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STARTING FROM PAUMANOK...! Spring 2013 Volume XXVI No. 2

Walking with Whitman Series Enters Third Season Writing Workshops Added to the Popular Reading Series

The Newsletter of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association

Walking with Whitman: Poetry in Performance, the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association (WWBA) signature poetry series, enters its third season with an impressive roster of nationally known poets paired with regional poets from the Long Island poetry scene. This year, a new poetry writing workshop is offered in the afternoon prior to the evening readings. The workshop series, called Writing with Whitman, is conducted by the regional poet on a variety of themes. WWBA Writer in Residence George Wallace, who is the Artistic Director of both series, said the addition of the writing workshop “offers a direct and more intense connection” between the aesthetics of the regional poets and the audience. continued on page 7

Walking with Whitman: Poetry in Performance 2013 Featured Poets

Anne Waldman

Pierre Joris

David St. John

Mary Jo Bang

Cornelius Eady

Diane Wakoski

E.L. Doctorow Honored as Champion of Literacy at Oheka Castle

E. L. Doctorow receiving an inscribed gilt edged copy of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass presented by Karen Karbenier, Ph.D. and Board President William Walter, Ph.D.

Inside From the Director’s Desk Martín Espada Poet in Residence Spring 2013

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The fourth annual Champion of Literacy Benefit took place at Oheka Castle on October 11, 2012, and WWBA honored novelist E. L. Doctorow as Champion of Literacy in the Literary Achiever category for his outstanding contribution to literacy. Executive Director Cynthia Shor said, “His lifetime achievement and body of work have promoted literacy on all levels. The Board was unanimous in his selection and we were honored with his acceptance.” Doctorow has been translated into 32 languages and he is a critically acclaimed author of historic fiction, short stories, plays and essays. His novels include Ragtime, Billy Bathgate, Homer & Langley, and most recently, All the Time in the World. continued on page 5

Rentals Poet of the Year Book Corner

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Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman

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From the Director’s Desk Walt Whitman was so fortunate to have been born in a community that values cultural arts, historic preservation, student education, and lifelong learning. Little did Walt know a group of residents would come together to form the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association to purchase and preserve his birthplace. He would be humbled to learn that his hometown of Huntington and his county of Suffolk would support the Association in promoting arts and education. He would be proud to hear that his birthplace would be owned by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and be included in Governor Cuomo’s “Path through History” initiative which brings us new parkway signage and state website coverage. Because of him, the Walt Whitman Shops not only carry his name but also carry on his name through their outstanding support of the Association. Thank you, Walt Whitman Shops! Thank you, Town of Huntington! Thank you, Suffolk County! Thank you, State Parks and Governor Cuomo! Thank you, Association members and friends! Our newsletter highlights our efforts to give back to the community. We work hard to maintain the highest standards as a community asset, a literary crossroads, a national attraction, and a world renown Historic Site. Last year Melville Chamber named us “ ‘Non-Profit’ Business of the Year.” This year we are one of 12 Huntington founding organizations participating in SPARKBOOM, a program funded by NYS Council for the Arts and managed by the Huntington Arts Council which aims to stimulate our regional economy through arts projects. Watch for a variety of SPARKBOOM events coming soon! As our calendar grows, we have attracted unprecedented audiences. We invite you to bring children and grandchildren to our Family Events, bring friends to our art exhibitions, bring students to our school programs, bring Scouts to our Badge opportunities, and most of all, bring yourself to our premier poetry & literary events. We work hard to maintain the high reputation of Huntington and Suffolk county as a thriving cultural arts region. I am proud of what strong Board leadership and loyal member support have accomplished amidst unparalleled economic challenges. When Walt wrote, “Stop this day and night with me and you shall possess the origin of all poems,” little did he know his invitation would be heard around the world. Though we are a State Historic Site on the National Register of Historic Places, we receive no state or national funds directly. Therefore, your contributions are vital. In order to continue to offer programs at the lowest cost to the widest possible public, we must rely on all of you to support our activities. So stop by, walk in Walt’s footsteps, and contribute to the arts and historic preservation in a way that suits you best – through participating in events, volunteering, donating, sponsoring, or joining in our 2013 membership drive. You will receive rewards far beyond your expectations! I thank you for your individual roles in supporting us as we work together for Long Island and New York State in preserving the past and celebrating literacy in the spirit of Walt Whitman.

