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Transformations of the Wine Barrel Wes Walsworth’s Wine Barrel Collection utilizes retired red

wine barrels of the finest quarter-sawn White Oak, providing stable strong wood that is interesting as well as ideal for furniture building. Naturally weathered and distressed on the outside as well as a vibrant wine stain on the inside, gives this material a stunning look not easily replicated. The Wine Barrels also hold an ergonomic and pleasing curve Making comfortable seating as well as unique designs. All pieces are One of a kind Original designs Handmade in Ketchum Idaho using environmentally friendly approaches. All pieces can be customized to suite specific dimensions.

Dining Chair In collaboration with isotope metal lab ( we

bring you this stunning chair exemplifying the ergonomic curve the barrel holds offering a very comfortable and elegant addition to your home.

24� at the seat 35� top of backrest

BISTRO STOOL Comfortable and elegant, rustic yet modern, this stool is an eye catcher. 19” tall 20” wide

This bench exemplifies the ergonomic curve the barrel holds, as well as the vibrant color left by the wine that inhabited this barrel for many years.

19� at seat 36� wide



Also in collaboration with Isotope metal lab (www.ithesotope.

com) we bring you this stunning bench that is unique, one of a kind and comfortable. This bench is sure to be a conversation starter. Simple, yet elegant.

54� wide 15� center of seat

ELLIPSE E asy to tuck away the ellipse bench lends a unique touch. 24” tall 16” x 10” seat


Bench, step stool or small table. His: 19” tall x 23” wide x 10” deep Hers: 15” tall x 23” wide x 10” deep

Unique and one of a kind.

Boys: 11” tall x 14” wide x 9” deep Girls: 9” tall x 12” wide x 8” deep


NATIVE Original unique conversation piece. 40” tall x 16” at seat 23” wide x 10”deep

BARREL T he barrels are made from the finest quarter-sawn French,

Hungarian and American White Oak, providing stable and strong wood, ideal for furniture building. Created by a cooper, a highly skilled barrel maker, these barrels are marvelous creations on their own. The wood comes from 100+year-old trees and is of the highest quality: Straight, few knots and little sapwood. After five to seven years, the oak loses the beneficial properties important to making fine wine, thus becoming useless to the winery. We track down and retrieve these barrels as they are discarded. The barrels are weathered and naturally distressed on the outside from years of use in the winery. The inside holds a vibrant wine stain that has penetrated deep into the oak. Each stain varies by the variety of wine it held.

CONSOLE TABLE T his table is a unique creation, great as a console

table, hallway table, or behind a couch or wide chair. 30” tall 10” deep 44” wide


This tabletop is made from three different barrel ends. Showing

both the oak side, with original insignias of the cooperage and the vibrant inside color of the wine that inhabited this barrel for many years.

30” tall 19” deep 40” wide

bistro table a unique looking conversation piece, you can also hang a standard wine glass through the spaces on the top so you are always ready for your favorite glass of wine! We utilize the barrels hoops for the bracing, making a sturdy table and also giving the table an aesthetically pleasing look.

SIDE TABLE T his unique design is original, striking

and simple, showing vibrant color left by the wine that inhabited this barrel for many years. 24” tall 16” x 18” top

SHORT SIDE TABLE G reat as a side table or occasional table utilizing the metal

hoops from the barrel as the bracing giving strength as well as an aesthetically pleasing detail. 15� tall x 22� top


T he barrel dictates most of our designs.

We tend to embrace the curves of the barrel and using them to our advantage. The curved staves also hold an ergonomic curve that lends itself to comfortable chair and bench designs. The curves also flow nicely and create a soft warm feel. The barrels hoops are also used for different applications. They add an aesthetic dimension as well as structural elements to the pieces. We focus on original and creative designs and nothing is made without intense scrutiny. No detail or structural element is overlooked, thus creating stunning solid pieces of furniture that will last for generations.

BISTRO SET This set combines two of our bistro stools

and one of our bistro tables making a striking addition to any home or wine cellar and a great place to share a bottle of wine. A stunning one of a kind original set.

ELLIPSE SET This set combines two of our Ellipse stools

and one of our bistro tables making a striking addition to any home or wine cellar and a great place to share a bottle of wine. A stunning one of a kind original set.

DINING SET Beautiful and stunningly comfortable.

8 or 10 chair sets including two tall end chairs.

WALL SCONCE Equipped with LED technology for long lasting life and minimal

impact on energy usage. The bulbs we use are soft white providing a warm feel. With one bulb facing up and the other down this light casts a unique shadow. The curvature of the barrel staves, along with the aesthetic touch of the shined barrel hoops gives these sconce lights an elegant look.

22� tall Interior and Exterior


Made with old railroad spikes this rack works well as a coat,

hat, or towel rack. We also include mounting hardware for easy installations. Offered in six spike and four spike versions.

3’ wide 4 or 6 hooks

A unique towel rack for the bathroom or kitchen. With two railroad spikes for smaller towels. 3’ wide


CUSTOM SHOP We do commission work as well as custom orders and installations.

We are open to your ideas and can design many different items or customize ones we already have. We have done various custom works, please feel free to call or email us with any questions you may have, we are happy to discuss them with you. All or our items are ONE-OF-A-KIND and ORIGINAL. Every piece will not be exactly what the picture indicates but something very close. If certain specifics are desired, give us a call and we can work together to achieve just what you are looking for. Working with the curved barrel creates a challenge to the wood worker and also ensures that these one of a kind pieces cannot be mass manufactured. Our furniture is guaranteed for life. Our finish consists of multiple coats of deep penetrating Danish oil followed by a hand rubbed wax to perfection, resulting in a glass like feel and satin luster.

For Ordering or additional Information please Contact Us At: 208.720.3682 940 Leadville ave. North Ketchum, ID 83340 USA Please visit us online at:

Walsworth Furnishings 2011  

Fall 2011 Brochure

Walsworth Furnishings 2011  

Fall 2011 Brochure