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Hawks Ridge at Big Lake. Home, naturally. For more information on the community, rain barrels or water ressources please visit the following websites: or facebook/HawksRidgeEdmonton Edmonton Rain Barrel Project Alberta’s Water Management plan

RAIN BARRELS W hat is a ra i n b a r r e l ? A rain barrel is a container that captures and stores rainwater draining from your roof. Combining the use of rain barrels with appropriate plant selection and mulching promotes water conservation. Rain barrels benefit your home, garden and community. common uses for the water include washing vehicles and driveways and watering flowers and lawns

Garden and lawn irrigation can account for 40 percent of residential water use during the summer. Rain barrels provide a free water source and help lower water bills for homeowners.

Tap water contains inorganic ions and fluoride compounds that accumulate in the soil over time and potentially harm plant roots and microorganisms in the soil. Rainwater does not contain these additives. It benefits plants in your garden by cleaning the soil of salt buildup, thereby promoting an environment conducive to root development.

Rain barrels help reduce the flow of storm water runoff which helps relieve over-burdened sewers. Runoff also contains contaminents like fertilizers that increase algae growth in lakes, and ruin the habitat for fish and other aquatic life.

C arin g f o r y o u r r a i n b a r r el » the barrel should include a screen to keep out debris » a cover and tight connections prevent mosquito breeding » »

and algae buildup empty and store barrels during winter to prevent damage from freezing water collected is not suitable for human consumption

Hawks Ridge Rain Barrel Info  
Hawks Ridge Rain Barrel Info  

Quick reference guide for rain barrels, which are given to homeowners in the new Edmonton community of Hawks Ridge at Big Lake.