2012 Poet in Residence Martín Espada, called “the Latino poet of his generation,” was honored as 2012 Poet in Residence on June 2, 2012. In this role he conducted a generative poetry writing workshop followed by a spirited reading of his own poetry. He has published more than fifteen books as a poet, editor, essayist and translator. His latest collection of poems is called The Trouble Ball (2011). His 2006 Martín Espada collection, The Republic of Poetry, was a finalist for 2012 Poet in Residence the Pulitzer Prize. A previous book of poems, Imagine the Angels of Bread (1996), won an American Book Award and was a finalist for the National Book Critics Circle Award. He has received numerous awards and fellowships, including the Robert Creeley Award, the National Hispanic Cultural Center Literary Award, the PEN/Revson Fellowship, the USA Simon Fellowship and a Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship. His poems have appeared in the The New Yorker, Harper’s, The New York Times Book Review and The Best American Poetry. His work has been widely translated; collections of poems have recently been published in Spain, Puerto Rico and Chile. He was born in Booklyn in 1957. A former tenant lawyer, Espada is a professor in the English Dept. at the University of Massachusetts -Amherst.

Starting at Paumanok... The Newsletter of the Walt Whitman Birthplace Editors Susanne Byrnes, Media and Events Director Cynthia Shor, Executive Director

Spring 2013 Spring 2013

Contributor Richard Ryan, WWBA Curator

The Soldiers in the Garden Isla Negra, Chile, September 1973 After the coup, the soldiers appeared in Neruda's garden one night, raising lanterns to interrogate the trees, cursing at the rocks that tripped them. From the bedroom window they could have been the conquistadores of drowned galleons, back from the sea to finish plundering the coast. The poet was dying; cancer flashed through his body and left him rolling in the bed to kill the flames. Still, when the lieutenant stormed upstairs, Neruda faced him and said: There is only one danger for you here: poetry. The lieutenant brought his helmet to his chest, apologized to señor Neruda and squeezed himself back down the stairs. The lanterns dissolved one by one from the trees. For thirty years we have been searching for another incantation to make the soldiers vanish from the garden.

Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman

-Martín Espada


Naomi Shihab Nye Named WWBA 2013 Poet in Residence Naomi Shihab   Nye   has  been   a  Lannan   Fellow,   a   Guggenheim   Fellow,   and   a   Witter   Bynner   Fellow   (Library   of   Congress).   She   has   received   a   Lavan   Award  from  the   Academy  of  American   Poets,  the  Isabella  Gardner  Poetry  Award,   the  Lee   Bennett  Hopkins  Poetry  Award,   The   poet   describes   herself  as  a   “wandering   the   Paterson  Poetry  Prize,  four  Pushcart   poet.”     Nye   was  born  to  a  Palestinian   father   Prizes,   and   numerous   honors   for   her   and   an   American   children’s   literature,   mother  and  grew  up   including   two   Jane   i n   S t .   L o u i s ,   Addams   Children’s   Jerusalem,   and   San   Book   Awards.   .   In   Antonio.  Drawing  on   2011   Nye   won   the   her   Palestinian-­‐ Golden  Rose  Award   American   heritage,   given   by   the   New   the  cultural  diversity   England   Poetry   of  her  home  in  Texas,   Club,   the   oldest   and  her   experiences   poetry   reading   traveling   in   Asia,   s e r i e s   i n   t h e   Europe,   Canada,   c o u n t r y .   H e r   Mexico,  Central   and   c o l l e c t i o n   1 9   South   America   and   Varieties  of  Gazelle   the  Middle  East,  Nye   was  a  finalist  for  the   uses   her   writing   to   National   Book   attest   to   our   shared   Award.   She   is   a   humanity. regular   columnist   for   Organica.   Her   Naomi  Shihab  Nye  is   work   has   been   the   author   and/or   p r e s e n t e d   o n   editor   of  more   than   National   Public   30   volumes.   Her   Naomi Shihab Nye Radio   on   A   Prairie   books   of   poetry   include  19  Varieties  of  Gazelle:  Poems  of  the   Home   Companion   and   The   Writer’s   Middle  East,  A  Maze  Me:  Poems  for  Girls,   Almanac.  She   has  been   featured  on   two   Red  Suitcase,  Words  Under  the  Words,  Fuel,   PBS  poetry   specials:  “The   Language   of   and  You  &  Yours  (a  best-­‐selling  poetry  book  of   Life  with   Bill   Moyers”  and   “The   United   States   of  Poetry”  and  also   appeared   on   2006).   Other   works   include   eight   prize-­‐ winning  poetry  anthologies  for  young  readers,   NOW   with   Bill   Moyers.   She   has   been   including  Time  You  Let  Me  In   andThis  Same   visiting   writer   for  full   semesters  for  The   Sky.  Her  collection  of  poems  for  young  adults   Michener   Center   for   Writers   at   the   entitled   Honeybee   won   the   2008   Arab   University   of   Texas   at   Austin,   and   the   American  Book  Award  in  the  Children’s/Young   University  of  Hawaii  at  Manoa.    In  January,   Adult   category.     Fall   of   2011   saw   the   2010,  Nye  was  elected   to   the   Board   of   publication  of   two  new   books,  There  Is  No   Chancellors  of  the  Academy  of  American   Long  Distance  Now  (a  collection  of  very  short   Poets.  In  October,  2012,  she   was  named   Laureate   of   the   2013   NSK   Prize   for   stories)  and  Transfer  (poems). Children’s  Literature. The   Board   of  Trustees   is   pleased   to   name     Naomi   Shihab   Nye  2013  Poet   in  Residence.     Ms.  Shihab  Nye  will  be  conducting  a  master   class  and  giving  an  evening  reading  as  part  of   the  194  th    Whitman   Birthday  celebration  on   June  1st.

Spring 2013

Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman



Poet in Residence Events Saturday, June 1st

Master Class

Evening Reading

Ms. Shihab Nye has spent four decades traveling the world giving readings and conducting workshops to groups of all ages. WWBA is pleased to offer this master class with its 2013 Poet in Residence.

Ms. Shihab Nye is the author of numerous books of poetry including Different Ways to Pray and You and Yours. WWBA is pleased to offer this evening reading as part of its Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration.

25 Participants / $100 each 20 Auditors / $50 each

Reception and reading $15 per ticket

(12:30- 3:30 PM) (5:30 PM) Limited space, register early online or call 631-427-5240 ext. 115

Rentals Do you have an event or meeting to host? The beautiful Walt Whitman Birthplace sits on a landscaped acre conveniently located near the N.S. Parkway and the L.I.E. This historic site offers a unique venue with three lovely areas for your gathering.

Our modern Interpretive Center looks out over the grand lawn and Birthplace. Not shown is a small stage and seating for up to 90 people. PA system and kitchen available.

The Gathering House is a self-contained structure overlooking the grand lawn and is designed to accommodate art exhibits or meetings of up to 20 people. The Classroom offers tables and chairs, TV/ DVD, blackboard and podium. There is seating for 45 people. Guided tours of the Birthplace and exhibits are available with every rental. For rates and information, please call 631-427-5240 ext. 113

STARTING FROM PAUMANOK...! Long Island Poet of the Year Award WWBA annually honors a poet who lives on Long Island, has published poetry of excellent quality, and has worked to foster the growth and appreciation of poetry in local communities. WWBA proudly honored Pramila Venkateswaran in 2011 and Mario Susko in 2012.



and Creative Activities (2003), and the Nassau Community College Outstanding Faculty Achievement Award in 2003 and 2011. He was elected a member of the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts. He has read his poems domestically and internationally, and his poems have appeared in publications in Croatia, Italy, Hungry, Sweden, and Austria, among others. He is an editor and translator of major American writers such as Saul Bellow, Bernard Malamud, and James Baldwin. In 2002, he published a Croatian translation of Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. He currently teaches in the English Dept. at Nassau Community College.

