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Real Estate Appraiser Los Angeles

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WalshStreet Appraisals our valuations division, was established in 1986. We are State Certified Appraisers that appraise all types of residential and commercial real estate in Los Angeles County. Hollywood, West Los Angeles, Encino, Culver City, Woodland Hills. Marina Del Rey, South Central, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach, Sherman Oaks, Baldwin Vista, Tarzana, Pasadena, Van Nuys, Los Feliz, Miracle Mile, Venice, Mar Vista, Santa Monica, View Park etc Divorce, Bankruptcy, Trusts/Estate/Probate Primary/2nd mortgages/HELOCS FHA (HUD appraisals) Relocation Appraisals Pre-Listing Appraisals (Realtors/FSBO) Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) Attorneys/CPA's/Financial Planners REO Appraisals

A "facts based" real estate sales team that provides you complete service, advice and support on residential and commercial real estate sales and investing. Our combined experience in foreclosure sales, REO properties, short sales and real estate valuatioins gives you that "value added" advantage when negotiating a real estate deal.  First, you’ll want to work with a "facts based team", ready and able to make a full time commitment to you. By knowing the "facts", there are no surprises about price, you'll have a better idea of how long the process is going to take and how strong an offer is for a particular property.  Second, you’ll want a team with the experience needed to know the local neighborhoods, schools, nearby shopping, entertainment, market conditions, traffic patterns, ordinances, future development, pros and cons. We have access to information and knowledge that most realtors do not have. 


Over the recent years a question that is becoming more frequent to our valuations division at WalshStreet Inc., is if solar energy is worth the investment? And our answer has been a resounding yes! This is supported by market data we have collected from valuations we have conducted, and studies that have been performed by valuation institutions and energy experts alike. Valuations Report and Energy Experts .

Time is money. This is never more true than when you or your company need an appraisal of your "old" home when you're relocating to a new area for work. ď‚ž When you put your "old" home on the market and take advantage of your employer's relocation assistance, you're interested not in the "fair market value" of the home, but its anticipated sales price, typically as soon as possible -- usually not to exceed 120-180 days.But the need for speed doesn't mean the relocation appraisal is a more. ď‚ž

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Real estate appraiser los angeles  
Real estate appraiser los angeles  

Twenty eight years of appraising real estate for various individuals and banking institutions has allowed us to develop relationships where...