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Effective Communication Vendors and channel partners share a very delicate relationship mainly because they usually do not have a face-to-face interaction with each other hence they are unaware about each other’s expectations and problems. However, for the success of any partner management program amicable relationship between vendors and channel partner is channels with their partners. Regular communication helps to remove gaps and conflicts that may occur between vendor-partner relationships and thereby improve productivity of partner management programs crucial. To ensure this happens vendors must try to form effective communication.

What does effective channel communication means? •

Effective communication means keeping channel partners informed about each and everything that concerns them – such as change in marketing strategy, pricing or any other initiative being taken in the company. This helps channel partners believe they are a part of the company and feel happy about working for such a vendor. A happy channel partner will make concerted efforts to implement the companies marketing endeavors and increase sales.

The Communication Cycle


To form effective channel communications, vendors must strive to form regular communication with their channel partners. They must be careful not to overload the channel partners with e-mails and brochures and should avoid a situation where communication is so sparse that it creates gaps in vendor-partner relationship. They should communicate regularly and ensure they have something meaningful to say and inform channel partners every time so that communication is taken seriously.

How effective communication can be formed with channel partners •

This is a technologically advanced age that offers several avenues for convenient cost-effective communication. For instance, vendors can take help of advanced Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solutions to not only communicate with channel partners but also manage many other chores related to partner management such as recruiting and training of channel partners, managing sales reports, assimilating data to form channel management strategies and encouraging channel partners to perform even better. Hence, installing PRM solutions is a winwin scenario for vendors.

[PRM] Partner Relationship Management Strategy

How partner management solutions can help improve channel communications •

Channel partner management solutions such as Partner Portals help to communicate with hundreds or thousands of channel partners simultaneously and cost effectively. Partner Portals are basically websites attached to vendor’s website. Channel partners can access partner portals through a specific username and password assigned to them. Information can be shared and all channel partners can have access to same.

If you have implemented a partner management program but have still not installed PRM solutions in your company, contact reputed PRM service providers such as RelayWare today. The company will install a partner management solution that is tailor-made for your specific needs so that you may develop better channel communications with your partners and optimize the efficiency of your channel management program.

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How to do Effective Communication  

Vendors and channel partners share a very delicate relationship mainly because they usually do not have a face-to-face interaction with each...