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Eric Levy Garaj Mahal This is undoubtedly my favorite synth I’ve ever played on stage. I naturally find myself tweaking the large LED knobs and buttons, and sound design becomes as important a part of my creative process as the notes I play. Add the monster Moog tone, and it’s a killer combination.

Jake Cinninger Umphrey’s McGee The Moog Adam Holzman Miles Davis / Brave New World / Mahavishnu Project The Little Phatty has a great sound and a great vibe. I found I was able to match some very complicated Voyager patches. Plus, because it sends MIDI polyphonically, it can become the center of your home studio!

Guitar is impossible to put down. There are endless new tricks to add to your musical palette, and it does not tarnish your true guitar style, it just adds some colorful options to your bag of tricks.


Moog Guitar™

For over half a century, Moog Music has crafted electronic instruments and left


Little Phatty®

a footprint on our culture, transcending generations and musical genres. We’re


Minimoog® voyager®

proud to continue Bob Moog’s spirit of innovation, expanding the Moog product



family with creative, new instruments. We’re also proud of the great musicians



around the world who use our products to create their art. Thank you.


Etherwave® Theremin


Moog® stuff









The moog GUITAR ™ 04

LITTLE PHATTY moog guitar

Specifications subject to change without notice

Moog’s first guitar is first and foremost a great guitar; beautifully crafted; painstakingly built. You will love playing this guitar. And after you fall in love with the guitar, turn on the Moog electronics: FULL SUSTAIN MODE – infinite sustain on every string, at every fret position and at any volume. CONTROLLED SUSTAIN MODE – sustains the strings you are playing while removing energy from the strings you are not. MUTE MODE – removes energy from all strings, resulting in a variety of short, staccato articulations. HARMONIC BLENDS – use the included control pedal to shift energy between the bridge and neck pick-ups; changing the actual harmonics of the vibrating strings. MOOG LADDER FILTER – sweep the frequency of the built-in, resonant Moog ladder filter using the control pedal or CV Input. This Changes Everything.™

Specifications subject to change without notice

moog moogguitar music


Separate piezo output

04 06

LITTLE PHATTY moog guitar

Electronics and controls designed by Moog

Customized Wilkinson bridge with piezo saddles and tremolo

Built-in Moog filter

Customdesigned, noise cancelling single-coil Moog pickups

Instrument beautifully hand-crafted

Maple neck with ebony finger board, 12-inch radius, modified C shape 25 1/2 -inch scale

Matching finish headstock

Specifications subject to change without notice






The Moog Guitar puts revolutionary new technology in the hands of the guitarist. Moog Music is known for building the finest instruments and the Moog Guitar is first and foremost a very fine guitar; designed to be played by the best musicians as their primary axe. Its one quarter inch maple top (Collector Edition), swamp ash or mahogany body and ebony finger board bespeak the quality that musicians have come to expect from a Moog instrument. The addition of Moog Guitar Electronics opens guitarists to a whole new musical vocabulary: Not a guitar synthesizer, not a MIDI guitar or an effects processor; players are intimately connected to The Moog Guitar because the magical sounds are from the strings themselves.

moog moogguitar music

05 07

MIDI I/O Full CC control of all parameters. Leave your MIDI controller keyboard at home.

USB, MIDI + CV For unlimited connectivity


oozes From every

Knob, Input and Menu Option

• 100% analog signal path produces the warm, thick and engaging sounds Moog is known for • Sound engine designed by Bob Moog, inventor of the synthesizer • RACTM—Real Analog Control connects you directly to the sound engine, exactly like a vintage synth • 37-note keyboard with +/-2 octave transpose for a perfect performance setup • Overload control for pre- and post-filter distortion • Built-in Universal Power Supply accepts any line voltage from 90-250VAC; 50-60hz • Highly portable when ordered with optional gig bag (LP-GIG) or Custom ATA Roadcase (LP-ATA-001)

NEW features

little phatty 08

little phatty

stage II


A Versatile, Intuitive Arpeggiator

MIDI Clock Sync

Tap Tempo

Arbitrary Pot Mapping Allows the User to Assign Knobs to Perform Different Functions 100 User Editable Presets Allow for Easy Access and Flexibilty

Two ultra-stable Voltage Controlled Oscillators with Continuously Variable Wave Shape from triangle to pulse One Voltage Controlled Filter The Famous Moog Sound

Soft Rubberized Side Panels Match the Comfortable, Warm Feel of the Pitch and Mod Wheel

Moog Music is proud to introduce the newest member of the Little Phatty family... the Little Phatty Stage II. Like the Stage and Tribute Editions before it, the Little Phatty Stage II retains the same features and sound engine, designed by Moog founder and inventor, Bob Moog. The Stage II has all the great heart and soul of its predecessors and sports a host of new features.

