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CAP meeting notes: 18 March 2013 Present: Julie Hall Janice Clews Sarah Barker David Mountney Martin Harrison Naomi Jones John Morris Tony Marshall Ian Palmer Rev Bev Boden Kimberley Clark

Youth Worker Walsall MBC Leighswood Children’s Centre Aldridge School Wildlife Trust and WMBC Walsall Libraries Walsall Council Neighbourhood Watch West Midlands Police Methodist Minister Street Games

Apologies Kate Hancox Lorenzo Cosco

Whetstone Field Primary Enterprise

Introduction All introduced Matters arising: 1. Streetly have held two meetings to prepare for an “open day” for over 30 clubs/groups to be available for local people to meet. 2.

Alan Neath is establishing a series of web addresses and Facebook pages for local areas ( The aim is for all local people and young people to have access to relevant and up to date information on clubs etc.


Reform of Area Family Support has been promised.


Health profile – data will be circulated, by email asap


Leighswood CC has appointed a new Family Support Worker – Carol Mapp

Area Partnership  Family drop in at Bowman Pub 21 March  Planning in hand for a Family Fit and Fun Day in July for Aldridge (Saturday)  Crime issues – burglary – availability of visiting the Brownhills “safe home” to see possible ways to avoid these closing.

Street Games  Youth forum meets monthly  Roll out of 6 areas working to support activity for those in deprived areas  Get contact and offer venues?  Work with children 4+  Training young people as coaches Library  Book buster week Young People  Council undertaking a survey to look at facilities after the closure of the Manor at Easter 2013 Police  Opportunity to run a stay safe for 16-13 year olds before summer break. Next meeting: Monday 17 June 2013 (please note change to previous date) Aldridge School, Pavilion, Gaydon Road, Aldridge. - Seek attendance by Primary partners