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Want to Be a Ghostwriter? Claudia Suzanne November 20th, 2008 In the interests of the educational aspect of, it occurred to me that most people not only do not know what ghostwriters really do, most writers and editors don’t really know how ghostwriters do what they do. Whether you want to ghostwrite a single book or you’re interested in a career as a ghostwriter, these are the basic things you need to know: 

How to do an A&R

How to find the “gold” in any manuscript

How to determine BISAC selection

How to advise the three types of authors on publishing options

The scope of responsibility for the various ESPs

The variances between the author’s writing process and the ghostwriting process

How to chart nonfiction

How to apply a content template (not MS Word formatting)

How to maintain the author’s voice

How to do multiple “spins” (while maintaining the author’s voice)

The variances between passive, static, and active voice; when and how to convert; and when to not

The variances between and basic principles of line and copy editing

How to build a nonfiction proposal and query letter and research a submission list

The variances between plot and character driven novels


The elements of fiction writing

The parameters of fiction A&Rs

How to map a plot w/characters


How to ghostwrite supplemental scenes while maintaining the author’s voice

How to ghostwrite full novels while maintaining the author’s story, characters, vision, premise, theme, intent and “tells”

The variances between “show” and “tell”; when and how to convert; and when to not

How to create a compelling submission synopsis and query letter and research a submission list

How to create a personal resume and credit list while maintaining client confidentiality

How to set reasonable fees, bid projects, and write equitable contracts

How to assess clients and control the initial contact to land the gig

How to establish and maintain authority and avoid or handle problems as they arise

This is just a bare-bones list, of course. There’s a lot more underneath every one of those points. And there’s only one way to acquire all of the above in one place: in my Ghostwriter Training class. It’s a single semester, it’s a lot of intense work, it’s extremely hands-on, and it’s serious fun. What you’ll learn will affect the way you write, the way you read, and the way to view your family, your friends, and the people you meet on the street. Warning! This class can be a life-changing experience. The new semester begins in January, 2009. To register for the online class or the Orange County, CA class, go to 2009 Ghostwriter Training. Classes are small and intimate–no more than 4 in SoCal, no more than 7online–so reserve your seat now. Ghostwriter Training is equivalent to a 3 unit upper-division/postgraduate course. Non-accredited; credits do not transfer. $930 including materials. NEW: Fee includes membership to for the term of the course. No refunds; missed classes may be made up by arrangement with instructor. Class size limited; first-come, first-served. No warranty or guarantee stated or implied. All students must sign nondisclosure agreement.

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Want to Be a Ghostwriter?  
Want to Be a Ghostwriter?  

Want to be a ghostwriter? All you need to know is these 27 things and you, too, can have a career writing for a living!