Featured Poetry Collections The Fish Has Swallowed Earth by Annabelle Moseley “Annabelle Moseley has mapped out a crucial geography of love— anticipation, expectation, frustration, consideration—all the delicious motions, half-steps and pauses as a person moves in the love-ward direction. She has a marvelous grasp of the tenuous flickers of substantial feeling. This book is a delight.” Baron Wormser

Board member Dr. Ricard Bronson, Pramila Venkateswaran and 2010 Long Island Poet of the Year Gladys Henderson. Pramila Venkateswaran is the author of Thirtha (2002), Behind Dark Waters (2008), Draw Me Inmost (2009), and Trace (2011). A 1999 finalist for the Allen Ginsberg Poetry Award and a 2002 recipient of a Hedgebrook residency and a 2003 Norcroft residency, she is widely published in literary journals. She has a doctorate from George Washington University and teaches English and Women’s Studies at Nassau Community College. In her capacity as Poet of the Year, she conducted a workshop entitled Telling Stories of Liberation. She will be reading and conducting a workshop on November 2 as part of the Walking with Whitman series. Mario Susko, Ph.D., is the author of 30 poetry collections including Closing Time (2008), Epi/Logos (2011), and Framing Memories

Poet, Author of Impenitent Notes

Incident on the Orient Express by George Wallace “George Wallace zooms across time and space in a poetry that opens our world wider. He travels with a wisdom both grounded and beautifully crazed, revealing, in his poet’s vision, that we can, and must look deeper.” Neeli Cherkovski Poet, Author of Whitman’s Wild Children

Board VP Tom Wysmuller, Executive Director Cynthia Shor, Long Island Poet of the Year Mario Susko and Board Secretary Jack Coulehan. (2011). He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Prernio Internazionale di Poesia e Letteratura “Muove Lettere” (1998 Italy), the Tin Ujevic Award for the best book of poems published in Croatia in 1999, the SUNY Chancellor’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship

Spring 2013

Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman

Bursting with Danger and Music by Jack Coulehan “With courage, conviction, and an eye for the singular, Jack Coulehan brings us to the intersection of body of body and soul. His poems are t h o u g h t f u l , i n v i t i n g, a n d transporting.” Danielle Ofri, M.D., Ph.D. Author of Medicine in Translation




continued from page 1

E. L. Doctotow has received three National Book Critics Circle Awards, two Pen/Faulkner Awards and the 2012 PEN/Saul Bellow Award for Achievement in American Fiction. He was the 1998 recipient of the National Humanities Medal awarded by President Bill Clinton. He is a prolific author and many of his books were adapted for film; notably, Ragtime became a 1981 movie and was adapted for the musical theatre in 1998 with a revival in 2009. Over one hundred and twenty guests gathered for the elegant Benefit Gala dinner dance. During the cocktail hour, Doctorow signed 100 books donated by Random House for the fundraising effort. Board members Dr. Richard Bronson, and Brenda Leigh Johnson accompanied by her husband Peter, greeted him and Mrs. Doctorow upon their arrival. Michael Soloway provided lively Jazz and Ragtime piano music. For the second consecutive year, Deborah Weber, General Manager for Walt Whitman Shops, showcased her fundraising talents and duplicated her outstanding success as Benefit Chair.

Board VP Tom Wysmuller, Renee Petrola and Board President William Walter, Ph.D.

Whitman scholar and Honorary Board Member Karen Karbiener, Ph.D., eloquently introduced E. L. Doctorow and William Walter presented him with the Champion of Literacy Award. In his acceptance, Doctorow said: “It is a great honor, and Whitman had an enormous influence on all of us. He was a great genius and a revolutionary poet so it’s nice to associate myself with any organization that has his name attached.”

E.L. Doctorow signing his books in Otto Kahn’s former library at Oheka Castle.

