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Know some best wine tasting menu for your favorite wines Besides begin known as heavenly and pure drink the word wine always gets me a tickle. It may be my fondness towards this drink but I find wine absolutely a royal drink. Be its color, aroma or taste each wine has its flavor and specialty to relish. So all you folks who share the same thoughts as me let’s see some popular types of wine and the wine dinner menu for each of it: Red wines: If you are just a beginner to yet to know the taste of wine Merlot can be the drink you want. With herbal and black cherry flavors this wine is an introducing drink to the new red wine lovers. Menu to go with are:  Deep fried turkey  Pork dumplings  Red beans and rice  Thai spiced barbecue shrimp  Asian chicken salad  Mexican garlic and pepper shrimps Cabernet sauvignon is one most popular variety often blended along with merlot and franc wines. Menu that goes with it are:  Spicy roasted chicken  Grilled lemon chicken  Chicken pot pie  Baked salmon  Grilled shrimp With aroma and flavor of wild black fruit the spicy red wine syrah or Shiraz is next best in the list. The abundant fruit sensation in warm alcohol just makes this likeable among the other red wines. Menu to combine with this are:  Cumin and garlic potato gratin  Fish fillets  Marinated flank Steak with Moroccan spices  Grilled eggplant and pepper salad  Barbecue ribs  Lamb chops  Grilled sausage with green beans and potatoes.  Roasted beef Now the noblest red wine. With delicate and fresh structure it has a strawberry and cherry aroma pinot noir is here.

Menu to go with it are:  paprika chicken with mushrooms  grilled mushrooms  roasted beef  garlic prime rib White wines: White wine with rich citrus flavor chardonnay is one of the popular white wines. Sparkling or still you can combine it with following menu:  Chicken pot pie  Hazelnut chicken  Chicken salad  Baked salmon The variety food white wine Sauvignon blanc comes with flavors of apple , gooseberry, pear goes well with :  Coconut shrimp  Grill shrimp  Italian sausage  Chicken tortilla  Fish tacos  Fried garlic chicken With aroma of fresh apple Riesling is next in list .Lighter than chardonnay this wine grows in taste with age. Goes well when served with:  Red lentil curry  Mexican turkey burgers  Pork dumplings  Fried chicken So if you happen to visit wine bar in Pasadena or LA, you now know what to order with your favorite wine.For More Information Visit -

Know some best wine tasting menu for your favorite wines