnny. o. d.. 1t d:i.s1ributC>CI free to personnel of lheWa~hlngton Army Nal'i.ona1 Guard and o• ltt-r intrresred pe:rsoms u~m reqvc:~ . VoJ. s. No :.l.

OLD GUllll,D :j


= rd§ ~

:II l;1










,, ~

~ ti:!


~ "'1"12




Horsin ' around at summer camp Anyone who has been in Washington long enough to sprout g i'lls knows that the expression '"raining c a ts and dogs is no exaggeration wh e n it comes to some of our typica~ downpours. Raining1horses, however, is a term we use only duri1ng 11

t h e r e a 11y m e s s y monsoons. It is uniiikely that an umbrella offers much protection during a storm such as this. The Guardsmen in th•s photo were attending a summer camp i,n the old brown shoe army d ays between the 'wo world wars. 1

1975 vol 5 no 3  
1975 vol 5 no 3