Renee Petrola, an English teacher from the Mt. Sinai School District, received the first WWBA Teaching Excellence Award. Ms. Petrola has maintained a long-standing passion for teaching creative writing and literary analysis to her students. Her student centered methods encouraged and motivated her students to participate in the WWBA Young Poets Poetry Contest every year for over 20 years resulting in a multitude of winning poems. Also for the first time, WWBA recognized a student poet who won first place in the 2012 Young Poets Poetry Contest. Ward Melville HS senior Melvin Li was the recipient of the Young Poet Award for his poem, “Song of the Brooklyn Bridge,” which he read to the gathered crowd. His reading delighted the guests and evoked the lyric voice and free verse style of Walt Whitman. All proceeds from the Benefit support WWBA literacy programs which aim to create a passion for reading and writing for children and adults. Over 6,000 students attend WWBA school programs that fulfill NY State Regent requirements for fourth grade Social Studies and incorporate the new Core Curriculum Standards for reading and writing. The Young Poets Poetry Contest receives over 4,000 entries and distributes over 110 prizes. Community Service for high school students and Internships for college students are available. Many of the WWBA adult literacy programs are highlighted in this newsletter. WWBA programs are supported with grants from the New York State Council for the Humanities, Suffolk County, the Town of Huntington, Huntington Arts Council, Poets & Writers, Inc., The New York Community Trust / Issacs & Abramowitz Charitable Fund and Bethpage Federal Credit Union.

Deborah Weber, Benefit Chair and Darrel Blaine Ford, Whitman Personator.

Novelist E.L Doctorow with Executive Director Cynthia Shor.

Scott Neher with Board member Jeffrey Gould and his wife Lenore.

Young Poet Award winner Melvin Li and Board President William Walter, Ph.D.

Special Thanks to our

Benefit for Literacy Sponsors 3E Fund A.A.A. Maintenance L.L.C. Blackhawk, Inc. Dale Carnegie Training Random House Bertelsmann VHB

Supervisor Frank Petrone, 2011 Honoree.

Spring 2013

Peter Sloggatt, Board Treasurer Michael Schenkler, Jillian Schenkler, Writer in Residence George Wallace, and Rosemary Sloggatt.

Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman

Westbury Paper Stock Corp. Gary Melius, Oheka Castle



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Children’s Victorian Tea Party Hold your child’s next party in our beautiful Gathering House on our lovely grounds. Conducted by a teacher in Victorian-era costume. Children will learn dining manners, table setting and making introductions.








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Special Thanks

Richard Ryan – Curator Carolyn Diglio -- Education Coordinator Bonnie Lowe – Bookkeeper Susanne Byrnes – Media & Events Director Susan Brozinsky – Administrator

Guides Susan K. Bowe Toni Fleig Diane Gisonny Sue Anne Dennehy Margaret Guardi Arlene Farrell Cameron Williams

Spring 2013

Volunteers Joseph Albanese Gina Caruso Rachelle Chambers Janet Demerest Alicia Heisler Harold LaWare John Laura Chris Liotta Robert Michels Beverly Pokorny Tom Pombonyo

Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman

w Ne ult d A gram Pro

High Tea for

Groups and Organizations

Enjoy the elegance of a bygone era and transport yourself back to the time of Queen Victoria as you experience High Tea in our lovely Gathering House. Guided tour of the Birthplace is included. $25/person (minimum 8 people)

For details and reservations Call 631-427-5240 ext. 113

Join the NY State "I Love My Parks" Day on Saturday, May 4 at the Birthplace 10 AM - 1 PM Hurricane Sandy Debris Clean-up Please come and help beautify the grounds Rain date May 11  Call 631-427-5240 ext. 114 for details



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Program is well-suited for birthday parties. Daisy and Brownie Girl Scouts will earn their manners and etiquette badges. House tour included with all tea parties. 2 F





Photo of the very first Walt Whitman Birthday Celebration which took place on the anniversary of Whitman’s 100th birthday on May 31st, 1919, at the poet’s birthplace. The event, called ‘Pilgrimage’ was arranged by The Brooklyn Institute of Arts and Sciences and included a tour of the home and a reading of Whitman’s poems by Dr. Mabel Irwin of Brooklyn.







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Unattributed sketch of Walt Whitman Birthplace from a 1952 article in the German newspaper Staats-Zeitung.

