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Wyoming Association of Municipalities Augutst 2016 Newsletter

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WAMConnection August 2016 Newsletter

Upcoming Events


Board of Directors

President: Brian Dickson, Council Member, Lovell First Vice President: Paul Brooks, Mayor, Sundance Region One Directors: Andrea Summerville, Council Member, Laramie Rick Kaysen, Mayor, Cheyenne Kelly Krakow, Mayor, Albin Region Two Directors: Paul Brooks, Mayor, Sundance Bruce Jones, Mayor, Douglas Shelleen Smith, Council Member, Sheridan Region Three Directors: Nancy Tia Brown, Mayor, Cody Tim Patrick, Mayor, Manderson John Wetzel, Council Member, Powell Region Four Directors: Buck King, Mayor, Edgerton Lee Martinez, Council Member, Riverton Charlie Powell, Council Member, Casper Region Five Directors: Scott Dellinger, Mayor, Mountain View Hailey Morton Levinson, Council Member, Jackson Saundra Meyer, Council Member, Evanston Region Six Directors: Tracy Fowler, Council Member, Hanna Pete Rust, Mayor, Green River LTS Representative Randy Adams, Council Member, Torrington WAMCAT Representative Carol Intlekofer, City Clerk, Cheyenne GOSCMA Representative Carter Napier, City Administrator, Gillette Past Presidents: Susan Juskcha, Mayor, Glendo Jim Wells, Council Member, Rawlins WAM Staff: Shelley Simonton, Executive Director Laurie Heath, Deputy Director Scott Badley, Legislative Manager Earla Checchi, Finance Manager Katie Waldner, Member Services Manager Mark Harris, General Counsel WAM Connection August 2016

September 2 Corporations, Cheyenne September 5 Labor Day September 9 Special Districts Task Force, Casper September 14 Region Six Meeting, Wamsutter September 15 Corporations, Saratoga


October 6-7 Travel, Sundance October 10-11 Minerals, Rock Springs October 11 Region One Meeting, Wheatland October 12 Region Six Meeting, Rawlins October 13 Region Five Meeting, Marbleton


November 8 Election Day November 11 Veterans Day November 14-15 • Education, Casper • Judiciary, TBD

December December 2 Simonton’s Birthday December 12-13 Transportation, Casper December 12-16 Appropriations, Cheyenne




September 22 - 23 • Revenue Committee, Buffalo • Judiciary Committee, Torrington September 24 NEWY Meeting (Region 2), Gillette September 26 - 27 • Digital Information Privacy Task Force, Laramie • Transportation, Afton

October 14 Region Three Meeting, Worland October 18 Region Four Meeting, Riverton October 24 Appropriations, Casper October 26-28 WAM Fall Retreats, Thermopolis October 31 Halloween November 17-18 Revenue, Cheyenne November 21-22 Corporations, Cheyenne November 24 Thanksgiving Day

December 21 WAM Board Meeting, Teleconference December 25 Christmas Day

October 26-28, 2016 Thermopolis Finance Directors Retreat City Managers & Administrators Retreat

ConTents 4 Allied Members 5 Simonton Says 7 CyberSecurity Guidelines for Local Government 8 Increasing Wyoming’s Prosperity One Story at a Time 12 Get to Know Your Legislative Candidates 16 Community Classifieds

CyberSecurity Guidelines for Local Government

7 Increasing Wyoming’s Prosperity One Story at a Time


10 Legislative Primary Results

WAM Connection August 2016

Allied Members Anton Collins Mitchell, LLP McGee, Hearne & Paiz, LLP Porter, Muirhead, Cornia & Howard


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SENIORx Patient Advocates Casper (307) 472-1770 WY Association of Risk Management Cheyenne (307) 433-9400 WY Business Council Cheyenne (307) 777-2800 WY Conference of Building Officials Gillette (307) 682-1970 WY Press Association Cheyenne (307) 635-3905 WY Economic Development Association Cheyenne (307) 772-9100

Attorneys Freudenthal & Bonds, P.C. Hathaway & Kunz, P.C. Pence and MacMillan LLC

