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Glass Shelves


Ordering & Pricing Notes: Glass Shelves Ordering Guidelines Please use Molding & Miscellaneous Order Form (E•Z Form #5). Denote the Glass Shelf part number (ex: JA14, JA38, SF14, SF38)) as well as quantity, width and height. When communicating dimensions, no adjustment is made to the size you provide. To ensure consistency, order exact size needed.

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Pricing Please see Section G.3 of our current Wholesale Pricing Catalog.

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Technical Notes: Glass Shelves General Information (Chapter A) Glass ships to you directly from manufacturer. Please contact WalzCraft᾽s Customer Support Team at 1-800-237-1326 to report any damage. • Inspect package content immediately. • If product is damaged, all packing material must be saved for UPS inspection. • Damage claims must be submitted to WalzCraft promptly.

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Miscellaneous Please refer to our website at for color photos of all our Designer Glass Patterns, Leaded Glass configurations and Glass Shelving options. • When looking at the edge of a Jade shelf, it has a distinct green color. • The Starfire shelf has a 60% clearer edge than the Jade shelf. Please see our website for an example. All glass is thoroughly inspected for scratches and imperfections. Please contact our Customer Support Team for corner shelf applications and other irregular shapes. Premium high gloss polished edges are a standard on all four sides.

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Sizes / Dimensions Available in ¼" [6.4mm] and ⅜" [9.5mm] thicknesses in both Jade and Starfire. Maximum size is 15" x 40" [381.0mm x 1016.0mm]. Please contact our Customer Support Team for larger sizes.

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► For PRICING ► See Section G.3 in our current Wholesale Pricing Catalog. ®



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G.3 - Glass Shelves for Cabinets  

Glass Shelves for Cabinets

G.3 - Glass Shelves for Cabinets  

Glass Shelves for Cabinets