Curator’s Note The man in the white suit and hat near the center of the photo could be Horace Traubel, who interviewed Whitman over the course of three years and compiled notes which led to the publication of With Walt Whitman in Camden.


' ;Ea+sEa



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Special thanks to our archival intern Josh Sitek for unearthing this article and for providing the German translation.

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Tea Parties

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Above is theqtE"rsH masthead of the New York based ^{ $qs 3e eP rr !- T Bg:language newspaper German Staats-Zeitung und Herold (Herald Newspaper, Sunday-q'ix9q<= edition) cF rH14*-aH5a'FgTi1 A F a ^ u 5 H !D 6 o T- o f 5 0a o J rz liPi)HE5E55= X from August 3, 1952. The paper ran an article by = *g:'{$3=o: +d-.5 i+ o Fd F!= € orDn' Lore Funke entitled “Späte Ehrung für einen r= =Esls,o3'+i=F[=E-'a-Pa'* r r$ Dichter” or “Late Distinction for ar5$E*trfh Poet,” subtitled E9 -+gH'+43:=i +--ig Whitman’s g-- - =- s o 6 h':'€'=.:.=r “Walt Birthplace is Now a Memorial.” E i o4 eq 3f$F=' = q iFE a'sff; +xEE lE *s+BilE The article was in3.? strong support of the efforts of E X F.fto*p 1Iand restore = s$ther$ f WWBA raiseHfunds .stoIpurchase property and open it to the public. The unattributed BH"sx-lrbFt, +u.3.t Eai]fEF:.i r 5.* id ff :i' ? -- = ;F 3.., "^: E -i lo 5i <+ ;r tr :1 g sketch ofg ;" theE,E house is titled “Whitmans = : r path' right 3 E 1_=e' E il e c'-H -.+=-=.++WestFrq iE Arc “Whitman’s Geburtshaus Hills,” translated = in = = r $a-'+x =5 frq s s= fi z-g F in; West5 a=; = Birthplace Hills.” E# fr a.?F E


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From the WWBA Archives


"le ruE sE EBIHE r= E;F;a: g


EaTlfE:EEgEBgli g eAgF;aigisEai O4 3 a F ,*-g*gsnrHEul o c .!;tr58:I.5<-.G:ag o {E E .u E *;AE;'gB?s*'z


STARTING FROM PAUMANOK...! Walking with Whitman Reading Series Adds Writing Workshops in Third Season

continued from page 1

George Wallace further states the writing workshops “will enhance the experience for the audience, and add to the sense of ‘shared’ experience which we have worked to foster in the tone and style of our programming.” The March 2 kickoff event paired internationally renowned poet Anne Waldman with regional poet Phil Asaph who led the writing workshop. All involved proclaimed the afternoon poetry writing and the evening poetry performance a unique success. Wallace believes this type of pairing creates “one of the best series around that brings national and regional writers together on a shared stage. Promoting that exchange between performers and a regional audience is an affirmation and enrichment of the regional writing community that does not occur in any other format or venue” on Long Island. According to Wallace, the first two years established a foundation for the reading series which contained the elements of “range, diversity, inclusiveness and a sense of communality of experiences.” Year three builds on that foundation and presents poets with “outstanding performance skills, tremendous emotional range and a shared sense of responsibility as custodians of the spoken and written word.”

The series continues with Pierre Joris and Dan Giancola appearing April 6; Mary Jo Bang and Maxwell Wheat on May 4; David St. John and Robert Gibbons on October 5; Cornelius Eady and Pramila Venkateswaran on November 2; and Diane Wakoski and Jane Le Croy on December 7. All events are offered on the first Saturday of the month with the monthly schedule of April, May, October, November and December. The afternoon writing workshops, conducted by Dan Giancola, Maxwell Wheat, Robert Gibbons, Pramila Venkateswaran and Jane Le Croy, are held from 3 – 5 PM and cost $15 each; this fee includes a ticket for the evening reading. The evening poetry readings cost $10 each and are scheduled for 7 – 9 PM. All fees include the “Meet the Poets” reception which begins at 6:15 PM prior to each reading. For complete information on these highly acclaimed Walking with Whitman poets who will be performing and conducting workshops, visit Workshop space is limited so register early. Reserve online or call: 631-427-5240 ext. 115. Tickets for evening reading available in advance or at door.