Specifications subject to change without notice


05 09

Minimoog Voyager Features • 3 high stability analog VCOs with continuous waveform control • 2 Moog Filters - Dual Lowpass in parallel or Highpass/Lowpass in series • Snappy analog filter & volume envelope generators • 4 4-key keyboard with velocity & afterpressure • Three dimensional touch surface controller • Modular synth flexibility with Mod Busses & rear panel control inputs & outputs • MIDI in, out and through • 896 User Accessible Presets

Minimoog Voyager Select Series Jade backlighting and Mahogany cabinet shown

• New O.S. 3.4 adds important new functions, features and enhancements to the Voyager, including: LFO Sample & Hold capability for the Touch Surface, enhanced pot resolution and Local ON/OFF assignments for the Keyboard, Pitch and Mod Wheels


minimoog voyager 10

minimoog voyager

Specifications subject to change without notice



VOYAGER. For years musicians have expressed their creative muse through Moog synthesizers, an instrument with enormous sonic range and possibilities. And now the new Minimoog Voyager Select Series offers unprecedented aesthetic customization with SIX backlight options and SEVEN different wood cabinet styles, allowing you to choose any

you can customize your voyager, with any combination of cabinet and backlight options.

combination for a look all your own. You can select any combination of cabinet and backlight styles making your Voyager a truly distinctive and personalized instrument.

cabinet options:

backlight options: indigo





Electric Blue




white Wash


traditional ash

electric blue

moog music


Keyboard CV and Gate Outputs

The Minimoog Voyager Old School The new synth with the analog sound engine of the Voyager, but without the digital controls. The perfect solution for players looking for a roadworthy replacement for their venerable Minimoog Model D, a full-featured centerpiece for their modular synth rig or just craving direct, hands-on connection to their creativity! Priced between the Voyager and Little Phatty, this modern classic makes the coveted Voyager sound and design easier to own than ever!

Enhanced Modulation Bus Controls


Classic Moog Sound and design

joel cummins Umphrey’s McGee The best, thickest, most engaging sounds. Minimoog Voyager Performer Cased in a classic Red Ash finish. Shown with optional blue backlit wheels. VY-MN-004


minimoog voyager

Specifications subject to change without notice

voyager ACCESSORIES Roger O’donnell Minimoog Voyager Rack Mount Edition Obtain the mammoth Voyager sound in a compact package! Expand your sonic landscape. Combine with the VX-352 accessory for the true Voyager experience.

The cure, Solo Artist It’s incredible, emotive, expressive.  A wonderful instrument. Voyager Control Voltage Expander Adds modular synthesis capability to the Minimoog Voyager.



• 2  1 ¼" jacks for connecting to the Voyager’s Control Voltage (CV) and gate outputs • 2  attenuators and two 4-way multiple jack panels for distribution and processing of Voyager CVs • CP-251 sized • 19" rack format 5 U high. • Doubles as table-top synth with optional wood sides • All the front panel controls of the Minimoog Voyager (except touch screen) • Audio Connections are Left/Mono Out, Right Out switchable between -2dBm unbalanced and +4dBm balanced, External Audio In and Mixer Out/Filter In • Multiple CV inputs available on VX-352, RME CV Expander • Modular synth flexibility with Mod Busses & rear panel control inputs & outputs • MIDI in, out and through • 896 User Accessible Presets

Rack Mount Edition Control Voltage Expander Voyager gig bag


19” Rack Mount Kit Holds a combination of any two CP-251, VX-351 or VX-352



EP-2 (Newly Redesigned)

Molded ATA Road Case with handles & wheels

Voyager Dust Cover

• Connects to the RME Voyager’s accessory port • Houses 13 CV Inputs including Rate inputs for both the Envelope and LFO • Includes a 4-way multiple jack panel and two attenuators

Moog Expression Pedal



Voyager Rack Mount Edition Gig Bag

Moog Footswitch Momentary switch for use with Voyager or MF-105 MuRF


FS-1 moog music


robert randolph Robert Randolph & the Family band These pedals are some of Freqbox Audio modulated oscillator

the coolest I have ever used in my life. Robert Moog was


a genius.

