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Hey, Welcome to the team! If you’re getting this document you must be someone pretty special. We get people asking to join the team all the time but it really takes something special to work at Ark°…we don’t add to the team lightly! We still consider ourselves kids (probably always will) so I’m pretty confident you’ll enjoy the craic that comes with working with us. We’re genuinely really excited to have people joining us, so thanks for hopping on board with us on this mad adventure. Before you read on, stick the kettle on and pop this little gem on in the background - v=LsnFvEQYJPU Housekeeping – When it comes to representing Ark° there are only a few things we’d like to highlight. §- Only use the Ark° graphics we provide (unless you have the skills to re-create our brand graphically, kudos if so!). We need to keep a consistent brand so we have a few rules – 1. We always write in Vag Rounded Std Light – if you need this font we can send it onto you 2. Ark° is written - Ark°. Not Ark, not ark, not ARK, not A.R.K., just Ark°. I suggest you google how to write the ° symbol on your computer as you’ll be using it a lot from now on. (on a Mac it’s ALT+SHIFT+8) Apart from that we don’t really have more branding rules. We don’t have a colour so you can write it in whatever colour you like. Ark° is resourceful and believes in creativity – All it takes is a little belief and you’d be surprised where it can get you. A lot of people want to support Ark°, they may just not know it yet. Don’t buy string, use shoe laces. Don’t buy apples, ask the fruit shop man if he’d like to support an amazing movement Don’t pay a photographer, give him the chance to get his photos on a website getting 10,000 hits a month You get the idea. We’re not cheap, we just don’t believe in paying for things that are so much more fun to blag or make ourselves. That’s about it. Get creative. Take the lead yourself. Dream, do, Ark°

Ark Rep Set-up° You are our hands and feet. You’re our sales rep. You’re our events manager. You’re our customer service manager. You are representing Ark° in your area. Firstly, I’ll set you up an Ark° email address Your password is “ilovecam” (this started as a joke once and has just stuck as the Ark° password) Log in here – You don’t need to use this but it would help in securing free stuff for sure. Main objectives – 1. Sell t-shirts – the more we sell, the further Ark° expands. Simple 2. Host events, lead projects, raise awareness of Ark° (1)Selling tee’s Creating t-shirts that people really want to wear is our business model, it’s what allows us to be sustainable and is what ultimately will allow us to change the world for the better. Our reps are going to be pretty crucial in all of this, so lucky for you the t-shirts(and underwear!) are really nice, so should be an easy sell to people! What’s in it for you? 10% commission for you on any sale you make for Ark. A free t-shirt every time you meet your monthly target An amazing opportunity to work with a company represented in over 25 countries around the world. How does it work? Two ways – Online Sales and Cash Sales Online sales – A rather tedious system but it’s the best we can do so-far – Every time you convince someone to buy an Ark° tee, send their name to and then when a name comes in with a discount code we can check whether the sale is one of yours. Probably the best thing to do is spend an hour sending that email address all the names of anyone you think you’ll later convince to buy an Ark° tee so you can then claim the sale.

Cash sales – Again, a rather tedious system but it works. You collect cash from people and their address and then you simply make the sale through your own account on the ArkHQ website and include a different delivery address and of course, your discount code. We will then note this as a sale of yours, and you can lodge the money into your own bank account. Essentially, we have to make 8 sales a day in order to stay in existence. We’re obviously aiming a lot LOT higher than this in the next couple months but think of it this way, if you can sell a t-shirt a day, you’re 12.5% of the reason that Ark are still in business, and still on course to change the world. That’s a lot of responsibility I guess, but it’s also pretty cool! One more thing… I’ll set up a discount code for you to use to encourage people to buy an Ark° tee from you (and so you secretly look ‘connected’. When in the checkout they just need to type “iknow(yourname)” eg. iknowmikey The discount is set up as 13% off - this essentially equals the cost of postage so that’s what people will gain by buying from you. “Buy off me! I can get you free postage!” So how do I sell these? We’ll give you as much guidance as we can but feel free to completely ignore us if you feel you can make more sales in other ways. Start with your friends and get them excited about Ark too, it’s worth sharing! (2)Organising events and projects: This is the fun part. A central part of a reps role is to spread the Ark movement and live out the Ark message, and the best way to do this is through organising fun Ark events, marketing campaigns, and of course more than occasionally getting your hands dirty and doing some Arking! Ark coupons: We love these guys. A really simple idea that has huge potential to spread Ark all around the world, from college campus to cafes, from bus stops to business offices, all the while getting people out there and Arking! They can be downloaded here, check them out for yourself, we can adapt them to whatever context you find yourself in - they’ve gone down an absolute storm in Ireland since we started putting them up! You simply print them off, make some tears on the perforated strips, and then pop them up in as many prominent places as you can! Ark Friday Challenge:

