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Afenhyia Pa is Ghana’s way to wish you a Happy New Year.

PLEASE PRAY WITH US:  Pray for the Blazeys as they continue to seek financial support and a sending agency that works in Australia  Please pray for our upcoming trip to Ghana (February 8-March 22).  Please pray for our property development  Please pray that we will finally receive our licensing from DSW.

And that is exactly what the children and staff desire to wish for you. May God grant each and every one of you a truly great new year. The newsletter this month is intentionally light because WAMM has a board meeting on the 14th of January at which time we hope to be setting the course for the year to come. I was hoping to share that vision with you in this edition, but due to an unexpected surgery for our board chairman, we had to postpone our meeting . But please don’t despair. It is my intention to send out a sec-

ond newsletter this month giving you the details of where we believe God desires to lead this ministry in the next 12 months and beyond. So please, stay tuned for that. As you can see in the picture, we currently have 7 children in care (the two in the back row are party crashers—children of some of the workers). You probably notice that you can’t see Adwoa’s face (the little one in the front row on the right). This is not atypical. In fact her nickname at HOMe is “Little Miss Busy-for-Nothing”, a term given when someone just flits around from place to place and person to person with no particular agenda in mind. She is a

precious and beautiful little one, but you will have to take my word for that since she is being busy for nothing, checking out everyone else. We thank God for each of the little ones in our care and pray we will be able to minister to their needs until God, in his mercy, might choose to find them a permanent family. Right now that is not an easy thing. But God, in his sovereign control of all things is bigger than any hurdles mere mortals can throw our way. Please pray with us for each of these precious children.

PBMc for the entire WAMM Family


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MCINTYRE UPDATE happy for him and Megen. You can check them out pictured below.

Debbie and I also want to wish you all Afenhyia Pa! We are looking forward to what God has in store for our family and for WAMM in the coming year. Already we were given some pretty exciting news, our son Tommy is engaged to be married. Dates have not been set, but we are

You will also notice that I included our updated pillar to help you keep our matching fund drive in your prayers.

how he will amaze us again and again by accomplishing that which he has begun. We covet your prayers through the coming months. May God touch the hearts of his stewards to join with us in this project.

We are asking God to match the $120,000 promised by a generous donor so we can begin to develop our newly acquired land in 2017. God amazed us with how he brought the money in so far, and we are looking forward to


Current Balance: $6,200

SUPPORT OPPORTUNITIES I would like to . . .

 Make an Eternal Investment in WAMM by participating in the matching-funds Fund Raiser for the Property for HOMe  Sponsor a Baby Bed at HOMe  Help Bring the McIntyre’s support up to 100%, insuring their continued involvement in WAMM  Partner with WAMM in planting mercy-ministering churches in Ghana With a . . .

 One-Time Gift of $_____________________________________  Monthly Gift of $_____________________________________  Annual Gift of $_____________________________________ Please fill out this form and mail it with your name and address to West African Mercy Ministries, P.O. Box 2028, Waukesha, WI 53187 Or Check out our Paypal option on the Website:

WAMM Newsletter Jan 2017  

WAMM Newsletter Jan 2017

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