• VCO can be hard synced by the input signal • VCO can be frequency modulated (FM) by the input signal • VCO frequency can be modulated by an envelope follower which tracks the dynamics of the input signal • A mplitude of the VCO also tracks the dynamics of the input signal

The new

Freqbox is like

no other effect

on the planet.



Unique analog circuitry, classic Moog filters and virtually limitless control are all housed in rugged construction for sonic versatility and stompbox durability. In studio or on stage, these imaginative effects will take your music to Another Dimension.™

Specifications subject to change without notice


Bass MuRF New version of the award winning MuRF specifically voiced for bass instruments

Analog Delay Longest standalone all-analog delay on the market. Provides a full second of delay!


• Rotary controls for Delay Time, Feedback, Mix, & Loop Gain • Drive control matches input sensitivity from instrument to the line level; Output level control balances bypassed/effected signals • Three ¼" Control inputs accept Expression pedals or CVs for remote control of Delay Time, Feedback & Mix • Select between input/external loop for complete flexibility routing the signal path

• Rotary controls for Mix, Carrier Frequency, LFO Rate, and LFO Amount • Two Classic Rocker switches select LFO Waveform (Square/ Sine) or Low Frequency Carrier Range (Lo/Hi) • Drive control matches input sensitivity from instrument to line level; Output level control balances bypassed/effected signals • Four ¼" Control inputs accept Expression pedals or CVs for remote control of Carrier Frequency, LFO Carrier Rate, LFO Amount and Mix

MuRF Multiple Resonance Filter array

12-Stage Phaser 6 or 12-stage phaser with LFO

Low Pass Filter Moog filter with envelope follower




•R  otary controls for LFO Frequency Rate, Amount, Sweep, and Resonance • Two Classic Rocker switches select LFO Frequency Range (Lo/Hi) and Number of Phaser Stages (6-Stage/12-Stage) • Drive control matches input sensitivity from instrument to line level; Output level control balances bypassed/effected signals • Four ¼" Control inputs accept Expression pedals or CVs for remote control of Sweep, Resonance, Rate, and Amount • ¼" LFO CV Output

• Rotary controls for Cutoff, Envelope Amount, Resonance, and Mix • Two Classic Rocker switches select Envelope Follower Reponse (Smooth/Fast) and Filter Frequency Response (2pole/4pole) • Drive control matches input sensitivity from instrument to line level; Output level control balances bypassed/effected signals • Four ¼" Control inputs accept Expression pedals or CVs for remote control of Cutoff, Envelope Amount, Resonance, and Mix • ¼" LFO CV Output

• A nimation section offers rich rhythmic patterns • Tap tempo footswitch input (use Moog footswitch FS-1) • Four ¼" Control inputs accept Expression pedals or CV’s for remote control of Rate, Envelope, LFO/Sweep, and Mix


• Filter section provides 8 great sounding resonant filters with adjustable gain via 8 sliders • A nimation section provides unlimited unique sequenced filter effects • Tap tempo footswitch input (use Moog footswitch FS-1) • Hard Bypass features zero “tone sucking” for tone-conscious guitarists


Ring Modulator Built-in carrier oscillator and LFO MF-102


ACCESSORIES Moog footswitch for use with the MuRF or Voyager FS-1  6U high rack mount kit Holds 3 Moogerfoogers MF-RK Additional 110 VAC 9 VDC Power Supply MF-PS/110 220 volt version of above MF-PS/220 Moogerfooger Gig Bag Holds 5 Moogerfoogers and accessories MF-Gig  Moog Pattern Step Adaptor Advance the steps of a pattern by foot or with gate signals to create your own variations MF-Step 

moog music


MIDI over USB Standard MIDI In & Out

Analog Control Voltage Outputs— each with an Independent LFO

Programmable Heel & Toe Voltages



Optical Pedal Mechanism




Heavy Duty Design

• New MP-201 Multi-Pedal

Controllers 16


• CP-251 Control Processor • EP2 Expression Pedal • Etherwave CV Control Mod

Specifications subject to change without notice


Control Processor

The MP-201 Multi-Pedal is a Control Hub for live performers, studios, DJ’s and more. With CV, MIDI and USB connections, it can add expressive control to anything from a laptop running the latest software to MIDI instruments and effects or a modular analog synth rig.

