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Trading Domain Names – how and why For aged and page ranked domains for CHEAP Go To http://PRPowershot.comHow and why trading domain names is so lucrative Most people who’ve been involved in the internet for longer than a few months have heard of the practice of buying and selling domains for profit, AKA: “domaining”. Domaining, although it’s very simple in process and is, in principle, the exact same thing as buying and selling real estate, isn’t something that most IM’ers aspire to do. It’s almost as if it isn’t ‘glitzy’ enough for them. But the fact is that almost anybody who diligently pursues domaining as a skill to be profited from usually does very well. There are full time professional domainers who have domain name portfolios valued at over $500K (US). Many amateur domainers do well too….well enough to put kids through college. But there’s another twist to domaining that isn’t commonly considered even though it is a viable alternative. It’s called ‘trading’ domains. In essence, it’s just ‘bartering’ with domains. Think of it this way: people trade home and commercial property don’t they? And people trade cars, the trade comic books, they trade bubble gum cards, they trade guns, and other rare or unique items…right? So…what’s wrong with trading domain names? The answer….nothing is wrong with it. Trading domain names is a good idea. But, other than the profit motive, why might two people want to trade rather than outright buying or selling for a certain price? One reason might be that the buyer doesn’t have the cash to buy the desired domain but wants to be creative in acquiring it via other means. Therefore he or she could offer one of their own domains of presumed similar value to the seller…..’one man’s treasure is another man’s trash’, as they say.

Another reason might be that, odd as it might seem, there are times when a business person, in this case a buyer, doesn’t want more ‘cash’ but prefers to have tangible assets of value known only to him or her. The buyer might need the particular domain in discussion to complete a certain portfolio that he or she wants to sell. Sets or lots of domains are often bought and sold based on topics of technology, history, geography, hobbies, professions, etc. For a buyer in that case, getting the outstanding domain might be highly valuable to him or her but not to anybody else. Since domains have to be ‘kept’, or parked somewhere, trading domains might involve certain transfer charges. Most domain registrars do not charge anything for domain transfers amongst


their own accounts but will charge something to move domains to another registrar. If there are transfer charges, those need to be worked about between the buyer and seller. Ultimately however, that’s just a component of the deal and should not be a problem between truly motivated buyers and sellers. Another factor that might come into play would be the ‘trust’ factor between the buyer and seller. That is, who makes the first move? For example, what happens if you give your domains to the buyer but he/she doesn’t do their part of the bargain? The use of an escrow service would solve that problem. Escrow services are used also when actual money changes hands. The process works for domain deals just like it does in buying or selling a house. Yes, domains are the ‘real estate’ of the internet and domaining is a thriving, although not obviously apparent, business. Cash is the predominant means of exchange and valuation but…trading (AKA: bartering) works too. It’s just a little more old-fashioned.Aged and Page ranked domains can REALLY add to anything you do online PR Powershot finds and analyses aged and page ranked domains in seconds. var loveClawOptions = new Object();loveClawOptions.DomainName='';lov eClawOptions.LicenseKey='GP5-3CN-BHB';loveClawOptions.ButtonStyle=4;loveClawOptions.H eaderLabel='Share it ((Facebook!)):';loveClawOptions.SocialSite=1;loveClawOptions.ExitHTML='<div class=\"thanks\">Thanks for Sharing!<\/div>';loveClawOptions.API='wp3.05';loveClawOptions.ButtonLabels=["I love it","I Like it","It\'s Ok","Interesting","I Don\'t Like It"];loveClawOptions.ButtonImageUrls=[""]; Aged Domains Aged and Page Ranked Domains

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Trading Domain Names &#8211; how and why  
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