The Ark Friday challenge has been running since the beginning of March and it is a campaign we are pretty excited about. Every Friday we post up an Ark challenge at 7am, and people have to complete that before 1159pm that evening, and post up their response on the Ark facebook page! We believe it’s a pretty special thing to have people all over the world taking the same challenge and making Friday’s that little bit chirpier worldwide! In your role as rep we would give you the inside scoop on the Friday challenge on Thursday evening and we would expect you guys to print up simple posters about the challenge and pop them about the place, and sharing it with as many people as you could on facebook, and getting the radio station in your city to announce it in the morning if you were really resourceful! Check out the overwhelming response from the first ever challenge on the facebook page. Underwear Run: This is an example of an event you could organise in your area. At the start of April we organised the Great Ark Underwear run to launch our new Ark underwear and it was actually one of them ost fun things we’ve done to date. Thirteen guys walked into a charity shop, stripped off and donated all their clothes but their Ark underwear. They then proceeded to run through town for about twenty minutes, finishing with a sprint through Trinity College – we even made Brazilian TV! Check out the video we made of it here Use your Imagination, the sky is genuinely the limit! So yeah, I guess it’s events and campaigns like these that you’d expect to be organising and promoting, as well as tons of other stuff. We realise people have different levels of commitment that they can give but we really want people to know that the sky is the limit when it comes to promoting Ark in your campus, city or country. Whether that’s organising an Ark gig, making a trip to the local elderly home to spend some time with them, cooking up some rice krispie buns and giving them out on the street, or even just telling your Granny just how great Ark is, it’s completely up to you. We’ll also be running campaigns from HQ that we’ll be wanting to take around the world to help end the disconnect in society, and to help realise our vision for a better society, and we would need you guys to be our eyes and ears, our hands and feet, the ones we count on in Brisbane, in Michigan, in Belfast, in Portugal, in Japan – wherever you’re based in the world! I’ll give you an example of one such project that we have high hopes for, and there are plenty more where this came from: Yellow Benches: We want to put a 1000 yellow benches in cities all across the world. Yellow benches you say? Whatever are we talking about?

Every time you sit down on a yellow bench it will mean you are open to a conversation with a complete stranger. No longer will we have people sitting side by side with I-pods firmly placed in ears, eating lunch alone in the hustle and bustle of the 9to5 world, but instead we will see people who have never met, taking the time to share a moment in the beautiful world that we live in. We all yearn for a connection and a sense of meaning that can’t be achieved through materialistic means, but instead lies in our shared experience with the rest of humanity, and the realisation that happiness is only real when shared. Support: We realise you guys are the heartbeat of Ark around the world and we will do everything and anything in our power to help you deliver on a project or to bring awareness about Ark to your area. Anything at all you need, just ask! We’ve got your back 

The dream…. The dream is to have campus reps all over the world. When I say that, I mean it. We’re all pursuing a strategy of expanding into universities and cities in America, UK, New Zealand, Canada and Australia in the coming months and have hopes to have a proper rep program set up by September next year, and see the fruits of the dream that ‘our reps are our movement’. It’s exciting for us beyond belief here in the office and I trust it is with you too. I wrote in my diary yesterday, almost a year on with Ark, that life simply could not be better right now. Ark, and the wonderful people I have met through it, give me hope we don’t have to accept things the way they are. Hope that there are awesome people all over the world like yourself, who just need somebody to tell them the Ark story. Hope that the world runs on people, and not profit. And most importantly, hope that we might just be able to send someone like yourself on a jet plane someday… Keep the faith, Niall

Rep Welcome pack  

This document outlines what being an Ark rep is all about

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