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WAM Connection August 2016


Cheyenne Douglas

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Laramie (307) 745-8100 Torrington (307) 532-5211 Platteville, WI (608) 348-3262 Sheridan (307) 672-9006 Sheridan (307) 675-1919 Cody (307) 587-4911 Gillette (307) 682-8936 Riverton (307) 856-8136 Jackson (307) 733-5150 Gillette (307) 682-9500 Laramie (307) 766-4811 Gillette (307) 685-3780 Jackson (307) 733-2087 Laramie (307) 745-1492 Sheridan (888) 842-1325 Cheyenne (307) 775-9500 Sheridan (307) 672-9310 Casper (307) 266-2524 Laramie (307) 742-0031

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Simonton Says... B y S h e l l e y s i m o n t o n , WA M E x e c u t i v e D i r e c t o r

It’s been two months since the WAM Convention in Cody and it feels like it’s been 10 minutes. The summer days are longer, and yet somehow, go faster than the other days of the year. I hope you have made the most out of this summer! WAM’s Strategic Plan tells us that our three focus areas are: Legislative/Advocacy, Education/ Training, and Outreach/Communications. While we have been working over the summer on each area, I will address our efforts towards Legislative/Advocacy in the past couple of months. In June, we formed an ad hoc committee titled the Municipal Finance Task Force (Task Force). Our intent with forming this critical working group was to be proactive with the Legislature relative to funding issues facing municipalities. Members of the Task Force included: Myself, Rick Kaysen (Legislative Leadership Committee Chair), and Scott Badley (WAM Legislative Manager) as sub-committee facilitators. Three sub-committees included Andi Summerville (Region 1 – Laramie Council Member), Jim Harmon (Region 2 - Sheridan Treasurer), Barry Cook (Region 4 - Cody City Manager), V.H. McDonald (Region 5 - Casper City Manager), Bob McLaurin (Region 5 – Jackson City Manager), Reed Clevenger (Region 6 – Green River City Administrator), Charri Lara (WAMCAT Representative – Lander Treasurer), Janine Jordan (Laramie City Manager), Lois Huff (Cheyenne Treasurer), and Kelley Millar (Upton Deputy Clerk). These volunteers have done an incredible amount of work this summer on behalf of all WAM members. If you see them, please extend a warm appreciation for their dedication to Wyoming cities and towns. The committee had a short time to work and some very lofty goals: 1. Review current municipal funding formula from the 2016 legislative session, and offer recommendations

2. Review all sources of revenue available to

municipalities in the state including • fees (such as building & development permit fees), including research on liquor licenses, • taxes (such as the optional sales taxes), and • other sources of revenue (state, federal) 3. Learn from other states their funding mechanisms for municipalities 4. Discuss and explore alternatives and opportunities for municipal revenue generation 5. Review mandated programs and project costs 6. Discuss and review cost efficiency opportunities 7. Produce a final report 8. Distribute final report to WAM Board of Directors, all WAM Regions, WCCA, the Joint Revenue Committee in September, the Joint Appropriations Committee in October, and newly elected officials in cities and towns, as well as all legislators after the general election. The Joint Revenue Committee will meet in Buffalo September 22 and 23, and the Joint Appropriations Committee meeting

simo n to n S ays co n ti n u e d. . .

in Casper, October 24. We will distribute the report to Revenue Committee members prior to their meeting, but currently we are not scheduled to present the findings. We will present the report to the Joint Appropriations Committee in October. I encourage city and town officials to attend these meetings. Having your presence in the meetings with your legislators means we are unified, as well as it validates comments made by WAM on your behalf. We have also been on the road this summer. We have attended the Joint Appropriations Committee, the Special Districts Task Force, the Joint Minerals Committee, the Digital Information Privacy Task Force, and Joint Travel, Recreation and Wildlife since June. It is important that we are always building the relationship between municipal government and the state government and the legislative branch. As the Governor has said, “Decisions get made in Cheyenne and executed in the communities.” WAM will work with its six regions to host Legislative Candidate Panels prior to the General Election. This will be a time to hear

