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RVAR Weekly Activity Brought to you By

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Roanoke Valley MLS Area During the Past Week Homes Listed for Sale Homes Went Under Contract Homes Sold Homes Listings Expired (did not sell) Single Family Homes Currently For Sale

2012 3/14 - 3/20 166 84 49 54 3,458

Average List $ $285,565 Average Sale $ $177,866

Homes Sold> Last 6 Months Average Sale $ 9/13/2011 through 3/14/2012 1,546 $171,524 If NO other Homes Were Listed For Sale, we currently have a 13.4 Mo Supply 6 mo, AB Ra te Source: ba s ed on i nforma ti on from the As s oci a ti on of REALTORS, (Mul ti pl e Li s ti ng Servi ce Roa noke Va l l ey) for the ti me peri od i ndi ca ted, deemed rel i a bl e but not wa rra nted.

Roanoke Valley Weekly Real Estate Market Activity