Essential collection of powerful modular synthesis tools


• Explore new worlds of expression • Control multiple instruments and effects simultaneously • Expand the sonic palette of your current equipment • MIDI Clock Sync & Tap Tempo; Sync LFOs to sequencer tracks or live performances • Foot control: while your hands are busy playing, spinning or mixing your foot controls the rig.


• Expand the sonic universe of Moogerfoogers, Little Phatty and Voyager synthesizers, The Moog Guitar and other analog gear • Dual waveform LFO with expression pedal input and simultaneous sawtooth, square and S&H outputs • Sample-and-Hold with source and trigger inputs; stepped and smoothed outputs • two attenuators, lag processor, noise generator, CV mixer • 4-way mult; send control signals to multiple destinations for synchronized effects

Expression Pedal For foot control of any knob controllable performance parameter New EP-2 Moog custom Designed Expression Pedal 

Rugged Construction

ETHERWAVE CV CONTROL MOD Add Control Capability to your Etherwave Theremin. The new Control Mod for the Etherwave Theremin enhances this extremely versatile instrument with CV outputs for Pitch and Volume (can be routed to any CV destination) and a Gate output for triggering envelopes or other events.



• • •

A new way to control all your CV gear Play the Theremin and control effects simultaneously Control a Little Phatty (or other analog synthesizer) with a wave of your hand moog music



ETHERWAVE PLUS Control your gear with a wave of your hand! The newest member of the Moog Etherwave Theremin family is also the newest member of our Controller family. The Etherwave Plus extends the Theremin’s gestural playing technique to the world of analog synthesis and beyond. Control synthesizers and effects while playing the Theremin or use as a stand-alone CV (Control Voltage) controller. The CV outputs control signals are proportional to the pitch and volume of the Theremin’s audio signal. Connect to the pitch and volume CV inputs of a Little Phatty, Voyager or other analog synthesizer for a completely new way to play your synth. These CV signals are not limited to pitch and volume control. Route them to any CV destination and create a new world of expression. Use it to control anything from the cutaoff frequency of the Moog Guitar Ladder Filter or the LFO Amount on a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator to the stereo panning on a Minimoog Voyager.








The Etherwave Plus has all the great features and tone of our standard Etherwave theremin. The “Plus” features include: • Pitch & Volume CV Outputs - control a different CV parameter with each hand • Gate Output – trigger envelopes and other events • Pitch Preview/Headphone Output - with separate volume control, lets you hear your note before the audience does. • Power LED - instant visual power status on dark stages

etherwave theremin 18

etherwave theremin

Specifications subject to change without notice

Etherwave Theremin Kit The same design as our Etherwave theremin – but you get to put it together. Great way to learn the basic electronic instruments. Easy to build – fun to play! Small amount of soldering required. Use your imagination to finish the cabinet. EW-KIT-0011

Pamelia Kurstin

Etherwave Theremin It’s the standard by which all modern theremins are measured. Mounts to a standard mic stand and has detachable antennas. All Etherwaves include DVD with “Mastering the Theremin” and “Clara Rockmore, The World’s Greatest Theremin Virtuosa.” • POWER rocker switch - switches on and off the AC power to theremin. • AUDIO OUT - standard 1/4” phone jack, delivers line level output to your amplifier. • PITCH control for adjusting the pitch response. • VOLUME control for adjusting the volume response. • WAVEFORM control for adjusting the waveform of the audio output. • BRIGHTNESS control for adjusting the brightness of the audio output. • POWER INPUT - receptacle for the special AC adapter that comes with the Etherwave. 110 volt and 220 volt adapters are available. • ANTENNA CONNECTORS - threaded connectors allow the antennas to be removed for travel.