from candidates on their knowledge of local government, to ask questions, and to share ideas and concerns. After November, WAM will work again with the regions to put together meetings with legislators prior to the upcoming 2017 General Session. Changing subjects here, on behalf of the state and everyone in it, and everyone visiting it, WAUPUN, WI THANK YOU to all the local officials who have dealt with wildfires in and around your communities this summer. I hear stories of Mayor’s negotiating water rates with the Federal Government, others making room in city parks for fire fighters, and just dealing with the impacts of personnel, policy and smoke. THANK YOU. I hope your summer has found you in Wyoming’s mountains, near a trout stream, around a campfire, seeing a shooting star, reaping the benefits of a garden, laughing with a friend, driving past fields of wildflowers, or just reading a great book. We are blessed to live in this special, wild, beautiful place. Thank you all for the work you do to keep it that way. WAUPUN, WI



Burbach Aquatics, Inc. 5974 State Highway 80 South Platteville, Wisconsin 53818

WAM Connection August 2016


Phone: 608-348-3262 Fax: 608-348-4970 E-mail:


CyberSecurity Guidelines for Local Government


Recent legislation requires the State’s Department of Enterprise Technology Services (ETS) to develop guidelines for local government’s data. The ETS hosted open discussion meetings asking for feedback regarding the new program earlier this summer. WAM will attend the Digital Privacy Task Force (DPTF) meeting in Laramie on September 26-27, 2016. WAM is asking for its members to look at the provided guidelines on the ETS’s Website at Please email Katie at for a copy of Enrolled Act NO. 18. WAM believes that this guidance could be a good starting point for both large and small municipalities, but has concerns about this policy being made mandatory. Please, take some time to understand these guidelines and provide your feedback to the WAM Office. Cybersecurity is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from attack, damage or unauthorized access. In a computing context, the term security implies cybersecurity. WAM Connection August 2016


Increasing Wyoming’s Prosperity One Story at a Time B y R o n g u l l b e r g , W y b u s i n e ss C o u n c i l C o m m u n i c at i o n s d i r e c t o r

Business and community development successes and opportunities abound throughout Wyoming. As a result, Wyoming communities have great stories to tell. Storytelling is such a critical component of the Wyoming Business Council’s strategy to increase Wyoming’s prosperity, we created a communications plan. Targeted audiences include, but are not limited to, national site selectors, small business owners, tech startup entrepreneurs, local and state government officials, the media, local economic development professionals, Business Council partners, private investors and the general public. 8

WAM Connection August 2016

More tools are available than ever to inexpensively and effectively produce, distribute and quantify economic development stories. Stories now can be told in 900 words or 140 characters. As a two-minute infrastructure project “how-they-did- it” video or a groundbreaking ceremony photo gallery. They can be written, edited, refined and completed over weeks or posted immediately from remote locations via smartphones. The Business Council’s adopted digital storytelling plan is designed to not only share the important economic development stories around Wyoming that aren’t being told, but to assist independent media with stories and photos/videos that can be published as is or used as inspiration for original content. On both fronts, the results have been positive this past year. The agency’s four communications plan strategies include: Establish a Clear, Unified Message Never before has storytelling data been as accessible thanks to website/social media analytics. Did the e-newsletter story link drive traffic to the Business Council website, as intended? Did the local economic development organization share the groundbreaking ceremony video on Facebook? The answers are in the numbers. Communications equipment for public safety.