Exhibitions at Walt Whitman Birthplace Rotating art exhibits fill the modern Interpretive Center and the charming Gathering House situated on the Birthplace grounds. Ed Centenno’s second exhibition here, again titled Commercial Whitman, contained another round of artifacts from his personal collection that uses Whitman’s likeness or his quotes for marketing purposes. One notable item was Walt Wit, a white ale produced by the Philadelphia brewing Company.


Poetry Writing & Readings Walking wi! Whitman

Poetry in Performance

Hosted by George Wallace Saturday, March 2 (7-9 PM)

Anne Waldman with Philip Asaph Saturday, April 6 (7-9 PM)

Pierre Joris with Dan Giancola Saturday, May 4 (7-9 PM)

Mary Jo Bang with Maxwell Wheat Saturday, October 5 (7-9 PM)

David St. John with Robert Gibbons Saturday, November 2 (7-9 PM)

Cornelius Eady with Pramila Venkateswaran

Saturday, December 7 (7-9 PM)

Diane Wakoski with Jane Le Croy “Meet the Poets” Reception at 6:15 PM before each reading.

$10 per event

New Writing Workshop: Writing with Whitman

Workshops held same day as readings listed above from 3-5 PM

Syosset and Walt Whitman High Schools again held their year-end student art exhibitions here last June. Syosset High School sells their artwork to the public and donates a portion of their proceeds to the Walt Whitman Birthplace Association. We are much appreciative of their support. We are happy to welcome back Syosset HS for the fourth year from May 18-25. The public is cordially invited to view and purchase their artwork. Admission free.

If you are interested in exhibition space, please contact or call 631-427-5240 ext. 112.

Spring 2013


Promoting the Legacy of Walt Whitman

$15 per workshop Includes evening reading $60/ series of five Register online or call 631-427-5240 ext. 115 for details and tickets

Join Us! Member Benefits Include: Free admission to the Birthplace Invitations to special events Our seasonal newsletter Book placement in gift shop Gift shop discount 10% Your support helps us preserve and promote the legacy of Walt Whitman.

Membership Levels Invest in the Birthplace

Student / Senior $20 Teacher / Veteran $20 Individual $30 Family / Library $40 Patron $100 Benefactor $1000

Become a member Attend Events Join the Board Become a Sponsor Volunteer Visit our Museum Shop

Join, Re-Join, Return Walt Whitman Birthplace Association 631-427-5240 ext. 114

Walt Whitman Birthplace Association The Walt Whitman Birthplace Association preserves and operates the Walt Whitman Birthplace, a state-owned Historic Site, in cooperation with the Long Island Region of the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. The Walt Whitman Birthplace is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Summer Hours: June 15 through Labor Day: Monday through Friday 11:00 AM-4:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM-5:00 PM Winter Hours: Wednesday through Friday 1:00-4:00 PM Saturday and Sunday 11:00 AM-4:00 PM The Birthplace is closed on major holidays. Closed: New Yearâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Day, Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving & Christmas Day.

Admission: Adult $6. Senior /Group/Veteran $5. Student $4. Members Free Children under 5 Free School and group tours by appointment For information, call 631-427-5240 ext. 113

Non-profit Organization U.S. Postage Paid Permit No. 283 Huntington Sta., NY 11746-4148


Spring 2013 Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Board of Trustees William Walter, Ph.D., President Thomas Wysmuller, Vice President Mike Schenkler, Treasurer Jack Coulehan. M.D., Secretary Stuart Besen Richard Bronson, M.D. Michael DeCristofaro Jeffrey Gould Brenda Leigh Johnson Honorary Trustees Nelson DeMille Ed Folsom, Ph.D. Susan Isaacs Karen Karbiener, Ph.D. Executive Director Cynthia Shor

Vol. XXVI No. 2

Walt Whitman Birthplace Association Newsletter: Spring 2013  
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