ACCESSORIES Etherwave Power Supply, 110v or 220V EW-PS/110,220 15 Watt Amplifier, 2 inputs, 8-inch speaker TB-15 Etherwave Standard Mic Stand EW-MS Etherwave Audio Cable (10 foot) EW-AC Etherwave Gig Bag EW-GIG

bobby alt street drum corp Yeah, I love my Moog theremin… I am trying to freak it all the time


moog music


moog STUFF

Logo ladies t-Shirt

Kelly Green Logo t-Shirt

Logo t-Shirt

Moog Stuff Visit for more Moog stuff


Men’s Moog Guitar T-Shirt S M L XL XXL

Brown Logo t-Shirt

Theremin T-Shirt S M L XL XXL Moog Baseball Jersey S M L XL XXL T-L5

Moog Sew-On Patches PATCH- 01, 02

Minimug Coffee cup MUG- M1


Black Logo T-Shirt M L XL XXL XXXL




Kelly Green Logo T-Shirt S M L XL XXL

Moog Winter Cap

Youth Logo T-Shirt SML T-L3

Moog Minimoog Voyager Poster VY-PO1


Brown Logo T-Shirt S M L XL XXL

Moog Logo Ladies T-Shirt S M L XL XXL T-LT-1


Red Logo T-Shirt S M L XL XXL T-TS-RED

Old School T-Shirt S M L XL XXL old school t-Shirt

T-LP moog stuff


Old School Voyager Trucker Hat CAP6


Little Phatty T-Shirt S M L XL XXL 20

Ladies Moog Guitar Racerback Tank S M L XL

Moog Army Cap CAP5


moogerfooger training dvd


Moogerfooger Training DVD Expert Moog clinicians Brian Kehew (Moog Cookbook, The Who) and Steve Dunnington (Moog Product Engineer) twist your knobs and give you an education in all things Moogerfooger. VID-MF

Voyager Training DVD Oscillate you mind around the possibilities available in Moog’s signature instrument, the Minimoog Voyager. Brian Kehew (Moog Cookbook, The Who) unlocks the mystery behind every knob, switch, and button, revealing the secrets to putting your finger in the electronic pulse. VID-MMG

Voyager training dvd

Moogfest 2006 Live DVD Featuring an incredible array of the world’s leading keyboardists (Keith Emerson, Jan Hammer, Jordan Rudess, Bernie Worrell, Roger O’Donnell, The Mahavishnu Project, DJ Logic), Moogfest, the annual festival celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of maverick inventor Robert Moog and his namesake synthesizer, captures the spirit of the instruments that altered the course of modern music for all time and have since become an integral part of our musical culture. VID-MFEST-06

Two Theremin Classics DVD A combined DVD of Moog’s theremin videos - “Mastering the Theremin” with Lydia Kavina and “Clara Rockmore - World’s Greatest Theremin Virtuosa”

Moog Movie DVD

Moog Movie This movie provides a rare glimpse of the man behind the machines… his thoughts and insights as well as his interactions with musicians from Toyko to NYC to his home town of Asheville, NC.

Theremin Book


Voyager Old School Patch Book The Old School Patch Book contains some of the best patches translated from the Voyager factory presets and original patches created by the Moog Music staff.




The Art of Playing the Theremin by Carolina Eyck English language edition - 90 page book with text, music, and photos; includes more than 150 practical exercises and etudes. Over 20 well-known and new pieces arranged for the theremin.

Clara Rockmore’s Lost Theremin Album Clara Rockmore and her sister, Nadia Reisenberg are heard on this CD in 13 never-before released tracks, recorded in 1975. CD-CR2



moog music


Moog instruments and effects connect your creativity and imagination with sounds not possible anywhere else. Take your Music to another dimension. Find all the details on Moog products, browse audio samples, chat with fellow enthusiasts on our Web forum, and find a dealer near you.


moog music

Eric Levy: photo by Chris Stack / Adam Holzman: photo by Chris Stack / Jake Cinninger: photo by Randy Fuchs / Wes Styles: photo by Chris Guertin / Joel Cummins: photo by Randy Fuchs / Roger O’Donnell: photo by Erin Lang / Robert Randolph: photo by Adam McCullough / Pamelia Kurstin: photo by Christopher Kontoes / Bobby Alt: photo by Steve Prue / George Pajon Jr. and Printz Board: photo by Gustavo Cavallero / John Medeski: photo by Randy Fuchs

George Pajon Jr. and Printz Board Black Eyed Peas

Wes Styles Coheed and Cambria

John Medeski Medeski, martin and Wood

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Bob Moog To be human, to be fully human, is to need music and to derive nourishment from the music you hear.

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