N e

Communications staffs are able to develop elsoN content that produces high ROI; conversely, NgiNeeriNg since 1964 they are able to quickly and cheaply eliminate Professional Engineers & Land Surveyors underperforming strategies. Civil/Structural/Geotechnical/Water & Waste Water/Solid A perfect example is the chance our Waste/Transportation Planning & Design/Land Development Communications Division staff took on Engineering & Permitting Reserviors/Water Rights/Property & Construction Surveying/Materials Testing & Inspection/ filming video interviews with local economic Environmental Site Assessment development and government officials 307-733-2087 Jackson 307-684-7029 Buffalo immediately following the State Loan and Investment Board’s Business Ready Community WAM 2013 Directory Infrastructure•GIS•Slope Stabilization 114 Municipal grant and loan awards. Site Engineering•Pavement Management Airports•Environmental Engineering We figured we would try it once beginning with Traffic Engineering•Highways the April 2016 meeting and if audiences weren’t Sheridan, WY•(307)672.9310 interested, we would cut our losses and move on Casper, WY•(307)577-0450 to other storytelling projects. We were pleasantly surprised when the videos generated hundreds and thousands of plays Extend Reach Beyond Mass Media on Facebook, not to mention above-average A key action item in this category was the numbers of likes, comments and shares. We launch of the Business Council’s monthly continued the effort at the June SLIB meeting– e-newsletter in November 2015. with the audience engagement data generating The newsletter provides audiences with business some of our top Facebook numbers. and community development stories, examples Engage Targeted Audiences of which include: Wyoming’s growing firearms In March, the communications staff launched a manufacturing industry, statewide business park monthly marketing meeting with our Wyoming infrastructure funding and startup competition Business Resource Network partners. The opportunities. result is more and better storytelling directed We emailed the first newsletter to approximately at business assistance programs and services, 1,200 contacts including media, legislators, coordinated events listings on the Business partners and subscribers to the previous Council’s website calendar and cross-promotion newsletter discontinued in about 2013. Efforts among the council and Business Resource to promote subscriptions and to access contact Network programs on social media, among lists from such partners as the Wyoming other items. Business Alliance have increased our distribution Business Council Chief Executive Officer to more than 2,600. Shawn Reese’s monthly column in the Wyoming Elements of the newsletter are also delivered to Association of Municipalities newsletter is also site selectors nationally. a result of our communications plan strategy to Content from each newsletter is parsed out on engage targeted audiences. social media channels. Another action item involves profiling projects and communities in a coordinated fashion. One Grow Digital/Social Media Presence example is the “Welcome to …” series featuring The Business Council is in the process economic development success stories and future of redesigning its website (http://www. plans for the host communities in our Wyoming in line with the communications plan and the agency’s Business Council Board of Directors’ quarterly strategic plan. board book. WWW.NELSONENGINEERING.NET

WAM Connection August 2016


I n c r e asi n g W yomi n g ’ s P r osp e r ity o n e sto ry at a tim e co n ti n u e d. . .

The home page will be more intuitive for our disparate audiences – site selectors, small business owners, agency partners, municipalities, the general public, media, etc. The page will be less cluttered and focus on three themes – business development, community development and relocation assistance – which will allow users to get where they need to go with one to two clicks. The home page will also be more vibrant, featuring rotating storytelling links with big photos, a link to the available business properties/ community profiles pages and live social media feeds. The main navigation tabs will have drop-down menus that describe user needs, such as “business financing,” rather than government agency program titles. On the social media front, when the Business Council increased its focus on Facebook in March 2015, we had approximately 6,200 followers. We established a practice of posting at least two items daily. We were surprised to find in the first several months that audience engagement on Facebook posts – likes, shares, comments – grew more rapidly than followers. Eventually, though, that engagement reached critical mass and the number of followers grew substantially. We surpassed 7,000 followers in May 2016. As of this writing, we are less than 60 from hitting the 8,000 mark. We look forward to seeing where the storytelling data take us in the coming months and years. Please contact me with with story ideas at 307777- 2833 or About the Wyoming Business Council. Our mission is to increase Wyoming’s prosperity. We envision a Wyoming where industries are strong, diverse and expanding. Small business is a big deal. Communities have the highest quality of life. Wyoming is the technology center of the High Plains. Wyoming knows no boundaries. Please go to for more information. 10

WAM Connection August 2016

Todd Bishop • President/CEO Dan Baxter • Managing Dir/Public Finance 6101 Yellowstone Road, Suite 100 Cheyenne, WY 82009

Phone: 307.634.1547 Fax: 307.634-1546

Investment advisory services offered through Kaiser Wealth Management. Securities and investment advisory services also offered through Geneos Wealth Management, Inc. Member FINRA/SIPC.

Concrete Stabilization Technologies, Inc., Your Soil Stabilization & Concrete Lifting Expert! Specializing in Soil Stabilization, Concrete Lifting, Sub Grade Stabilization, Pavement Lifting including asphalt, Clay Soil Mitigation, Water Control, Infrastructure Rehabilitation, Foundation Lifting, and Design Build Services.

