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REAL L ESTATE PRO OFFERS TIPS TO PROSPECTIVE HOMEBUYERS Deals on New Construction in Barnegat BARNEGAT, N.J., January 26, 2011 – Home ownership is still a good long-term long investment in the Garden State. But sometimes finding the right home can be a tricky task, according to Pamela Schuster, marketing and sales manager of two Walters Homes residen residential communities. As an 18-year year sales veteran of the residential housing market in southern Ocean County, Schuster provides an update on local housing options and advice to prospective buyers. “Buying a home is often the largest purchase we will ever make and with so many options, making the right choice can be complicated,” explains Schuster. Walters is currently developing Whispering Hills and Ocean Acres at Barnegat, offering exceptional, energy energy-efficient single-family family homes and townhouses. townhouses

Q: Is this a good time to invest in the housing market? A: The combination of affordable prices and record record-low low interest rates has produced some of the most favorable conditionss for buyers in years. For financially capable buyers, it’s hard to beat the long-term long benefits of homeownership. We’ve already seen housing sales and prices stabilize in 2010 in New Jersey.

Q: What are the advantages to building a new home? A: Whether it’s a townhouse or single-family family home, building new has become a popular option for several reasons. The areas where new homes come out ahead include energy efficiency, maintenance and safety, and customization. At Walters Homes, we are committed to build building ing homes that are in harmony with the environment. Both Ocean Acres at Barnegat and Whispering Hills developments benefit from the latest in building technology, making them well-constructed, constructed, energy efficient, and less expensive to operate than existing homes. omes. Both residential projects are Energy Energy-Star Star rated, offering at least 15% savings on energy usage. Additional green amenities can be found at Whispering Hills Hills, which is registered with a certification goal of LEED® Silver.

Maintenance and safety are a priority when building a new home which must comply with stricter buildings requirements than older homes. In the long run, homeowners will save repair costs with Walters’ 10-year 10 homeowner's insurance/warranty. Every new home comes with full warranty cov coverage erage the first year. As head of our homeowner warranty division, Greg Walters inspects every new Walters home after the first year to ensure that all issues are resolved before the warranty expires. After the first year, all warranties are very specific in terms of coverage.

When it comes to customization, it’s infinitely easier to build a home that meets your specific needs when you build it from the ground up. Walters Homes offers homebuyers a high degree of customization which goes beyond the standard d options. Some features that are considered upgrades by other developers are offered standard by Walters. In addition to the Energy Star appliances, ceramic tile in the foyer, kitchen and bathrooms is a standard feature. Homebuyers who o compare our amenities to other builders will be impressed.

Q: Are there any unique opportunities for first-time buyers in the Barnegat area? A: First-timers who don’t need to unload one property to purchase another will find themselves in a position of strength in this market. With low starting base prices there are some great opportunities for first-time homebuyers. Townhouses at Whispering Hills start at $233,450 with a new incentive, which includes a free finished basement or up to $11,000 in options with use of a preferred lender. We also have a special base price of $229,995 for a Heather model in Building 16 that includes a finished basement and a special for a Willow model in Building 4 for $224,995, which also includes a finished basement. Heather and Bayberry models are currently available, including one unit in Building 16, and four units in Building 9. We also just opened Building 18 where both the Willow and Meadow models are available.

At Ocean Acres, prices start at $249,995 for the Sherwood or Baybreeze models. And this winter we are also offering free finished basements or up to $16,000 in options with use of a preferred lender. The Baybreeze model is a new ranch-style home, which we will begin building this year, offering 1,496 square feet of living space. We also have a huge selection of lots in Phase 8.

Additionally, Walters Homes’ preferred lenders are Van Dyk Mortgage Services, Wells Fargo, and Ocean First Bank. They offer the FHA Energy Efficient Mortgage, which means that buyers can qualify for a larger loan on a better, more energy-efficient new home.

For more information about Ocean Acres at Barnegat, please contact the sales office at 609-698-7700. For more information about Whispering Hills, please contact the sales office at 609-607-9400 or visit ###

Real Estate Pro Offers Tips To Prosective Homebuyers  
Real Estate Pro Offers Tips To Prosective Homebuyers  

Real Estate Pro Offers Tips To Prosective Homebuyers