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You're intelligent. You generally mean well. You've made mistakes. You've made bad choices. You can let this loop continue for the rest of your life or until it's too late , or you can stop it now and replace the track you're currently playing. Mental Alchemy (c) is a way of rewriting your story...right now! If you think of it as a tool for finding a way to bring forth the powerful, positive, life changing story that is your key to abundant and joyful living, then this book shal indeed be a

blessing to you and every one around you.

Mental Alchemy (c) is like a programming manual for your mind. It's every self-help text you ever read rolled up into one complete system. Anxiety and conflict drains valuable energy. People waste their time trying to fit in instead of doing what really motivates them. They cover their pain and dissatisfaction with all sorts of negative activities that lead to the later half of their lives being filled with sickness and regrets... if they live that long. The last thing you want is a wasted life, from servicing addictions or a wounded personality or trying to live up to someone else's projections of their own shortcomings. Do you ever think about things you would do or places you'd go if only you weren't stuck in your current situation? Do you feel envious of others' creativity? Do you often wonder what it is that they have that you are lacking? Are you feeling uninspired but desperately seek to change your life dramatically? Remember as a child,before you knew too much,how life seemed so full of wonder and surprise? Living in imaginary realms was effortless and you played all day long and went to sleep naturally. You lived life fully and to the max without even trying. Why not regain that sense of play and integrate it into your adult life? Your life should be an adventure...full of mystery and discovery.... No matter what your current circumstances.... you have a powerful mind waiting for you to unleash it's powers.... waiting to be used for whatever you want.... like some organic super computer.... it just needs to be programmed for ultimate efficiency... A crucial concept in Mental Alchemy (c) ... is the Third Path.... The Way of the Third Path is extremely beneficial.... to those who follow it.... Third Path Initiates....

* Become more content and happier * Get more accomplished * Have more energy * Adapt to and overcome anxiety and Depression * Become adept at creativity and problem solving * Create original and dynamic lives that are efficient and productive * Utilize original thought independent of social and cultural pressures

We all have values and priorities...we value our time, possessions, friends, family, ideas. We compare the rewards of such values and arrange them according to their importance to us. We value our time the most because everything else depends on it. What's more important.... having everything...or having the time to enjoy everything? People have more than one identity.....they combine their roles in life and how they see themselves....maybe you're a good parent, good friend, good spouse,good worker,good manager, interesting, caring, honest, etc... Whatever you're a natural learner. Some people...most people...stopped learning long ago and this is a shame, but even they can be awakened if they are willing..

What is Mental Alchemy?  

A brief introduction to the fascinating art of Mental Alchemy(c).

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