Dedicated to Clients. Defined by Excellence.

Civil Engineering Geotechnical Engineering Grantswriting

Land Surveying Materials Testing GIS Casper

Cheyenne Rawlins (307) 266-2524

Motorcycle Safety Wyoming is home to many motorcycle enthusiasts and, even though the riding season is short, motorcyclists are 85% more likely to be injured or killed in a crash. While a common assumption may be that the majority of motorcycle crashes are Sturgis related, an average of 53% occur in urban locations throughout the state. Community leaders can have a great impact on motorcycle crashes statewide through community involvement efforts. What is your community doing to raise awareness of motorcycle safety?

Motorcycle Crashes & Percent Injury (%)* 2010-2015

*Injury is classified as fatal, incapacitating, non-incapacitating, or possible injury as specified by the Investigating Officer on the crash report form. If you would like more specific information on your community, or information on a community not listed, please contact Andrea Jones with WYDOT - Highway Safety WAM Connection or 307-777-4452 August 2016

Senate Primary Results Senate District 2

(Chugwater, Douglas, Glendo, Glenrock, Guernsey, Hartville, Rolling Hills, Wheatland) Brian S. Boner* - R William B. Cullen III - D

Senate District 4

(Cheyenne) Tara Nethercott - R Ken A. Esquibel - D

Senate District 6

(Albin, Burns, Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs) Anthony Bouchard - R

Senate District 8

(Cheyenne) Affie Ellis - R Floyd A. Esquibel - D

Senate District 18

Senate District 24

Senate District 10

Senate District 20

Senate District 26

(Laramie) Glenn Moniz - R Narina Nunez - D

Senate District 12

(Rock Springs, Superior) Liisa Anselmi-Dalton - D

Senate District 14

(Bear River, Big Piney, Diamondville, Granger, Kemmerer, LaBarge, Marbleton, Opal, Pinedale, Rock Springs) Fred Baldwin - R Charlotte Sedey - D

Senate District 16

(Afton, Alpine, Cokeville, Star Valley Ranch, Thayne) Dan Dockstader* - R Richard Kusaba - D 12 12

(Gillette) (Cody) Michael Von Flatern* - R Henry H.R. “Hank” Coe* - R (Basin, Burlington, East Thermopolis, Kirby, Manderson, Meeteetse, Shoshoni, Ten Sleep, Thermopolis, Worland) Wyatt Agar - R Mary Jane Norskog - D

(Dubois, Pavillion, Riverton) Eli D. Bebout* - R Chesie Lee - D

Senate District 22

Senate District 30

(Buffalo, Clearmont, Kaycee, Sheridan) Dave Kinskey* - R

Senate District 28

(Casper) James (Jim) Anderson* - R Kimberly Holloway - D (Bar Nunn, Casper) Charles K. Scott* - R Robert Ford - D

*Incumbent We create solutions that build better communities Airports ▪ Buildings Development ▪ Mining Natural Resources Surveying ▪ Training Centers Transportation Water/Wastewater

engineers ▪ surveyors ▪ planners ▪ scientists

GILLETTE: (307) 685-3780 | CODY: (307) 587-6281 | SHERIDAN: (307) 672-9310

House Primary Results House District 11 (Cheyenne) Jared Olsen - R Mary A. Throne* - D House District 12 (Cheyenne) Lars Lone - R Lee Filer - D House District 13 (Laramie) Joey Correnti - R Cathy Connolly* - D

House District 1 (Hulett, Moorcroft, Pine Haven, Sundance, Upton) Tyler Lindhom* - R Randy Leinen - D

House District 6 (Douglas, Glenrock, Rolling Hills) Aaron Clausen - R Shalyn C. Anderson- D

House District 2 (Lusk, Manville, Newcastle, Torrington, Van Tassell) Hans Hunt* - R Harold Eaton - D

