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PARENTING TEAM NEWSLETTER Welcome to the first edition of the Parenting Team Newsletter. We hope you will find this informative as it includes important information for parenting practitioners and their managers.

Important Updates on Parenting in Walsall The parenting Team has a new team member! Jo Daniels has been appointed as the new Parenting Practitioner. Jo will be working alongside Amy to deliver the mellow parenting programme continually throughout the borough. Jo has a wealth of experience in working with children and families and will be an asset so please help us to welcome her to the team. Creative Arts Consultation with Parents We have been working with Creative Development Team to consult with parents on different issues regarding Parenting Programmes in Walsall. 80% of Parents were unaware what parenting programmes were and of them many said they wouldn’t attend because of stigma, not having childcare or not having

the time. In response to these finding Parenting Team are about to launch a new marketing champagne over the next year, with the help of Creative Development Team and their partners. However the consultation is producing some really positive feedback about how best to advertise and recruit parents to programmes.

Mellow Parenting Mellow will now be developed by in house by Parenting Practitioners Amy Shepherd and Jo Daniels. They will be looking to put on a rolling programme of Mellow parenting throughout the year. If you have any parents who you feel are suitable for mellow parenting a copy of the referral form can be found on our website. Amy and Jo will also be looking at running Mellow Bumps for

soon to be Mums as well as Mellow Babies and Mellow Parenting. Therefore if you have any Mums that would like to attend a Mellow parenting programme then please refer them into the Parenting Team who will look to meet this need.

What is the most important thing you have learnt in the group?

“That I am worth more than I think I am and that I am a good Mum...” - Mellow Mum

New Training Phase The Parenting Team will be putting on a new round of training in Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities, Teen Triple P, Understanding Your Child and our Autism Programme over Winter 2013. If you have any colleagues that are interested in training on one of our parenting programmes then please consult the information sheets and application forms on our website.

Parenting Website -services/parenting/ The parenting website has had a revamp and is now getting updated on a regular basis. Please use the website to find out what programmes are running around the borough. Other useful resources can also be found on the website such and information sheets for professionals, training updates and the Mellow referral form. Any ideas on items to be included on the website please let us know, we value your feedback. https:// walsallwayofparenting Parenting Team are now on Facebook! Regular updates, parent comments and group delivery dates will be posted to here. Send us a friend request to stay in touch to Walsall ParentingTeam


The Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities Programme (SFSC) Back in February Rose Collinson agreed to be a guest speaker at one of our Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities groups. The group was held by Aaron Bradbury (Short Breaks Co-ordinator) and Helena Brown (Willenhall AFST). They approached Rose to come along as a guest speaker to give parents a chance to find out a little more about what goes on in children’s services and give them chance to ask any questions they may have about this. We are extremely grateful to Rose for taking the time out in her busy schedule to meet our parents and well done to the SFSC Willenhall group. Rose stated the following about her experience as a guest speaker...

SFSC Peer Support These peer support sessions give you as practitioners a chance to hear about local and national updates, network with your peers and share good practice. These sessions really are crucial and every effort should be made to attend them.

The next peer support will be held on:

20th September 10am-12pm SFSC Online Programme Strengthening Families Strengthening Communities has recently launched an online pro-

gramme. This is at the cost of £100 per parent and includes 6 week programme of online support sessions and Skype session with a group of parents and a SFSC facilitator. Speak to your managers or Parenting Team if you are interested in this provision for your service.

“It started with a ‘Please will you come and talk with the parents about to graduate from our parenting group?’.... And it genuinely was a real privilege and pleasure to be invited to the ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’ parenting programme. I had a warm welcome from everyone on the course and a chance to explain a bit about what a Director of Children’s Services does. The group members had done a lot of thinking and planning about what they wanted to know from me and that meant we had a good conversation round the table. I was hugely impressed with parent’s individual stories about their learning journeys – inspiring, humbling and important for children. So if you get an e mail from Amy, Aaron, Helena saying ‘Please will you?’....... The right answer is yes! And like me you’ll listen, learn and feel proud about the difference ‘Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities’ can and does make.” - Rose Collinson Director of Children’s Services

Evaluation Reports The Teen Triple P Programme Triple P Creative Arts Parenting Team are working alongside the creative arts team to develop a DVD on talking to your teenager about sex. This DVD will be used in the risky behaviour session of Teen Triple P as a resource for parents. The DVD will star parents from Walsall. If you

know anybody that has a teenager and would be interested in taking part then please contact the parenting team. Triple P Peer Support

8th November 2pm4pm with a focus on managing challenging behaviour within a group.

Anna, our team Administrator has been inputting data from your parents’ pre and post evaluations onto our excel system so we can measure the impact the groups are having on parents within Walsall. A 6 month evaluation report is currently being drafted with overall findings as well as individual reports to facilitators so you can see your parents’ progression. We will continue to send these reports for as long as we possibly can however bear in mind this may be a short term service, so please make the most of them and celebrate your success.

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Families and Schools Together (FAST) FAST is an 8 week home and school parenting programme, run from Schools with up to 40 families. We have received the latest evaluation results from the Fast groups that have run from Goldsmiths Primary and Bloxwich JMI. These evaluations look extremely positive and have shown improvement in the relationships between parents and

their children as well as parents and the schools. Teachers have also reported better behaviour in children attending FAST. We are therefore looking to extend delivery in Walsall of the FAST programme to any school in the borough. More information on the FAST programme can be found on the FAST UK website:

The Understanding Your Child Programme UYC Research Project The Parenting Team are working alongside the University of Birmingham on two research projects around Understanding Your Child. They are aiming to analyse a number of factors in the programme and its delivery. Walsall is providing some of our clinical data to the University's research.

parents to be involved contact the Parenting Team for the consent forms and information sheets. Understanding Your Child Peer Support Understanding Your th Child – 8 November 10am-12pm with a focus on managing challenging behaviour within a group.

www.familiesandschools. org/internationalbest.php If you are a School or a Children’s Centre interested in becoming licensed to deliver FAST please contact Georgina Atkins (01922 650719) at the Parenting Team.

Parenting Programmes for Parents of Children and Young People with Autism Up until recently Parenting Team has been commissioning Autism West Midlands to run the Rising to the Challenge 6 week parenting programme. Instead of continuing with this we are now looking to “grow our own specialised autism practitioners”. If you are interested in training to become a facilitator of a programme to parents of children and young people with autism contact Parenting Team ASAP.

If you would like your

Family Links— The Nurturing Programme Parenting Team has linked up with Aaron Bradbury from Short Breaks disabilities team and are currently running a family links programme for parents of children with a disability. The course has received high demand with 12 parents attending and

further parents on the waiting list to attend the next group. Family Links have adapted their nurture programme to meet the needs of parents of children with disabilities. We look forward to seeing the results at the end of the 10 weeks.

Contact: Parenting Team Telephone: 01922 650714 E-mail:

Childrens Services, Early Intervention and Family Support, Parenting Team 1st Floor, 40 Darwall Street, Walsall WS1 1TH