House District 7 (Cheyenne) Sue Wilson* - R

House District 8 (Cheyenne) Bob Nicholas* - R House District 3 Linda Burt - D (Douglas, Lost Springs, Wright) Eric Barlow* - R House District 9 House District 4 (Chugwater, Douglas, Glendo, Guernsey, Hartville, Wheatland) Dan R. Kirkbride* - R Joe Michaels - C House District 5 (Fort Laramie, LaGrange, Lingle, Torrington, Yoder) Cheri E. Steinmetz* - R

(Cheyenne) Landon Brown - R Mike Weiland - D House District 10 (Albin, Burns, Cheyenne, Pine Bluffs) John Eklund* - R Matthew Porras - D

House District 14 (Laramie) Dan Furphy - R Erin C. O’Doherty - D House District 15 (Rawlins) Donald Burkhart* - R DeBari T. Martinez - D House District 16 (Jackson) Mike Gierau - D House District 17 (Rock Springs, Superior) JoAnn Dayton* - D House District 18 (Bear River, Diamondville, Granger, Kemmerer, LaBarge, Opal, Rock Springs) Thomas D. Crank - R Michele Irwin - D House District 19 (Lyman, Mountain View) Danny Eyre - R Mel McCreary -D

*Incumbent 13 13

House Primary Results Continued... House District 29 House District 20 (Big Piney, Marbleton, Pinedale) (Sheridan) Mark S. Kinner* - R Albert Sommers* - R Saundra S. Kingsley - D Jeanne Brown -D

House District 40 (Buffalo, Clearmont, Kaycee) Michael Madden* - R Greg Haas - D

House District 21 (Afton, Cokeville, Thayne) Robert McKim* - R David Fogle -D

House District 30 (Sheridan) Mark Jennings* - R Val Burgess - D

House District 41 (Cheyenne) Bill Henderson - R Amy Simpson -D

House District 22 (Alpine, Star Valley Ranch) Marti Halverson* - R Marylee White -D

House District 31 (Gillette) Scott Clem* - R Dylan Czarnecki - D

House District 42 (Cheyenne) Jim Blackburn* - R Juliet M. Daniels - D

House District 23 (Jackson) Andy Schwartz* - D

House District 32 (Gillette) Timothy Hallinan - R

House District 43 (Cheyenne) Dan Zwonitzer* - R

House District 24 (Cody) Scott B. Court - R Paul Fees -D

House District 33 (Hudson, Riverton) Jim Allen* - R Sergio A. Maldonado, Sr. -D

House District 44 (Cheyenne) John B. Romero-Martinez - R James W. Byrd - D

House District 25 (Powell) Dan Laursen* - R Shane Tilotson -D

House District 34 (Dubois, Pavillion, Riverton) Tim Salazar - R

House District 45 (Laramie) Tom Schmit - R Charles F. Pelkey -D

House District 26 (Byron, Cowley, Deaver, Frannie, Greybull, Lovell,) Jamie Flitner- R Jean Petty -D

House District 35 (Casper) Kendell Kroeker* - R Brett Governanti - D House District 36 (Casper, Evansville) Gerald Gay* - R

House District 27 (Manderson, Ten Sleep, House District 37 Worland) (Casper) Michael D. Greear* - R Steve Harshman* - R Robert D. McDonough, Jr. -D Deirdre Stoelzle - D House District 28 House District 38 (Basin, Burlington, East (Midwest) Thermopolis, Kirby, Meeteetse, Tom Walters* - R Shoshoni, Thermopolis) House District 39 Nathan Winters* - R (Green River, Rock Springs) Howard Samelson - D Stan Blake* - D 14

WAM Connection August 2016

House District 46 (Laramie) Bill Haley - R Ken Chestek - D House District 47 (Baggs, Bairoil, Dixon, Elk Mountain, Encampment, Hanna, Medicine Bow, Riverside, Rock River, Rock Springs, Saratoga, Sinclair, Wamsutter) Jerry Paxton* - R Ken Casner - D

House District 48 (Rock Springs) Mark Baker* - R Jackie Freeze - D House District 49 (Evanston) Garry C. Piiparinen* - R Larissa Sneider - D House District 50 (Cody) David Northrup* - R Mike Specht - D

House District 58 (Barr Nunn, Edgerton, Evansville) Patrick Sweeney - R Michael Wade McDaniel Jr. D

House District 60 (Green River) Bill J. Hooley - R (withdrew) John L. Freeman - D


House District 59 (Casper, Mills) Carl “Bunky” Loucks* - R Laurie Longtine - D

House District 51 (Dayton, Ranchester, Sheridan) Bo Biteman - R Hollis Hackman - D House District 52 (Gillette) William “Bill” Pownall* - R Duffy Jenniges - D House District 53 (Gillette) Roy Edwards* - R Glen Hackman - D (withdrew) House District 54 (Lander) Lloyd Charles Larsen* - R Julia Stuble - D House District 55 (Riverton) David Miller* - R House District 56 (Casper) Jerry Obermueller - R Dan Neal - D House District 57 (Casper) Chuck Gray - R Audrey M. Cotherman - D

Legislative Candidate Panels

WAM will be hosting State Legislative Candidate Panels this fall in each region. These panel discussions will include questions of the candidates regarding local government, a presentation to the candidates about local government, and a moderated round table dialog. Watch for emails with more details next month!

WAM Connection August 2016


# 2B3KA43H26H496536

Community Classifieds

or: Dark Blue

Ford C-8000 light 1980 mounted driver’s side Snorkel Fire Truck t pushTruck bar mounted attached has 14,730with milessiren and 2,073 hours.

It’s in good condition, but no water has f Light barinred/blue lights been the pumps for the last eight years. Has a 55 foot ariel unit that works and is tal (police) console currentRadio, on safetycenter inspections. Alsosethasupa with radio, police video cam, radar front and rear mounted Onan diesel generator. Contact passenger side prisoner cageof Green River Chris Meats with the City 307-872-6125.

Fm, Cd, radio, Air conditioner, heater, Tilt Steering Column, Modified rear door-lock lever window switch, 5.7 Liter engine.

2006 Police Dodge Charger 4-Door dark blue sedan includes driver’s side spotlight, front push bar mounted with siren attached, roof light bar red/blue lights, digital (police) radio (center console set up with radio, poice video cam, radar front and rear), passenger side prisoner cage. Asking $12,000 or best offer. For more information contact the Town of Fort Laramie 307-837-2711. 16

WAM Connection August 2016

314 W. 18th Street P.O. Box 1088 Cheyenne, WY 82003

Robert W. Dahill, CPA Partner

Phone: (307) 634-2151 Fax: (307) 634-4939 E-mail: Website:

Learn how to win at Bingo!

Visit Goshen County Chamber’s Website to discover where you can play Bingo during the week in Goshen County!

Gillette Celebrates 125 years! WAM Connection August 2016


Community Classifieds The City of Torrington, Wyoming is seeking qualified applicants for the position of City Engineer. This position will perform a variety of administrative and managerial duties related to public works and civil engineering. Applicant must possess registration as a PE in Civil Engineering and maintain a valid Class C driver’s license. This is a full-time exempt position requiring a minimum of 5 days/40 hours per week and attendance at all regular and special council meetings, with an excellent benefit package and compensation DOE and will be open until filled. Applications and resumes may be mailed to P.O. Box 250 or delivered to City Hall, 436 E. 22nd Ave., Suite B, Torrington, WY 82240. For more information contact City Hall at (307)5325666 or on the web at The City of Torrington is an EOE and Drug & Alcohol free workplace.

Did you know... Nothing is more dangerous in Wyoming than a bison. Four times as many people have been killed or injured by bison in Yellowstone National Park than have been killed or injured by bears. 18

WAM Connection August 2016

The City of Laramie is seeking an Animal Shelter Custodian. This position (under general supervision) will perform a full range of custodial and animal care duties related to the care, maintenance, and cleaning of assigned buildings and facilities; and provide support to the community service officers assigned to animal control. To apply for this position visit Inquiries may be made at 307-721-5251. The City of Cheyenne is seeking a Sanitation Secretary. This position requires administrative clerical work in support of a division manager, to type and proofread a variety of documnets and correspondence; and to provide information and assistance to the public regarding department or division policies and procedures. For more information visit


WAM Region Map

Wyoming Association of Municipalities 315 West 27 Street Cheyenne, WY 82001

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